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Weirdness today

2021.11.27 06:06 seechell04 Weirdness today

Today I was lying on my couch watching TV when I heard a crash. I looked over and a bag of candy that was in the middle of a table (been there since Halloween, so I know it wasn't moved to the edge or anything because I walk by it all the time and would have noticed). I was feeling lazy and thought it was weird, but just left it on the floor thinking I'd pick it up once I got up again. About 5 minutes later, my dog that was lying on the couch next to me asleep, jumped up and began to growl. I watched her and she was looking around the room doing a sort of guttural growl. Then slowly stood up and I saw her hackles all start to go up and she jumped off the couch and ran PAST the bag of candy and started going crazy barking at the wall/ceiling. She's never done anything like this and I had to go over and physically calm her down. She's an easy going dog and not much scares her...but this had me a bit spooked. Nothing has happened since. Just thought I'd share.
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2021.11.27 06:06 humayun665 Cursed_bread

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2021.11.27 06:06 MarcelloOQuinn What are the chances ?

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2021.11.27 06:06 Des-Track Flying Lotus type cinematic track

Would love some feedback on this. Does this fit into a short video piece? Please let me know thank you
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2021.11.27 06:06 WolfGame3435 gerçek kek günüm geldi çattı, herkese benden sik sokulmuş pasta

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2021.11.27 06:06 UST3823 2 bugs I found

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2021.11.27 06:06 delpratvh NFTs are much more than art - 3 Better use cases for NFTs than art -what is your favourite use case for NFTs?

Most of the attention in the crypto space is focussed on NFTs as art.However, a few amount of people actually know that NFTs are much more than a proof ownership of a gif or picture. In the near future NFTs are going to solve problems in industries, which consumers face regularly.
Below are my top 3 favourite use cases for NFTs.
What is your favourtie use case of NFTs beyond Art
1. Event Ticketing
Using unique, unforgeable NFTs to represent tickets for specific sports and entertainment events helps to prevent scalping and scamming. Smart contracts can be used to make tickets non-transferable to prevent scalpers from purchasing sought-after tickets in bulk and then reselling them at inflated prices and prevent scammers from trying to sell counterfeit tickets.
On a podcast in March, Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, expressed a great deal of interest in NFT technology. “We’re trying to find a good option for turning our tickets into NFTs. We want to be able to find ways so that not only can our consumers, our fans, buy tickets and resell them, but we continue to make a royalty on them.
2. The Music and Video Industry
In much the same way NFTs have helped artists discover new ways to create their works and reach new markets, the tokens are also transforming how musicians create and share their music and videos.
The properties of NFTs—uniqueness, verifiability, transferability—offer musicians greater independence from labels and other gatekeepers of their industry, better enabling them to self-distribute their work and cultivate direct relationships with fans. Musicians can sell tracks as NFTs on marketplaces such as OpenSea, auction previously unpublished material as limited-release NFTs, and even sell rights to their works.
These tokens can generate fast and significant interest from fans. Alternative musician Grimes sold digital art and videos as NFTs for almost $6 million on Nifty Gateway in 20 minutes earlier this year.
2. Rock band Kings of Leon recently generated $2 million in NFT sales of their new album in just one week.
NFTs have the potential to replace conventional subscription models for “super-fans.” For example, they can be programmed so that the subscribers holding them can access premium music and video content or even highly exclusive benefits, such as lifetime front-row seats to concerts.3 Those same NFTs can also be programmed to collect royalties for musicians every time they are sold and resold.
3. Unique Experiences
Some industries are using NFTs to tokenize historic moments. The sports industry, for example, is capturing such moments using collectible card-style NFTs. Sports personalities are leading the way by including experiential content in NFTs that only owners can “unlock.” An NFT created by American basketball player Luka Garza includes the opportunity to meet him, compete with him in a game of HORSE, and join him for dinner and a movie.
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2021.11.27 06:06 george_boi21 my vitamins tricked me into reading an ntr hentai

so I was just there, eating breakfast and I notice that my vitamins have a 6 digit number on the side. I assume this was the production number or something like that. as the degenerate that I am, I put the number(310937) into nhentai, and saw what happened. it was in part of a multi-work series in Japanese, so I checked if the had it in English. because it seemed wholesome, I had neglected to check the tags, and it was one of the most emotionally crushing ntrs I've ever read. never drinking vitamin B6 ever again
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2021.11.27 06:06 xD_Oliphantiee Does someone have my wishlist? It for 100%

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2021.11.27 06:06 Studio10eleven Solomon Islands Police Find 3 Bodies, Make Arrests - U.S. News & World Report

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2021.11.27 06:06 Flaky-Basis6825 Bid in comments ⛑⛑

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2021.11.27 06:06 nftheinz Forge your own financial destiny.

6banc lets you break free from the failing world of fiat money and centralized banking. When the next ’08 crash happens, 6banc’s crypto-backed banking will keep your finances safe.
Community : sixbanc
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2021.11.27 06:06 floresforward link jumps like rabbit when getting chased by bokos

hey guys, i saw new scene today. seems like link gonna jump real high like hes escaping when getting chased by speak bokos, i cant record it and cant manage to do the same again, some one meets that before ??
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2021.11.27 06:06 salooooooooo IG: follow4follow Like4like permanent follow unless unfollowed

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2021.11.27 06:06 i_hate_kids07 On a scale of 1-10, how good do you think you look?

I think I'm a 7 maybe 8, what do you think about yourself?
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2021.11.27 06:06 Consistent_Silver257 Pa upvote para makikita ni kuya kris

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2021.11.27 06:06 DirtyAliebz I saw this fan art of smoke and was wondering if anyone knew what the symbols on his arm mean

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2021.11.27 06:06 geraskier betta hiding during the day?

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2021.11.27 06:06 Lizerazcetka What is your opinion on the growing Anti-French sentiment in Muslim countries?

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2021.11.27 06:06 ancientolives These snacks for sale at our local barcade

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2021.11.27 06:06 ripperroo5 Simple Judgement Cut Hisui for use in wallpapers

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2021.11.27 06:06 Kymaeraa Keyboard and mouse?

Maybe i'm stupid, but i tried to look it up and couldn't find anything. Will Elden ring be keyboard and mouse friendly? I tried to play Dark Souls III with KB/M, but it just really didn't work right, so i hope i can play Elden Ring fine.
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2021.11.27 06:06 cptmorgue1 [Thanks] to u/uatchit34 for the Canadian snacks! My family and I enjoyed trying everything for Thanksgiving!

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2021.11.27 06:06 RijadGaming POV: You see a girl looking at her BF, in a very possessive way... What do you do?

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2021.11.27 06:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Omnicron variant triggers scramble to impose travel curbs: Live

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