[National] - 13 cases of Omicron detected in Netherlands, health officials say | NY Post

2021.11.28 12:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - 13 cases of Omicron detected in Netherlands, health officials say | NY Post

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2021.11.28 12:08 pandasrcoooool did they update area?

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2021.11.28 12:08 srirachatoilet New to taking supplements.

I've started consuming before and after, amino tablets (those big tablets) should I stop doing that and do it Once per workout?
My goal is to slowly lose fat.
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2021.11.28 12:08 Blind-Uranus Our New Video

Is our universe in a Black Hole? https://youtu.be/1ksZDa1a3t4
This is the Big Bounce Theory! If the theory is correct, that would be evidence of multiverses. That would change everything. More on this in our video!
Feel free to give us feedback in the comments. Warm greetings!
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2021.11.28 12:08 Miller-RL [XBOX] [H] 1500c Per [W] These Last Three Striker Astro CSX !

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2021.11.28 12:08 internalocean Archibald, Lavreysen dominate UCI Track Champions League second round - Reuters

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2021.11.28 12:08 netreddit00 How do I do transcription for audio files only?

How do I do transcription for audio files only? How do I do auto transcription of audio file in Premier Pro 15? With a video file, there is a "transcribe sequence" button. But with only an audio file, that button is not available. What should I do? I am not familiar with Premier. I am trying to check the app out to auto create subtitle files:-)

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2021.11.28 12:08 pr0fanbutan Looking for the starters (Grookey and Sobble)

Hello ! I’m trying to complete the Pokédex and I’m looking for the other two starters (I have Scorbunny). I need Grookey and Sobble. Thanks !
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2021.11.28 12:08 LiterallyRoboHitler Halo Infinite has lost 47% of its Steam launch population in two weeks

The multiplayer open beta launch peak was 272,586 players on Steam and trended sharply downward since. The current 24-hour peak is 146,212, and that's on a holiday weekend where every child and a large portion of working adults have days off. If this rate of player bleed continues, the Steam player count may well drop below 100k unique players a day by the time campaign launches. For a new Halo title with what's estimated to be several million unique downloads that's beyond alarming.
For context, this was Halo 3's 24h active population on October 7th, 2007. Here is an archived grab of bungie.net from two years later on October 9th, 2009, which still displays nearly a million active players in the past 24h. I'm not aware of 343 posting their own statistics for XBox player counts, so this is as close as we can get to a straight comparison, but even if it's not perfect it's still a rather shocking difference.
Regardless of whether you are happy with the current state of the game or not, player counts declining this sharply so soon after release with no attempts to remedy the causes could result in the game being less populated than the MCC in a matter of months.
Something is rotten in the state of Halo.
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2021.11.28 12:08 happycoinclub Согласно новому сообщению Daily Telegraph, в Великобритании биржи криптовалют должны будут заплатить налог в размере 2% за оказание цифровых услуг. Они не подпадают под освобождение от налога, действующее для финансовых рынков, поскольку Налоговая и таможенная служба Её Величества не признаёт

Согласно новому сообщению Daily Telegraph, в Великобритании биржи криптовалют должны будут заплатить налог в размере 2% за оказание цифровых услуг. Они не подпадают под освобождение от налога, действующее для финансовых рынков, поскольку Налоговая и таможенная служба Её Величества не признаёт submitted by happycoinclub to NewsHappycoinClub [link] [comments]

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2021.11.28 12:08 niuteraratcam The True Meaning of the Brand - its shape and its soul - the perfect world - the two phases of the sacrifice: in obscurity and in glory. PART 1 of 2

[WARNING! This post is ~7400 words long, is at least as "out there" as it sounds, and some parts may require several readings. Be ready!]
A:1) I have been meaning to make a post to expose a set of entirely untouched aspects of Berserk's story: the ones that pertain to apostles, behelits, Griffith etc (I'll call it "Yearning-set" in this intro). Seeing these subjects, you might understandably think that they are far from being untouched. However, what has been said of them so far, while valid, is hardly relevant or enlightening about the nature, the inner logic of the Yearning-set.
A:2) Some examples. One could say that Griffith is either a fool or a genius or anything inbetween; one could say that Griffith's actions are plain evil or a greater good or anything inbetween and give valid arguments for one's view. However, in everything pertaining to the Yearning-set, a certain hard-to-describe "element", crucial to grasping this set, is systematically filtered out and ignored by the common view, as if it never existed. Consider also how, in fiction or non-fiction, most elements mentioned in a story are not explained in detail because it is assumed that the reader is familiar with them, like with day and night, as they are part of the common domain. If an extraordinary element occurs, it would require extra detail, which is the purpose of this post.
A:3) For most subjects in Berserk, the common view is fitting, but if one tries to apply that view to the Yearning-set of subjects, one will only project a veil wrought from the common domain itself. Thus, believing one touches the subject, one will merely touch this artificial veil instead. What ought to be a window onto another world is thus reduced to a canvas upon which the judgements of the common domain are projected.
A:4) At the heart of these subjects, there is the notion that it is not humans that have desires, it is Desire that has humans. In considering this, one will (virtually) leave one's common domain and be "integrated" in the domain of Yearning, where the missing element can be found.
A:5) A post encompassing all these subjects is not easy to shape, so I figured I would attempt to focus on just one, to see if I can communicate this well enough. To properly understand this post, you should read these two comments at some point (A and B), where some more of the Yearning-set is described, and also refresh your memory of chapters 158, 159, 172 and 173. Consider that you are Luca, and that this post is the Egg showing you his hidden altar and telling you things.
The shape of the Brand
B:1) As some have noticed, the Brand is in fact a Caduceus. The idea that it is inspired by runes may be tempting because of the Brand's sharp lines, but it fails to account for the "Hawk of Light" religious symbol, and most importantly, for ch.127's first page. The makeshift idol depicted there, while similar to the heretic priest's staff, doesn't ever appear in the story, which means it is only here to explicit the identity of the Brand and the Caduceus.
B:2) Let us consider the Caduceus: a single upright winged rod and two snakes coiling around it. It depicts the harmonizing of two similar but opposed tendencies of earthly origin by the presence of a transcendent principle, in which both tendencies find their accomplishment.
B:3) Widely speaking, it is one of many similar symbols, all of which share the same general meaning. Some of these symbols are: the Third Eye (above and inbetween the two normal eyes), the Christian Calvary icon type (innocent Jesus in the middle, "good and "bad" knaves on the sides), the Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent), the three main nadi), etc.
B:4) These symbols are all associated with mediation and existencial perfection (harmony). These two notions are fundamentally identical, as the perfection of any existing thing is to express (to mediate) that which is beyond itself, like a written word expressing an ideal meaning: perfection is meaningfulness. Note here the Brand's world-linking properties. However, this is where the similarity ends. What exactly is symbolized by the two lower elements and the one higher element is what will determine the precise, unique meaning of a particular iteration of this symbolic type.
B:5) With all this in mind, the following can be understood: the Brand is the symbol and summary, NOT of Griffith or the IoE, but of the Perfect World. In fact, it is an extension, a limb of the Perfect World. Truly, it IS the Perfect World, not in-itself, but inasmuch as the Perfect World can actually appear within the imperfect world. It is as much of the Perfect World as one can get, without actually being there.
The Perfect World
C:1) Usually, the Caduceus (like its "siblings") is an unambiguously good symbol. However, the Brand is depicted as a curse. To resolve this contradiction, one must understand the nature of this Perfect World. To describe this nature, I must expound on what I wrote in the foreword about the two domains. The two comments I linked to go more in depth on that subject, so here I will focus on what pertains most to the Brand.
C:2) The perfection of any thing is to be harmonized in such a way as to express what is beyond it, like a phrase where the right disposition of words makes the phrase's meaning known as clearly as the phrase-itself. Such harmony is beautiful, fit to awaken Yearning in the hearts of humans. However, no harmony, no perfection, no matter how encompassing, can on its own bring Yearning to its true object: the Knowledge-of-Desire.
C:3) The Desire is the First Determination, the true "nature" of Being, the Why and How of all things. All Existence is unfolded from the Desire, for the sake of the Desire, by means of the Desire. However, the thus-unfolded Existence ignores the Desire, safe for the very KoD-itself, which remains hidden, stationed at the timeless Beginning of Existence. As the countless forms of the world unfold according to their specific laws, the KoD remains entirely outside, active like the sun, yet without worldly action, as it has no proper form in this world.
C:4) The KoD's influence, entering the hearts of beings from the "upper" (or inner) side, causes the intuition of Desire. That intuition, like its cause, has no proper word or shape for itself in the world, so, descending further in a being's mind, it will "fixate" itself on some form or other, high or low, according to one's nature. This fixation is the implication of Desire, the tacit sense that the Desire is more truly there than elsewhere. The "share" of Desire to which this being belongs is stirred by this implication, for Desire desires Desire. In the oblivious being's consciousness, this stirring is felt as Yearning.
C:5) Yearning is the first step towards Desire taken by the creature, it is the first stage of Forthrightness. None of the countless objects of Yearning are Forthright, none make Known the Desire. Instead, they bend the Yearning to their laws, they cause one to say "I desire..." and take steps that will stray one further, they smother the intuition that says "Desire has I". They are ersatz at best, usurpers at worst.
C:6) The world's Order, which these ersatz are parts of, is the great Usurpation: without the countless modes of Yearning nothing could be accomplished, yet all that exists prevents Yearning's accomplishment. Even the harmonious perfection of that Order, as desirable as it may be, could never accomplish Yearning: therefore the accomplishment of Yearning shall destroy it. That accomplishment is the KoD.
C:7) In its ordinary meaning, the Caduceus is the perfection of any given part (or of the whole) of Existence and the herald of the higher power of which that part's harmony depends. However, seen from the perspective of Yearning, that meaning becomes the consolidation of Usurpation, the banishing of Yearning. Instead, Yearning's Caduceus means the perfection (Forthrightness) of any given part (or the whole) of Yearning and is the herald of the KoD, of which all Yearning depends, and whose proper form (or body) is, not found in the Perfect World, but the Perfect World itself. Seen from this world's perspective, the Brand becomes the dissolution of Order, the curse of Hell.
The soul of the Brand
D:1) To truly understand Yearning's Caduceus, we must study the very "anatomy" of Yearning, so as to see which "organ" of Yearning corresponds to which element of the Brand. As Yearning is fundamentally due to the intuition sustained by the KoD, it follows that the natural receptivity of a given being to that intuition will modify the quality of the Yearning that will be expressed by said being. Thus, the unfolding of Yearning takes on three great modes or degrees, each of which takes on countless nuances. The KoD, source of Desirability (female) and Forthrightness (male), sustains these modes with the former and causes one to ascend to a higher mode of Yearning with the latter. Note that, although I will mostly describe these modes vertically, they could also be seen concentrically, with the "highest" being "innermost".
E:1) The first and lowest of these modes contains all of the Yearning that circulates in the world. Through the implication of Desire, objects become desirable and gain values, purposes arise out of the chaos, and once accomplished, they fade and are replaced, as the implication jumps from ersatz to ersatz.
E:2) Here are found the countless drives of living beings. Here are the greedy and the generous, the conqueror and the peaceful, the fanatic and the tolerant, the wise and the fool, the king and the peasant, the criminal and the judge, the builder and the dweller, the religious and the apostate, the selfish and the selfless. Each like a knot in a great net, all having this in common: the sense that whatever they pursue is part of this world, within reach, and that if it isn't, then it is the means to reach it that are within reach. This mode of Yearning is bound to Order, as all its objects are part of it.
F:1) The Yearning has no justification in this world, but the one who yearns ignores this. However, at a moment of great disappointment, loss, heartbreak, or even because of a natural receptivity, Forthrightness causes a wordless "insight" about Yearning's object to enter the soul. A feeling arises: that the very Order of Nature is an usurpation; that this Order, by its very essence, robs one of the ability to truly conceive and pursue the object of Yearning; that whatever it is that is Yearned for will never be known or reached, that it doesn't even exist. This second mode contains the ghostlike Yearning that remains in limbo, having realized it has no justification in Order, yet unable to reach beyond Order, or itself.
F:2) Here is found the wellspring of despair, sadness, fear, anger and hatred. This is the cause of the "unforgiven ones", of the Abyss maelstrom, and hence, of the very substance from which are born apostles and God Hand. Behelits are born, as if by condensation, not of the maelstrom, but of the very essence of this mode of Yearning, which is the bottomless despair and rage of Nature with no one to feel or express it. Their faces are scrambled because that despair-rage is itself scrambled across Existence, in such a way that all beings may feel some of it but none all of it, so that no living face will express it. When human despair or rage becomes Forthright enough, almost to the point of consciously realizing its true cause, the distress from intuitively, wordlessly glimpsing this truth is what causes "the wailing of your soul, which could never be eased by the gods of this world", which finally coalesces into the behelit's scream, which relays it to the God Hand.
F:3) Aside from this major type of manifestation, the "virtualities" from this mode can also "trickle down" to the common domain, where only the 1st mode fully exists. When these modes overlap (always top to bottom), the implication of Desire in (virtually) all things that allows one to focus one's Yearning on a particular object becomes reversed in some way, so that it will now be one's negative drives that will be focused on a particular object: this is the implication of usurpation. From various degrees of this come the various forms of hatred and revolt that circulate, as well as all heresy and anomia. A lesser overlapping will only cause the implication of absence, which causes the various forms of nameless (or objectless) sadness and despair that circulate, as well as apathy. Although this mode of Yearning does not participate to Order, it is still bound to it, like a prisoner.
G:1) Beyond darkness, light. Desire, the first determination, is justified by Itself. Therefore, the Yearning, which is merely the self-ignoring, form-bound existence of Desire, truly is itself its own justification. One "touch" of Forthrightness caused Yearning to be born in the world and find justification in forms and Order; a second touch caused Yearning to know that forms and Order truly robbed it of its justification and that it had no place in the world; a third touch causes Yearning to reach beyond the implication that sustained it, right into the supra-mental intuition that had sustained the implication, thus doing away with the "third party', crossing the threshold.
G:2) The ascent of Yearning is like a man who journeys to a faraway city; then gets lost on the way, realizes that his map is worthless, even doubts the existence of his destination; then suddenly sees the city on the horizon and is filled with hope, never to be strayed again; although he feels not the sounds and smells and sights of the city, he rejoices as if he were there. Having not yet reached the Knowledge-of-Desire but already basking in its radiant Approach, this third and highest mode is the Justified Yearning, fated to victory.
G:3) Here is found the formless Desirability, the essence of all hopes, joys, loves, dreams, unbound from secondary objects of Yearning (ersatz), separated from form and context, no longer tools of usurpation, transparent, open unto that Knowledge which is their timeless archetype, and which shall become their true context, as the Perfect World. Here is the "enslavement" of Yearning reversed: no longer deviated and determined by Order and ersatz, having found its proper justice, which is also the true justice of Existence, Yearning now has the power to bend and determine the very Order of Nature, it has become faith. However, in its sheer exaltation, it is separated from the Order that it should invade and possess, it is a power without a vehicle: although justified, it is not yet accomplished.
G:4) The Desire, Why and How of all things, is eternally realized beyond Nature and unaffected by its vicissitudes, yet Desire is to be realized throughout Nature as well, for nothing is excluded from Desire, nothing has purpose outside of It: the very idea of "purpose" comes from the KoD's influence. The Yearning is this temporal, natural realization. Hence, the same necessity is recursively found within Yearning: it is not enough that the highest mode of Yearning be justified beyond Order, that justification must also descend to the lower modes, and to the Order itself, which is truly self-ignoring Yearning, just like Yearning is self-ignoring Desire.
G:5) Only when the Yearning has been justified in all of its modes will it be able to receive the fourth touch of Forthrightness and finally Know Desire. Until then, the KoD, ultimate Forthrightness and Desirability all at once, remains utterly alien, even seen from the 3rd mode, as it is the archetypal Missing Piece, the true object of Yearning, which, when obtained, will leave nothing to yearn for.
G:6) With this theoretical picture of Yearning, we can now see how it corresponds to the Brand. The souls of the two earth-bound, opposing coils are the two lower modes of Yearning, whose opposition is manifested by the mutual hatred of humans and apostles. The soul of the harmonizing axis is the descent of the 3rd mode of Yearning among the lower modes, manifested by Griffith's rebirth, justifying the Yearning hidden in Order, transfigurating the world. The 3rd mode in-itself is not shown in the Brand, because it only takes part in the consecration of things in its descent.
G:7) Additionally, the form from ch.127 and at the end of ch.158 features a behelit at its base: this symbolizes the primordial aspect of Yearning, from which the three modes arise, and which must both utter (1st and 2nd modes) and be uttered (3rd mode), like the behelits, which are both the means to express and the very thing to be expressed.
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2021.11.28 12:08 fatjewballs69 Oh lawd, she curlin’

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2021.11.28 12:08 FlameChrome Watches

Im a newer electrician, in fact an electrician in training that started about a month ago. Now this might seem like a stupid question, but i was thinking of getting a smart watch, nothing too fancy like an apple watch. Was looking more towards a Fitbit Charge 5 or a Fitbit luxe, just something to keep track of some vitals, not having to check my phone itself 24/7. I was curious would it be safe to wear something like that? Im not worried at all about it breaking btw, just curious if it would be dangerous for myself to wear it or am I fine to wear it while working.
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2021.11.28 12:08 twenty-years Happy Birthday to the (almost) first-born, Kendall Roy ❤

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2021.11.28 12:08 Niigo2 "A rich, white, entitled, cisgender guy"

Not sure who the target demographic was for this show but I've pretty much lost all interest. Not a fan of social theory being preached to me in my media. I used to love Dexter but this is a bit much.
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2021.11.28 12:08 fizik4 Visit link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/uma-chit-fund/ #umachitfund #coinmarketcap

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2021.11.28 12:08 polysnip I have all of this canned venison my family made. How do I cook this?

The venison is already fully cooked, it's seasoned with salt, garlic, and bacon; and I'd say half of the jar is filled with liquid. I don't have any recipes or any idea as to how I can cook this for a quick and easy meal. Any tips for stews or cast iron pan recipes?
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