Registreren alimus njoammunlogu

2021.12.08 04:14 kimme Registreren alimus njoammunlogu

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2021.12.08 04:14 YinlinAndBackwoods Would it be legal to use a regional identifier and a trademark name together in a URL?

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2021.12.08 04:14 kimme Omikron buktá vuorjašumi

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2021.12.08 04:14 user0123456777777777 Epic stuff

We went to the mall today after classes. We held hands :) I've never held hands with a person that much before lolol. When we were talking while shopping I stuttered a lot ///_///
They also gave me a christmas gift today. I did flower arranging in a class and they put one of the flowers in their hair it looked so cute. Also, yesterday they undid their hair and it looked so good. I want to brush their hair behind their ear one day.
Does anyone else get that thing where something new happens in their relationship and they're not used to it so their mind goes blank for a day or a few days??? Like I'll be wondering "wait what if I don't like them anymore did it scare me off" but then it's just like "oh nvm I still like them"
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2021.12.08 04:14 sayheysimon I feel funny inside :D

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2021.12.08 04:14 SHE_WANT_DA_DANIEL My baby ran away today

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2021.12.08 04:14 Ale04010 NERIAN NETWORK

Hey guys 👋🏼
I’m just stopping by really quickly feeling the need to bring to your attention what I would consider a true SPECIAL gem. I don’t wanna be verbose and boring you writing detailed and long descriptions about this token, for this reason I’ll try to be as quick and concise as I can highlighting (in order of importance based on my personal opinion) few key reasons why I decided to invest on the Nerian Network.
• EXCHANGES - less than 48 hours ago it has been listed on BITRUE with more exchanges coming in the short future.
• KILLER TOTAL SUPPLY AND CURRENT PRICE - sitting at about $0.17/NER with a total supply of only 26,1000 million tokens (yes you hear right only 26 millions!!!!) doesn’t take a mathematician to understand how undervalued it is and how NER is literally sitting on a launch pad! To put it in a different prospective, when NER will have a total market cap of only $250 million you’ll be looking at $9.50 per single token thanks to having such a low supply……
• TOKEN DISTRIBUTION - 5,000,000 $NER were airdropped for the early birds back in August 2021 (first 5000 trustlines).
5,000,000 $NER are devoted for the Community Reward Programmes
6,102,019 $NER - Nerian Network
5,000,000 $NER - Strategy & Future Adoption
5,000,000 $NER - Initial Community Offering (ICO)
• GROWING AND BOOMING COMMUNITY - discord hey join me on Discord! Invite expires in 7 days. and TG communities are growing fast with the co-founders being active and engaging with the whole community even with $NER monthly giveaways on discord 😍
• REAL WORLD UTITLY - Nerian Network is determined to deliver the infrastructure and currency necessary for a transparent, ethical and democratic experience. A strong ecosystem built on trust and accountability with privacy and security as a priority focus in processing member's data. Nerian Network members will have total control of their personal data with the possibility to delete, relocate or monetize their digital ID. A built in data exchange will facilitate the exchange of data with third parties settling transactions with the native NER currency digital token
• NETWORK BENEFITS- Based on the amount of NER tokens in your native wallet, users will be able to increase their stake in commission trading their data with third parties
• FUTURE EXCLUSIVE- Users holding NER in their wallet will have early access to future products and services Nerian Network has to offer
• INCOMING ROLL OUT - As the platform rolls out and the network expands, more utility will be given to the native token NER
• ULTRA LOW FEES- NER token is running on the XRPL infrastructure and because its technology is superior in speed and fees(about 3 sec per transaction), the costs of a single transaction would be about 0,000012 XRP (basically $0!!)
Please DYOR and feel free to leave a comment 🙂
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2021.12.08 04:14 SmolSalt Would Lamashtu have Aasimars or would she make tieflings?

Since she was a demon first I would think tieflings. Butttt since she ascended to divinity wouldn't it make more since for it to be an aasimar?
I could be completely wrong and if I am please correct me.
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2021.12.08 04:14 Vivispacem Kenganmas day 8 : Santa welcomes the new intern

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2021.12.08 04:14 Scapegoat808 The Lost Valajar

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2021.12.08 04:14 dat_boi_256 Chest pains after J&J

I got J&J and for the 2 days after the shot I was out of commission, fever, lethargic, etc. But for 2 weeks after the shot I started getting chest pains around my heart. They would just happen throughout the day and it really freaked me out.

About a month or so later, I started getting palpitations and an unsteady heart rate. Like sometimes randomly I'd feel my heart jumping into my throat and going really fast. I'm not sure if this is related to the vaccine, but before I got the vaccine my heart rate was around 50 and steady and NEVER went fast.

Did anyone else have similar side effects?
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2021.12.08 04:14 VegetableUnlikely630 NC(not mine) I liked this photo i took yesterday

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2021.12.08 04:14 DanieTB99 My motorcycle was stolen about 4 months ago and police have just recovered and it has been damaged. What can I do to pay for the damages?

My yamaha mt03 was stolen and has just been recovered. I haven't had a look at it yet but it is in the process of being released and the man who stole it has been arrested, he was riding it around with swapped plates and apperently has a big criminal history.
Apperently it has been dropped badly and has tons of scratches and such all over it, if I had to guess damages might be well over 1k, I want to try to sell it and make as much money as I can from it, would I be able to sue the thief and make him repair it? I suggested this to my dad and he says it's not going to be worth it and that he won't have any money and we will have to pay for legal fees, but my close friends all say that I can sue him and make him pay for all legal fees and damages.
Would I be able to get anything for mental health reasons? This bike being stolen caused me a great deal of stress for quite some time and it also extremely inconvenienced my life and work, I had to spend hours on a train everyday instead of a quick 20 minute ride to work and back. About the mental health thing it did make me seriously depressed as well for quite awhile. I actually picked up drinking again because that bike was the thing that helped me give up drinking.
Something to note is I didn't have theft insurance for it. I was planning on getting it but I had spent most my money on the bike and also a lot on gear, theft cover for me costed nearly 1k a year, even more. So I had to go with the much cheaper option in the mean time and wasn't able to swap it when it got stolen. So I didn't get any insurance money at all.
Any recommendations on lawyers I can call? Is suing him even worth doing?
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2021.12.08 04:14 bremm293 Whatever you do, DON'T google "Goombella rule 34" ;)

First result.
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2021.12.08 04:14 Ninjapanthercat02 More Progress

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2021.12.08 04:14 eau_de_armadillo .

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2021.12.08 04:14 tallglass24 Am I the only one who played extraction every day, and now only goes back to Rogue just to miss the good times and exit the game?

Extraction was perfection. Not too long, not too short. Not too sweaty. If extraction was porridge, it would be just right. Days of my life went to extraction, and I’ve missed Rogue ever since they stripped the best part away. Am I the only one? Bring back extraction please.
TLDR: bring back extraction please
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2021.12.08 04:14 Winterofthiscontent Girlfriend got me a December 8th Birthday message from Steve Downes’ !!!

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2021.12.08 04:14 pEdkdo The obvious solution.

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2021.12.08 04:14 sike_the_0th asian rock

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2021.12.08 04:14 ZoobBot 191455

This is the 191455th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.08 04:14 alpastor420 I am SO done

1st year. Burnt out is an understatement. My mental and physical health are a mess thanks to this job. Another position is lined up, just waiting on the final paperwork so I can submit my resignation..
I only have a few more days with students. I’m so close, but can’t even fathom how I’ll get through even one of those days. So tempted to use all my pto and sick time to get me through to the end of the semester, but really trying to finish out the semester to preserve my dignity and some level of professionalism.
Lord help me, this is gonna be a looooong week.
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2021.12.08 04:14 Super_Sonic_44 What video game franchise did you used to love but now hate?

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2021.12.08 04:14 ZeroweaponX I mean....people that stupid

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2021.12.08 04:14 ProcedureNo6793 Exchange from NZ

Hi! I’m thinking of applying for an exchange in 2023 and i’m keen to hear peoples experiences at Dartmouth! I’ve heard great things so far. Would you recommend coming here for an exchange?
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