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2021.12.06 08:03 steviethememeaddict Mother Theresa Of Culcutta, selfless saint or merciless missionary?

I've been seeing a lot of posts and videos about how Mother Theresa, a woman who is usually regarded as the poster child for kindness, wasn't actually all that good. In fact, it was the opposite.
I'm sure you'll have also seen the various records of the forced conversions, shady use of donated money, and many other accusations thrown her and her organisation's way.
I used to be pretty convinced till I read a post on badhistory about how this was just cherry-picking of isolated events and such.
What do you think? Was she truly a saint? or a Cruel Catholic? or both?
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2021.12.06 08:03 soggy_n_groggy Please help me make sense of this!

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me make sense of this tax bill I've been recently informed of. Perhaps there is hope that it can be resolved?
I have had two different part time jobs this year, so my tax code was split with allowance for both. I've since left both jobs and not planning to return as I'm heading back to full time education. I submitted a P50 a few weeks ago.
My earnings in total for this year are ~£10k, tax free threshold is £12650, but HMRC have informed me that I owe £250.96 in tax? They say my allowance has been split weekly. I understand why this would be the case for weekly pay, but since I'm no longer working, don't understand why the annual allowance does not apply?
Do I just need to wait for the end of the tax year for this to be sorted out?
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2021.12.06 08:03 GodEater554 Altruistic Duty vs. Self-interested Free Will: Why the AOE is Foreshadowed to Critique the Philosophy of the Manga Ending

My theory is that the manga showed us two different timelines, a white background timeline where the characters follow the philosophy of altruistic collectivism and a black background timeline where the characters follow the philosophy of rational self-interest. As we were two sets of characters acting upon opposing philosophies, character motivations seemingly did not add up in the manga ending, leading to some strange fan interpretations of the unresolved AOE content.
On the one hand, the AOR-types see the Eren portrayed black backgrounds only as a facade and focus only on the white background scenes where Eren is characterised as a suicidal bastard that is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and the Alliance is willing to sacrifice themselves to save people that are actively trying to genocide their kind. In the final volume, their interpretation of the story comes true as all characters set aside their rational self-interest for what they believe is the good of humanity. This is an ending where self-interest is defeated by the philosophy of collective altruism, which holds that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value. Not only were these themes consistently defeated throughout the whole story, but all the black background scenes are directly opposed to the manga ending philosophically as they all focus on what the characters want to do rather than what they think they must do.
On the other hand, the YB-types completely ignore the Eren portrayed in white backgrounds and focus on the black background scenes where Eren is characterised as fully prepared to go through with full rumbling, not for the sake of others but for himself, and Jean is shown to be both be wanting to rely on Eren and willing to protect his future with Mikasa. In all the black background scenes, characters are thinking about their wants as their goal. This is diametrically opposed to altruism. I theorise that the black background timeline is about accepting the consequences of their wants, fighting for themselves, living their lives for themselves. Hence, the AOE black background ending where characters reject their duty and moralism over their self-interest and free will is still ahead.
In this post, I will theorise about all the WHYs about the manga ending the way it did, previously I posted my theory about all the HOWs here:
This distinction between self-interest and altruism goes back to the central theme of the story, freedom. The point is that altruism is inconsistent with freedom as it implies a moral duty to put others first at all times and in all circumstances, denying self-ownership and the power to choose that derives from it. In contrast, self-interest involves voluntary choices to benefit others of ones own choosing, in ways and to the extent individuals choose for themselves. The story established this theme early on with Freckled Ymir. In her first life, she sacrificed herself altruistically for others but when she was reborn she swore to live only for her own interest. She constantly berated Christa for doing good deeds, acting altruistically, but helps others by her own free will because she wants their gratitude or wants to repay their gratitude.
Then, we see Historia make a choice between fulfilling her altruistic duty or living according to her free will. Ymir's words help her reject her altruistic duty to inherit the Founding Titan in favour of her free will to save Eren. In particular, she literally said she is setting aside her duty even if it meant that humanity would be wiped out by the titans. Again, the story favoured the victory of self-interest against altruism.
Near the end, we see Erwin seemingly approve of Hange forming the Alliance and her self-sacrifice, but upon further examination, it is not necessarily the case. Although society in general places values in fulfilling duties, this story has never once put fulfilling a duty in positive connotation but did the exact opposite of that. Isayama used this same phrase previously to describe Willy Tybur declaring genocide on the devils of Paradis, which was obviously portrayed negatively. So taking the phrase as strictly factual, Erwin only tells us that Hange chose the path of altruism by fulfilling her moral duty over the path of self-interest by running away as she wanted. She did so because she believed she was doing the right thing morally, same as Willy Tybur, but as we learn later what they ended up doing was only exacerbating the conflict.
There are three characters that I think are central to the ending and the theme of choosing self-interest over their duty:

  1. Eren
  2. Jean
  3. Ymir Fritz
    1. Eren
Just like Grisha, Eren went beyond the walls for the sake of someone else, his friend Armin. One question that is often asked with regard to friendship is whether it is altruistic or self-interested in nature. Aristotle saw a tension between achieving personal happiness and helping friends to do the same. He distinguishes between self-interested and altruistic types of friendship. Purely self-interest friendship is a friendship of utility that exists only because the agents are useful to one another (Eren and Floch). Purely altruistic friendship is where friends supposedly love each other as ends in themselves and also love the happiness or goodness of another person as a desirable end in itself (Eren and Armin). My theory is that this is the reason why Eren remains friends with Armin in the manga ending. Since the manga ending is the ending of altruism, Eren altruistically sacrifices achieving personal happiness to make his friend happy and they remained friends.
In contrast to the white background timeline, the black background Eren is going beyond the walls purely for himself, not anyone else. Black background Eren himself wanted to go beyond the walls ever since he was born, as opposed to the white background Eren had never thought about what was beyond the walls until Armin came running with the book. Black background Eren is already looking at the walls when Armin is coming to him, as opposed to white background Eren that is only aimlessly looking at the clouds in the sky. Black background Eren completely ignores Armin and is fixated on the book, as opposed to white background Eren that is looking only at Armin. Hence, my theory is that in the black background timeline Eren has a dream of his own and will achieve his own happiness at the cost of not being friends with Armin anymore.
Erens apology to Ramzi is different in each timeline. In the black background, Eren multiple times emphasis that the rumbling is all about himself. It is about the world HE dreamed of, it is about the world HE saw, when HE learned ..., HE, HE wished for it, He wanted to wipe it all away. White background does not tell us who it is for when Eren is apologising, but after Ramzi dies Eren suddenly switches from I to WE.
In my other post explaining how the black background timeline was created, I theorise that when Eren kissed Historias hand Eren saw the memories of Paradis getting destroyed through Grisha from Chapter 121 through Paths Eren who saw it in Chapter 120 when he entered Paths.
Anyway, from the final episode of S3p2, the anime should be showing us the black background timeline and the black background Eren. I think this is why there are many differences in Erens talk with Falco:
  1. In the white background manga, Eren includes himself when talking about people pushed by their duty into hell, whereas in the anime he does not. (RED)
  2. In the white background manga, Eren again includes himself by referring to the people being pushed into hell by their duty as US. (PURPLE)
  3. In the white background manga, Eren confirms that this something is not of self-interested nature and again includes himself by referring to OUR free will, whereas in the anime he refers to THEIR choice. (YELLOW)
  4. In the white background manga, Eren confirms that the reason for being forced to hell is of altruistic duty by mentioning others and the environment and again includes himself by referring to the people as WE, whereas in the anime he refers to THEIR situation. (BLUE)
  5. In the white background manga, Eren distinguishes himself from the people who are pushed into hell by their own interests (FROM THE REST OF US), whereas he omits this line in the anime. (RED)
  6. In the white background manga, Eren says he doesn't know what the people who are pushed by their self-interest see beyond hell, whereas he omits this line in the anime. (RED)
  1. Jean
The key to Jeans decision to join the Alliance is his reason for joining the Scouts, which is different in each timeline. White background Jean joined the Scouts not for his own sake but for the sake of his friend, Marco. In this timeline, Jean feels that he has a moral duty to join the Scouts because of his dead friend. Here, his reason for joining the Scouts is the fear of disappointing others, which is purely altruistic because he can get no utility from following the wishes of his dead friend. In contrast to the white background, black background Jean makes it clear that he wants something in return for joining the scouts. Here, Jean expects to gain utility from Eren for offering up his life. The black and white background scenes are irreconcilable because it would be hypocritical of Jean to expect something in return from Eren when the reason he joined the Scouts and offered up his life is not Eren but Marco.
Interestingly, Jean is ever shown in black background only in Chapter 22, where we learn that he had an alternative motive for joining the Scouts, and in Chapter 127, where Hange is trying to guilt-trip him into joining the Alliance for the fear of disappointing the dead scouts. While Hanges guilt-tripping should work on white background Jean because the reason he joined the Scouts originally was due to the altruistic fear of disappointing Marco, black background Jean joined because he self-interestedly wants to count on Eren. This would explain why his answer to Hange was interrupted for seemingly no reason since we are supposed to believe that Jean would fear disappointing Marco. Hence, my theory is that the self-interested Jean in the black background would not fear disappointing Marco but rather fear that Marcos death would be in vain if he were to die as well.
The Alliance forming conversation of Chapter 127 parallels Chapter 83 when Hange also lost her reason. While in chapter 83, Hange was afraid to consider the possibility of stealing Reiners armour because of Moblits death, in chapter 127, Hange is afraid of the possibility that the rumbling is necessary for their survival because of her fear of disappointing all her dead comrades. In both scenes, Mikasa was there as well standing aimlessly. Hence, I theorise that Jean's input will again manage to change Hanges mind and the Alliance will not be formed.
Just before Jean is supposed to make a decision whether to join the Alliance, he thinks of his memories of the future from his life in the extra pages. We never anyone else get such memories and it's too detailed to be a mere delusion. I think this goes back to where Eren tells Christa that if she is not able to live with herself if she doesn't do everything to stop him, he will manipulate her memories with the Founding Titan. My theory is that Eren manipulated the memories of black background Jean, giving him a memory from the white background ending. The purpose of this memory seems to be to push Jean to decide to self-interestedly save Mikasa rather than altruistically save the world. Hence, whether Mikasa lives or dies, I think depends on Jean.
  1. Ymir Fritz
Ymir Fritz is the most extreme example of altruism, a voluntary slave. Here is a woman with god-like powers who has sacrificed her life to raise children she didn’t want to make the king happy. She has put the needs of others first, willfully and intentionally, from the moment two thousand years ago when she consented to have children for the king’s sake, to the present when she sacrificed herself to stop the rumbling.
Yet what did her selflessness achieve? Her life, by Mikasa's observation, has been a misery but as we are also shown her children and their children and their children in 2000 years in the future suffered as well. We can draw a parallel to the suffering of Ymir's children with the suffering of Historia. Alma, just like Ymir, has sacrificed her life to raise children she didn't want to make the king happy. As a result, just like Historia, Rose, Maria and Sina must have suffered for the lack of a loving and correspondingly engaged mom. What's more, following Ymir's altruistic choice to sacrifice for the king, her children were made to eat their parent and be subject to the Ymirs curse that will make them perish in 13 years. Hence, it was Ymir's altruism that led to the Ymirs curse that predestined all of her descendants, as the subjects of Ymir, to the misery of children eating their parents.
The climax of the manga ending became Mikasa's altruistic choice to sacrifice her interests for humanity. Interestingly, we were shown two different Ymirs have different reactions to her choice. First, we are shown a kid Ymir satisfied with the choice Mikasa had made. This is the Ymir that has been shown to be helping the Alliance from Chapter 135, the beginning of the final volume. Later, we are shown a different Ymir, adult Ymir, for the first time. Unlike the kid Ymir, she does not look satisfied. I would go even as far as to say that she looks defeated. My theory is that the adult Ymir represents Ymir's self-interest and her wanting to leave the king to die and stay with her children. She was likely the one sending Mikasa memories of Eren to make her be self-interest and make her choose Eren over humanity. We see adult Ymir vanish but not kid Ymir. Does this not mean that because of Mikasa's choice Ymir's altruism has won over her self-interest?
In contrast to the white background timeline, the black background timeline has Eren set out to free Historia from the Curse of Ymir that would have her birth a child that would be forced to eat their parent. Historia then reverts back to her Christa persona AKA Ymir. Initially, Christa disregards her self-interest in favour of altruism but Eren reminds her that this is not who is anymore. Historia then seems to go back to being Historia and abandons her altruism for her self-interest by proposing to have a child. She brought the topic of a child not because she wants to be altruistic and save the island but because it is in her interest to save Eren. The distinction here is that Historia does not want to save Eren out of moral duty but out of her free will. Hence, it seems to me that the message of the story is that children can and should bring joy to parents’ lives—but they can do so only if parents choose to have them for rational, self-interested reasons, and embrace them as personal, life-enhancing values.
One thing that always annoyed me about their conversation was Eren bringing up using the Founding Titans power to alter Historias memories but this scene gains a different meaning once you consider that at this moment Eren is talking to Christa, not Historia. Christa AKA Ymir won't be able to live with herself if she doesn't do everything she can to stop Eren. Ymir is shown to join the fight against Eren at the very beginning of Chapter 135, the beginning of volume 34. But Ymir joining the fight is preceded only by a memory of Ymir freeing the pigs in black background. Why are we seeing this memory just now when it could have been included in Chapter 122 with the rest of her backstory?
Eren said that he would alter Christas memories if she could not live with herself. This leaves me to theorise that in the black background timeline Eren alters Ymir's memories, and the memory of her letting the pig escape will prevent Ymir from stopping the rumbling. The reason for this is that the memory of Ymir letting the pig escape is the prime example of her free will. In this instance, Ymir is acting against the duty towards her king as her little rebellion, self-interest. This fact leaves me to believe that Ymir's decision of whether to follow her duty and not let the pig escape or follow her self-interest and let the pig escape will determine whether she will interfere with the rumbling. As she lets the pig escape in the black background timeline, I think she will not interfere with the rumbling in this timeline. Hence, I think that, except for the very first page, the whole of volume 34 will be a manga exclusive.
Thanks for reading, drop a comment and let me know what you think.
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Meredith no one would be talking about your marriage had you not made it your storyline last season, or your precious infant 22 year old son had not made comments on your friend's vagina.
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Fully decentralized world, Meta Earth is controlled via the DAO, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets of Meta Earth. Via the DAO, you decide how the world works. With Meta Earth coin you can buy: Land, Building, museum and gallery ticket and more items
Pancakeswap - https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xFcc54637996c7262BC86b9744A1Edc43E98b0B6a
Meta Earth - https://Metaearthcoin.org
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2021.12.06 08:03 maddatat23 Just moved to the UK and need advice on how to see a derm faster.

For context, I just moved here from the states and have been referred by my GP to a dermatology clinic over here… the only problem is the earliest availability is in summer. I suffer from painful breakouts and have already been deemed a good candidate for accutane by my derm in America. I’ve thought about paying privately but have no idea what that might cost/ if I’d have to continue those payments throughout my treatment. Has anyone gone this route?
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Me, probably not, I'm way too unreliable for that.
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2021.12.06 08:03 YuyaXanime LF: Any Ditto

Long story short, I have a 7-day trial for online at the moment, I'm early game so I don't have much to offer. But activated the trial so I could mess around underground. (And I haven't left that area yet xD)
Any Ditto will do!
The only pokemon in my box that might be worth while for trade is my Driftloon and a Cranidos I just got.
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2021.12.06 08:03 shakranik Anubis plugin not working on ANY version after the update to AE 2022 anyone?

I know it's a new rendering architecture in the new AE, but no info from Battle Axe on this or when will be back supporting and not working also on older versions now.
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