Steelix raid 2101 7468 1776

2021.12.03 17:08 Acceptable_Trust9877 Steelix raid 2101 7468 1776

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2021.12.03 17:08 euph_0ria Anyone have experience with H&M?

I noticed they were hiring near me, so I applied online. Then went down there and dropped off my resume and said hi, she invited me to come to an interview the next day. I had that interview yesterday, it went really well. She said the girl I gave my resume to liked me, she really likes me, and so she invited me for a second interview today to meet with the other store managers. She said my chances are very very high, and she also asked me if I’d be available to come down next week on the 8th, but she didn’t say what for.. so I’m getting ready for this second interview. Does anyone have experience with H&M, and does this sound like I will get the job? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks y’all!
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2021.12.03 17:08 lau_po Nouvelle vidéo de GussDx sur YouTube: CHASSEUR DE FANTÔMES : Notre Maison est Hantée ? 2ème PARTIE / TRAILER

Nouvelle vidéo de GussDx sur YouTube: CHASSEUR DE FANTÔMES : Notre Maison est Hantée ? 2ème PARTIE / TRAILER submitted by lau_po to GussDX [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 17:08 datnsfwtho123 His paranoia may not be entirely unfounded...

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2021.12.03 17:08 25gamesperday Pogodno - "Uśmiech się" (alt rock, 2004)

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2021.12.03 17:08 bonkt Spotify connect??? Am i the only one who cares?

How is it possible for this service to have existed for so long and not even having implemented the ability to choose a device to play from, similar to "Spotify connect"?
I mean ok, many people have Bluetooth speakers or can simply cast to them. But mine and many other's studio monitors does not. Adding insult to injury, google in their infinite wisdom, discontinued CCA so it is now next to impossible for me to remote control my speaker setup with my phone.
I can't believe people are complaining about some end of year playlists while BASIC features like these have been missing for YEARS!
Am i really the only one missing this? Have the rest given up and gone over to Spotify?
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2021.12.03 17:08 BRM-Pilot I spent 5 hours on it :C

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2021.12.03 17:08 im_ginger_ina_corner How likely is matto to get a girl

View Poll
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2021.12.03 17:08 MuslimAnimeFan A girl told me she liked me

At day 2 a girl told me she liked me. Currently on day 5. I'm Muslim so I am not allowed to have a girl friend what should I say(I'm 14).
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2021.12.03 17:08 SaltyNovel8020 Baby Announcement

Is it a good idea to bring my partner to my first ultrasound and surprise him that we are pregnant or tell him before?
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2021.12.03 17:08 GabbaGibbon1095 Hello all! Just ordered this bad boy from Forbidden Planet, for my fellow UK people, where is the best place to buy Halo Mega Construx? Any particular shops?

Hello all! Just ordered this bad boy from Forbidden Planet, for my fellow UK people, where is the best place to buy Halo Mega Construx? Any particular shops? submitted by GabbaGibbon1095 to megaconstrux [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 17:08 TehCowGoesQuack Feeling pretty good today

Had my first therapy session today and landed a job that pays $60k a year.
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2021.12.03 17:08 Panikking_ Ny computer fits the requirements except for the GPU could i play with minimum graphics and have it go fine?

Obviously I'm not to knowledgeable with these things But I'm getting a quest 2 soon and i could either get nomad or play on PC (with a cord)
The cord I'd be using would be hanging from the ceiling and rather long so i don't think the cord is an issue,
But from what I've read PC blade and sorcery can be modded more and can have more enemies so it seems better
The issue is my computer, it fits the requirements but the GPU is only the minimum, not the recommended
So could i turn down the graphics and be fine? They don't matter to me all that much
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2021.12.03 17:08 throaway420blaze Tall guys

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2021.12.03 17:08 prettylatinatoes Whats hidden under my socks 😏

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2021.12.03 17:08 HesburghLibrarian At the start of games, what's the purpose of the "Press X" to continue/start prompt?

This just seems like an unnecessary step. Just load and start the game. Is there an engineering need for this step?
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2021.12.03 17:08 Icy-Mongoose-396 I get that he is the main character but I’m kinda sick of the writers never acknowledging Victor’s flaws

I get that he is the main character but I’m kinda sick of the writers never acknowledging Victor’s flaws submitted by Icy-Mongoose-396 to LoveSimon [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 17:08 FlyingTurtle4790 Hmmmm

Hi foggy
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2021.12.03 17:08 ben-c Bomb squad called after man gets explosive stuck 'in rectum'

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2021.12.03 17:08 Salsa_Verde95 Crashing straight to Desktop?

Anyone else having issues with the game crashing to your desktop? I play with a controller and when I disconnect the controller it crashes the whole game. I've also just crashed a couple of times with out it. I know it's not my drivers since they are up to date I have a 2060 super and an i7 10th gen if that helps. Just seeing if anyone else has the issue.
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2021.12.03 17:08 andfps0 (REPOST) An (NOT DRAWING) art that i made for dviper.

(REPOST) An (NOT DRAWING) art that i made for dviper. I had to delete an image that i edited on photoshop because people tought it was a "fake drawing", well, it is not. I did all the image treatment and lightning, put the effects, and removed the dark circles around his eyes, that's a type of art. It is sad how people think that ART is based only on drawing.

the image
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2021.12.03 17:08 HumanAntagonist Theory Fighter 7: Asuka's D/F+2 Is Superior To Electrics

Yeah I said it and no this is not a shit post. Now lets talk about why.

So we have electrics which are commonly thought of to be overpowered. BUT what if I told you there was a hidden menace that *very few* actually know about. It has been the subject of some meme videos where they make fun of how much low level Asukas spam d/f2 but most people do not know the true strength of Asuka's d/f2. And why it is truly Spammable. What if I told you that if there was a way to create a *balanced mid electric* it would probably look a lot like Asuka's d/f2?

So, electrics are interesting. The fastest of them are coming out i13 and i14. But the majority of electrics across all players are probably i15-i20 something. and consistent i14 and even i15 is probably on the faster end. Reserved for the more skilled Mishima players. BUT lets look at the properties!

They're pretty fast highs that are +5 to +6 on block, but nothing is guaranteed after a block due to the pushback! They also lead into a full sized combo complete with wall carry. They are steppable but have pretty fucking insane tracking. You're better off not really trying to do it online most of the time unless you step the electric during block stun of some kind. Either your block stun or Kaz block stun. I've been able to step them fairly consistenly for example after doing a d/f1 on block and the kaz just decided to electric right there. These moves are considered very difficult to react to on whiff, especially after the buffs to the recovery. And they don't push Kaz forward too much, making them even more difficult to whiff punish.

The easiest way to compare whiff recovery frames of moves is to simply go to practice mode and have Jin parry the move and take a look at how + he is after the parry. It is possible to calculate the EXACT whiff recovery frames, but since we have a baseline on electrics, which leave Jin at +11, we don't need to. You can generally judge how easy a move is to punish on whiff based on this baseline. But remember you need to factor in the startup frames as well, since recovery frames occur AFTER the startup and active frames. If you have a move that's like 30 startup frames it doesn't really matter if it leaves Jin at like +10 because the total frames will equal out to the move still being pretty easy to punish.

BUT THAT'S NOT THE CASE WHEN IT COMES TO ASUKA'S d/f2. It has an i15 startup, which is similar to to what most Mishimas want their consistent electrics to be. The move also hits mid instead of high. Asuka's d/f2 is definitely steppable, and it leaves Asuka at -6. BUT THESE ARE NOT giant drawbacks when comparing them to electrics like you would think. And we will talk about it later. But one of the most important things I want you to understand now is that Asuka's d/f2 *has the exact same whiff recovery frames as an electric*. They both leave Jin at +11. While Asuka is known for having short ranged fast moves, believeit or not her d/f2 has more range than most d/f2's. I checked. Asuka's d/f2 has more range than her d/f1 and her 1+2. Both electrics and Asuka's d/f2 launch in generally the same circumstances BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Neither Asuka's d/f2 or electrics will launch crouchers. Meaning you get a launch through punishment, if you hit the opponent during movement, or as a counter hit.
They both hit during movement or as a counter hit all the same, but Asuka's d/f2 is straight up superior as a counter hit lauuncher simply because it is a simple direction+button input and it hits mid. At least it will hit and deal damage to a croucher, and counter hit launch them if they did a move, where as electrics will not. It can counter hit moves that electrics simply can not. D/f2 already has a huge victory when it comes to total utility in this regard. Electrics being highs is ultimately their greatest weakness, a weakness that Asuka's d/f2 does not share. Just last week I made a Raijin Kazuya rage quit on me because I was constantly doing moves that left me in either tech crouch (high crush), or airborne state. Making it either completely impossible to hit me, or giving the kazuya a smaller float combo than his normal electric bnb. And many times this Kazuya was not even prepared to do a proper float combo. He rage quit during my game winning combo, which I got off a not so random d3+4 ( my d3+4s might seem random, but I attempt to poke with it a little more against Kazuya as an additional way of dealing with hellsweep+ff3 mix in addition to sidestepping left, simply because the Kaz is less likely to get a proper combo on me if he electrics, I just launched the shit out of him if he did sweep or an ff3, and of course, electrics have really good tracking). Being highs make them susceptible to both high crushing moves and generally evasive moves. You have three possible defense methods against an electric. To high crush it, to step it, or to duck it. While it is true, you won't get a launch punish if you duck it, you can definitely use this to setup a full crouch mix. However Asuka's d/f2 only leaves stepping it. The move hits mid, so it can't be crushed. Meaning you have *one* main option to completely counter it, and that is to step. And on hit, Asuka's d/f2 does 14 damage and leaves her +5. A proper poke. THIS IS MAJOR. *technically* Asuka's d/f2 has fewer weaknesses than an electric because of this. Her d/f2 is also uncannily good at floating opponents for the type of move it is. Giving her a full and proper float combo with 0 execution.

LETS TALK ABOUT THE BLOCK SITUATION. While it is true that electrics are +5 to +6 on block, NOTHING is guaranteed. And much like Asuka's d/f2, i've seen Mishimas hang themselves pressing buttons after it. Maybe yesterday or two days ago I played a Heihachi who did an electric which I blocked and then he whiffed a move afterwards trying to catch me and I launched him. Yes there are plus frames, but the situation is not inherently in the Mishima favor. There is much counterplay that can be done after the opponent blocks an electric, which requires a well thought approach after the electric is blocked from the Mishima player. But this is not all that dissimilar from the mindgame after Asuka's d/f2 is blocked! -6 is a key frame value for Asuka. At -6, Asuka can actually bullshit her way out of taking most forms of pressure and fuck the opponent up for doing it. At -6 Asuka can crush all highs with a launcher, she can also crush all lows and launch them, she can parry, AND at -6 she can sidestep i12 and slower moves. A sidestep takes 6 frames to come out. Much like the situation when stepping a jab at -4(they come out on the same frame), it is a struggle but i've personally done it. But guess what? What usually comes out faster than i12? Highs, and we've already covered that Asuka can launch any high you do when she is -6. Same with lows. She can also backdash for free no problem. This is not dissimilar from the Mishima situation *when you think about it*. Mishimas can be launched for attempting to frame trap after an electric and so can Asuka!

While yes, you can step Asuka's d/f2, you can duck or evade Kazuya's with evasive tools all the same. PLUS it doesn't matter if the opponent steps or not if you hit them during movement, as a counter hit, or as a launch punish! You're trading weaknesses here. NOW THE MAIN DIFFERENCE IN THESE WEAKNESSESSES *is that it generally safer to sidestep instead of duck or throw out a move*. I can not deny this fact. Remember the whole "Why would you want to sidestep when you can block and punish?" Yeah I understand that. AND truly, being unable to properly step Kaz to the left fucks with the Mishima matchup, because you're still in the line of fire of his most damaging 50/50. This is true. I have considered this. So perhaps from the context of the entire Kazuya matchup, where you include the general gameplan of Kaz, VS Asuka. Kazuya's electric is generally a stronger tool *for him* ONLY because of the tracking. But for Asuka, while the electric would be very useful because of the Tracking. *If I had to trade Asuka's d/f2 for an electric* I would not take it. When I take into account total utility, Asuka's d/f2 has more though. *And in a vaccuum, outside of considering the entirety of the matchup itself, only judging the two individual moves and the situations stemming JUST from those two moves* I wholeheartedly believe asuka d/f2 is a stronger move.

We haven't even gotten into one of the main pros of Asuka's d/f2 and that's the piss easy execution. I just do d/f2 and I just did the mid form of an electric. It doesn't push her forward either. And the opponent can't mindlessly press buttons after it, much like you can't after an electric. I15 all the time, easy punish. Can poke with it since it still at least hits crouchers, and it launches crouching bullshit if it counter hits. Mishimas practice electrics for hours, but here's my d/f2 lmfao.

When I factor in ease of use, the fact that it can be used as a poke and even a mid checking tool, because it is still an i15 *mid*, which gives it so much more total utility as well as peace of mind since I don't have to worry about as many weaknesses as an electric, and will counter hit launch evasive moves or crouch shenanigans,and has the same whiff recovery as the electric, and is a launcher all the same. D/f2 wins. If I had to balance a mid electric, this would be how it would look. It obviously can't hit i13 anymore, must be steppable and minus on block of course. But I would also make it easy to execute. We can't have a +6 on block i13 launcher mid that can't be whiff punished Ala previous tekkens, that's why they took mid electrics out (except for Kaz devil phase). It wasn't balanced at all. So yeah. D/f2 is better.

TL;Dr Hey Alright Asuka numbah 1. My main is better than your main.
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2021.12.03 17:08 Elegant-Reflection-3 Increased bonus - $25 of Bitcoin when you sign up to Nexo and deposit $100 - Worldwide

Nexo has been operating since 2018 and is the world's largest lending institution in the digital finance industry. Until 31 December Nexo give you $25 of Bitcoin when you sign up using a referral link and deposit $100 worth of crypto or fiat for 30 days.
You don’t need to buy any crypto - just deposit $100 or $100 worth of Euro or GBP to get the $25 Bitcoin bonus and you can withdraw your deposit and bonus after 30 days.
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  1. Click on my referral link - or you can use a non referral link (no bonus) then sign up and verify your email address.
  2. Click Profile/ Basic Verification and complete details (mobile numbe photo ID). Now complete Advanced Verification (driving licence /passport). Advanced Verification is required to be eligible for inviting friends.
  3. Deposit your currency - click Account, scroll to currency, click Top up. Obtain Nexo’s bank payments details and pay $100 worth from your bank. Remember to enter the payment reference that Nexo give you when paying from your bank. Your $25 bonus is immediately added to your account (showing as pending under transaction).
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If you want to withdraw your $25 of Bitcoin as a currency, Nexo's minimum trade is $30. So buy $30 USD worth of Bitcoin then sell your $55 of Bitcoin for either USD, EUR or GBP. You can then withdraw your deposit and your bonus back to your bank.
Once you have completed Advanced Verification you can refer friends and earn $25 of Bitcoin for every friend who deposits $100 of fiat or crypto.
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2021.12.03 17:08 my-user-account She's So Sweet

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2021.12.03 17:08 aerodynamic_werewolf Birfday lootz!!

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