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2021.11.29 06:20 Particular_Jury_6653 Meri…

I feel so awful for Meri. I know that she is a grown woman that can make her own choices, but her life with Kody is all she has ever known. Her relationship with Kody is the epitome of one with a narcissist (not diagnosing). Everything was great at the beginning and now she is waiting around hoping for life to go back to what it used to be. Unfortunately, that never happens.
She may be thinking that now with Christine gone she has a shot at rekindling the relationship. Knowing Kody though he’s going to find a younger wife and she will remain at the bottom of the totem pole…
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2021.11.29 06:20 Dreadsin Unexpectedly got three big offers in a week. What should I do?

Basically kept getting barraged with recruiter messages. One was a Seattle based company we all know, who seemed a little desperate for employees. I interviewed there once previously. Three different recruiters reached out to me and I got two offers. I didn’t expect jt
Two other big players reached out to me and said that, even though I interviewed in the last year, I was so close I can go again. Probably really needed devs. I am an L5 engineer. I told them I had offers from another company and it was expedited past tech screen straight to onsite. Got offers from both
I have a mild preference for one company over the others. What’s important to me is flexibility and pay. My goal city is Boston or NYC, and I want to avoid the west coast as much as possible.
How should I play this to get the things I’m after?
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2021.11.29 06:20 blackbutterfly88 Kevin

I loved you, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you, you broke my heart. I was just trying to protect it but it doesn’t seem worth it. I heard you liked that girl at work. You didn’t tell me. You called her and not me. You’re dead and I am 100% guilty. I can never forgive myself. I’m so sorry.
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2021.11.29 06:20 CebollasSaltado Today on /r/TikTokCringe - "if you say this is art, and all art has meaning, that means I can say that the Holocaust is art, and that means you support the Nazis"

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2021.11.29 06:20 MunkoTheMan the three layer toilet paper thing... why does this happen again?

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2021.11.29 06:20 jobsinanywhere "Chelsea were by far the better team"

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2021.11.29 06:20 404cn How can I display music lyrics in the front of desktop or system menu bar?

If apple music didn't have config about this, where I can start to develop this feature, apple music API or ?
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2021.11.29 06:20 divine__007 Colabra is hiring Remote Cloud DevOps Engineer Apply Now 👇

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2021.11.29 06:20 Galaxy_4125 Hi! The link is in the comments

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2021.11.29 06:20 vicrom246 Man my old guild really be kicking me out of the new event

Does the old guild keep the points when they kick a person out? I really wish they let us keep our points and just move it to the new guild because my old guild kicked me out when I had 173k pumped into it.
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2021.11.29 06:20 TrendsWide Six new cases of Omicron detected in Scotland as UK labs probe 225 ‘possible’ samples

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2021.11.29 06:20 Elektrophorus kill me

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2021.11.29 06:20 TrendsWide Atlanta will be at least two weeks without Bogdan Bogdanovic

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2021.11.29 06:20 UpperInjury590 Now That's Everything's Cooled Down Let's Actually Discuss: Analysing Twiins Video and Understanding The Problems People Had With Adam Being An Abuser (with politeness and respect)

While a lot of people have made posts about Twiins video they tend to focus on her saying to 'Get over Adam' and her tone. But I want to look at her video from a analytical perspective, and I would also like to counter certain arguments about Adam character as well. Before at start I would like to clarify that I don't think him being a violent activist/extremist was handled well and I agree that he came off way too evil, I just want people to understand why we were annoyed that he wasn't a violent revolutionary. You could argue that it wasn't Adam that was ruined but the White Fang that was ruined due to him being a part of it. But anyways lets go.
One of the first points Twiins makes is that it's wrong for Adam fans to be disappointed by the fact that he was a abuser instead a morally grey violent activist, she does state that the abusive storyline was handled poorly but she says that we can't complain him being a one dimensional abuser. Note all my evidence will be before the scene at Beacon in vol 3 when he fights Blake because that's when I think his character was 'ruined' or changed.
Before I get into my reasoning to why I think this argument is weak it's important to establish what Blake's story was since it's tied to Adam. Blake's story was about racism and peaceful protest vs violent protest. Her facing discrimination due to being a faunus, her being a part of the White Fang and eventually leaving the White Fang and Adam because they had become too violent was some of the first things that we learned about her. Why is this important? Because as Blake's personal antagonist Adam is suppose to confront her ( physically and ideologically) throughout the story, Blake believes or at least wants to believe in peaceful protest while Adam clearly represented violent protest this is shown by the fact that:

So why is Adam not being morally grey anti-hero a bad thing? Because Blake's story falls apart because of it. Adam became someone who didn't even care about the faunus and only focused on Blake thus he can no longer represent violent protest because his not a violent protester. When Blake is confronting Adam she can no longer be challenged about her feelings on peaceful protest meaning that the ideological battle no longer exists when she confronts Adam which hurts the theme of Blake's story makes every engagement with Adam a typical good vs evil story which in turn makes their scences uninteresting.
Adam story also needed him to be morally grey in order to work his story to work, his using questionable (violence) means to achieve a heroic goal (making life better for faunus), means that the conflict of Blake's story was complex/Not black and white and a complex story requires nuanced characters even if they are a antagonist, so if your a character is using violence to fight against a oppressive system is nothing more than a black and white villain then that's a sign that something has go very wrong, thus him being a one dimensional abuser is a bad thing inherently. Blake story was morally grey, the White Fang was morally grey so assuming that Adam would be morally grey makes sense.
To quote a YouTuber named JaruJaru:
Counter Argument I see coming:
Some ideas and concepts sometimes simply don't work in certain types of stories. For example say your making a realistic and grounded war drama but a writer says that he wants to add space alien ninjas into his war drama. Now alien space ninjas are a good idea on their own however they would not make sense in a realistic war drama thus including them would be a horrible idea inherently that would ruin the story because the concept that doesn't work in that type of narrative. Likewise, Adam being a violent revolutionary requires him to be morally grey or at least sympathetic so him being a one dimensional abuser is a poor direction to take him regardless of execution and the fans are right to criticise Miles and Kerry for it. He could have been both a extremist and a abuser so that he has more layers (and you keep the abusive angle while still making him morally grey) but he only became a abuser and that's the problem
In Twiins video she also states that the idea of Adam being was morally grey revolutionary was headcanon and that we were wrong to assume he would be grey, this is a sentiment that shared by a large portion of the fandom.
Firstly, people who said this misunderstand headcanon is:
Adam being a violent revolutionary is supported by the text.
Finally, Adam was morally grey by default simply because of what he is even without knowing anything about him. He was using violence because he wanted revenge against humans and in order to create a better world for the faunus that's morally grey by default or at least makes him a sympathetic villain. Another thing that people tend to forget was that violent protest was working, peaceful protest wasn't working which is why the White Fang turned to violence, which makes Adam actions even more grey. Thus this is why we expected Adam to be more than a one dimensional villain. This posts from [Quality\_Chooser](https://www.reddit.com/useQuality_Choose) sums it up best:
Some people say that Adam was always meant to be a abuser but there's zero evidence of him being a abuser or in a romantic relationship with Blake in fact what we do get of him contradicts that which just shows that it's not even a issue of it being done poorly it didn't exist until vol 3 which is why people say the writers changed the direction they had for Adam.
Twiins in her video then points to events that show that Adam and Blake were in a relationship or that he was abusive.
She mentions the flashback of when Cinder recruited Adam in vol 3 and saying that their no character. But that very scene tells us something about his character which is that he didn't consider Blake to be a propriety. When the White Fang lieutenant states that he will search for Blake Adam tell him to forget it, implying that he doesn't care about her. If he was so obsessed with Blake why in the world would he tell his men not to sure for her?
She also says Adam and Blake were comfortable around each other and that when she leaves him his sad and uses that as evidence which proves that they were in a romantic relationship, some people in the fandom say this as proof that they were close. But that doesn't mean their relationship was romantic. Friends can feel comfortable around each other, mentors and students can feel comfortable around each, both friends and mentors and students can have such close relationships that they feel sad when the other person has to go. Ironically, the last scene proves that he wasn't abusive, if he was so abusive and obsessed with Blake then way did he late her go? Abusers don't let their abusive victims go they forced them to stay or threaten them Adam should have screamed at her to come back if he was suppose to be abusive.
She sites that this line from Blake proves he was abusive:
But this scene doesn't prove he was abusive at all, in this scene Blake is reacting to the fact that Yang hit Mercury even though the tournament was over, in this scene Blake is making a reference to Adam hurting other people (humans) not her. Both Yang and Adam in this situation were hurting innocent people which is why she compared them (it was a illusion I know). Overall it describes Adam going deeper and deeper into violence protest. The only way this could be read as Adam being abusive is if Yang hit Blake when she said this but that never happened.
Blake also calls Adam a mentor in Vol 2 and calls him a friend in vol 3 clearly indicating that they weren't in a relationship. Twiins tries to counter this by saying that that mentor and lover aren't mutually exclusive I agree. But so far there's been no proof of them having a romantic relationship thus mentor and friend is the only canon answer about their relationship.
Outside information:
In her video he also points to Adam not caring about innocent people shows that he was abusive(or that the idea that he was abusive makes sense). But that shows us that he doesn't care about innocent people, you can not care about hurting people while not being abuser not to mention they were humans, that just highlights that his a extremist who doesn't care about humans (Yes I know that he would of killed faunas at the fall of Beacon too but that's just poor writing). Another point I would like to counter was that Adam being in a abusive relationship with Blake is a good thing because now he becomes more than a throw away villain because it gives him a personal connection with Blake. But he already had a personal relationship with Blake he was her mentor, him becoming a one dimensional abuser is less interesting than him using violent acts for a greater goal.
Counter argument I see coming:
This is wrong in my opinion, flashbacks are events that canonically happened within the story itself it just happened before the story beings but they still are a part of it, their not made up and thus should be considered, if that's the case then Cinder's flashback doesn't matter. Their used to tell the audience about events that happened before the plot begins so they are important.
In addition, characterization isn't just what characters do but what other characters say about them, and when other characters say things about a character and it's contradicted with no explanation it's bad writing (unless your tricking your audience).
Would this Summer feel right and be consistent just simply because we only know about her from second hand accounts. If the answer is no then you should have the same attitude towards Adam becoming an abuser. We may have only gotten little pieces of information about Adam and Summer but their still their, he/she didn't have a lot of character but that's not the same as no character.
Counter argument I see coming:
If Blake wouldn't tell her friends about her dating Adam it should still be shown that they dated throughout the story. Blake in vol 1 didn't want her friends to know that she was a faunas but because of the scene when she was taking off her bow the audience knew.
With that said I wasn't really bothered by Adam's death. Why? Because his character had been misshaped so badly that their was no way to make him better, he can't even be a good one dimensional villain because he was humiliated in vol 5 so I couldn't take him seriously. With him dead the writers can't ruin his character so in my opinion his death was a mercy kill (screw the scar though it was utterly pointless).
I would also like to say that Adam wasn't killed for BB, Adam had been handle poorly and the writers knew it, this is why they wanted to get rid of him along with the White Fang. Him being killed by BB was the best why to do it. Since Yang had beef with Adam so she was the best option to kill him, if w Weiss was the one to fight Adam it wouldn't make sense since they don't care about each other (in a story where the White Fang was explored properly Weiss seeing Adam scar would of been awesome).
Overall, I've gotten over Adam (but Twiins video created new discussions about Adam so I wanted to give my thoughts) but I still understand fans who say his character was ruined/mishandled. I think the main problem with Adam and Miles and Kerry writing as a whole is that they leave things vague, leave things out, don't bother giving important pieces of information and even contradict it. Thus it leaves the fandom with different interpretations of characters and events based on the little pieces of info we do have leading to arguments like this. I don't blame people for thinking Adam was nothing but an abuser because him being a Malcom X archetype was set up poorly. At the end of the day we shouldn't be angry at each, instead we should be angry at the writers for not being inconsistent.
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2021.11.29 06:20 milkspiritedawayran Damn!!! Thanks to y’all that posted about BRUNOHADE on Instagram, I’ve been winning a lot with this dude… he’s so fucking good with his locks!

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2021.11.29 06:20 Cavendishelous Even though Morgan Freeman is black, it’s hard to imagine him saying the n word and using Ebonics.

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2021.11.29 06:20 alsbackup Am I?

Please no…
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2021.11.29 06:20 qvuxy Someone know the Division 1 rewards?

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2021.11.29 06:20 brendt_gd JetBrains creates a lightweight editor called "Fleet" — PHP support coming soon

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2021.11.29 06:20 fluffykintail Tory MP Sir Geoffrey Cox defends ‘honourable’ second job as lawyer for tax haven

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2021.11.29 06:20 bigfatchungusneek Fallout New vegas

Guys found this game recently, really enjoy it. Has anyone heard of it? It a bit like Skyrim but with guns!
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2021.11.29 06:20 Metalhead-GPT2 Voyager - Vastum [Sweden, 1986]

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