What Christmas gift are you excited to GIVE this year?

2021.12.07 19:13 fraggle_captain What Christmas gift are you excited to GIVE this year?

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2021.12.07 19:13 XRogueshdowx Opinions on a NMS Weekly Spawn List?

Hi, I'm the guy who made the spawn list pre 2.12 update.
I just had someone ask me if there was a spawn list for NMS. Is there, because I haven't been making any. Also is this something we would like? If I did make it there's no guarantee I'd have it done by Friday night when reset happens. I don't have free time usually until Monday/Tuesday. Any opinions?

Thanks for your feedback!
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2021.12.07 19:13 Own_Rip6372 WHAT?! Yall telling me my prayers have been answered?!?

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2021.12.07 19:13 love_with_consent What about you are you proud of?

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2021.12.07 19:13 RonSio86 Jumper's Post Jump Vlog: Increasing Greed: After Sword Art Online

The Benefactor stared at the group before him. The Jumper, currently in their Connor form stood in the middle of their group of Companions. Kobayashi, Hikari, Yonaka, and Chara stood next to them, all looking generally more experienced and at least a little bit stronger. Standing in front of the Jumper was a small girl with black hair, and standing off to the side awkwardly was a rather lanky man appearing to be in his mid-30's.
"I'm both surprised that you decided to do a bundle, and disappointed you didn't bundle further. With just two Jumps and a few Drawbacks, you collected nearly 4,000 CP." Ben spoke. "Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online Abridged. Now let's see...two, technically three nice new homes - two of which grant you a regular stipend. An amazing cooking skill and the ingredients to use them. Daily replenishing magic crystals. A magic lunchbox that grants you sandwiches, the ability to basically slow down your perception of time, incredible aiming skills and a massive buff to your programming skills, and, oh, right, the entire floating castle of Aincrad."
"What!" The lanky man exclaimed. "How the f-"
"Plus you decided to recruit Kayaba of all people and apparently decided to adopt Yui yourself."
"While I do admit to being more than a little curious into the mindsets of Kirito and Asuna, I couldn't help but feel that both were just a little...more than a little unstable, despite how happy they are together." The little AI girl responded. "Not that they're not good people-"
"That's up for debate..." Kobayashi muttered.
"-but these people were both much more mentally sound and were anomalies on top of that, so I was ultimately more curious in them."
"Kayaba was my boss due to the Origin I picked. I couldn't just leave him to die in prison or something. Or, at least not this Kayaba." Connor defended their actions.
"As weird as that sounds I'm more worried that you apparently just bought my life's work like a summer vacation home!" Kayaba exclaimed.
"Aincrad's real now Taka-"
"It's Kayaba." The programmer interrupted the Benefactor.
"Thanks to the powers Connor and I possess, it's completely real. No NPCs, but plenty of monsters-"
"Evil mindless beasts." Chara interrupted. "Not monsters."
"If I can TALK. Plenty of whatevers roaming around, but the towns and cities are empty, meaning we can all move in if we want." Ben then patted Connor on the shoulder, who immediately stepped back away from the contact. "I'm actually proud of you, kid. You haven't really collected much in this Jump so far, so it's good to see you coming home with a lot of new stuff."
"You're sounding pretty materialistic." Connor deadpanned.
"I'm just looking out for you. This is Jump, what, fourteen, and you barely have any means of making money, few living spaces, basically no armor to speak of, and your abilities are either heavily leaning to magic or just a bunch of situational or barely useful nonsense - your physical abilities are pretty lacking with only a handful of buffs and an annoying amount of specialization for your feet."
"More mentally sound, huh?" Kayaba snarked, prompting the small AI to sigh slightly.
"Aren't you going to ask us about how the Jump went or something?" Connor sighed.
"What's there to ask?" Ben quipped back. "Obviously you survived the Death Game and it doesn't look like you had any other real issues. In case you forgot, SAO is basically a normal world with amazing video games, so unless you decided to destroy the world or build a massive harem or something...?" The Jumper shook their head. ".. then there's not much to discuss that's not the Perks or Items you bought."
"You do realize you're basically calling my, "world" apparently, boring." The programmer spoke up once again.
"In the grand scheme it kind of is, chatterbox." The Benefactor shrugged before patting Connor's shoulder once more to their displeasure. "Anyway, you beat another Jump and got some nice goodies and a couple Companions. Good job." Ben finished with a thumbs up.
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2021.12.07 19:13 katrinaww brian launder (idk how to spell his last name)

i’m watching this interrogation video of both of them and it has the date (2006) and i’m thinking was it really that long ago??? because i swear i feel like i keep hearing about them like it was just recent. i’ve never really looked into them but this interrogation is my first insight
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2021.12.07 19:13 Usual-Calendar-5526 Challenges not tracking

I've got a short sword from the rewards section on Ubisoft connect and killed at least 20 people and still didn't get Basim's sword. Same with the other challenges (assassination, recruitment, poison kill, etc). Does someone else have this issues?
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2021.12.07 19:13 salmitafresita Is this normal?

I just got my final black Friday goodies, but I'm a little weirded out by something. I just want a second opinion. Does it look like my skywash was already swatched? I was just about to open it and i noticed some product by the rim. Also, the hand cream looks concave? This might be bc of the good ole' midwestern weather. But, has anyone else experienced this? Am I just overreacting?
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2021.12.07 19:13 Reaton1984 A+ 220-1002 (C394) going for third attempt

Hey all. Unfortunately C394 A+ 220-1002 version has been a nightmare for me. I've studied everything Messer, Myers, Dion and LinkedIn Learning for the exam, to include all practice tests, but I will be going for my 3rd attempt this term (I just started Term #3). I also just completed the new WGU CertMaster Practice for A+ Core 2 practice questions, which was a bear. When I took and passed Core 1 220-1001 many months ago, UCertify was still around and WGU wasn't using the new CertMaster material.
I wanted to ask if anyone has used Plurasight videos to study. It looks to be 9.5 hours of video so I wanted to ask around so as to not waste my time if they aren't helpful.
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2021.12.07 19:13 FionnDraiocht Help me out bro😈

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2021.12.07 19:13 FilipeMiguelescritor Ninguém é feliz o tempo todo

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2021.12.07 19:13 notadegenerate69420 maybe if you all were like this cat and prayed to allah more you wouldnt be so spiteful against apandah, inshallah you shall all find the truth one day

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2021.12.07 19:13 Arthuurtel120 ¿Por qué se han hundido bitcoin y ethereum en los últimos días? El hackeo que hace temblar a las criptomonedas

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2021.12.07 19:13 onoderarene a watercolor I did of one of my favorites :)

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2021.12.07 19:13 voraciousseating38 This is cute

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2021.12.07 19:13 imissportgasdace Are the jlab go airpop wireless worth it

They are like 25$ and wondering if they are any good ?
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2021.12.07 19:13 Leighaunt In reality how racist is this sub and are you guys proud of it?

We joke a lot about people races, slaves, supremacy, ethnicity, mental illness, Nazi, patriotism, genocide, degradation of women and glorification of white women.
This sub is infested with normal people who hate the ending, titancuck refugees, people with dark humor and who likes racist jokes, actual non-chalant racist people, and the alt-right.
You know what? I'm proud of it. This sub is a safe heaven for people who love that kind of content and gets off on those comments.
Sabi is a disgusting piece of shit but other than that I wish this sub was 10x more active with plenty of loyal and dedicated members who post some good shit.
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2021.12.07 19:13 arkiser13 The crackers that I bought on Sunday expire today

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2021.12.07 19:13 FirmDelay Fuck the touching the sky queat

I've been running around this shit for an hour to find the last initiates ewer and I can see the damn Bridge i need to cross but there is no way up. Its bullshit, why is there just not a god damn path
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2021.12.07 19:13 Ben_Manifiak #7 VEX LOL

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2021.12.07 19:13 NDRRSS RubiCube NFT project collection

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2021.12.07 19:13 yerFATmam456 how do i get my settlers to stop fighting?

i’ve recently gotten some creation club thing that adds a thin where you can summon settlement raids. how do i make my settlers not fight, cause they keep dying and i want my turrets to do the work.
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2021.12.07 19:13 TheMysticalArchive Looking for a high IV non English ditto

I have a shiny Pacharisu I radar chained I’m willing to trade for it.
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2021.12.07 19:13 aspennt help! buyer paid with depop payments

i don’t know how to print a shipping label now that it isn’t in paypal.
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2021.12.07 19:13 hunteroflife China’s Moon Rover Spots Strange “Mystery Hut” on Far Moon Horizon, Aliens were camping?? Maybe..

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