Cover for Pixel 6 Pro which does not interfere with swiping

2021.11.30 18:35 rto0057 Cover for Pixel 6 Pro which does not interfere with swiping

I bought the official Google cover for the Pixel 6 Pro but I am disappointed, I preferred the type of cover that I had for my Pixel 4 XL.
My main pain point is the fact the when I swipe horizontally on the bottom, I touch the plastic, because the border is too prominent, too high.
Has anybody identified a very good and elegant cover for the Pixel 6 Pro?
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2021.11.30 18:35 loracarol Neighbor’s indoor cat is clearly neglected in plain view but Animal Control will do nothing

Mood spoiler: OP doesn't know how cats work
BoLA of original
My apologies if this has been posted before: I tried searching all posts with the word "cat" in the title, but there's always a chance I messed up.
Original post
[TN] I live in a building of loft-style apartments with my girlfriend. Each unit has a front and back entrance, and next to each back entrance is a large window looking into the master bedroom. My neighbor has a cat, and we know this because it can be seen 24 hours a day sitting in that window.
That may sound like nothing, but we are concerned about the cat due to a pattern of neglect we’ve noticed over a long period of time. First of all, the neighbor is almost never home. I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen him come and go in the last year. The cat never leaves the window. It just sits there staring blankly at the back parking lot looking like it’s bored to the point of suicide.
It’s sitting on what looks like a perch of some kind that is attached to the windowsill, and I can see an insulated cable coming out of it clipped to the side of the window. That has to mean it’s a heating pad. Nothing is visible behind the perch because of a curtain draped around it.
The heating pad concerns us, especially since it’s regularly 90+ outside during summer and that heat is being magnified by the window. The whole surface of the perch is the pad, so it doesn’t look like it can escape the extra heat. There is a little water dish in the corner of the window that varies between full and totally empty from time to time—no consistency at all.
When you approach the window, the cat will shoot up and put its paws against the glass and begin meowing so loudly it can be heard through the glass, just like cats at a shelter that are being kept in a cage. It gives off the vibe that it has absolutely no social contact at all and badly wants out of there.
I should also point out that this past winter when extreme heat was not a concern, we would regularly see the poor little thing attempting to sleep in the window, shivering and looking like it was miserably cold.
After seeing this go on for ages we decided to contact the city’s Animal Control to make sure it was safe. It took them forever to respond to our concern, and after about three weeks we got a message from someone who didn’t even give a name saying they visited and it was perfectly fine.
That was frustrating because nothing changed, and we had started to notice the cat clawing at the corners of the window trying to get out. We decided to message the property owners, but they never got back to us.
So, legally, is there anything else we can do? It looks like the neighbor has constructed a kind of cage for the cat to hold it when he’s not home (which is again almost all the time). To us this is very similar to a dog trapped in a hot car. I know for a fact you are not supposed to put an animal on a heating pad it can’t escape. Could we report this person for animal cruelty?
Edit: I forgot to mention we talked to some other neighbors who said the guy in this apartment works in some kind of broadcast media, which verifies the long and unusual hours away.
Edit 2: After looking over these replies, though they are all respectful and appreciated, I have decided that something in the way I am communicating is not conveying the gravity of the situation. There is something wrong with the way this animal is being treated.
The fact that my reasonably intelligent girlfriend agrees makes me think I am not imagining things. I am going to contact the police non-emergency line and request an officer come talk with me and examine the details. If they see no problem, I will drop it and ask my girlfriend to as well.
That you to everyone for the sincere replies.
Relevant comments

It doesn't sound like you are listening to the other posters and are waiting to hear what you want to hear so I'll give it to you.
Yeah go ask the owner if the cat is ok and keep escalating this until you have proof.
They will be creeped out. They won't like you. They will probably tell you to fuck off. And the cat will continue being a cat.
I thought I would post a quick update about this because I now have another question. At the end of the original post, I said I was going to contact the police non-emergency line and ask for an officer to come examine the situation with me. I didn't end up doing that because for the first time in an eternity I ran into the neighbor coming home. It didn't go well.
When I approached him he was initially very friendly, but as soon as he realized what I wanted to talk about, he turned extremely cold. He asked if I was the one who called Animal Control about his cat. I said I was, and he then informed me that the officer who came to talk to him said someone was wasting their time. I find it hard to believe a professional would be so candid and say those things having just met him/come upon the situation.
When I realized the conversation wasn't going anywhere I tried to wrap it up by asking for his number so I could communicate with him without having to call anyone or deal with the property management company. He refused to give it to me and then threatened me, saying if I continued to "harass" him about the cat, he was going to make a formal complaint.
My question now is, is it okay for him to threaten me, basically saying I need to stop worrying about the wellbeing of an animal or else? I said in my original post that he gives me the creeps. This conversation set my alarms off even worse than before because after our initial greetings he turned about as cold as ice. He has this unusual over-articulate way of speaking that puts me on edge. What should I do?
Edit: You don't "mind your own business" when an animal is in danger. These comments are making me furious. Goodnight.
Edit 2: To all of you who didn't think there was anything unusual about my neighbor, I have some news. Someone called in a noise complaint to the cops last night over nothing more than a small gathering of friends on my balcony. I don't have proof, but I'm sure it was my neighbor. The cops wouldn't tell me anything other than "some other residents" were upset about the noise. With this latest development, I am done being nice.
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2021.11.30 18:35 gswarrior11 Professor Recommendations for the Following Classes?

I'm planning on taking the following courses next semester, can anyone please recommend the best professor for these classes:
Management Information Systems
Statistical Methods in Business
Management Skills
Intro to Marketing
Thank you so much!
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2021.11.30 18:35 MommyPriscilla Last post before I set the subreddit to christmas mode...

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2021.11.30 18:35 Tranbert5 Asus Phoenix 3060 12gb

I bought one of those PCs that come with an Asus Phoenix 3060 cuz a friend needed a GPU badly and I really wanted the Ryzen 5700G cpu that it came with. What do you guys think is a fair price to sell it to him for?
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2021.11.30 18:35 MQ86 Battlefield 2042 History making goes wrong 😑 !

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2021.11.30 18:35 MediocreApartment163 This school is full of babies and it’s pathetic

Every single day, every single class, all I hear in every direction is all my peers and classmates whining about the most pathetic shit. Kids in 3rd and 4th year don’t start massive assignments until 4 days before, send a poorly worded email with some bullshit excuse and then throw a temper tantrum when the prof denies their request for extension. They’ll spend hours scheduling calls with their academic advisors to bitch about their meany profs rather than just doing their homework, lmao.
Then we have all the whiners in this subreddit putting together little petitions for school to stay online forever, Jesus Christ you guys are pathetic. Just say you’re lazy and have social anxiety and move on lol, no shame in that. The world isn’t going to stay inside forever, eventually you will have to do something beyond what is immediately easy and accessible to you. If online is such a priority why don’t you go to [Athabasca] ( Oh right, because you think the world revolves around you and everyone else should just stay in their parents basement until eternity because you can’t handle looking people in the eye or having a conversation in real life.
You’re all the reason this school is worse that Waterloo. Yes they have a better co-op program, yes they have better memes, but ultimately it’s the character of the students that come out of a school that define it, and some of you guys are embarrassing.
Vent over. Most of the school is cool, I know in reality this is like 2% of the students but smh guys stfu
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2021.11.30 18:35 TheJesusOfSuburbiia For everyone waiting in items to come back

You do know you can email Bethesda and they’ll give it to you for the atoms price right? I’ve done this at least 5 times with stuff i’ve missed during my several month break it’s super easy to do
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2021.11.30 18:35 Sunspot467 Can anyone else not start a battle

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2021.11.30 18:35 Zarick-Blog I watch anime or manga first?

Greetings to all, I'm sorry for any inconvenience but I had a question and wanted to know if you could answer me.
Recently I wanted to go back to read manga and I was looking for one similar to my favorite hero Spider-Man (the boy who has powers and has to deal with them while living his life) and they had recommended several to me (Bleach, Ao No Exorcist, etc. ...)
And in the end the one that ended up drawing my attention the most was Parasyte, but there was a problem and that is that I do not know which one to choose between the manga and the anime, since they say that the manga has better art, fighting and others but the anime better adapted the story to the time, to see each character more unique and others for which I remain in doubt. Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.30 18:35 DoctorCachondo46 El alma de la fiesta

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2021.11.30 18:35 NarodnayaToast All Paths Lead Here (Ascended pt. 29)

(20 days between chapters. Nice. Not far from the end now. Also, lmao, left an editor's note in the previous part and some other minor formatting errors. Surely not, you say, for I am an infallible author who makes no mistakes- hahahah that felt stupid to write.
Enjoy. This one's a bit emotional.)
“We’re three hours behind them,” May said, sitting at the helm of the Navi-ship her and Sawyer had requisitioned. “How fast can this thing go?”
“Fast enough,” Sawyer replied. “It has to be.” He pointed at a display upon which a course had been plotted. “This is where the stolen ship is going.”
We must not deviate from this path, The Cube said into both of their minds. Your world is mere hours from destruction. Every second counts.
May nodded. “We’ll make it in time. We must. There’s no other choice.”
Eventually, exhaustion took over, and sleep claimed them all. Sawyer dreamt of sand and pillars of broken stone. May dreamt of a place she had never lived, yet one she had seen die in memories not hers.
Then, all of a sudden, both Sawyer and May found themselves standing next to each other, in a lab filled with alien creatures with lizardlike faces. One in particular stood out; they were a head shorter than the others, yet it was clear from how the others moved around them that they were in charge. In front of them, on a pristine white desk, was a half-assembled Cube.
I do not dream, The Cube spoke into each of their minds, but I remember many things. I apologise for intruding on your sleep.
“Where- oh. Your birthworld.” May said.
“Why are we here?” Sawyer asked.
You know nothing of myself. This is imprudent. Trust is imperative for us to succeed.
"Oh, so this scientist…” May began.
That is myself.
The scene faded into white. Suddenly, Sawyer and May stood in a much smaller room. Here, there were only two figures, hunched over a table. The light was dim; there was enough, however, to see an outline of a Cube resting on the table. The figures spoke an alien tongue yet Sawyer and May understood them perfectly.
“Then I will volunteer.” the first figure said. “I created this. It’s only right that I be the first.”
“You cannot!” The second figure hissed. Their voice was unmistakably that of The Cube’s. “If it fails…”
“Trust me, Aela,” the second figure said. “We've come too far to stop now. We do what we can to survive, do we not?”
Sawyer felt the muscle below their right eye twitch. That's my line, he thought.
Aela let out a long sigh. “I cannot stop you. You know this. But I must make you a promise.”
“We do not know where this will take us. We do not know if this will succeed. If this fails, then I promise to find you, wherever you go. And I promise to correct anything that goes wrong.”
The second figure nodded. “I'd expect nothing less. Your determination is peerless.” The two clasped hands.
The scene faded; May and Sawyer felt themselves starting to drift away, back into dreams.
“Your name is Aela?” May asked.
A great many lifetimes ago, it was, Aela replied.
Sawyer, through the torpor of sleep, was able to force out words: “That other figure with you…”
An old friend suffers greatly for their failure. I made a promise. I must fulfil it or a second world will die.
With that, both May and Sawyer fell back into their respective dreams.
Both awoke suddenly to the shriek of alarms. Sawyer opened his eyes, glanced at the display, then shaking his head to clear the last of his dreaming, jabbed at the display to see what had just happened. The ship shuddered as it rose into the air of its own volition, rising far above a churning sea out of which black limbs were grasping.
May jumped out of her seat, wide awake. “What is it?” She cried.
The sea carries a great danger. I have altered the ship’s course, Aela said.
“What in the…” Sawyer muttered as the display showed video of the thrashing sea. “The Warden’s in the sea?”
May was staring at the display with a look of horror. “How's that even possible?”
Sawyer's expression was one of surprise. "Doesn't matter. We're out of reach now."
The ship’s sensors beeped a softer warning. May saw text flash up on the display; she read it with a deepening frown.
“Weather warning?” She asked out loud. “That makes no sense. There's been storm clouds for hours." Her and Sawyer milled around the various displays, attempting to make sense of the readouts.
On the surface of the sea, a black, dense fog had formed; it meandered its way upward. Eventually, it engulfed the Navi-ship completely. The ship slowed a little as the engines stuttered.
“Shit,” Sawyer began, glaring at a display, “What now?”
“Sawyer… look.” May was pointing to a small window beyond which there was nothing but darkness. "Aela, what's going on?"
A secondary countermeasure, Aela replied. I have not seen such a thing before.
Sawyer glanced over to where May was pointing; his eyes widened in shock, then he lunged for the controls. “We need to move. The engines can’t handle this.” Yet as he pressed buttons, nothing happened. "May! Help me out!"
May stepped forwards, glancing down at the controls with confusion. "I'm not a trained pilot. Tell me what needs to be done."
The ship is not responding to me, Aela mused.
The engines stuttered some more; then, leaving behind an eerie silence, they failed entirely. The ship began to descend.
May squeaked in fear as Sawyer tried to steer the ship upwards to no avail. “No! We won’t make it!” She yelled.
“We will!” He replied.
I cannot counter this fog, Aela said. I apologise.
There was tense silence for several moments while Sawyer wrestled with the ship controls, growing more agitated by the second.
Suddenly the ship comms crackled.
“May? May, is that you?” The voice sounded across the ship. “Are you alive?”
“...High Counsellor?” May replied after a shocked pause.
“Fucking who?” Sawyer snapped.
“It’s- it’s The Collective." She gestured to a display in which dozens of pings had appeared. "They've brought their ships.”
Sawyer forced the ship into a steep bank right as it sank dangerously close to the ocean surface, almost throwing himself across the room in the process. "Bullshit, May. They're months away!"
"They have FTL. They’ve had it for a while."
"...I work for an intelligence agency and you knew this before me!?"
Then, the sky above their ship turned bright once more; not merely from the re-emergence of daylight, but from the darkness above being torn open, revealing thousands upon thousands of lights in the sky, reflecting off of thousands of beautiful golden hulls.
The Collective’s ships had arrived.
“Do what you have to with our support.” the Councillor’s voice sounded over the comms again. “Your world saved our way of life not so long ago. I am returning the favour.”
With that, fifteen golden ships formed a tight formation, and dove, shrieking, into a spiral around Sawyer and May’s ship. The darkness around them was broken open with weapons emanating bursts of thunder and black lightning, the likes of which no human had ever seen. Nothing rose from the sea to challenge them.
“They were holding back? All this time?” Sawyer muttered in awe.
“Wouldn’t you?” May replied.
I sense a presence on the seabed, Aela said into both their minds. We are an hour away still. Time grows short.
May glanced at the comms on the display. "Network is down, Counsellor," She said. "Our forces can't mobilise."
"I see," came the response. "We will do what we can until it is restored. Earth will not fall."
The Navi-ship's engines roared back into life. Then, it halted its descent towards the surface of the sea, accompanied and guarded by the fifteen Collective ships. The remainder hovered at cloud level, tearing yet more gaps in the black fog and clouds with their strange weaponry.
One hour later
The mountainous walls of bookshelves dissolved most sound into nothing. Orion could only feel, not hear, the occasional collapse of shelves as The Warden destroyed the entrance area in a rage; the staccato vibrations of books hitting the ground was soft on Orion' feet as they crept down one of many dark corridors. The floating orbs of light they remembered from before were nowhere to be seen.
Just ahead of them, Whisper walked, her feet touching the ground with the barest of sounds. Her mind whirled with memories of places she had never been and battles she had never fought. Your early memories are strange, Orion, she thought. They’re dull. She flipped through several years’ worth until she found the one she was looking for.
“You understand nothing. You don't see yourself, let alone me." Those words were hers, yet she barely recognised herself in the memory of the day she freed Orion.
I had so much power back then, she thought, yet I knew so little. She shook her head, bringing her mind back to the path, both literal and figurative, before her. As she and Orion reached a fork in the road, she paused, then tapped the ground twice with her right foot to indicate which path they should take.
She glanced to her left as her and Orion took the right-hand path. Choices upon choices upon choices, she thought. All leading to this moment, in this place. Glancing down, she felt the soft hum of electricity in her left hand; for a moment the veins in her wrist glowed purple, there and then gone in an instant. Was this inevitable? She stepped over a book that had fallen on the ground, splayed out on its back with pages unreadable. From the moment I became Ascended? She glanced back at the book, then leaned over and picked it up, tucking it under her arm. Did you feel what I feel now, Warden? When did you know, no matter what choice you made, the path’s end was the same? She could feel the hum of energy within her growing stronger by the second. It’s always been there. Maybe it was waiting for me to use it properly.
Behind her, Orion followed, gliding down the corridor with practiced stealth.
At the end of this corridor was a dead end. Whisper paused, putting a hand to the towering bookshelf in front of her, then turned back.
“This is as far as we go with stealth,” she said, voice carrying no further than Orion. “We need to draw the Warden further in.”
In the distance - this time the sound less obscured - there was a roar, and then the bass crescendo of an entire corridor of shelves collapsing in on themselves.
Orion nodded, a part of their mind replaying Whisper’s battle with the Warden in the shattered remains of the Rebel stronghold. “I trust you,” they replied, words barely audible. “Go ahead.”
Whisper placed two hands on the shelves in front of her. For a moment, her irises shone purple, and her hands glowed bright; then, nothing. She stepped back; the moment she did, the entire tower of shelves burst aflame, purple fire engulfing as high as either of them could see. It was a beacon in the oppressive gloom.
Behind them both, there was an inhuman roar of rage.
“Go!” Whisper shouted as the shelves in front of her disintegrated into ash. She ran through the gap and further into the maze. Orion turned, then threw their hands out in front of them; lightning burst out of them and struck all along the base of the shelves of the corridor they had crept through, causing the towers on either side to first shake, then collapse. Then, Orion turned and ran.
Almost immediately they lost sight of Whisper. Yet they remained calm. She would have known this would happen, they thought. Trust her. Already, they could hear the hissing of acid as the pursuing Warden dissolved everything in its wake.
Whisper, in a parallel corridor to Orion, ran as fast as she could, the strange power within her propelling her faster than any self-augmentations could. Not long, she thought. I’m almost ready. Her eyes shone luminous purple for a second before reverting to normal.
Orion and Whisper emerged simultaneously from their corridors. In front of them both stood a clearing in which an explosion had taken place not so long ago; it was a large circular expanse of destroyed shelves and charred books. Off to one side, there was dried blood on the floor, partially obscured by paper and scraps of wood.
Orion skidded to a halt as they took in the scene. No, they thought. Not here. In their mind, they heard the snarling of Hela as she had leaped at them for the last time, just before Orion had landed the killing blow.
Whisper looked back; she had already crossed the length of the clearing. “Orion!” She yelled. She looked at the dried blood on the ground; realisation set in with a tinge of horror. Oh fuck, she thought, I remember this place. Orion killed someone here.
Behind them, Orion could hear the hissing of acid growing louder. Yet something froze them to the ground. Move, they thought. Move. Move! Their legs refused to work. A part of them screamed to turn and run, away from a place where only bad memories slept; yet going back was certain death.
Then, Whisper was in front of them - when had she crossed back over? - and she placed two hands on their face. “Orion," She said, voice betraying only the slightest hint of panic. "Just look at me. Nothing else, ok? C’mon.”
Orion nodded woodenly. Whisper turned and started to run back across the clearing. Orion blinked; their vision narrowed until all they could see was her. Then, they took a step, then another, then broke into a run, keeping their gaze firmly on Whisper’s back the entire time.
Don't look, they thought. Don't look. Just go.
The second they crossed the clearing, Whisper grabbed Orion and yanked them into a small alcove underneath a collapsed tower. It was just large enough for the two of them to stand. The second the two were hidden, the hissing of acid grew louder still, and then there was the sound of thousands of books bursting alight all at once; The Warden’s voice echoed across the clearing.
“There is nowhere else," They rumbled. "No more running. All paths lead here.”
Orion looked at Whisper, worry set in their features. Whisper, for the second time that Orion could remember, looked serene. “Whisper?” They asked, as quietly as they could. Their stomach twisted itself in knots simply from looking at her. Orion felt a strange nervousness within themselves.
“The Warden brought themselves here. All of themselves.” She looked at them with a smile on her face. “Not on the Network. Not anymore. Just here.”
“The plan worked.” Orion smiled back. “I’m ready. Together we can stop this madness.”
Whisper flinched as another tower of bookshelves collapsed, missing the alcove by inches and scattering ripped and burned pages across the clearing. She glanced back, out of the alcove; behind her, paper was falling like thick snow.
It’s time, she thought. It's time.
“Orion,” Whisper said, quiet as she could without being drowned out by the sounds of destruction all around them. She looked back and met Orion's eyes with steel in her gaze. “I need you to promise me something.”
“Anything.” They reached forward and took both of her hands in theirs. “You know that.”
Whisper smiled; her gaze turned sad. “Don’t follow me. No matter what.”
“I... don’t understand.”
Promise me, Orion.” Her hands gripped theirs with force, almost enough to hurt. “You mean everything to me. I need to hear you say it.”
Orion frowned, caught in indecision. What are you planning? They thought, searching theirs and Whisper’s memories. Yet there were so many, and they were so jumbled together, that Orion could not understand. Sheets of burning paper were carried into the alcove, swirling around them both; for the briefest of moments, everything was calm. Even the sounds of destruction had retreated. Whisper’s eyes were pleading. Orion could see nothing else. There had never been anything else but her.
Orion acquiesced. “I promise.”
“Thank you.” She leaned forwards and kissed them. Even amidst the chaos, it was enough to throw Orion off-balance and their mind to fragment. They felt themselves drift away in a pleasant haze; it was a place they could have stayed forever-
Orion blinked, and as their mind settled and recomposed itself, she was gone.
“Whisper?” They asked. There was no response.
Then, there was the sound of a breathy clamour of fire, followed by a high-pitched shriek.
“Whisper!” Panicked, Orion barreled out of the alcove then swivelled to look across the clearing. At the other side was the Warden, form shifting and changing too fast to discern; but near its base, Whisper ran with purpose. Even from here, Orion could see her glowing a faint purple hue.
Orion heard her scream as she ran straight into the Warden's mass of black.
“No!” Orion shouted. “No!” They burst into a run towards her. “Stop!”
Promise me! Don't follow! They heard her say this once more, in their mind, but was it their memory or was it her speaking to them now? They skidded to a halt, paralysed by sudden indecision.
Then, Orion was thrown backwards as first purple light, then an almighty wave of sound with noise like the shattering of stone, passed through them. The light grew so intense that Orion shielded their eyes; then, there was a rumbling groan cut off halfway as the Warden’s form writhed, collapsed, then disintegrated into ash.
Orion staggered to their feet. All around them were wisps of purple fire and inky-black soot, falling so thick that they could only just make out the silhouetted figure of a woman in the distance.
“Whisper!” They staggered towards her, coughing from the ash in the air. The Warden was going to detonate itself, they thought. Did she just do the same-
Whisper turned to face them; her irises were purple, and shone so brightly they hurt to look at. She looked away then coughed twice, expelling ash from her mouth, then smiled, tears falling freely. The purple glow in her eyes seemed to leak out, first around her face, and then down her body through each of her veins.
Orion continued to stagger towards her, shock clouding their thoughts. "Whisper," They said. "Please." Sentences smashed together in their mind and incoherence spilled out. "The meadow. Your memory. Let's go back there. We won, right?" No, they thought. No, no, no, what have you done…
Whisper coughed again, expelling yet more soot.
"Somewhere else, then." Orion forced out. "Don’t we have all the time in the world? It’s over, isn’t it? No more fighting?" Panic had set in; their mind was entirely incoherent.
Whisper met Orion's eyes. The glow of her eyes somehow grew brighter. “Promise me,” she whispered, tears flowing freely, “Don’t follow.” I'm sorry, she thought as her body heat hit a critical point. All she felt was pain. I'm sorry. It was the only way. Please, follow me, I don’t think I can do this alone-
Then, just as Orion was about to reach her, she closed her eyes. The fire burst out of her, engulfing her body, but she did not scream. Instead, she took a step forward then raised an arm as if to embrace Orion; but then she disintegrated also, and then there was nothing left of her but ash, scattering itself across an old bloodstain on the ground.
Orion fell to their knees. Their mind screamed static. There was a sudden, eerie silence, punctuated only by the sound of crackling fire and the gentle thudding of books as they fell from great heights to strike the ground.
Then, Orion let out a howl, and they slumped to the ground, the enormity of what had just occurred hitting them all at once.
On the Navi-ship, Sawyer blinked several times as the display showed the impossible.
"Network's back," Sawyer said. "Slow, but back."
Void-touched, Aela said into his mind only, I can no longer detect the Ascended. Nor the Warden.
"What?" Sawyer snapped. "That's not possible!" May glanced over.
I do not understand how. I apologise.
"How can you not understand? How the fuck do we fix this now?"
"Shut up a minute!" I need to think."
"What happened?" May asked, looking at Sawyer with concern.
Sawyer put his face in his hands and tried not to yell in frustration. "Whisper's gone," he forced out. Removing his hands, he then turned away from May. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he yelled, putting a fist clean through one of the displays with a resounding crash.
Seconds passed in silence. Then, Sawyer ignored the blood seeping from his hand as he drew his hand back. He looked back over at May; he was eerily calm.
“The plan stands,” he said. “With one change. Only problem is, I’ll need to find Orion.”
(I am not sorry and I have no regrets. Fight me irl.)
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2021.11.30 18:35 David_TheSuperior I bet this thing has made mutamarkl's day

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2021.11.30 18:35 orange_kumiko 19 (f) and 25 (m). Is the age gap wierd?

So I (f 19) am dating this guy (m 25) and we're getting along great, like really great. The age gap doesn't bother me, but he feels a bit wierd about it due to the possible public perception. Just wondering what other ppl think...
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2021.11.30 18:35 CodeMonkeyEvolved Always watching

Just venting about the fact that I can’t truly vent, because my posts are not anonymous, and anything I post could be cause for dismissal from my job of 20+ years, and could damage one or more publicly traded companies.
Feature request for Reddit: Anonymous posts (tied to your user behind the scenes for legal reasons, but otherwise non-linkable to your online persona by end users).
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2021.11.30 18:35 Visual-War-8613 Increase C&P Today

My husband had a virtual C&P this morning for an increase on PTSD (he'scurrentlyat 50%), now his claim has completely disappeared from, he said it went well and the Dr told him he was submitting for him to get an increase, but has anyone had their claim disappear and then get approved? I know it's ultimately up to the VA rater, but not sure why it's gone from his list. It's not under closed claims either, and his letter hasn't changed.
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2021.11.30 18:35 rozzava 🎉FREE GIVEAWAY🎉 3️⃣PEOPLE EACH 1️⃣"SOCK LIFE" NFT 😯Follow Instructions original post comments! WIN WIN WIN 🥳🥳🥳(Upvote for better luck!⬆️⬆️⬆️)

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2021.11.30 18:35 dummymo How art changed over the years (open image).

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2021.11.30 18:35 MariMar9444 Rose Lake Microfiber Duvet 3 Piece Set

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2021.11.30 18:35 killcarebear [H] Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition W/ upgraded glass [W] $60 US PayPal G+S Shipped

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2021.11.30 18:35 floatinwithLuX Crypto Carz by Kwebbelkop, drop sold out in 14 minutes

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2021.11.30 18:35 SamWelllll That's..... not how it work "basic.mathematics7781"...

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2021.11.30 18:35 analoguevideoart Edirol V4 MIDI Help

Hello all,
Ask anyone who is familiar with Edirol V4 (issue with receiving MIDI signals).
I'm sending a MIDI signal from my laptop running Ableton to an interface and from the interface to the V4. The MIDI signal is definitely there but the V4 is not reacting. I tried different cables. The channel is set to 1. V-LINK & Note Mode are off. The assignments are set to:

Nothing has worked so far. Could anyone please let me know if they have any ideas on how to fix this? This will be much appreciated!
Also, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask - please let me know where I could enquire about this instead.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.30 18:35 someonespsp MSI GE66 owners that have repasted, what pastes are the best/ do not pump out after 3 days?

I had this laptop since february 2021(launch day), before repasting, cpu would at 95 degrees, while gpu sat at 85 after a few hours of gaming. I first repasted with cooler master gel v2(cant remember the full name), cpu ran at 82-85 degrees and gpu at 80, pumped out after 3 days. Then I repasted with hydronaut, this one had better thermals, Cpu at 80 and gpu at 73 degrees, and lasted a bit longer at a week. I currently use the hydronaut, and didnt repaste for a third time. I am now looking at repasting again for better performance and less noise.
What thermal paste does not pump out, has similar or slightly worse performance than a hydronaut(when new)? Is is safe to use liquid metal on copper heatsinks? Should i look consider them? Thanks for all the answers, and youre welcome if my results made you change your mind
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2021.11.30 18:35 NotAlreadyUsed Day 3 of adding horns to Darcy lol

Day 3 of adding horns to Darcy lol
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