[USA-WV] [H] Paypal [W] FHR EVGA 3080 FTW3 or 3080 FE

2021.12.03 15:43 Willowdancer [USA-WV] [H] Paypal [W] FHR EVGA 3080 FTW3 or 3080 FE

Need a FHR 3080 FTW3 or 3080 FE.

Would love a Hydro Copper, or one with a EK block/backplate... Not necessary, though.

Let me know what you have and your shipped price to 25504.

Comment before PM. Chats will go unanswered.
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2021.12.03 15:43 kriba777 Omicron is a smoke screen to justify Market Meltdown but it’s SHF’s getting liquidity. Tits jacked. 👀

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2021.12.03 15:43 4Ground_Music Help! What genre is my band?!

Help! What genre is my band?! "Fifth Bass." is my one-man, classical guitar driven, instrumental rock band. My debut album, "Conception," is the realization of my vison to mix the artistry of classical guitar with the finesse of progressive rock. I have been having a little trouble getting playlisted as it is hard to land on a defining genre. The main influences are progressive rock, jazz/ jazz fusion, punk rock, and funk.
What do you guys think? The music also fits somewhere in the realm of lofi or post rock and people have described it as, "Chillout Music."
I'll link below to my album on Spotify, let me know if you need the link to a different platform. Thanks for listening and I appreciate your help and feedback. FYI I wrote, recorded, and produced everything in a little corner in my bedroom 👍
Fifth Bass - Conception - Spotify
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2021.12.03 15:43 esean_keni My front hair is all over the place, can anyone please just bring it to the same level? Also, would really appreciate it if you could remove the shadow from my forehead as well. Thank you

My front hair is all over the place, can anyone please just bring it to the same level? Also, would really appreciate it if you could remove the shadow from my forehead as well. Thank you submitted by esean_keni to PhotoshopRequest [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 15:43 EarlyGiraffe123 WE THANK GOD LETS GOOOOOOO

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2021.12.03 15:43 ChChikk My First Skyrim Related Meme

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2021.12.03 15:43 MotorPeach420 GP new store 99yuan 7-11 dunks

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2021.12.03 15:43 Dicloniusqueen Boston burrito

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2021.12.03 15:43 tenacious_doug Astros fans!?! FS: 126 card lot. I just hit a Mosaic Bergman to /10!!! And I’m only increasing the lot price up to $69.69,shipped, from my previous post. Full list in the comments. Sorry I don’t want to break this lot up. Great starter lot for the young Astro fan for the holidays.

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2021.12.03 15:43 bekree Bi ufak yardım

Beyler aklımı kurcalayan bir şey var söyleyecek kimsem de yoktu aklıma siz geldiniz. Yaklaşık 2.5 aydır bir kızdan hoşlanıyorum Aynı okul ve aynı dershanedeyiz. Dershanede sınıflarımız aynıydı her fırsatta kıza bakıyordum bazen göz göze denk geliyorduk bu böyle devam ederken kızda bana bakmaya başladı ne zaman kafamı kaldırsam kız ile göz göze geliyorduk derste bir olay oluyodu gülerken bana bakıyordu dershaneye beraber gidip geliyorduk. Soru çözümlerinde denk gelirse oturup ders çalışıyorduk kızında benden hoşlandığını düşünmeye başlamıştım. Geçen hafta ise sınıflarımız değişti eskisi kadar göremiyorum arada yine göz göze geliyoruz gözlerine bakarken kendimi kaybediyorum ve aynı şekilde gözlerini ben ayırmadan o da ayırmıyo. Bugün ise bir kız arkadaşımla muhabbeti açıldığında kız hakkında pek olumlu şeyler söylemedi 9. Sınıfta arkasından işler çevirmiş ve küsmüşler bana da o kız senlik değil dedi ilişkide sevdiğini pek önemsemezmiş eski sevgilisi ile konuştuğu herşeyi kendi aralarındaki bir gruba atarmış eleştirimiş falan bende bunları duyunca moralim bozuldu ama bende belki kaç yıl geçti değişmiştir hatalarını anlamıştır düşüncesi ortaya çıktı ve bu kız bu aralarda biraz soğuk yapıyor bana ben bu kıza açılmalımıyım (nasıl açılmalıyım) bunca olumsuz duyuma rağmen kafam çok karışık sizden isteğim bana bir abi abla kardeş tavsiyesi vermeniz
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2021.12.03 15:43 klavskis1 (EU) LF teammates to grind from D4 to D1

Hey, looking for teammates or a duo to grind together with, got D4 few days ago and realized it isn't as easy to solo grind as it was in gold/plat. Pref to play around 7-11GMT, but can play other times as well. Obviously have a mic and don't be overly toxic for no reason. I myself play bloodhound and octane. IGN- Diegabiksis
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2021.12.03 15:43 johnchnggg [USA-OH] Ryzen 5 2600 & Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB [W] Local cash /Paypal

Heya, looking to sell a used Ryzen 5 2600 and Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB combo
*Cpu cooler only comes with an AM4 Mount.
*Ryzen 5 2600 comes in a R7 5800x box because thats what I upgraded to :p
Both no defects and in great condition.
$160 + shipping / Local zip : 43607
my first listing here, feel free to ask more questions or send me a pm :)
Pictures here :
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2021.12.03 15:43 Great-Refrigerator39 Has Zoloft made you more introverted or extroverted?

Just curious
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2021.12.03 15:43 GoofyGo0ober Looking for a good Urban bicycle for NYC

I'm new to bicycling and don't know how to properly shop for a bike, any suggestions?
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2021.12.03 15:43 ZucchiniElectronic60 Real life conspiracies and how they help groups like Qanon grow.

One of the things that I think has helped Qanon and similar groups grow so fast is because there's a large amount of readily available information on real shady dealings by groups like the US government and the Catholic Church. And yes, I am aware that the majority of the people in Qanon use them to bolster bad faith arguments.
But I find it weirdly ironic that, in some way, these real life misdeeds helped fuel a movement that constantly invents baseless conspiracies.
Let's look at what the CIA did during the Cold War. Mind control experiments like MKULTRA. Toppling of governments worldwide in order to back US interests, like Iran in 1953 and Chile in 1974. Qanon loves the phrase 'false flags' and they use it to write off any violence committed by Qultists. But guess what? The CIA had a plan named "Operation Northwoods" that involved carrying out terror attacks on American civilians and blaming them on the Castro regime in order to justify war. President Kennedy nixed it.
How about the FBI? Qanon and other groups always harp on about possible infiltrators. But unfortunately, they're not exactly pulling that one from their asses either. COINTELPRO was an FBI operation from 1956 to 1971 that entailed surveillance, infiltration and disruption of political organizations on home soil. Both the far left and far right were targeted, including the Civil Rights Movement.
The accusation of the Covid vaccine being a bioweapon is a corruption of the real life Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Of course, they'd probably ignore the blatant racism involved in the experiments.
Fuck, they don't even need to use shady activity from the Cold War to make themselves seem legit. Even now, a ton of people feel like the US got into the Iraq War under false pretenses. And look at how much damage was done to the Catholic Church's reputation once their files on sexual predation by clergy members were brought to public attention during the 2000s. A lot of these cases went back decades, some as far back as 50 years. A lot of anti-Catholic conspiracies probably looked a lot more credible once that story broke.
I feel like the US government, the Catholic Church and similar organizations are in a really tricky position here. Any bad faith actor can conjure up stories of fake wrongdoings given their readily accessible record of real wrongdoings.
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2021.12.03 15:43 ShyWeatherman Just released the visualizer for my latest single Love Me Too. I hope you like it.

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2021.12.03 15:43 FrontpageWatch2020 [#784|+853|26] A brave move in the exclusion department. [r/PrincessesOfPower]

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2021.12.03 15:43 kilocody Frost Giant Queen that I don’t recently. How can I make her look better?

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2021.12.03 15:43 plantsaretherapy Handmade Craft Fair!!! Finley Center 12/4 and 12/5 10:00 to 4 pm

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2021.12.03 15:43 Baconman17 GameCube ad from 2001 recreated in high resolution [15 MB image]

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2021.12.03 15:43 EggoWaff Taskmaster UK -Who Was Your Favourite Contestant

I was just thinking about how genuinely funny I found Mike Wozniak because he seemed to enjoy himself and was quick with a joke.
Who's yours and why?
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2021.12.03 15:43 yu_boo Is this a silly reason to feel guilty?

So a guy I had been on a few dates with messaged me after the third to say that he had decided he only wants something casual after all. I then responded to this by saying I also felt unsure where things were heading and not sure it was feeling like a romantic thing. I now feel guilty that I said that as it feels like I was the one who gave the rejection. However, as the conversation progressed he admitted he didn’t see it romantically but was interested in the physical side. However, that’s another reason I feel bad as although we didn’t sleep together (it came close) we done other stuff and I’ve only been with one other person previously (he knew this). I just feel hurt for some reason.
So why do I feel guilty for being the one to say that? I suppose I need to remind myself that he was the one he initially messaged me and you wouldn’t want a casual thing with someone you were genuinely interested in.
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2021.12.03 15:43 LoremasterMalcolm Interview Roundup: Grizzlies vs Thunder

Hey guys. I've noticed that the Grizz interviews on YouTube often basically have no views, and often times they're fairly insightful. Been meaning to do something like this for a while, and a historical night pushed me over the edge. Here's my (decently editorialized) summary of the interviews from last night. Gonna try to do this consistently from now on, especially if there's interest.
Taylor Jenkins
Q: What do you even learn from a blowout like this? I know you try to get better every game.
A: Whole roster been putting in the work. Communication is better on defense, but can be better on offense.
Q: The records. Talk about em.
A: Franchise records are great. Love that our guys don’t think about that (sure, TJ). We focus on good basketball, with tough tests on the road coming up. Shout-out to the defense turning the corner. (he literally didn’t mention the 73 point margin record dude WHAT)
Q: Santi getting minutes because of work, what does it mean to have a game like this?
A: Confidence builder for sure. Playing aggressive, moves well off ball, good one on one defense. We think his shots will start to fall, and the rest of his game is a great fit.
Q: Next man up mentality. What do you think of the versatility?
A: Lots of unexpected things this season. But for the most part people aren’t playing out of position, they’re doing what they know how to do. Love what I’ve seen over the past three games. Playing better individually and collectively.
Q: How’s morale? (probably pretty good right now lmfao)
A: When we’re doing what we’re supposed to do, we should get excitement from that. Energy from getting stops and getting good shots, whether they fall or not.
Q: Jaren. Looking better, right?
A: Put in a lot of work. Locked in defensively and making the right reads. Shoutout to less fouls. Playing with a lot of confidence.
Q: Guys have been talking about defensive shift being a part of the 3-0 run. Thoughts?
A: Talking from day one about protecting the paint. Recently talked about more aggression on the perimeter. One on one we gotta get even better. Glad the guys didn’t accept where the defense was at the start of the season.
Q:What’s the biggest area of improvement the last 3 games?
A: Direct quote: “Defense. Defense defense defense.” He said more but uh, that pretty much covers it.
Jaren Jackson Jr
Q: What do you say after largest win ever?
A: Good win (lol, I agree). Put it together, stuck to the game plan the whole game. “Credit to coach and everybody hooping.”
Q: How is it from the bench cheering for the garbage squad?
A: Love to see everybody going, getting a rhythm through the whole team. Seeing their work pay off is really nice.
Q: What’s made the defense so much better recently? How you getting less fouls?
A: Using my size to my advantage, gamble and reach less. Want to play the same way defensively, just have less mind slippage fouls.
Q: Santi and X got a lot of time. What’s your message to them when they wait for opportunities like tonight?
A: They’re always ready and they’re always working. They know how to hoop. Everyone down the roster is locked in, proud to see the guys do well.
Q: Bench went crazy for Konchar’s dunk. What do you remember about that?
A: That was crazy. This game was fun, lot of funny moments. “He just punched it.” (little bit of back and forth, not gonna separate out each question. Basically, he said John’s a humble guy focused on just straight up sports, but he’s a sneaky dunker and that play was a nice cherry on top of a great game)
Q: What was the bench saying to one another during all those funny moments?
A: There was a lot of funny stuff. We notice all types of stuff that y’all don’t see “no disrespect” (lol), we know what we’re running and they’re running. When people play really well but also out of character, it’s extra funny.
“Shout-out to the fans, man.”
Santi Aldama
Q: You’ve been playing well in the time you’re given, what do you attribute that to?
A: Everyone’s doing a good job, especially being ready for when your number’s called. That’s a big point of emphasis from coach.
Q: Coach has talked about you being great behind closed doors. What do you focus on to be ready for nights like tonight?
A: Give 100%, work on conditioning, defense, and offense (biggest non-answer of the night lmao). Stay ready and do the right stuff.
Q: When did you find out you would be part of the rotation and what was your reaction?
A: On our way to Toronto, found out Z was out and he’d play. Happy for the opportunity and wanted to help the team win. A player wants to play.
Q: Seems like you already feel more natural out there than you started. Do you feel more comfortable?
A: For sure. First real minutes in the NBA talked a lot with coach and team about that. More experience is better.
Q: What have the vets been telling you?
A: Keep shooting, trust the work. Them believing in me is very helpful. This is a great, special group that plays together. Shout-out to Steve-O and DB for being very vocal and helpful.
Q: When you were drafted was this what you thought it would be like?
A: Been a long time since the draft. Wasn’t thinking too much, just how can I play, get better, help the team. Trust the process of the work.
Q: This game was something that never has happened in history. What’s that like as a rookie?
A: Unbelievable game for sure. Great to feel good now but we have a game in two days. Keep grinding.
John Konchar:
Q: The dunk that set the franchise record for points in a game. Take us through it.
A: I didn’t know about that. Saw the open lane and dunked it. Awesome game, awesome to have 41 assists.
Q: Coach talked about defense (defense defense defense) as the biggest improvement. How’d y’all do it?
A: More effort, keeping guys in front, and rotations. Have each other’s backs.
Q: You’re one of the leaders in second chance points. How do you do it?
A: I just crash glass. Try to look for opportunities. (okay I gotta chime in here. If y’all don’t know about Jitty’s offensive rebounding, now you do. Pay attention to the boards he gets sometimes they’re wild)
Q: What was the locker room like after the game?
A: Heard about the record, felt really good about playing well and shooting well.
Q: Would you say you’re an underrated dunker?
A: I dunno, maybe?
Q: After the dunk the crowd was chanting defense while y’all up like 80. Was that weird to have that much energy in a blowout?
A: It was awesome, we have great fans. Hearing that at the end of the game is really cool.
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2021.12.03 15:43 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar Peculium (PCL) event: YouTube AMA - December 3, 2021

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2021.12.03 15:43 FrontpageWatch2020 [#214|+1900|36] I love fart jokes [r/adventuretime]

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