My husband has an obsession with repeating phrases. It's what I'd describe as a pathological need. Anyone here familiar with this?

2021.12.07 14:54 Meh_thoughts123 My husband has an obsession with repeating phrases. It's what I'd describe as a pathological need. Anyone here familiar with this?

I've observed my husband for years because he is interesting. How he treats phrases is....very interesting.
Looking for some opinions.
My husband has a lot going on. He is diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD, and dyslexia. He did not have friends until his late teens, spent a lot of his early childhood suicidal and repetitively banging his head, had bulimia, would do the classic cutting-tags-off-clothes, etc. He is incredibly social but struggles with naturally picking up on social cues. His family has what I would describe as low emotional intelligence.
I have been with him for almost six years. He is loving, good hearted, intelligent, determined, and responsible. Honest-to-god the best man I know. I am fairly sure he is on the spectrum. I'm not just throwing this out there--I myself am autistic, apparently, and I read studies on autism for over 3 years, weekly. He suspects he is autistic, too.
That being said, I don't think he understands how repetitive he really is. In one hour, he might say the same phrase multiple times, and he does this for weeks and weeks.
It's like the phrases are doing something for him. It's hard to pin down some overarching meaning because I kind of think he subconsciously uses them for different purposes. Sometimes it's a comfort thing, sometimes it's a coping thing, sometimes it's because he's happy. They can be socially inappropriate. He goes through periods of phrases. During his teen years, he said he spent almost a year communicating in only quotes from shows.
He also has really focused interests. I have never met someone more interested in WWII than my husband. Particularly anything relating to tanks and Germany. He watches or reads something about WWII weekly--likely every other day. It has apparently been like this since middle school. He has memorized everything. I won't lie, it's fun to be with someone who is so interested in things, but I also know that this level of interest is technically unusual.
Lastly, even in his 20s, an overwhelming event for him resulted in head banging. I suspect this has happened before (meaning not only during childhood) and he avoids telling people out of shame.
I think he slipped through the cracks of diagnoses because he's smart and eventually learned how to make friends. Plus back in the 90s people didn't really know a ton about autism.
Would love to hear if anyone relates to this. I don't care if he ever sees a psychologist or actually gets diagnosed, but I want to know if I sound crazy. I've suspected autism since the day I met him, and this was before I did all the reading on the topic.
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2021.12.07 14:53 KaroYadgar Help with 2d raycast guns

I am working on a 2d top down game with raycast guns, and the problem I have is with the raycast, when I rotate the raycast in-game it rotates the players too. I found the specific code that caused the problem being look_at(get_global_mouse_position()) . Which makes the ray face to the cursor, but I don't know what to replace it with.
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2021.12.07 14:53 RPILiving Quite a few Communities have a bunch Moderators that have abundance of screen time trying to regulate what you’re posting!long as it’s respectful go for it!Post Buy/sell/live ,sharing opportunities 4 students to save 💰& getting best deal possible, Even 4 people trying to be cheap🤦🏻‍♂️

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2021.12.07 14:53 Routine_Board_5119 Maryland Law interview - will it hurt if I don’t?

I got invited to interview by Maryland Law, which is one of my safety schools (166 LSAT, 3.90 GPA). I’ll be traveling the week of interviews and also am not sure how to make it sound like Maryland isn’t a safety. I genuinely want to have Maryland as an option, though, partly due to its proximity to DC, partly because I already have lots of student debt and want to get a good scholarship to minimize how much more I take on. Will it kill my chances if I don’t accept the interview because they think I’d never ever accept an offer of admission anyway?
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Hey guys! I bought a muhle r89 online, based on how it looks. Now the razor hasn't arrived but i'm concerned it may be too mild? I'm used to the maggard v3a which is aggressive. Should i cancel the order and order the merkur instead? I'm doing well with the maggard but looking ti get a quality backup razor what do you think?
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2021.12.07 14:53 poopoopeepeeamanda I realized I might not be ready for a relationship while in one?

I'm honestly kind of freaking out. Me and my BF have been together for a little over a month, but have been seeing each other as friends with benefits for about 7 months. Basically, we caught feelings and decided we should be together.
But, before him, I was very convinced that I should not be in a relationship for a few more years, simply because I am a very unstable and borderline manipulative person and I didn't want to hurt anybody else. My last three relationships I've done the same pattern -- get infatuated with them, during this time period talk to them so much that they end up liking me back (usually by acting the way that they would want me to act), then we get in a relationship, and in the relationship they like me way more than I like them, and I lose interest because there's no game anymore, and we end on horrible, horrible terms and they call me an evil person.
I've dealt with this, and I thought I had appropriately realized what I had done wrong in the past so that I wouldn't fuck my life up again and hurt someone else again.
But, yesterday, me and him got in our first fight. It was because I had told him the day before that I would see him sometime during the day. As the day progressed, plans changed and me and my friend decided to go our Philosophy final review that took all night. I didn't tell him, and he waited for me, and he was very upset that I didn't consider him enough to let him know. And, this puzzled me why I did this, because usually I'm a very considerate person, but I realized I am in the middle of one of my largest manic episodes ever and basically have no empathy and am having very grandiose thoughts. I feel untouchable, and him ranting to me, as awful as it sounds, felt like him being disgustingly vulnerable. And I hate that I am thinking that about him, because I like him so much, and he's absolutely incredible and doesn't deserve for me to think these things at all, but I can't help it.
I am off of my meds, and am not talking to my psychiatrist, but I think my first step (to prove to myself that I'm going to make this work) is to go on meds for him. When I'm manic, I go back into my one night stand mindset (that I met him with; before it was fun, now it is taxing) and when I'm depressed, I feel worthless and just feel embarrassed having him see me like that. I need to be stable, because before I thought it made me boring, but I think boring is what I need right now.
I'm just absolutely terrified of hurting him, and I think I might've been right earlier thinking I wasn't ready for a relationship. I still am not vulnerable with him at all and still sort of see him as a friend with benefits. Not in that he doesn't mean more to me than that, but I think my brain got really used to continuously guessing how he felt about me and the uncertainty of it all. I love the games, but the sweet warm stuff we do makes it feel like he's melting the ice off of my body.
I am thinking about maybe telling him, but I think I'm scared he won't find it cute or quirky, but scary and something he wants to stay the hell away from him. I find myself subconsciously manipulating him all the time, BUT I try and stop it as soon as I can.
I already see the pattern forming. I was infatuated with him before (because he's out of my league), then kept talking to him and he eventually liked me back (said we had an 'emotional connection') and now we are comfortable, and right now he thinks he likes me more than I like him. I don't agree yet, I think I still like him a wholeeee lot, I wouldn't be this scared to lose him if I didn't, but the fact that he's already starting to think that makes me so worried, because I don't want this to end horribly as it has all before. He's really the closest person I've found to a best friend in my life, even though it's very hard for me to be vulnerable around him.
He makes me feel so comfortable, yet for some reason, I am perpetually on edge around him. I carefully, very carefully analyze EVERY word I send him and every word that comes out of my mouth, as to not make myself look very emotional or weak, because I am very, very afraid of that. I think I am just excessively damaged from past things in my life, and I don't know how it's ethical to put him through that knowing I'm not ready. I know he wants to see that side of me, but I'm afraid my weak side is not as beautiful as his is. He has confided in me, and he was purely purely the victim in his backstories, but I feel like I'm rather a person who uses other people to get what they want in that moment due to lots of evil people before me teaching me how to nail it. The student became the teacher, and I am disgusted.
All my friendships right now are transactional and monotonous. I don't try in petty friendships anymore, I've lost too many to count and people will put up with you no matter what until they inevitably get tired of you. I would rather do what I wanted during that time than nothing at all. I really only hang out with my friends because they give me free drugs.
But, I really really really like him. So much so, that when I was tripping on acid, I sobbed for 5 hours straight (first time I've sobbed in a while) because I felt so grateful that he is giving me the time of day and he likes me as much as he does, regardless of how hard I am to handle at times. He's already making me change in a lot of ways, and he's given me the first sense of hope, and something to fight for. My biggest fear in the world is losing him or making him upset with me. It's such a privilege I have him in my life, and I never want myself to forget it. I want to change the bad parts of me so he can love all the good parts of me that I'm sure are in there.
What is the best course of action here? Do I just try and prevent him from getting hurt at all and cut him off to stop any more possible pain? Or maybe any other option at all.... because that one makes me sick to my stomach.
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