[GOTHAM] symmetric London Natural History Museum. [2560 x 1600] With ImageGoNord

2021.12.09 10:03 schrodinger_hat [GOTHAM] symmetric London Natural History Museum. [2560 x 1600] With ImageGoNord

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2021.12.09 10:03 Great_Bluejay_293 💎 Luxury e-commerce 🛍️ | NFT VIP PASS to buy exclusive products 👜 | Low mcap | No pump and dump | Long-term project

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All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.
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2021.12.09 10:03 Revolutionary-Big49 Journeys of Revival Ch.2 [Revised]

Lorna Chow, the Director of Alpha-1 base and one of the Chief Councilors of the Union of Mars, wasn't someone who showed off their position through extravagance. She did not have a grand office filled with whatever limited but expensive items were available on the planet. While it was slightly bigger than most rooms and single-person habitats in the base, it only had comfy but minimalist furniture and a few personal items for decoration. It was located near the center of Alpha-1, where the first colonists had set up the beginnings of the base.
Lorna herself, a woman who was in her very early 40s, busied herself with the holographic computer screen in front of her. It was filled with reports and documents she needed to sign off on, mostly on things concerning the operations of this and other bases on Mars. She took great concern in her personal features, her black hair kept imacuously clean and perfectly framing her angular face and eyes. Her suit, with the insignia designating her status and station attached to her right shoulder, was crisp and neat.
“Ms. Chow, Chief Scott is currently on his way to your office as you requested.”
“Thank you very much, Casper.”
“You’re welcome, Ms. Chow.”
Lorna quickly hid her more private reports and documents off of the screen so that Chief Scott wouldn’t see them. Just in time, as a few seconds later the chime sounded from her door and it slid open for the Chief to step through. Lucas Scott walked forward alongside his dog, Horus, and stood to attention before Lorna, feet and legs together and arms behind his back. Horus obediently did the same and sat down.
“Director Lorna Chow, Chief of Security Lucas Scott as ordered.”
“Thank you, Chief. You can stand down now.”
Lucas relaxed his posture at Lorna’s words. Alpha-1 wasn’t a designated military complex, it was more suited for habitation, science, and agriculture. But people like Scott took to their work with the same fervor and resoluteness as the old militaries of Earth.
“I know what you want to ask me. I’m sorry for pulling you from your duties before your shift even starts.”
Lucas nods. “It’s no problem, maam.”
“Good. There’s something that involves matters of base security that I needed to fill you in on immediately. I’ve received a request asking for some private security for some VIPs coming to Alpha-1 base. You’ll be in charge of selecting the team and making sure they carry out their task.”
“Understood, Director. May I ask who I’ll be guarding?”
“The leader of the group is called Zeke Waynor. He’s the head scientist and researcher of Zeta-6 base.”
Lucas raised his eyebrows at Lorna in a look of astonished curiosity, which was understandable. Officially, the Zeta bases don’t exist, at least not to the public and non-allied bases. They are black sites used for various and secret scientific research.
“Isn’t Zeta-6 our newest one? What were they researching specifically?” Lucas asked innocently. Lorna just gave him a pointed look.
“Nice try, but you know I can’t give you that information in an insecure setting.”
“So make it secure.”
She smiled at him and tapped at a few keys on her computer’s keyboard. The holographic screen instantly disappeared and locks can be heard shutting from the door and various points behind the wall. The director took out a handheld scanning device, approaching Scott and looked him over for any listening or recording devices. Scot’s eyes shot up again at the extra security.
“The locks I remember, but what’s important enough to have a scanner on hand?”
The director went back to her desk, storing the device back where it was.
“This topic needs extra security. The research being done at Zeta-6 is highly controversial, even by the standards of the Zeta bases. Dr. Waynor and the other base scientists are planning to build and launch a satellite into orbit around Mars. Deep orbit.”
What?! You can’t be serious!” he screams at the top of his lungs. Horus jumped up at the sudden noise, taking an aggressive stance and ready to attack.
Shortly after the attack on Earth and Mars, it was outlawed by all the survivors to launch anything into orbit around Mars, or even to use any type of long-range radio transmissions. They were afraid that the aliens might come back some day, and if not soon then they might pick up any new transmissions and come back to finish off the rest of humanity. Over time, the restrictions were loosened as the need to communicate with the other surviving bases and newly established ones became too great, especially after the Union was established. But any communication satellites were never launched beyond very low orbit, and many people were adamant about keeping it that way.
"Scott, can you please calm your pet."
The Chief complies and motions for Horus to sit, though she could see some irritation set on his face.
"You can understand why I don’t like this. If they are watching…”
“They aren’t.” she interrupted. “It’s been too long. If they were actively keeping watch on our system, they would’ve found us out a long time ago.”
“I know that, but why is this happening?”
“Because I and the Council ordered it.”
Lorna sees the Chief become stunned and silent at the news.
“All of them?”
“Enough that the vote was passed.” she didn’t mention what it took for her to get those votes.
“Ma’am, I know we don’t agree on some things. We both try our best to conserve the safety of this base and what remains of humanity. But what hellish reason would you even consider this as a good idea.”
Lorna gets up from her chair and walks around to the front of her desk. Arms behind her back, shoulders stiff as she faces Lucas in a serious gaze.
“I don’t think we’re the last of humanity. That is why we are doing this.”
She could see Scott freeze in place, his mind taking moments to process and think on what she revealed.
“Ma-, Lorna. That’s impossible. Nothing on Earth survived.”
“Do you know how our ancestors survived the Devastation?”
He nods. “When Earth’s Third World War happened, many people on both planets were afraid. So several underground bunkers designed to withstand multiple nuclear explosions were constructed. After the war ended, and the aliens came, many of us took shelter inside the bunkers.”
“But the bunkers weren’t exclusively built on Mars.”
“Yes, but no one could still have survived there.” he retorted. “Because of Mars’ inherent inhospitable environment, the aliens didn’t scour the planet as closely as they did Earth.”
“It’s a small chance, but it’s still a chance. And given what we’ve done to ensure our survival, it gives me hope that it will work. But that’s also why this is needed.”
She sighs “It’s because the same advancements we created are what will bring us trouble in the future. We’ve discovered many things; How to expand our facilities while maintaining life support and structural integrity against Mars's atmosphere. How to use genetics to produce multiple offspring in a single birth, both in artificial wombs and regular ones. And to use those same methods to recreate our most famed food sources and pets from Earth.” She gestures down Horus as she says this.
“But we are going too fast, and it’s unsustainable. We don't have the capability to build more living facilities fast enough to accommodate our growth, and we don’t have the resources or the full scientific knowledge to terraform Mars into livable conditions. What’s worse is that many base officials are arguing to put an end to our human propagation efforts. Sides are forming over the issue, and if the general population finds out there will be more arguing.”
“But what does that have to do with this?”
“The purpose of this project is to use the satellites to scan Earth. Depending on what they find, whether there are still living humans or if the planet is even habitable, we will send people there to repopulate.”
The Chief stands still once more. This is a lot to take in, she agrees, and there are many risks, leaps of faith, and other obstacles involved here. The biggest of which is that the knowledge and technology to travel through space has been lost. In the Devastation, many data banks and computers were destroyed. Some, but not all, were recovered and stored into many backups that others could access. But as returning to Earth wasn’t seen as a priority back then, most data on spaceflight was forgotten.
“Did you say satellites? As in many of them.”
She nods. “The first satellite will just be a test to see if it works. If the test is successful, more will be launched after.”
“Lorna.” She raises her eyebrows. Calling her by that twice in one day is not a good sign.
“Chief Scott, I know this is hard for you, but this is your job. I did not make this decision lightly.”
She sees him straighten up his posture and calm down somewhat.
“Yes, ma'am. I’m sorry that I spoke out of turn.” she waves off his apology.
“You didn’t. Your doubts and fears are all reasonable and valid. I’ll send you the files later today. Please bring me a brief of your security plan in three days.”
She goes back to her desk and deactivates the devices blocking any unsolicited listeners. The Chief salutes to her and walks out of her office with his faithful and loyal partner right behind him. As soon as the door closes, Lorna settles and leans back into her chair, giving out a huff of breath. The next several weeks are going to be hard.

Sorry for the long wait, everyone. As promised, here is the revised version of the second chapter of my story. Nothing too big was changed, just some descriptions and the way Lorna and Lucas talked to each other in the beginning. To show that while they are both professionals, they do have respect and a friendly attitude towards each other.
Prologue / First / Next
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2021.12.09 10:03 VeryMentallyStable I really don’t understand how people are happy being alive

I got asked in therapy last week what I’d do if I had all the time and money in the world. I honestly didn’t have an answer. I have no idea what I’d do. I guess nothing would really change. I guess it’s just kinda a weird realisation to come to that even if I could afford to move away from my shitty family, even if I didn’t have to worry about being able to afford rent or food or didn’t have to go to work, that nothing would really be any better for me. My therapist is convinced if I was living on my own, things would be better. But I’ve lived in my own before, for almost two years and things weren’t better.
I guess I’m just realising that I don’t think it matters what my external circumstances are, I’m just not really content with being alive at all. If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with it? I can’t think of anything I’d care enough about to spend it on. Guess I’d just give it away but charity doesn’t really do anything for me either. If I had all the time in the world, I’d probably just follow the occasional whim I get to do something like play guitar or watch a movie or make something like I do now, until my interest in doing that thing quickly waned like it always does and I’d be back not knowing what the fuck it is I even want to do, just waiting out each day because I guess I’m just expected to keep existing.
I’ve heard people say shit like “enjoy the little things” but I don’t. I don’t really know how. I can’t just flip a switch and start enjoying things I really don’t give a fuck about. I’ve also heard the whole “you just haven’t found your thing yet” or “you’ve gotta try new things”, and I have, I basically try any hobby I have even a passing interest in and have been doing that for a while but I just get so bored of everything so quickly. I used think maybe I’d be one of those people who found fulfilment in their work, but I’ve had enough jobs now that I kinda doubt that’s ever gonna be true. Used to think that it was a relationship or something I was waiting for but then I actually started trying to date and realised there’s really no part of human interaction that I actually enjoy all that much. Thought maybe I’d get fulfilment from creative stuff but I don’t ever have the motivation to create anything and when I finally do, I don’t get any satisfaction from it at all and I really have no desire to put it out into the world.
I just don’t care about anything. Nothing makes me feel happy or excited or really anything at all and I don’t really know how you’re just supposed to wake up every day and just be happy with the fact that you’re just kinda waiting out the clock and honestly dreading the idea of having to do this for potentially another 60+ years.
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2021.12.09 10:03 ireneadlermena 20 [F4M] Enemies to lovers RP partner.

Well, as the title suggests, I'm looking for someone who can be creative and role-play with me. I'm Irene, 20F and I like things to go on naturally without forcing it in a certain direction. I appreciate effort and wit. I like romance plotlines, enemies to lovers is my favorite and just about anything really we can build our own world if we hit it off!
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2021.12.09 10:03 Antique_Replacement7 My submission for Treetooz, this took awhile to draw so I really hope you like it, I includes some of the Christmas drops this year plus some of my favorite figures :>

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2021.12.09 10:03 tillivorloeper Das Goldene Zeitalter erklärt die Rassenfrage

Was trennt die menschlichen "Rassen"? Die Lebens- und Ernährungsweise, gepaart mit so viel frischer Luft, wie absolut nötig. Wer also einen guten Lebensstandard hat, sich gut ernährt und wenig raus geht, ist nämlich schön, während alle anderen hässlich und sogar widerwärtig sind. Geistige Speise zur rechten Zeit, den der treue und verständige Sklave von damals in petto hatte.

Es gibt auch Tatsachen, welche die Möglichkeit eines natürlichen Übergangs von der schwarzen zur weißen Hautfarbe und von der weißen zur schwarzen zu zeigen scheinen. Wirkliche Weiße (abgesehen von Albinos - “Weißlingen”) werden nicht selten unter den Negern geboren, und der Hang zu dieser Seltsamkeit pflanzt sich in Familien fort. Es gibt wenigstens ein authentisches Beispiel von einer Reihe vollkommen schwarzer Kinder, die einem arabischen Paare geboren wurden, in dessen Vorfahren kein solches Blut eingedrungen war. Dies geschah im Jordantal, wo die arabische Bevölkerung merkwürdigerweise im allgemeinen plattere Gesichtszüge, dunklere Hautfarbe und gröberes Haar hat als andere Stände dieses Volkes. Man hat sich vergewissert, daß sie Lebensweise im Laufe von Generationen mächtig auf die menschliche Gestalt einwirkt, sogar auf ihren Knochenbau. Vor ungefähr 200 Jahren wurden durch eine barbarische Politik eine Anzahl Leute aus den Grafschaften Antrim und Down in Irland vertrieben und haben sich seitdem an der Küste niedergelassen, aber in selbst für Irland ungewöhnlich armseligen Verhältnissen, und die Folge davon ist, daß sie eigentümliche Züge der widerwärtigen Art zeigen, hervorstehende Kinnbacken mit weit offenem Munde, platte Nasen, hohe Backenknochen und krumme Beine und außerordentlich kleine Statur. Diese, verbunden mit einer abnormen Dünne der Glieder sind überall in der Welt die äußeren Merkmale eines niederen und barbarischen Zustandes, wie man sie besonders bei den australischen Ureinwohnern sieht. Dagegen ist die Schönheit der höheren Stände in England sehr bemerkenswert, da sie hauptsächlich ebenso deutliche die Folge einer guten äußeren Lage ist. “Grobe, ungesunde und schlecht zubereitete Nahrung”, sagt Buffon, “bewirkt die Ausartung der menschlichen Rasse. Alle Leute, die elend leben, sind häßlich und schlecht gewachsen. Selbst in Frankreich sind die Landleute nicht so schön wie die, welche in Städten leben; und ich habe oft bemerkt, daß in Dörfern, wo die Leute reicher und besser genährt sind als in andern, sie auch hübscher sind und angenehmere Gesichter haben!” Er hätte hinzufügen können, daß elegante und bequeme Wohnungen, Reinlichkeit, behagliche Kleidung und nur so viel Aufenthalt in freier Luft, wie die Gesundheit erfordert, mit der Nahrung zusammenwirken zur Verschönerung einer Rasse menschlicher Wesen. (Das Goldene Zeitalter, 1929, Seite 311, Artikel "Zur Rassenfrage")
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2021.12.09 10:03 thatmfdead7 Kann jemand gina laitschek,katja Krasavice,shirin david ,denise mski,Akkcess,fibii,nicole dobrikov,fayesxh,Starletnova oder Elena kamperi für mich spielen,kann bilder geben(kik: Nikebagpack)

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2021.12.09 10:03 cloudy_architecture 5 years of eds

I just realized I started developing an ed at around 14 and turned 19 which means that my disordered relationship with food is not just a phase it’s becoming part of who I am and that is just really sad Recently I had been doing great praising myself that i could eat anything I wanted and not feel bad about it and I felt so proud and happy and at peace and now that my exams period starts the stress I’m under led me to come back to my bad habits and it’s destroying my life again Will I ever recover ? Will it ever stop
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2021.12.09 10:03 Rv_chauhan20 TOP-8 PJTs WITH 24H TRADING VOLUME EXCEEDING THEIR MARKET CAPITALIZATION The infographic shows the highest level of token liquidity and the huge demand for All Tokens that overcame the current market cap of the tokens. $BLZ @BluzelleHQ in The list 💹😍🔥 #Defi #NFT #Metaverse

TOP-8 PJTs WITH 24H TRADING VOLUME EXCEEDING THEIR MARKET CAPITALIZATION The infographic shows the highest level of token liquidity and the huge demand for All Tokens that overcame the current market cap of the tokens. $BLZ @BluzelleHQ in The list 💹😍🔥 #Defi #NFT #Metaverse submitted by Rv_chauhan20 to Bluzelle [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 10:03 ManMunx How are your preparations for physics

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