HELP!! 5a screen won't turn on and it makes an odd sound when I press the power button!

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2021.12.07 17:58 Smarty_771 HELP!! 5a screen won't turn on and it makes an odd sound when I press the power button!

No matter what I try, the screen wont turn on. And whenever I press the power button multiple times to try to make something happen, this sound plays. I have tried:

  1. Restarting multiple times by holding power down for like 30 seconds then holding it again until I felt a buzz, while unplugged and plugged in
  2. tapping and massaging the front and back of the phone in case something disconnected on the inside
  3. turning off, then holding the power button and volume down to try to get something else to happen
Is there anything else to try or is this phone kaput? This happened in the middle of daily usage.. I was looking at social media, turned off the screen and put it down. Picked it back up a minute later and pressed the power button and nothing happened. ANY help would be appreciated as I'm on a work trip right now and I can't communicate with other people with my laptop when I'm outside of the hotel.
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2021.12.07 17:58 MachoSupremo Why so many people want Viktor arcane skin?

I really don't understand, Viktor is not a fighter on the show, not only this, he is against use of violence, plus he hasn't even gone through the glorious evolution, and showing him in a cyborg form would be a massive spoiler for everyone, even for league players. How would Viktor arcane fight in summoner's rift, hitting with a cane?
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2021.12.07 17:58 draygoon69 Detect stealth not work in cyrodiil?

My main is a sorcerer. So I jumped into Cyrodiil last night mostly to buy the Deadly set for my templar alt. Figured I'm here lets do stuff. I'm not set up for it but figured why not. 2 NB were trying to take flags at Burma. I know because they stealth killed me. I have inner light on my bar anyway so I figured maybe I could get lucky. But 5 times they were able to kill me without me seeing them even though I had Inner light active. Only appearing as I'm about to die. Was this horrible lag or does detect stealth not work?
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2021.12.07 17:58 cmonster556 Unwanted premium

I didn’t knowingly sign up for premium and yet Reddit thinks I did. I don’t want to pay for this. How do I stop it?
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2021.12.07 17:58 Pararescue_Dude Question that has probably been asked before.

Sorry but I couldn’t find an answer and figured someone in this sub will know. I have over $4k staked, but when I went to apply for the card it looked like it was trying to have me purchase at least $4k of CRO and then stake. But I already did that. Was I supposed to go through the card process first? A bit confused.
Your help is appreciated!
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2021.12.07 17:58 PurifiedApparition Anyone willing to trade me a Heracross?

It’s my first time posting so sorry if I’m doing this wrong, but is anyone willing to trade me a Heracross? I’ve been looking for days and I’ve lost my patience. I don’t really know what would be good to offer for a trade but I have pokerus if that helps anything
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2021.12.07 17:58 ShortAlgo $CNR Awaiting Short Signal. Free Trial

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2021.12.07 17:58 erikcalle00 Dragonite on me taking 10 4699 7900 5314!!!

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2021.12.07 17:58 adila01 Fedora 36 Planning To Run Wayland By Default With NVIDIA's Proprietary Driver

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2021.12.07 17:58 trueDano Controller problem on android

When using my xbone controller on my phone or tablet, pressing the bumpers will minimize the stream and focus the controller on the home screen. How do I avoid this?
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2021.12.07 17:58 BishSalad My first Arcade1Up cab

Any suggestions for replacing the washed-out marquee and the lighted panel under the control panel?
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2021.12.07 17:58 tributefy alguém pra tributar amiga magrinha?

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2021.12.07 17:58 Sofarbeyondfucked For the upcoming conversations about the cold weather

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2021.12.07 17:58 Jake0468 [H] +550 orders!!! Nordvpn, Spotify, Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Nba, Nfl, Virgin tv, DAZN, Disney+, HBO, Direct tv, Fubo tv, AT&T, SiriusXM, Anime, Education and many more with lifetime warranty !!! [W]

Automated shop link
Tell me if the product you want is out of stock and i will add it to stock!!!
Hello! I currently only accept Btc, Eth, Ltc and Credit card (through stripe).
For any questions/difficulties hit me up and i will solve your problem! :D.
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2021.12.07 17:58 ShortAlgo $CMRE Awaiting Short Signal. Free Trial

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2021.12.07 17:58 Royal_Meeting_6475 Your most recent mistake in life somehow turns into a horrible, horrible death. How do you die?

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2021.12.07 17:58 bastjadi New promising OHM fork - StagDao

Creators are the guys from Olympians TG, one of the best channel for OHM forks. They want to launch a DAO that is a collection of all the best ideas. Discord is not even one day old so you are still early - a lot of chances to get the WL spot.
They are partnered already with Elk Finance.
Definitely worth checking -
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2021.12.07 17:58 bleakasthedayislong should have taken that block lol

i had a 2:15 - 6:15pm block that i forfeited because it was paying less than I was getting ($108, $27 per hr) and now w the outages i see it’s impacting pretty much everyone.
would have probably been the easiest $108 ive made smh lol
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2021.12.07 17:58 GalxzyShifted But there is still another minute!

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2021.12.07 17:58 Geeky_r34 (Chronosth1) Hinata - Gantz Costume

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2021.12.07 17:58 ShortAlgo $BTNB Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial

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2021.12.07 17:58 emu_fake Just a casual reminder that these clowns exist.. Oh and how is IcebergResearch doing lately?

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2021.12.07 17:58 anon23845723805 Will data 100 be better next semester?

I’ve seen a lot of negative posts about data 100 this semester, which is somewhat worrying as I am taking data 100 next semester. Is it expected to be better with Hug as the prof?
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