he stayed until climax for some reason

2021.12.07 01:54 griffy001 he stayed until climax for some reason

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2021.12.07 01:54 twelfydelfy2 Just got my first pass royale, had fun giving f2p players free wins i the challenge, happy chridtmas

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2021.12.07 01:54 Interesting_Steak_17 You shouldn't be able to votekick host.

Voting to be able to kick the host would be and is abused by trolls the instant it was put into the game. It's dumb and hosts should not be allowed to get kicked out of their own lobby they created.
Also let hosts ban/kick in-game.
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2021.12.07 01:54 MisterBlggs Tested a 3D printed thrust vector control system for a model rocket

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2021.12.07 01:54 Contra-Antiscia Nimitz - Tic Tac Speed and G Force Math

Assumption: The tic-tac "accelerated" in the traditional sense we understand an object moves from point A to point B. If there was in fact acceleration there would also have to be g forces.
Kevin Day said he "saw" on radar the objects appearing at 80,000 feet and would then dropped "suddenly" to 28,000 feet.
He also states that change in altitude occurred in .78 seconds. Day operated Naval radar for 18 years so let's give him the benefit of the doubt he knows SPY-1 radar better than most and for all we know most probably was one of the most if not the most experienced radar tech at the time. After all he was assigned to the Nimitz strike group which carries a distinction unto itself.
The Nimitz strike group had the best of the best from the Navy.
Anyway...I digress.
That means the object(s) he was tracking travelled at a speed of at least 45,415 mph
1 g = 22 mph so that means if these objects were indeed "accelerating" then by our understanding of physics the g forces they experienced were in excess of 2,064 g.
If anyone here could help calculate the deceleration g force experienced by an object travelling at 45,415 mph then coming to a dead stop I would love to see that math.
I can only recall from memory (sorry no source to quote) that our strongest air frames can endure up to 100 g forces. So...yeah, there's that.
Either these objects are made of some type of material that can endure unimaginable g forces or they do not travel from point A to point B in the way our current understanding of propulsion works.
Personally, IMO...these objects are not "accelerating". I have nothing to base that upon other than I cannot fathom what type of material or structure could endure those types of g forces.
Sources Used:
Feet to Miles Calculator: https://www.google.com/search?q=feet+to+miles&rlz=1C1UEAD_enUS981US981&oq=feet+to+miles&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j6j0i512l8.1920j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
Speed Distance Calculator: https://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/math/speed-distance-time-calculator.php
Wolfram Alpha for g force calculation
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2021.12.07 01:54 SnooDoughnuts5648 Zekrom now. Add 8720 0516 4658 or 2073 4042 1424. Taking 10

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2021.12.07 01:54 DevelopmentOk133 Some OCs

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2021.12.07 01:54 In_Trigue Best secondary runes?

I almost always go Electrocute primary for snowballing early unless I need Fleet or Conqueror for something, but I can never decide on secondary runes. I'm usually torn between Precision and Resolve. I'm starting to think that Resolve is just better overall for its survivability both in lane and in team fights, but the extra damage from precision is always nice too. Thoughts?
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2021.12.07 01:54 Sadiesmom522 Getting my Autotransplant ☺️

I’m so happy and nervous! After what seems like a lifetime of pain and losing myself to what chronic pain and chronic illness brings, I am finally able to fix it! Wednesday I am getting a Kidney Autotransplant for my kidney syndrome! While it may not be a fix all, the studies have shown such promising information. I know not everyone is lucky enough to fix what’s hurting them so I am very grateful. I’m thinking of everyone on this Sub who is in pain, struggling and not being listened too! I’ve been there. Told I was just faking, that it was all in my head and that I was an addict because I needed pain meds. I know everyone on this page has a unique story. While I’m terrified, I’m just happy to hopefully start a new chapter. I just wanted to share the good news with people who know what it’s like to struggle all day, everyday.
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2021.12.07 01:54 newslender9 Its still a very early wip but it's also my very first spiderman drawing so opinions so far?

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2021.12.07 01:54 bikergirl83 Here. Have something cute to watch - Out Like a Light

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2021.12.07 01:54 bongdaso247 Bóng đá VN 7/12: 'Thùng thuốc súng' Văn Đức trở lại

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2021.12.07 01:54 heavensIastangel [OC] An A.I. Generated Journey Through Pokémon History

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2021.12.07 01:54 emailyourbuddy Had to get my 🍀 741 🍀 shares total in DRS. 🚀

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2021.12.07 01:54 EestiMentioned [/r/ShitLiberalsSay] Average estonian neoliberal.

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2021.12.07 01:54 bowiethejoker I have a story to tell

I've got a few stories to tell that might be of interest to you folks. Here's one that I have a lot of complex feelings about. May as well get some coffee because this a long one and I'm scatter brained when it comes to my story telling.
I'm currently a Maintenance Technician for a very big, very wealthy pharmaceutical company. Although the company as a whole is a shit show and a half, my department is very cool, my boss is fantastic, and I'm paid very well with excellent benefits. Most nights I do basically nothing, and I'm free to tell almost any manager in the plant to pound sand if they hassle me.
This was of course not always the case.
I had done mostly hard labor and service jobs until I ended up in manufacturing. I was then fired from my first manufacturing job which trust me is a story for another day. I bounced between jobs, and ended up working for a hot melt service company. Hot melt machines are essentially machines that melt a material down and pump it through hoses and then guns, almost always its glue. These are ubiquitous machines in manufacturing. So anyway, it was a temp to hire position as a gun assembler. Simple enough work for like 11/hr pay. In hindsight I would have been making 11/hr making guns that the cheapest and easiest to make would be sold for 750 and you could bang out a handful an hour pretty easily. There's of course machining labor costs, and costs of materials but still, it's a very high profit margin industry. And this a 3rd party unofficial company offering the "cheap" option. I'm only giving this information for context later.
So anyway, the guy who interviewed me who was the owner's brother (genuinely nice guy and fun to work with, one of the few people who didn't treat me like a freak), decided to stick me with their...I'm not sure what to call him. Lead engineer I suppose, he didn't have a title. He was the guy who fixed stuff and essentially the only source of technical expertise on the machines outside of the owner himself and a few others and he vastly outstripped them. Simple stuff. Clean off boards(they'd come back from customers coated in dust or a decade of grease if they weren't cared for) at first. Then prepping materials so he could make wire harnesses. Then making the harnesses. We got along. Not well, and not all the time, but I was the first person in like 15 years he put up with. Freaks of a feather I guess, and he was definitely an eccentric.
At first it seemed like the perfect job for me. I was learning and doing things I'd always wanted to do and been drawn to, but I'd never had the chance or the discipline to go to school. This guy, let's call him T I guess. He taught me things. Small things, basic things, theory and practice, troubleshooting skills and habits. He said I "had the aptitude" to learn this stuff which was apparently the highest praise he'd given anyone ever. I was proud. I felt valued. I had found something I was good at, exceedingly good at even. This was like...5? Years ago. I'm 30 now.
So time goes one. I'm doing more stuff around the shop. Taking on more tasks and responsibilities. I made an inventory and serialization system from scratch. T showed me how to do basic repairs and turned over all the machine refurbs to me. This was the meat and potatoes of what we'd do. Take in the electronics from the machines, clean them up, inspect, test, repair if needed, make up all new harnesses and wear parts. So this was all me after awhile and I'd streamlined everything so I could bang out a week's worth of refurbs in like 2 days. Then I'd just spend the rest of the week researching or testing, you know learning stuff. Learning new things was the real value of the job to me. I'd been hired full time after 6 months. I was making like 12.50. Worth noting this is a small company, maybe 30-40 employees. Big fans of the whole, we're a family here, kinda thing.
They got in a new laser for making parts and cutting shims. Owner asked me to figure out how to use it and I did. The thing was a piece of junk and very obtuse but I had it singing. Even figured out a technique to embed metal into glass that no one else had. This was, as far as I could tell, entirely unique. I asked every laser company I could, hit up art galleries and curators, scoured the patent office and research papers. It was entirely novel.
And this was one of the first events that really started souring me on the company. I took it to the owner and the production manager who was the guy in line to take over the business. Nice enough guy, but he didn't like me. Almost none of the office staff liked me. Now to preface this, the I had made some mistakes early one. Costly ones. Dangerous ones. But not ones that were any worse than anyone else had done in the past. By all rights he could have canned me. T stuck up for me and insisted I stayed.
So I showed the manager the glass thing. He thought it was cool. I presented all my findings to him. Showed how it was novel. I asked for more time and materials to develop the technique. He took it to the owner with the sample pieces. Word came back. "We don't want to get into the greeting card business". It seems silly in hindsight but I was gutted. This was a genuine value add. It's not like I didn't have the time. And this was the other piece of context I hadn't gotten to. The owner's opinion of me soured very shortly after I went full time. He saw me doing stuff other than refurbs and cleaning and simply assumed I was lazy or bad at my job, despite anyone informing him to the contrary. Nevermind that I'd streamlined a massive chunk of his business. Nevermind that I'd gone above and beyond in every area asked to and been searching all the time to better his bottom line, out of some misplaced sense of loyalty or the assumption that such effort would be rewarded in kind.
So anyway. My 1 year mark comes by. I was hoping for a decent raise. I mean my job had evolved and encompassed so much more than it did at the beginning. 25 cent raise. 12.75 an hour. No performance review, nothing. Just a silent little uptick on my paycheck. This is where I started feeling slighted. I still went above and beyond, still was trying to learn and teach myself as much as I could, but solely for my own benefit. Started showing up late. Really just got the shits of it. I felt worthless. I felt like this is as good as it got. Went like this for awhile. Perhaps it was intentional on the owner's part.
I had a sense of loyalty toward T. He was kinda my boss, kinda not. Mentor might be a better term. The owner and the owners family treated him like a mascot. They poked fun at him and his eccentricities. He worked in between two shelves in the corner of the building. Out of the way. Mostly forgotten unless someone needed him. Which is how he preferred it to be honest, he was not what anyone would call a people person. But still, I was offended on his behalf, a ridiculous notion in hindsight. But here was the man that basically held up the company on his back and you treat him like a joke? But I began thinking of myself and my long term outlook. Is that all I'll ever be? Is this where I'll end up working forever? I couldn't ever find a place that I like as much as this right?
But here's the thing. I didn't like it anymore. I was starting to slow down learning things. I mean I still was, but it wasn't an every day thing of adding to my skillset. I'm not sure why or when I shifted from depressed to pissed. But it happened somewhere in there. I looked around at everything I was doing. I asked for a raise. I demonstrated everything I was doing for the business and how I was still trying to add value to the business where I could. I was denied.
Alright. We can play that game.
So I freshened up my resume. I started shotguning it out everywhere I could that I thought would fit my new skillset and with better pay. It did not take long. So fast forward a bit. Coming up on my two year mark. Oddly enough the owner was starting to act nicer to me. Like actually making eye contact and acknowledging my presence. I have confirmation of a start date for my new job. Awesome. Ask for a moment with the owner. I give him my two weeks. He hems and haws, and I'll never forget what he said, he said "That's a shame, it felt like you were finally starting to learn something". No counter offer, nothing.
So I spent the next week blowing through all my work. I leave detailed notes on everything I do. Mostly because I sympathize with the people who are going to have to come after me and pick up the slack. It's a personal thing. Maybe foolish in hindsight, but I'd rather feel good about something than not feel good in the name of fucking over someone who fucked me. But, I destroyed all my notes, all my saved programs, all my research. Everything, and I had blocked those files from being backed up on the company server anyway. So this all took a week.
What to do with my last week. I don't know how to play solitaire. I spent the last week teaching myself how to play solitaire. I didn't show up the last day. I didn't care.
The lesson I hope people take away reading this is that you are always worth more than they say you are. Do not be afraid to leave a job. There is a personal dignity you give up by working a job that's making you miserable. Know what you're worth. Look out for yourself because no one else will.
And fuck it, play solitaire on company time.
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2021.12.07 01:54 Truth_Speaker_1 U.S. and Europe ready ‘significant and severe’ sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine

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2021.12.07 01:54 Count_Triple I’m seeking new players to help revive an awesome fighting game! King Arthur’s Gold is epic and I’m sure many of you will love it. Join us anytime in CTF!!

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2021.12.07 01:54 today_okay What are some good YouTube channels for those who used to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000?

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2021.12.07 01:54 Manuel_Pizarro Sheet Music Notation for Sleigh Bells

Hello y'all, so I was wondering what the correct sheet music notation for jingle bells/sleigh bells is. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.07 01:54 dgsarahhh his favorite toys are the things that should not be played with

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2021.12.07 01:54 LegoMan6952 Eternal Damnation crash

Hello i keep getting this crash log any help would be nice

General protection fault!

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2021.12.07 01:54 BrandonTheEditor Does this "Medieval Found Footage" remind anybody else of Lovecraft? The concept sounds like something he'd explore.

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2021.12.07 01:54 khmerxbxboi looking for some river in the Fresno Area for landscape images like the link below thanks

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2021.12.07 01:54 hemansteve Why 45ACP snub nose is a good idea

I’d like to propose the introduction of a new revolver, specifically a 45 ACP snub nose.
These revolvers have a shorter barrel so offer better cornering with less long range capability to the existing magnum 357 revolver. They are also typically only 5 shot.
I’d like to propose it as a 4 slot weapon like the Makarov, suppressors cannot be affixed.
This would give the .45ACP an entry level option. It would also be a much more civilian relevant weapon with the complications of only 5 shots and a very loud bang to attract zombies.
Reloading would be similar to the existing revolver or may have the option of a fast loademoon clips, though it isn’t essential.
I feel a short barrelled pistol that can fit in a pocket would be idea for blasting your way through CQC and offer a solid secondary to those limited on inventory space.
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