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2021.12.01 16:12 imzerotreble [WTS] Modlite OKW 18650 setup (TX)

Payment via PayPal or Venmo
OKW head - blk 18650 body -blk UE tailcap - blk 4.5" modbutton lite - blk arisaka inline mlok mount - fde
i do have a black inline as well as a plhv2 head that i could swap in for the stuff here if you don't like the head/mount color. don't really wanna split, looks like the whole shebang runs about $395 on rooftop after their lumens code and about the same for modlite's own BF sale, so we'll go $375 tyd
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2021.12.01 16:12 WhyyyCharlie Gaming buddies?

Looking to make some more local friends to play with and game with; I tend to play Forza Horizon 5 as well as Warzone, Apex, and SAR (Super Animal Royale). Of course discord would be fine to talk but it’d be nice to make some friends from my state!
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2021.12.01 16:12 icychef81 Didn't sleep good last night, so I did mindfulness today for an hour. I guess I did it really well if it registered as even deep sleep 🤙

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2021.12.01 16:12 Verzillion Should I add FIFA Volunteer in the experience for my resume?

I am a Mechanical Engineering student and the only experience I have is 2-3 internships from local companies. None of them being too well known either.
Recently I had some free time on my hand and I decided to volunteer for FIFA (Arab Cup 2021) and I was appointed in Workforce Management. However, its not a field related to engineering, so I am not sure if I can add it on my resume and will it be of any benefit for me?
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2021.12.01 16:12 OptionJay Out for a stroll and the grocery store

Had some nice weather this week so I went for a walk on our greenbelt then to the grocery store. I've gone out beskirted before but usually for some sort of event or festival.
Honestly, I was wearing some of the 'shortsiest' looking skirts (it's a hiking skirt with zipper in the front and pockets) and I had a sweatshirt tied around my waist, so I would guess that fewer people clocked it as a skirt than when I wore a denim mini out to the gay bar.
Definitely looking forward to next spring as I'm building quite a collection of skirts and the courage to wear them everywhere.
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2021.12.01 16:12 UnhappyInformation4 Traceroute always has a couple of timeouts before finishing route

Hi I’m practicing for my A+ exam and every website I ping and traceroute always has a couple of timeouts on attempts 2 and 4. What could be the reason for this? Is it a major problem?
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1702 2322 9724
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2021.12.01 16:12 DoomerMentality1984 When will we know if Roe v Wade is overturned?

I’m pretty sure some justices want to say OK to the Mississippi ban, but keep Roe, some want to stop the Mississippi ban and keep Roe, and some want to say OK to the Mississippi ban and overturn Roe. When will we know their decision?
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2021.12.01 16:12 MasterKight Why does Fidelity never try to convince you not to DRS?

I've finally managed to DRS 95% of my shares from Fidelity to CS which literally took me 2 minutes of ID verification and 30 seconds of the actual deed (just like it takes with my wife every now and then) and it got me wondering. Pretty much every single post I've encountered on reddit about DRS from Fidelity stated how easy and quick it was. Obviously as a broker they want your shares to "stay" with them, but why do they make it too easy to transfer? Like absolute zero attempts on convincing you not to. Even after all the "11M oopsy" and supposedly apes mass exodusing from Fidelity they're like "thanks for calling, you want to drs? done". All these months made me a little paranoid, so I'm sure it's just that - a paranoia, but I'd be happy to hear some of your thoughts y'all.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
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2021.12.01 16:12 DJ-Corgigeddon Does Spotify have a song limit for “Liked” songs (hearted/favorite songs). If not, why is it deleting hundreds of my songs?

I’m having a major issue where my Liked playlist is deleting songs on a regular basis. Before November my song list was above 2,100, now it’s down to 1964 songs.
With Spotify Wrapped I was able to see just how bad the situation was. Every single song not hearted in this Top 100 playlist was saved in my playlist.
If it’s a matter of that I need to switch songs from my Liked playlist to another playlist to save them forever because I’ve hit an artificial limit, that’s fine, but if there’s no limit to the Liked playlist then I feel like I may have to find another platform than Spotify. As is, it appears that hundreds upon hundreds of songs have been permanently lost to me, and I have no way of remembering them or replicating them since I only had them saved in Liked.
And yes, this is consistent across my phone and PC versions of Spotify as well as I’ve cleared the cache and uninstalled and reinstalled without any songs being readded to the playlist.
I’m hoping I can get some help with this here.
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2021.12.01 16:12 BobbyYukitsuki Rudolfo deserved more – why OCA's best character could've been so much better

I've never played SoV, what the hell is a Rudolf
Having recently completed Order of the Crimson Arm, I’m left with some pretty mixed feelings about the writing. That said, there are definitely things to be praised about it – like the story’s attempts to emulate a feeling of being a small squad in a bigger army, or the uniqueness of its premise of bandits as lategame enemies – but its most promising story element, in my opinion, is the character arc of Rudolfo. For me, he was easily one of the most memorable characters (along with Adin) and I found his scenes in the early and midgame to have a lot of promise. Unfortunately, this potential is not fully realized, in part thanks to the barebones writing in OCA’s lategame.
This post has spoilers for Order of the Crimson Arm. Obviously.
Earlygame Rudolfo Rudolfo is a noble of Ostreich, the good guy country of the game. Though he was originally born in Zentirim (the bad guy country) he moved to Ostreich at some point in his life, where his family was appointed as nobility. At the beginning of the story, Wayland, one of the Lords, is working in Rudolfo’s service as a mercenary along with his shitty Jagen mentor Vlad.
Rudolfo first appears after the Order of the Crimson Arm joins up with Lady Clara. As the protagonists are integrating themselves into the larger Ostreich army, they meet General Valborge, Clara’s second in command and the “Mountain of Ostreich”. Rudolfo, along with his fellow Ostreich nobles Borgriff and Foskey, serves under Valborge as a subcommander.
Rudolfo and Borgriff accompany the player’s army in their smaller-scale battles. During much of this time, Rudolfo and Borgriff are given an almost Cain-and-Abel style characterization, with Borgriff being excitable, honorable and knightly while Rudolfo balances him out with levelheaded pragmatism. They even kinda have red and green color palettes.
For much of the earlygame, Rudolfo, along with with Borgriff and Valborge, acts as a significant representative of Clara’s allied army. At first, Rudolfo is less than thrilled to be working with the player’s army – seeing the captain, Algimas, as less than exemplary of proper behavior – but per Borgriff’s insistence he sets his gripes aside.
Rudolfo’s most notable earlygame scene is in chapter 10, when the group cuts through the D’ahk Woods (yep.) During the battle, Borgriff and Wayland run out blindly into the forest in pursuit of a fleeing foe, only to be ambushed; upon retreating, they report back to the rest of the group that the woods are full of dark mages. In the following war council, Rudolfo suggests that the Order of the Crimson Arm deal with the threat ahead.

Rudolfo: Hmph. If we are to deal with it, the men of the Crimson Arm should be the force to attack. [Tactician’s name] here employs the foul magic after all.
Foskey: Let us not throw stones here, Sir Rudolfo. Despite being born in Zentirim, you have been in Ostreich long enough to know we do not share the same hatred for it as they do.
Rudolfo: ...I see no wrong in my statement. They have the most experience in employing it, therefore they are the ones that should best be able to deal with it.
Borgriff: If that is your reasoning, then I see no reason to keep the enemy waiting.
After this battle, Rudolfo remarks that the army should have used more prudence – citing that, were the Ostreich soldiers spotted battling alongside a dark magic user like the tactician, they might catch the sights of the Zentirim Inquisition, a religious organization who persecutes and hunts down dark mages and those associated with them. Borgriff replies that the army’s capabilities would have been revealed inevitably anyways, and Rudolfo relents.
Passing through the woods, the army then assaults the capital of Ostreich, taking down the reigning king and anointing Clara as its rightful ruler. The group then turns their focus to Zentirim, who declares war upon Ostreich after seeing their political shakiness and civil war. General Valborge’s squad takes the main front against Zentirim, arriving on the battlefield quite early. Meanwhile, Borgriff and the player army defend Valborge’s side flank, preventing Zentirim from pincering them. Rudolfo’s soldiers, led by a subordinate named Roswell, cover the opposite side.
After taking care of their respective foes, Rudolfo, Borgriff, Roswell and the tactician reconvene. Rudolfo prepares to leave to support Valborge, who is still engaged in combat; before he leaves, though, Borgriff praises him.
Borgriff: Hold on a moment, Lord Rudolfo. Before you leave, I must say, you did a rather upstanding job. It seems you have only suffered minimal casualties.
Rudolfo: My men were well prepared for the battle, Lord Borgriff. It was an honor to fight by your side.
Borgriff: Do not speak like that, my man! You shall live to fight another day.
Rudolfo: Hmph… you are right… That I shall.
Rudolfo heads to the front lines with his troops, where Valborge is still engaged in combat with General Jormund, a Zentirim general who originally hails from Braxis. Under pressure from Jormund’s immense brute strength, Valborge calls for Rudolfo to assist him.
Rudolfo: I have arrived.
Valborge: Lord Rudolfo! Assist me in defeating this monster!
Rudolfo: If I may, General.
Jormund: Very well, I've had my fun.
Valborge: Lord Rudolfo?
Rudolfo stabs him
Valborge: Gaaghkk... R-Rudolfo... You... you've....
Rudolfo: This battle was lost before it had even begun. I’m afraid I would choose survival over honor.
Turns out Rudolfo began conspiring with Zentirim at some point, and backstabs the Ostreich army at the first clash with them. As an additional note, Borgriff dies in this battle as well – killed by Rudolfo’s “subordinate” Roswell, who is actually a member of the aforementioned Inquisition.
After the battle, Rudolfo accompanies Jormund to meet the emperor of Zentirim. The other Zentirim Inquisitors are suspicious of him at first, and they call him a “progeny of disaster” and almost send him away out of distrust. But Jormund offers to take him under his wing as a subordinate, and the emperor approves.
Here’s where Rudolfo’s past is also revealed.
Jeon: Why have you betrayed your former lord for us? You should have no love for Zentirim.
Jeon: You dare hold your tongue before the Emperor?! Your head will-
Rudolfo: Please forgive me… I am overcome with many an emotion. Since my father’s exile to Ostreich, I have been troubled, lacking any sense of belonging. Standing before His Grace, I can feel that I am at last home.
Jormund: ...
Jeon: Your father was suspected of aiding dark mages, but it was proven he was an unwitting accomplice and even took it upon himself to dole out judgement… Even still, his actions were a catalyst for calamity, so he was exiled.”
Alfonso: And there is word that you have even fought alongside dark mages. For what reason should we let someone as yourself serve the Emperor?
It’s a little infodumpy, but I really like this reveal as a whole, as it neatly contextualizes much of Rudolfo’s earlier behaviors and makes his past dialogue more meaningful. His betrayal is in line with his previously established pragmatism, and his unpleasant family history with dark mages explains his previous distaste towards dark magic users. And of course, it was mentioned already that he was originally from Zentirim, so this remains consistent with what we already know about him.
As a whole, I really like the idea of this character – a person who feels out of place in his current country, like an outcast in isolation. He betrays a homeland he has no love for, in hopes that he’ll find a new life and somewhere to belong in his land of birth. It makes for a villain arc that sounds great on paper and could potentially end up being super memorable in practice.
Lategame Rudolfo I actually like Rudolfo’s presence in the midgame. He shows up in a cutscene later on where he’s escorting the emperor’s carriage back to Zentirim, and singlehandedly takes out four assassins assaulting the convoy. Upon realizing that the assassins were after the Zentirim holy relics, Jormund orders one of his elite men to grab the relics from their shrines. Rudolfo offers to accompany him, suspicious that one man is enough for such important duties. But Jormund instead tasks him to scout out the allied Ostreich army and keep an eye on Rudolfo’s faux-“subordinate” Roswell, whom he finds untrustworthy.
Mid-lategame, though, is where things start to slip through. Per Jormund’s request, Rudolfo drops by the battlefield to watch Roswell a few chapters later… and he doesn’t really do much at all. This would have been a great time to delve into Rudolfo’s relationship with Roswell, which is rather underdeveloped in the end product. Roswell claimed to be Rudolfo’s servant in his first appearance, but what is their relationship like really? Roswell is also an Inquisitor, the same group whose prosecution led to his family’s exile – not to mention, they were very hostile towards him even after he backstabbed Valborge and defected to Zentirim, solely because there was a dark magic user in Ostreich’s army.
To add even more – just earlier, Roswell had used forbidden magic to enhance his body and reattach his arm, granting himself dark magic in the process. Surely Rudolfo, considering his history with dark magic, must have some opinion regarding the irony of an Inquisitor wielding dark tomes – something which could potentially be an even more prevalent story element considering Roswell’s development later in the story. Yet these elements go mostly unexplored (perhaps in part because it involves Roswell, who, while a solid enough villain, also has a lot of things left unsaid about hiim).
Rudolfo shows up again five chapters later along with Jormund’s Braxian army, when he unexpectedly runs into Clara’s army. Though unprepared, he thinks on his feet and quickly comes up with a proposition; he offers a ceasefire truce to them, in an ironic twist from his initial betrayal.
Rudolfo: You see, we were attempting to retrieve those [legendary] weapons I believe you have in order to deal with a certain man. Roswell, I believe you might remember him, is attempting to perform some ritual at the seal of Andras.
Rudolfo: As you know, the man is dangerous, and my Warlord would like for him to be dealt with. For that we require those weapons. IF, you surrender to us and hand over the weapons, we can take care of the madman as allies.
Clara: And if we refuse?
Rudolfo: The we kill you here, and we deal with him ourselves.
Naturally, Clara and the lords refuse, and the map begins.
Rudolfo appears here with a Braxian named Boal, whom he has an A support with and is described as his partner. I… have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it’s a sign that Rudolfo has been at least somewhat successful in carving out a new life for himself within the enemy ranks despite their initial distrust of him. I would’ve loved to see more of this!
On the other hand, there are a lot of things that frankly don’t make sense in this scenario. At this point in the game Zentirim isn’t really a threat anymore, as the main opponent is the Braxian army. So why is Rudolfo with Braxis when his preestablished loyalty is with Zentirim? Why did he settle down with a Braxian woman? Is it because Jormund, a Braxian, won him over with his reasons behind his plans, and Rudolfo decided that Braxis would be a better place to try living out his new life? Or was he lying through his teeth to the Emperor from the start, and he never truly held any loyalty to Zentirim? These are questions that the story never truly answers.
idk, it feels like the story had multiple possible avenues to go with Rudolfo – shaping him as a traitorous snake willing to do anything to survive, or a displaced outcast looking for a place to start a life where he feels he belongs. Personally I’d prefer the latter interpretation as I feel it’s more intricate, but I think either one would work for the purposes of OCA’s story. Yet the story kinda halfasses things and puts one foot on both sides. Judging by his relationship with Boal it feels like they wanted to give him a new place to belong, but they also portray him as selfish and flaky by making that place in Braxis and not Zentirim.
Anyways, Rudolfo does have a lot of battle conversations here. If he fights Clara he thanks her for providing for him, and if he fights Vlad he acknowledges his former trust in Vlad’s skills and offers him a position under Braxis and Jormond. He also has battle quotes with Valborge’s two sons – in particular he seems amused by Andrew’s burning vengeance and coldly says “if I were you I’d focus on what matters instead of petty revenge”.
Finally, he also has a conversation with Foskey (who, with Rudolfo a traitor and Valborge and Borgriff dead, is the sole remaining member of Clara’s original council of allies)
Foskey: ....
Rudolfo: You are the last man I would I have expected to see at a loss for words. Do you hate me that much?
Foskey: As surprised as I am to the fact, no. When we fought as comrades you did your upmost [sic] for the people of Ostreich. Even still, expect no mercy from me, Rudolfo. You are an enemy of my liege and shall be defeated!
Rudolfo: You are an honest man, the least I can grant you is an honest death.
This is probably my favorite of Rudolfo’s conversations, but it also feels like it could’ve been more. It hints at a semblance of a broken bond between Foskey and Rudolfo, one that was once strong enough that Foskey still respects Rudolfo for his earlygame war efforts. Likewise, Rudolfo is also familiar enough with Foskey to realize that Foskey being silent is out of character for him.
But this brings up a different question: what about Rudolfo's old partner, Borgriff? It’s quite evident in his death chapter that Borgriff feels a lot of camaraderie with Rudolfo, and the two have a very strong presence together in the earlygame. Since Rudolfo was not present when Roswell kills Borgriff, it’s never really shown how he feels about betraying him. Did Rudolfo care for Borgriff at all? Did he share Borgriff’s feelings of solidarity with him, or did he just see Borgriff as an overly excitable fool? Or, alternatively, did he and Borgriff actually have a genuine bond, which Rudolfo secretly regrets severing? Again, this is another side of Rudolfo's personality that I would’ve loved to see the story dig into.
Anyways, the chapter is an escape chapter so you don’t need to kill the two bosses. If you do, Boal survives no matter what, but Rudolfo dies for real here. The dialogue changes slightly if Rudolfo is still alive, though it’s not really too noteworthy aside from one of the Braxians calling Rudolfo an “honorary clansman”. I guess in Braxis he found people who truly accepted him.
Endgame Rudolfo Now here’s a funny catch: OCA has a huge glaring flaw around lategame. At some point (as early as chapter 18) it becomes evident that certain parts of the story were never completely finished. At some points, FE7 dialogues play as placeholders for minor story bits that were never added, and some lategame bosses (especially the ones in chapter 25) lack any dialogue introduction at all.
As a result, much of the lategame feels like it lacks narrative polish. This happens to suck a lot for the lategame bosses, who don’t get much characterization as a result. It also happens to suck a lot for Rudolfo, because the payoff to his story arc loses almost all of its tension as a result of OCA’s incompleteness. This is especially notable in two of Rudolfo’s significant chapters: both chapter 18, where he keeps an eye on Roswell and Clara, and the endgame, where he reappears if he survives the “truce” encounter.
Rudolfo appears again in the endgame if he survives, but it barely counts for anything. I’m assuming it’s because the hack’s story was never fully finalized, or maybe because Jormund has battle quotes with everyone in the party TLP-style (thanks to how FEGBA temporary flags work, there are only so many battle quotes you can add to the same map before you have to do some janky things), but in his final encounter Rudolfo has no dialogue whatsoever. No battle quote, no boss quote, no introduction as to how he got here, no talk with Jormund, no nothing. Rudolfo’s implied wife Boal also does not appear again in the story after the truce chapter.
As such Rudolfo’s ending essentially has no payoff whatsoever. His endgame presence would’ve been a great chance to explore the questions I’ve posed already – his relationship with Borgriff, the details behind why he’s with Braxis and not Zentirim, and finally his thoughts on Roswell (though this last one would be a bit posthumous as Roswell is already dead at this time). There’s also the question of why he defends Jormund and has such loyalty to him when, again, Jormund is a Braxian and not a Zentirian.
But of course, since he has no writing here there’s really not much else I can say about this.
So what now? Looking back, Rudolfo is a character who I almost feel I’m giving too much credit to. I really like the core concept of his character, and I absolutely love his presence in OCA’s earlygame and midgame. But it all kind of starts to slip through the cracks as the game progresses, and come endgame of course he has no dialogue at all.
I know I’m making a lot of assumptions about OCA’s development here, but I’d argue Rudolfo is one of the greatest casualties of OCA’s incomplete lategame writing. He could’ve been so much more than he is now – and having actual endgame dialogue, or alternatively clearer motivations, would’ve helped him in spades.
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