My Opensea Gallery started selling today

2021.12.05 15:02 Lonebirdart My Opensea Gallery started selling today

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2021.12.05 15:02 muadipfru 🎄Xmas Floki v2 ⭐️ Fair Launched Today !! Huge Potential ⭐️ Low mCap ⭐️ x100 coming in next few days 🚀 20Bnb Presale filled 🚀 7/24 Online Mods Join Telegram !!

CONTRACT: 0x357f11ce020c15a52ff10deaf0fc0703a17a2bac
Welcome to Xmas Floki v2! $XFLOKI
We present you $XFLOKI! The new Santa of rewards that you just need to hold and enjoy your BTC rewards that will automatically drop on your wallet every hour and also make you eligible for our lottery that will be held every week.
Rewards Fee
-Out of every buy transaction 5% will automatically be redistributed among Xmas Floki holders in BTC while on each sell that transaction will turn into 7% to provide even more rewards for holders.
Lottery Fee:
-Out of every buy transaction 3% will automatically go to our Lottery wallet while on each sell that transaction will turn into 5%.
Liquidity Fee:
-We have also implemented a tax of 2% on each buy & 4% of each sell transaction to be added back into the liquidity pool. This will provide us a stronger floor and give a bigger incentive to hold.
Marketing Fee:
-3% of each buy & 6% of each sell transaction will be automatically sent in BTC (so we don't lose value at the same time) to a wallet which is going to be used strictly for marketing and development of Xmas Floki.
-After launch we will submit for an audit and it will be done in the upcoming week.
Xmas Floki Tokenomics:
-Total Supply - 1T
-Network - BEP20
-Team Wallet - 5%
Total Tax:
- 13 % Buy (5% Rewards, 3% Lottery, 2% Liquidity, 3% Marketing)
- 22 % Sell (7% Rewards, 5% Lottery, 4% Liquidity, 6% Marketing)
CONTRACT: 0x357f11ce020c15a52ff10deaf0fc0703a17a2bac
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2021.12.05 15:02 kreambreule Why do people say religion is peaceful if they didn't research it?

Just cause the people practicing that religion are peaceful doesn't mean the whole religion is it
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2021.12.05 15:02 Ethan-1034 Need help with RGB

I have an RTX 3070 XLR8 Addition and I can’t find the software it needs to change the RGB on it. does anybody know what software I need to install
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2021.12.05 15:02 psalmyb We're now more than 30k here on Twitter! Infinite thanks to our community for the support 💕 To celebrate, we are giving away an awesome skateboard #NFT - redeemable for the physical item (yes, we'll ship it to you) Comment your near wallet ID below

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2021.12.05 15:02 freedom_killers Good place to get tree?

In Ft lauderdale till wednesday and wondering where the best place to get tree is.
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2021.12.05 15:02 Scheldnail 29F what do you think?

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2021.12.05 15:02 generalemiel Should i repaste my 6/7 (no clue which of the 2) year old gpu

I have an gtx 960 4gb. Which im thinking of repasting but should i?
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2021.12.05 15:02 HopefulPlastic3135 [FREE] 21 Savage x Drake Type Beat "BETRAYED"

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2021.12.05 15:02 RL-Toph Riders Republic Hub (Xbox Club)

Hey guys,
Made an Xbox club last night to try and help players find other players for multiplayer. The club will be open to all sorts of things: achievement hunting, competitive trick battles, helping new players, even sharing pics and videos.
Playing this game in a lobby is a ton of fun. You can play mass races and any event together while being in comms and it’s awesome; friendly trash talk and helping each other out with tips.
To join: You can drop your gamertag here and I’ll invite you or you can simply go into Xbox clubs and search “Riders Republic Hub”. I want to make this group as big and active as possible, so be sure to invite your own friends as well after you join.
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2021.12.05 15:02 ipqwert M23/UK/ Birmingham/ [Friendship] [Relationship]

Hey! This os only for women living in the UK
Hope you are having a good time!! I'm looking for a female to talk and Let’s see where it goes!!
PLEASE DON'T TEXT if you can’t hold a conversation or reply only once in 2-3 days!!
“I'M NOT INTERESTED IN SEXTING, NUDES AND ALL SO PLEASE DON’T ASK ME TO SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR ONLYFANS” Except that I'm open to all types of conversations, I'm not a pro at starting a conversation with strangers but once I'm comfortable with you I'm a kind of talkative person.
I Would love to talk about music, web series, food, or sports if you are interested in any, or anything random you would love to talk about! About me or what I do for a living? I’m currently doing Masters degree, I'm a Chef by profession, Wanna talk? Would love to see you in dm!
Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead!
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2021.12.05 15:02 Lt_Peanutbutter Should I eat my Carolina reaper and Devil's Tongue?

I got a plant of each of those chillies for my birthday. They are currently growing in my kitchen. I do enjoy spicy food, but I am by no means hunting for the spicyest sauce or torturing myself with pepper Spray on a regular basis.
So my question is, will these be edible for me? Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.05 15:02 Vegetable-Top-5389 What’s wrong with my monstera now?

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2021.12.05 15:02 rummeln Incredible color gradients during sunset at Makua Beach in Waialua, HI.

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2021.12.05 15:02 moxonec Comments in this one are gold. One guy compared “going to coffee shops every day” to what “apex predators” and “Lions” do everyday

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2021.12.05 15:02 nevermindever42 Hyundai Kona Electric in its natural environment

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2021.12.05 15:02 Ron_Sandalthunder So you’re saying there’s a chance?

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2021.12.05 15:02 OlympicAnalEater Apple warns suppliers of weak demand for iPhone 13 lineup - Bloomberg

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2021.12.05 15:02 Beezel_Pepperstack Welcome to the '86 Minibot Reunion!

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2021.12.05 15:02 OrangeOVA My game is chugging rn and I’ve tried everything I can (rocketman, PA, etc.) do any of these mods cause problems? (Sorry for phone screenshots)

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2021.12.05 15:02 marinesciencedude A Rishimas Carol | Spitting Image

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2021.12.05 15:01 dsbwayne Thinking about getting The Peacock $5 plan to just watch a bunch of old matches and documentaries.

Is it worth it? I never had WWE Tv prior, so I’m not really missing what they use to have.
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2021.12.05 15:01 MorbidMorty NMPeanut Head

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2021.12.05 15:01 Drdogg09 I drew and colored rengoku for season 2!

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2021.12.05 15:01 plushgamR Sup chuckleheads im awake

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