Redeem token on Sunday

Access tokens. Access tokens are the keys to the Slack platform. Tokens tie together all the scopes and permissions your app has obtained, allowing it to read, write, and interact. There are multiple types of access token available. The token types are suited for different functionality, and certain scopes are unique to a particular token type. Token definition: You use token to describe things or actions which are small or unimportant , but are... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Define token. token synonyms, token pronunciation, token translation, English dictionary definition of token. n. 1. a. Something serving as an indication, proof, or ... Token - One ring to access everything. Continuous protection and decentralized security in one beautiful ring. How It Works. Fingerprint Scanner. Once you pair your fingerprint with your ring, Token works for you and you alone. Secure Storage. Token's onboard EAL5 Certified secure element keeps your credentials safe. Inductive Charging. Token is a multi-award winning restaurant – bar – retro arcade – pinball parlour – event space. We have over 40 machines, 3 bars, an extensive food menu for all tastes, and one of the more interesting cocktail list around! Our food consists of our take on high-end fast food – whether it be a vegan Big Mac, extremely hot chicken, or ... Token is an open banking payments platform. Token’s open banking toolkit connects to 3000+ banks in Europe to enable open banking payments, data and compliance. Token-based authentication is a protocol which allows users to verify their identity, and in return receive a unique access token.During the life of the token, users then access the website or app that the token has been issued for, rather than having to re-enter credentials each time they go back to the same webpage, app, or any resource protected with that same token. The list includes stablecoins, DeFi projects and the tokens of decentralized exchanges. The total volume of stablecoins is currently $73.27B. The total volume in DeFi is currently $12.07B. Ethereum’s price is currently -. They are listed with the largest token by market capitalization first and then in descending order. ‘Despite token opposition to this clause from France, Germany and Mexico, the three countries abstained in the voting, enabling the resolution to be passed.’ ‘Instead, a so-called ‘hardship fund’ was established to provide token support for those receiving the lowest pensions.’ Token definition, something serving to represent or indicate some fact, event, feeling, etc.; sign: Black is a token of mourning. See more. Token, a voucher or gift card redeemable for items of value. Token coin, a small, flat, round piece of metal or plastic that can sometimes be used instead of money, e.g.: Casino token, also known as a casino chip, check, cheque, or gaming chip. Knight's token, carried by a medieval knight. Token money, money that is of limited legal tender. Access token: An access token is a security token that's issued by an authorization server as part of an OAuth 2.0 flow. It contains information about the user and the resource for which the token is intended. The information can be used to access web APIs and other protected resources. token: [noun] a piece resembling a coin issued for use (as for fare on a bus) by a particular group on specified terms. a piece resembling a coin issued as money by some person or body other than a de jure government. token (comparative more token, superlative most token) Done as an indication or a pledge. Perfunctory or merely symbolic; done or existing for appearance's sake, or to minimally comply with a requirement. He made a token tap on the brake pedal at the stop sign. 1927, Arthur Robert Burns, Money and Monetary Policy in Early Times, page 393 token definition: 1. something that you do, or a thing that you give someone, that expresses your feelings or…. Learn more. The ID token is the core extension that OpenID Connect makes to OAuth 2.0. ID tokens are issued by the authorization server and contain claims that carry information about the user. They can be sent alongside or instead of an access token. Information in ID Tokens allows the client to verify that a user is who they claim to be. Token: something that serves to keep alive the memory of a person or event. Synonyms: commemorative, keepsake, memento… Find the right word. SINCE 1828. A crypto token is a virtual currency token or a denomination of a cryptocurrency. It represents a tradable asset or utility that resides on its own blockchain and allows the holder to use it for ... Lyrics, merch, and tour dates on www.tokenhiphop.comSupport this song -'ll be giving out excl... A “token” often refers to any cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin and Ethereum (even though they are also technically tokens). Because Bitcoin and Ethereum are by far the biggest two cryptocurrencies, it’s useful to have a word to describe the universe of other coins. (Another word you might hear with virtually the same meaning is “altcoin.”)

2021.11.28 17:10 W2SUCC Redeem token on Sunday

Hi guys, I’ve qualified for champs but I didn’t have time to play it and didn’t redeem the token yet, can I still redeem it on this Sunday evening and still participate in the current weekend champs? And also extra question, what’s the last time I can play it, is it until Monday morning? (I’ve read that somewhere), cheers for any help in advance.
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2021.11.28 17:10 pyrotek1 Tim Reed and Noel Putaansuu Podcast with Visuals from Smokeless Chimney

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2021.11.28 17:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Is Biden doing enough to shape his own story? | CNN

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2021.11.28 17:10 cheesesticksrat FTX Coinmarketcap

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2021.11.28 17:10 PlatonicPandemicPal 29M took this pic a few months ago, was feeling bad that day and decided to get dressed to take a walk. But already feeling the winter blues.

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2021.11.28 17:10 LonnieBailey55 coffee Xmas!

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2021.11.28 17:10 smalicett I love symmetry and good games

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2021.11.28 17:10 battle_watch How can I make maps? (I play on PS5)

Is it PC only?
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2021.11.28 17:10 BSG_14 MISC Odyssey Hologram in IAE 2951

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2021.11.28 17:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - See the moment a stowaway is discovered in Miami plane's landing gear | CNN

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2021.11.28 17:10 ulvaren skarsnik painted to the best of my ability

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2021.11.28 17:10 Jollyfalcon Quickswap Shenhe Tech: Double your Icy Quill procs with a mid-burst E refresh

Disclaimer: The premise of this post/guide is that Icy Quill stacks are not "snapshot" by character bursts, but are dynamically updated on a per-damage instance basis. If it turns out that Icy Quill stacks are "snapshot" by characters and cannot be refreshed while an off-field burst is still going, this entire post is useless.
Also, Shenhe isn't released yet... take this "guide" as seriously as Eula's threats of vengeance. I just wanted to get this written out to spur discussion. :)
#Basic Concept
Icy Quill is an important element of Shenhe's E which provides flat DMG to any cryo damage of any character in the team. There is a limit of 5 (or 7) instances of this flat damage per cast of Shenhe's E. The idea of "refreshing" the Icy Quill stacks is to get a total of 10 (5+5) stacks for as many teammates as possible in one 20 seconds rotation (the typical duration for most teams in Genshin).

Shenhe's tap E has a 10 second cooldown, so we can fit 2 of them in one 20 second team rotation. If we plan the team rotation well, then some off-field cryo bursts with a 20 second cooldown can use the Icy Quill stacks from both the 1st and 2nd Shenhe E cast. I'm not considering hold E, because that would make rotations a nightmare, and NA/CA buffs aren't as important in quickswap teams.

Simple example: Shenhe Casts E, Ayaka casts her Q at the very end of Icy Quill's duration, immediately swap back to Shenhe to cast E while Ayaka's burst is still ticking.

Ayaka's burst is going to quickly consume the 5 Icy Quill stacks from the 1st E, so we swap back to Shenhe to cast E again to reapply Icy Quill stacks for the remainder of Ayaka's burst. This effectively gives 10 procs of Icy Quill per team rotation since Ayaka's burst has a 20 second cooldown.

#Icy Quill Consumption
In order to build teams that maximize Icy Quill stacks, we need to identify which characters (like Ayaka) consume stacks quickly, and which consume stacks slowly. Fast consumers should be placed just before Shenhe during team rotations.

Also, in AOE situations, every character is a fast consumer due to how Icy Quill stacks are consumed. This list is only for single-target.
##Super Fast Consumer
- Ayaka: Her burst doesn't last long and ticks really fast.

##Fast Consumers
- Rosaria: E hits twice, and Q hits twice initially, so there is only one Q tick left before Icy Quill needs to be refreshed.
- Diona: E hits 5 times and consumes all the stacks, Icy Quill needs reapplication for Diona's Q
- Venti: His Q ticks pretty fast, so once it is infused with Cryo, Icy Quill stacks will be eaten fast.

##Slow Consumers
- Kaeya: His E hits once and his Q has no initial multi-hits.
- Kazuha: His infused E hits once, and his infused Q ticks relatively slowly.
- Sucrose: Only her Q infuses, and it ticks relatively slowly.
- Ganyu: Her E hits once, and her Q ticks relatively slowly (in single target) unless the RNG icicles all hit alongside the targeted icicle

##Can't Refresh
- Aloy: no off-field damage unless enemies run into the E bombs. Cannot easily use the refresh.
- Chongyun: no off-field damage, Q is 3 hits (or 4 with C6), E is 1 hit (or 2 with sac GS). Cannot use the refresh.

#Full Team Example
Alright, now that we have the basics out of the way, let's build a team with the goal of maximizing Icy Quill procs in the normal 20 second rotation. I'm building a team using the basic formula: [Shenhe + 2 other cryo + 1 anemo with an infuse-able burst]. Since the anemo characters with a burst that can infuse actually do elemental damage, and not just the swirl reaction, I think it is reasonable to assume that they can proc Icy Quill. These characters are Venti, Kazuha, and Sucrose (Sayu only can infuse her E).

I'll use Shenhe - Chongyun - Diona - Kazuha for this example. This is just an example of refreshing Icy Quill, and not meant to be a team comp suggestion.

  1. Shenhe E then Q
- Setup first Icy Quill and Shenhe's Q for team buffs.

  1. Kazuha E and Q
- VV shred and cryo damage bonus, Kazuha's Icy Quill consumption is relatively slow (single-target)

  1. Chongyun Q and E
- Chongyun's placement in the rotation doesn't matter much because he can't reset

  1. Diona hold E then Q
- Diona will eat all Icy Quills immediately with her hold E, it's time for Shenhe

  1. Shenhe E
- Icy Quills get reset for the rest of Kazuha's Q (maybe 1 or 2 ticks), Diona's Q (probably 4 more ticks) and Shenhe's Q (0-1 more double-tick if C0, 2-4 if C2). If this was AOE, then even Kazuha's last tick could consume all of his Icy Quill stacks immediately.

  1. Kazuha E and/or NA with Shenhe/Chongyun until next rotation
- We basically need to fill the next 10 seconds or so until Shenhe's Q and E are off cooldown. The off-field cryo damage from Kazuha and Diona will be eating their refreshed Icy Quill stacks, and we can proc any Icy Quills on Shenhe and Chongyun in the meantime.

One important note, Shenhe's C1 makes this approach much much easier as you don't have to time out your Shenhe E cooldown as meticulously. If you are running Shenhe with Ayaka, but didn't time things properly, a C0 Shenhe could easily miss the Icy Quill refresh if her E is still in cooldown. However, a C1 Shenhe can refresh with the extra charge and then resync the next E with her Q cooldown.
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2021.11.28 17:10 pnyhkr [SKX009J1] 2nd best SKX?

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2021.11.28 17:10 msing539 My mother-in-law gave us her Christmas tree and I hate it.

We still have our old tree, which I love. This new one is fat and oddly shaped. It's not like something I can put out only when she's coming over, so now I'm stuck looking at it every day until January.
Is there a solution to this that doesn't involve putting up two trees which is a pita?
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2021.11.28 17:10 floralzealot Well, quite

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2021.11.28 17:10 julezred Kissed a girl on a party while being at the beginning of dating someone / Guilty conscience is killing me!

Since two and a half weeks I am dating a girl I texted on Instagram. We already have met two times, for a walk and for a cooking session. The dates have been casual, no kissing or further because we agreed on taking it slow. Yesterday evening I went to a birthday party and drunkenly made out with a girl I know for a bit. Me and her talked about this encounter later in the evening and came to the conclusion that this was totally dump as no feelings were involved on both sides and we both are getting to know other people. We agreed that this will never happen again between us. Today I thought a lot about this situation and my guilty conscience is killing me. I never ever have regretted something that much in my life as things with the girl I am dating are going well. Now I feel such a shame towards her because of what I did. I want to emphasise that I would never cheat on anyone while being in a relationship. Yesterday I decided to do this dump shit because I still am getting to know this girl I am dating (mostly) due to the alcohol but I regret this decision so fucking much. I never did something like this my whole life. What do you guys think about this? Is it as bad as I feel? I know me and her are not in a relationship or something like that and technically I didn't cheat on her but I feel so guilty about this.
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2021.11.28 17:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - So far, almost all Omicron news coverage is speculative | CNN

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2021.11.28 17:10 draw_it_now Are there any cultures with more than three genders?

As far as I understand it, most cultures either have two genders correlating to sex, three genders, or they just think people are more or less "manly".
Are there any cultures that have even more genders than three? Or maybe even less than one?
Also I'm aware I've probably got a very western view of "gender" here so I'm happy to be educated on how different cultures view the concept!
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2021.11.28 17:10 DarquesseCain All day slay!

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2021.11.28 17:10 Lily_ThePC-98_Addict Re-drew a scene from the manga

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2021.11.28 17:10 alekzpack Acratia SMP 🌏

A new world opens up December 1st, 2021 and it goes by the name of Acratia. A fresh bedrock realm with tons of new caves just waiting to be explored by YOU. Join us! In the Acratia Realm!
I am just starting this project and I'm looking for members and people who have experience being staff. I'm looking for people who are willing to start something new and create a great community of Minecrafters. So join us! If you are interested please dm me on here or on Discord apply#7186
What I'm Looking For (In Staff)
*16+ old (If younger, tell me why you should still be trusted so)
*Experience in being on a staff team
*Open-Minded to new ideas.
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2021.11.28 17:10 Marevainsane The sidemen as fifa cards by funic.fifa on Instagram

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2021.11.28 17:10 Desperate_Ad_4635 Meet Mama Cat, she’s been with us a few years now ever since her one and only surviving kitten was run over while she was at the vet getting fixed. She seems to constantly be fighting her instincts to not get comfortable but she is quickly turning into my shadow around the house lately.

Meet Mama Cat, she’s been with us a few years now ever since her one and only surviving kitten was run over while she was at the vet getting fixed. She seems to constantly be fighting her instincts to not get comfortable but she is quickly turning into my shadow around the house lately. submitted by Desperate_Ad_4635 to cats [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 17:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Colorado anchor calls out GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert | CNN

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