🔒 DogeYield 🔓 Just Fair Launched [Ownership Renounced][LPs Burned]

2021.12.02 04:52 KwurmShroomp 🔒 DogeYield 🔓 Just Fair Launched [Ownership Renounced][LPs Burned]

DogeYield is a new decentralised yield aggregation platform designed to reward holders more tokens by holding and to increase value of the token over time through burning and reflection to liquidity. All you have to do is hold the tokens in your wallet and your rewards will be added each block automatically.
🔥 50% of all Tokens have been burned 🔥
Our tokenomics reward holders by charging fees on all transactions and rewarding holders by giving them a reward each time tokens are transferred. We also burn a percentage of these tokens so over time there will be less and less LockedMoon in existence!
Deflationary Coin, 10% Tax on all transactions
4% to Holders
3% to Liquidity
3% Burn
✅ Contract Verified: https://bscscan.com/address/0xe7d0Bd639BeBD8280c687619fE4789e91A0f8De6#code
🔥 Liquidity Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE8Acd5DA87747b72B2b244f2D9F98BE36c84CE8a
🔥 Ownership Renounced: https://bscscan.com/token/0xe7d0Bd639BeBD8280c687619fE4789e91A0f8De6
Presale on Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe7d0Bd639BeBD8280c687619fE4789e91A0f8De6
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2021.12.02 04:51 gopherhole1 Anyone else always thinking with the head between thier legs, im like 50 days no pmo

So like, maybe not 50 days no porn, was still trolling girls profiles on amihot after I stopped masterbating
So like I was doing pretty good, im not really a nofap person, im doing the SLAA program
But like 5 days ago I signed up for all the dating and hookup apps, im no contact with my ex, and I feel compelled to figure out a way to blow a load, I cant bring myself to masterbate anymore (or at least couldnt for a while, more on last night in a sec) and porn is a hard no for me, caused too many problems
And on top of the hook up apps, yesterday I made a appointment in a big town near me, and I found myself googling massage parlours, thought well im there might as well
I also crave female attention, like friendship, you know how some girls are tomboys and have male friends, well I think I might be like a 'tomgirl', Im not too friendly with men and cant open up to them, but the problem is sex and love addiction blocks me from this type of friendship I crave
Anyways last night was crazy, I fell asleep with my hand gripping you know what, almost had a erection, had passing thought of getting some tissues, if I already had them in my room I think id be resetting my counter right now
Im just so frustrated at all the self will run riot I experience, I just want to not focus on sex/masterbation for once, and make some connections with people
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2021.12.02 04:51 brigadir01 This can't be serious

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2021.12.02 04:51 Jasminella_217 Video helps you relax every single day -.-

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2021.12.02 04:51 runningtired_22 Chordoma Radiology Results Questions

25F 5’3” 130 Caucasian Non smokedrinker Existing: Migraines, hashimotos, raynauds, high blood pressure, Chordoma etc
I’ve known I’ve had a Chordoma at the base of my skull for about 2 years (it’s been there for even longer). For the past several days I’ve had this new headache where it feels like Im being stabbed in the back of my head so I started thinking about it and I went looking to see what my last MRI results were because they never called me. I’ve also been hearing my pulse in my left ear for weeks now. It’s a whole thing but generally I don’t trust my surgeon but have no other options. A specialist did take a look at my scans 2 years ago and said it should come out within 6 months. Insurance reasons are why I haven’t gone anywhere else.
I have really only one main question, what does the two different measurements being referenced mean? Like it grew or the measurements were wrong from the mri before that? A typo several people didn’t catch? I know it’s not that big but I was told if it grew even a little that it has to come out.
“The previously seen T2/FLAIR hyper intense lesion arising from the inferior aspect of the clivus is unchanged measuring 1.4x0.9x1.3 cm (previously on 0.4x.09x1.4 cm when measured similarly). The associated osseous remodeling of the clivus is also unchanged. The mass does not appear to result in any mass effect/displacement of the 9-12 cranial nerves which are normal in signal intensity and morphology. No definite enhancement.”
The rest of the results are normal.
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2021.12.02 04:51 MemeMachine83 Can’t download Hi3 on IOS? It just says waiting and doesn’t start downloading.

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2021.12.02 04:51 alexwinning What materials did the Ancient Chinese utilize (for crucibles in particular) that allowed them to use cast-iron-producing Blast Furnaces so ubiquitously?

The only information I can find on crucible material and design comes from medieval/renaissance Europe, where kaolin clay was used to make the famous "Hessian Crucible."
The problem is, that comes from the 15th/16th century, whereas the ancient Chinese were using blast furnaces since before the birth of Christ.
As such, I really want to know:
1) How different these ancient Chinese blast furnaces were to European early modern ones
2) What materials the ancient Chinese used to both make the actual furnaces themselves and the crucibles or other containers used to melt and hold the molten metal
3) Whether or not the technological innovations from China influenced the European blast furnaces, or vice versa
4) Why it took nearly two millennia for Europeans to start using blast furnaces compared to the Chinese or, equivalently, why the Chinese felt blast furnaces were better for their usage than bloomeries
Any help or sources are appreciated!
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2021.12.02 04:51 Xtra_crizpiz What’s the worst insult anyone can say to their abusive father and or mother?

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2021.12.02 04:51 Mathew_Ma twitter gives the opposite of information

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2021.12.02 04:51 noah11253 Is anyone here going to Tampa and/or Ft. Lauderdale?

Most likely going to both. This’ll be my 2nd and 3rd time seeing him, my first was back in July and was fucking wicked. Anyway hmu if you’re going to either of them, I’m trying to get a group to meet up at the shows.
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2021.12.02 04:51 Haunting-Director-99 Found a funny spot on double cross

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2021.12.02 04:51 timothysawthers Instagram Baddie Abby Ra0 Takes It All Off For You!

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2021.12.02 04:51 BiffFallout Found some old equipment, is it compatible with my headphones? Plus some other questions...

Hey all.
Totally new to Hi-Fi and I have a pair of 6XXs coming next week.
So first off, all of my music will be coming from my Galaxy Note8. I'm aware that they probably don't output enough power to properly run them, so I'd need an amp When a pair of headphones don't have enough power, I know you can't turn up the volume all the way but does audio quality also take a hit?
I was digging around some old audio equipment I have and I found a Yamaha A-500 amp. It does have a headphone port but I'm not sure if I could hook up my phone to it, since they seem to be more for speakers.
Basically, would the amplifier work? Or if not, is there any <$100 amps that I would need? I just want to be able to use them. I know some people recommended a USB-C headphone jack but I have no idea where to start.
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2021.12.02 04:51 TurgonTheKing Download JavaFX 11

Where can I download precompiled JavaFX 11? Gluon no longer offers 11 for free because 17 is out. And I have not found any other source. besides Maven Central, but I do not know how to get the files (meaning download the files from Maven Central, not use Maven as a build tool and let it download the file as needed).
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2021.12.02 04:51 jonno98 7th Placer Trading Card:

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2021.12.02 04:51 BootyHunterSupreme Closest game of CTF I’ve ever played. We won! Barely.

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2021.12.02 04:51 Quite_Successful Australian canners - BigW back in stock of Ball jars and labels

This may not be in all areas but I'm in NSW and can now have ball jars delivered from Big W again. They aren't available in-store yet. The labels and plastic storage lids are also available again. No metal lids.
It's been over a year now so I thought this might help someone who had given up!
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2021.12.02 04:51 Joshyboy396 LF: Apriballs, ability patch and capsule FT: Masterball, lucky egg, razor claw

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2021.12.02 04:51 CosmicObservers If the universe is not conscious, why did the universe create conscious life?

As humans, we know we are conscious because we experience and feel things. Yet scientists and great thinkers are unable to explain what consciousness is and they are equally baffled about where it comes from. In our standard view of things, consciousness exists only in the brains of highly evolved organisms, and hence consciousness exists only in a tiny part of the universe and only in very recent history. According to panpsychism, in contrast, consciousness pervades the universe and is a fundamental feature of it. This doesn’t mean that literally everything is conscious. The basic commitment is that the fundamental constituents of reality—perhaps electrons and quarks—have incredibly simple forms of experience. And the very complex experience of the human or animal brain is somehow derived from the experience of the brain’s most basic parts.
Is there anything to sugest that universe might be conscious?
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2021.12.02 04:51 RabiesTheRabbit Is 78w of CFLs at aprox 13cm away from just sprouted seedling ok?. Too close? Too far?.

Hellooo ☺️.
I just want answers for the questions above on the title ☝️. Information online about this subject varies greatly and I don't want my seedling to burn or to stretch. I just want a good smoke 😳.
Thx for reading ✌️.
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2021.12.02 04:51 BadaB00mBabay Russian goes in the evening to pick up the child from kindergarten

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2021.12.02 04:51 dustofdeath Do you upgrade projects to the latest stable or stay one major version behind?

Do you keep your projects up to date to the latest major or choose to stay on the previous version?
For example 13.0.3 vs 12.2.14.
Moving to 13 would potentially cause issues with some third-party libraries that are not yet up to date. But would bring new features/enhancements.
At what point would you consider the current major to be mature enough for an upgrade? When the next 14.0.0-rc0 is out for example?
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2021.12.02 04:51 raaner12 NFT drop causes glitch in The Matrix, FTX.US adds Ethereum NFTs, token Baby Sharks...

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2021.12.02 04:51 jeebo1121 How is social justice different from equity?

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2021.12.02 04:51 No-History5265 And I considered myself mostly YouTube viewer.

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