Remove one of these civs from the game

2021.12.02 06:21 Cstruggz Remove one of these civs from the game

Remove your most hated out of the below 5
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2021.12.02 06:21 nugat_trailers MicrosoftXTA, VirtualApple appear as processor vendors in Steam Hardware and Software Survey November, among small fixes

While hardly any information is out about it, an odd entry has appeared under Processor Vendor (Windows), called MicrosoftXTA, with a Microsoft symbol next to it.
Use is low, at 0.02%, and it could be the ARM Surfaces from a few years ago showing, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
Work seems to be ongoing on the survey as Processor Vendor (OSX) has been added, with VirtualApple, with Apple symbol. Apple GPUs are also starting to show as Apple G13G and Apple G13X, with an Apple M1 also briefly appearing.
VRAM (OSX) also seems to be corrected, showing entries ranging from 256 MB to 65536 MB, the latter likely M1 Maxes with 64 GB.
And GPU names and percentages have reappeared for Linux, after they disappeared back in March.
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2021.12.02 06:21 proper_lofi 170億円不正送金疑い ソニー生命社員を逮捕 テレワーク中に上司の目を盗んで

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2021.12.02 06:21 Blitzwarden Many users don't know about these Rules to Earn BONUS MOONs every Month

Number 1 -- 20% Bonus karma:- Users that have not moved the previous round's distribution of MOONs out of their vault receive a 20% bonus to their total karma for the purposes of calculating MOON distribution in the next round.
Example:- You kept all the Moons that you received from the last round MOONs distribution in your Vault. In the next round, You earned 100 karma you will get 20 karma as a bonus. And now you will be rewarded Moons for that 120 karma.
[ Important:- You can tip up to 100 Moons to other users without losing your 20% bonus AND Using MOONs to buy special memberships would also be an exception - that purchase would not count towards your bonus.]
Number 2 -- Bonus karma for voting in Governance polls:- If you Vote on at least one Governance Polls you qualify for a 5% Bonus to monthly karma for the next round MOON distribution [BONUS CAPPED AT:- 500 KARMA]. A Governance Poll is a Proposal poll that represents the Idea of the new alternative that the users can vote on. Governance polls are posted every 28 days in the moon week in the CryptoCurrency subreddit for the users to vote on.
Further, If there are more than 1 Governance polls, you get extra 1.25% Bonus karma for voting in each of the Governance Polls. This means that the first time that someone votes, they will earn the base voting bonus (currently 5%), and all subsequent times that person votes during Moon Week will earn an additional 1.25%. So if someone votes in 2 polls, they will get a 6.25% bonus. If they vote in 3 polls, they will get a 7.5% bonus.
Example:- There were 4 Governance Polls in this round(Round 20). So if you voted in all 4 Governance Polls. You will qualify for a Bonus of ( 5% + 1.25% + 1.25% + 1.25% ) = 8.75% karma in the next MOON Distribution(that will be Round 21 in this case). So you Eaned 100 karma in the next round you will get a bonus of 8.75 karma. And will be rewarded MOONs for a total of 108.75 karma.
[Important:- Voting with any amount of MOONs will qualify, even 0]

Note:- If you haven't opened your vault yet. Open it now. Presently, there are more than 4 Million subreddit members on cc but only 60k people have opened their vaults (that's literally only 1.5% of the total Sub members.) If you Don't know about moons these two links must help you:-
If you want to Learn more about MOONs redirect here:- Intro to Cryptocurrency MOONs 🌔
MOONs Wiki Page
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2021.12.02 06:21 RicnDnLyla Fintech Webinar: 5 API Integration Best Practices for Fintechs

Fintech Webinar: 5 API Integration Best Practices for Fintechs Marqeta and Treasury Prime will be sharing API integration best practices for Fintechs - check it out and join the session. Register here, recording will be made available.
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2021.12.02 06:21 You-and-whose-Army Random drawing 4am

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2021.12.02 06:21 Dan-369 Look at this gorgeous fork I just made!

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2021.12.02 06:21 lexielex06 gaoo~ i draw nian :D

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2021.12.02 06:21 f0ster91 PvP Help?

I've just made my first stam character this week, and played PvP seriously for the first time since I started in order to level my caltrops; and although a lot of BGs have been frustrating in sub-50 due to either or both super potato teams or people on other teams fully gearing out for sub-50s, I've enjoyed a lot of my games there and have been getting better.
My character is just about to hit 50 and I want to have a build ready for him to continue in PvP. He is a Khajiit stam DK, and so far my build idea has been thus:
Body - 2 Piece Balorgh / 2 Pieces Plaguebreak / 3 Pieces Clever Alchemist; 4 Medium pieces, 3 Heavy pieces; 5 Impen traits and 2 with Well-fitted
Jewelry - 3 Piece Plaguebreak, Infused + Weapon Damage
Front bar weapon - vMA 2 Hander, Nirnhoned with Poison
Backbar weapon - Either 2 Hander or SnB Clever Alchemist, not sure what the good backbar traits are
That's what I've come up with so far. I know khajiits aren't the best for PvP, but I wanted to make a DK that was also good at switching between mag and stam DPS for PvE uses. Dark Elf is "meta" I know but I already have a few dark elves and wanted to try something new. Plus I feel like racial passives actually don't matter that much in PvP.
So my questions are, is this a decent set-up? What traits would you use on backbar? Would the SnB or 2H be better? Would you swap something out for a mythic instead? Is vampire necessary for their passives? Would you swap a light piece of armor in for a medium or heavy?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.02 06:21 CryptographerFun7440 Vespa, Ntorq or Aprilia?

Any suggestion for best scooter in Nepal irrespective of their gender? My sis wants a Aprilia sr 150 as per my suggestions. I have a MT so its mainly for the sister actually. What would you recommend?
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2021.12.02 06:21 defrays 'Belgian Congo works and fights for victory', World War II poster - c. 1939-1945

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2021.12.02 06:21 ElDueno Quick fix for captive portal wifi logins
Don't know if others struggle with this too but I seem to always have issues with those wifi login pages that a lot of hotel/public wifi spots make you use. For some reason it'll work fine once and then randomly won't connect or show the login (captive portal) page. After some searching I found that if you're having problems you can goto and it'll usually get the login page to pop up.
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2021.12.02 06:21 bg1987 It really is beautiful

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2021.12.02 06:21 ChefPneuma Fear Inoculum (song) Discussion

Wondering what fellow fans are thinking about this song now that we’ve been living with this song for over two years. Would love to hear others thoughts.
I personally love this song. It grabbed me from day 1, probably because we were all so starved for new Tool songs, but there is just something about it that’s wormed it’s way into my head. Fantastic song.
I will disclose that I do think there is something to the notion of the “Great Turn” or that the album can be appreciated in both its ascending and descending form. There does seem to be a theme of duality or mirror images in the songs themselves and in a lot of the art associated with the record. There does seem to be a recurring theme in almost all the songs of a change occurring about halfway through (exactly halfway in the cases of descending and fear Inoculum)…more later.
I also want to say that I’m not a musician so please forgive my layman’s explanations, and if I get a term wrong it’s not on purpose.
The song starts with what I could only describe as an alarm klaxon (“red alert!!”) and then morphs into a push-pull riff between Justin and Adam (if this is wrong please let me know, I thought I read that they were playing back and forth…some people seem to think that Adam is using a volume pedal? or something) So fucking cool. It adds a lot of tension to the song right off the bat and gives me an image of a tug of war or internal struggle.
The drumming starts off with a very tribal feel. I’ve noticed that for the first half of the song (before the mitosis part) Danny uses VERY little cymbals. He keeps a soft beat on the high hat (tsk tsk tsk) and hits a few accent chimes here and there, but for The vast majority of the first half there are almost no cymbals. The exception is when they go into the chorus…Danny uses the cymbals for that. After the first chorus it’s right back to the tribal feel until we hit the second chorus right after the mitosis.
After this “mitosis” and the second chorus, the song morphs quite noticeably in tone. Danny’s drumming especially becomes a lot more “classic” rock/metal drumming while keeping a really sick, funky beat (dun du cha, dun du cha) and, please correct me if I’m wrong, but there is a noticeable time signature change at this time as well and some cool syncopated rhythms also.
I know this something Tool does a lot but I love how they bring back riffs from earlier in the song as play them in slightly Different ways or re-arrange them just enough to keep it interesting. Helps with such long songs lol.
If the song is indeed about steeling yourself from “fear” and gathering the strength to chase away the deceiver, it’s really cool how they seemed to make the song build in energy and, dare I say, confidence.
The way the song starts out sorta muted but gets heavier as it goes on, to mirror the confidence being built in order to inoculate against the feadeceiver.
The “forfeit all control” part is almost like a mantra, allowing the fear in is the only way to negate its power—indeed, the very act of inoculation requires a small amount of the virus to work (at least historically)—so before we can banish our deceiver we need to let it in.
Fear inoculum can also be read as either injecting yourself with fear in order to propel change or as a wake up call (ties into descending?) or as a defense against fear consuming you (“Fear is the mind killer” aka litanie contra la pier) does this tie into ascending/descending?
They finally sync all their polyrhythms back up at the end of the song and finish with a final casting out of the fear.
Danny just goes absolutely Nuts on this song (the whole album really) and I can’t praise him enough.
There’s a lot more to unpack here? Thoughts?
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2021.12.02 06:21 Mynewsify-Website Drake ranks the best rapper on ‘Spotify’s Top Artists of 2021 charts, The News International – Entertainment

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2021.12.02 06:21 Dominus-maximo Survey on the EU for the Finns

Hello Finns and non-Finns-who-perhaps-like-Finland!
I am working on a project regarding future changes of the EU. We put our ideas in a survey, and are therefore asking if you could perhaps take the time to let us know your opinion. It takes a mere 15-20 minutes to complete, and would be much appreciated!
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2021.12.02 06:21 smartybrome Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden Secrets

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2021.12.02 06:21 garuraa It’s such a shame that there is not an actual ipad app for TFT

It’s the mobile app that is scaled up. It’s laggy, low resolution and the screen size isn’t taken advantage of. On paper the ipad is the perfect device for TFT.
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2021.12.02 06:21 Biscoitforgor Dayne forgor☠️

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2021.12.02 06:21 healingwithmy Why are my bodygraphs different

Hi, I have printed out 2 bodygraphs with exactly the same date/time etc and the both have different numbers listed on the planets? I have double and triple checked! I am really confused? Can anyone advise or let me know the best free bodygraph to use? Thankyou in advance
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2021.12.02 06:21 trieulieuf9 People usually say that IDOR is very popular nowadays, but I find it hard to find. What is your success rate with IDOR compare to other bug types

I found 20+ bugs and only one of them are IDOR. Although IDOR is one of the bug types I test for the most.
I think that it is true that normal website (website without bug bounty program) will have a lot of IDOR. But for website that has a bug bounty program, IDOR is very hard to find.
So what is your luck on IDOR?
P/s: I only test IDOR by changing ID, not really try param pollution or changing data type. If someone tried these kind of things, I really want to know how effective are they.
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2021.12.02 06:21 Kindosaur_Gaming Ledge grab/climb system like in Wind Waker, Ocarina, and Majora [UNSOLVED]

Ledge grab/climb system like in Wind Waker, Ocarina, and Majora [UNSOLVED] Hello,
I have been searching for a solution on this topic for a while now but I can't seem to find it. What I want is a ledge grab system like in Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Ocarina, and Majora. The system that these games have, allows me to walk towards a: low wall, ledge (from bottom to top), fence, or something else I can climb on. And make me automatically grab and climb onto it.
I have been playing those games and trying to figure out the theory behind the mechanic and how it was possibly done but sadly I am not able to figure it out on a scripting level. The difficulty for me lays in the fact that I am not making a simple linear platformer, no, I am making an open-world 3D game. I don't want to place every single BoxCollider onto every possible climbable part of my world map and detect from there. This means that this trigger needs to be placed onto the player at all times.
I have some theories that might do the trick like in those games (but again not sure how I can reproduce this in code):
  1. There is a BoxCast from the player and is a bit forward, this box will move up as long as it detects itself being inside a wall.
If this new Height is < than the maximum GrabLedgeHeight { grabLedge = true }
Issue: This might be easily manipulated to place the player higher if the player is facing a 50/50 spot of a High wall and a Low wall.
  1. There is a standard RayCast that shoots against the normal the player is currently looking at. If the Face of the seen triangle or quad is at a height high enough the player can climb onto it.
Issue: I have tried looking at the RayCast types (BoxCast, SphereCast, etc) but I don't seem to find a function that can specifically recall the height of a Face inside of a model.
  1. There is a simple BoxCollider in front of the player at all times which is larger than the character itself. The BoxCollider can interact with every surface in the world as long as it is inside of the Height boundaries, meaning that if an object is higher than the collider it will not detect the wall as climbable.
In a more clear explanation: It uses inside Coördinates to check where the colliding object is touching. If it has stopped under the TOP it is climbable, if the WHOLE box is touched/triggered then it is not.
Issue: There doesn't seem to be an Overlap function that can get the current collision and check at what part it has been touched.
These were my theories and also the issues I currently face with them there might be a chance that I have skipped a page or I have forgotten a way but for now, I don't really know.
This box can also detect ledges from the top to allow jumping
Yellow: No longer in Collision with Collider thus Climbable
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2021.12.02 06:21 Palware [Homemade] English breakfast. Only made one pan dirty.

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2021.12.02 06:21 noobstylez Hard treasure trail completed.

I have completed a hard treasure trail.
from Recent events for: Marios
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2021.12.02 06:21 ktownsj When’s VRA going to do some actual marketing ??

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