$510 Off Legion Slim 7, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3060, 100W, 16GB 2TB, Windows 11, for $1,379.99

2021.12.01 18:47 gamersecret2 $510 Off Legion Slim 7, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3060, 100W, 16GB 2TB, Windows 11, for $1,379.99

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2021.12.01 18:47 FionaAudronVO [ADVICE] has anyone had issues with their gig video audio being distorted?

I set up my gig videos months ago and was mortified to find out the other day that the audio has been distorted on the video this whole time. This is very important since I'm a voice over artist and audio quality is everything.
I checked the original file and the audio is not distorted. I tried deleting it and reuploading it but every time the audio sounds distorted in the upload. I don't think the file size is too big, all the video is is a still image and the audio track for a total runtime of 33 seconds.
Has anyone had this problem? Is there a way to fix it?
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2021.12.01 18:47 Comprehensive_Ad563 Day 4

Let go
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2021.12.01 18:47 Extension-Temporary4 Warning to $SOS Ltd. “investors”

First, I am not a bear. Second, I am actually long SOS (very small position, insignificant). Lately I am seeing more and more hype surrounding SOS and a lot of it is quite concerning. Especially because it is drawing in novice investors with dreams of grandeur. So, I just want to put this out there for anyone looking at $SOS . 1) SOS is not an investment. An investment is something you can hold long term w/ the anticipation of future growth & profits. SOS is at best a short term trade. It's a speculative gamble. This parlays into point 2) SOS doesn't have a working website, they don't report ER quarterly, & there's no info in existence to suggest sos is undervalued. In fact, there's no info to even assign a value. SOS is 100% speculation & rumor. Anyone that says they predicted the movement one way or another (be it now or in the future) is FOS because there is simply no info to value sos using fundamentals. 3) SOS has been accused of some pretty serious shit & is currently being sued & investigated for fraud. 4) this is a penny stock (high risk. Likely a fraudulent pump and dump). 4) do not invest more than you are willing to lose. 5) if this turns out to be legit & ER is good, you can buy then & there will still be substantial upside. Don't feel pressured to get in now, especially given the extreme uncertainty surrounding the legitimacy of the company. 6) GL to all. I want everyone to win. You n fact, I post this because I don’t want to see anyone lose his/her shirt over this highly speculative gamble. I pray this is a legit company, with legit mining operations, making real money. I hope they report crazy earnings (if they ever do actually report). I hope anyone invested becomes rich. All I’m saying is, don’t count on it and tread lightly. Because there is so little info on the company, there’s no way to know what the future holds. This is a gamble and if it plays out, it’s sheer luck and zero ZERO skill. There’s simply no way to know what the company is worth or what they are up to. Now all the shills please feel free to downvote me, hate, lie and say the website works (it doesn’t, I promise you), tell me there is DD out there that I’m apparently not smart enough to find, call me a bear, say I’m spreading FUD. . . Hate all you want. I’m just trying to warn the newcomers. And this advice applies to almost every penny stock. Just be careful and know what you are getting into is all.
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2021.12.01 18:47 Glowwerms Is there drama going on with the I Hate Your Deck dudes?

I see Blackneto announced he started his own YouTube channel, he also no longer follows I Hate Your Deck on instagram and he reposted something from his fiancée about people mistreating him or something. Huge bummer if this means a split, it’s easily one of the best EDH content out there.
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2021.12.01 18:47 Large-Wheel-4181 For the next fallout game where would you like it to go?

If a place you would like wasn't listed, comment down below and also like other comments if you support their suggestions
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2021.12.01 18:47 TrenBabone What should I upgrade next? I'm kind of iffy on deciding if I should upgrade my Mortars and AD since where always in a clan war, should I?

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2021.12.01 18:47 drakoxe Det är inte Åkessons ordval som är den stora skandalen

Istället för att fastna i hur Jimmie Åkesson uttryckt sig, borde medierna granska Socialdemokraternas absurda uppgörelse med Amineh Kakabaveh.
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2021.12.01 18:47 03Void 03Void’s Forza tuning guide and other references

This guide is a work in progress, I’ll update it section by section as I write it. You can consider it accurate, but incomplete. Please be patient, as I juggle with real life obligations, work and this project. It might take some time to be done as I aim do create something high quality and it’s a lot of work to write something original and not just rip off someone else work.
As you might notice reading it, I’m not a native English speaker, so if there’s any English mistakes please send me a pm or write a comment.
Who am I?
Most people here know me from being the mod here, and from the tunes I posted. I am a driving instructor for about everything that has wheels(semi trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc...) as well as someone who has some experience on race tracks and tuning motorcycle suspensions for street and track use. I play Forza and tune in-game cars since about 2007 with FM2. I don't chase lap records in Forza Horizon, but I temporally held a few world records in Project CARS 2. In Forza Horizon my tunes are more aimed at having a fun car to drive (which have the nice secondary effect to make them faster). I don't pretend to know everything, I still learn about tuning to this day, but I have a pretty good grasp on vehicle dynamics on both a motorcyle and a car. For those wondering, I drive a 2020 Hyundai Elantra and a green 2018 Kawasaki Z900, because anything that Kawasaki does that isn't green is illegal. Kidding, my wife has a red one. Shit I need a divorce...
Why this subreddit
This subreddit is born from the frustration of using other people’s tunes, and while they often were good, they were never quite right for my driving preferences and driving style. As Forza doesn’t allow editing other people tunes, sharing the upgrades and settings one by one is the only solution we have if we want to tweak stuff. So here we are.
First of all, a few important words, abbreviations and expressions to understand:
PI (performance index): this is the balancing system in Forza games. every upgrade cost "PI points" to install. So if you want to keep the car in a certain class and use all the points to add horsepower to the engine, you wont have enough to install better tires and suspensions. You need to strike a balance between power and handling.
AWD: all wheel drive. A car that send power to the 4 wheels.
FWD: front wheel drive. A car that send the power only to the front wheels (most economy cars like the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, etc...)
RWD: rear wheel drive. A car that send power only to the rear wheels (most sports cars like a Subaru BRZ, Ford Mustang, etc...)
Understeer: In simple words, the front end doesn't have enough grip in corners and slides. Common in FWD and AWD cars. A car with understeer will require you to do a late apex (turning late), so your corner exit is straighter.
Oversteer: The rear end doesn't have enough grip in corners and slide. Common in RWD cars.
Neutral/balanced handling: when entering a corner too fast, the 4 wheels start to slide at about the same time. This is what you aim with a grip tune, with often a slight tendency towards over or understeer depending on your driving style.
RWD or AWD is usually desirable. RWD will help the rotation of the car around a corner.
ARBs: anti-roll bars, also called sway bars. It's a bar linking the two front suspensions together or the two rear suspensions together. Stiff ARBs means less body roll in corners. See picture. https://imgur.com/quPOGCV
Down force: The force the air applies downward on a moving car, with the help of a rear wing and a front spoiler. This helps the car grip in high speed corners.
If you add a wing at a high angle on a car, it creates down force but also drag. The car has more troubles moving through the air and will have a reduced top speed because of it.
Drafting: When you follow another car, that car moves air around itself, and if you follow close enough, that air doesn't completely return behind it. It continues to move around your car too. This reduce drag(less air resistance) and also down force. You'll faster in the straight, but will have less grip in corners since the wing receive less air.
Bottoming out: using all your suspensions. Either using all of your spring travel, or you have spring travel left but the floor of the car is touching the ground. That means you have no more suspension, which also means loss of traction.
Tires with a lower pressure will heat more easily, and will create a mushy steering feel, especially if it's the front tires. Tires with a higher pressure will have a more direct feeling and will heat less. Last thing to tune on a car. Almost every other setting in the car also affect tire temperatures. Fine tune the tire pressures at the very end. Tires need to not be too hot or too cold. In game telemetry it's represented by the translucent yellow to solid yellow color. Wheel spin is the enemy as it will create unnecessary heat.
Most people will tune the gearing to allow the car to accelerate the fastest while being able to achieve its top speed. Shorter gearing means higher acceleration but lower top speed. Longer gearing means slower acceleration and higher top speed. Think of this like bicycle gears. First gear has great torque to climb a hill, last gear will offer you better speed but less torque if a hill comes. Tuning the gearing like that can work, but it can also be a mistake depending of the power band of the car. Having too much torque on corner exit is a thing. Too much torque on the ground means wheel spin, and wheel spin means the car is slower. In some situation it can be worth it to use a gearing too tall on purpose to maximize power delivery. Power is nothing without control.
Camber: camber is the vertical alignment of the wheels, when looking at the car from the front. Negative camber means the top of the wheels are closer together. Positive camber is the opposite. See picture: https://i.redd.it/eb0ak2mt4nv01.jpg
Camber helps keeping the tires on the ground during cornering. A car that corners faster will require more downforce and more camber to keep the bottom of the tire flat against the road. The Subaru in the picture got way too much camber as most of the tire doesn't even touch the ground, but it illustrate perfectly what camber is and what it does. That car doesn't have any performance benefit from running that much camber. Camber affect how the tires heat up. More camber means there's more pressure on the inside corner of the tire, so that part might overheat, and the outside of the tire might not be warm enough to offer optimal grip. It's a common beginner mistake to add way to much camber. It makes the car feel better, but it reduce the maximum grip because the tire temperatures are uniform.
Toe: Toe is the alignment when looking at the wheels from above. Negative toe means the front of the tires are more apart than the rear
Anti-roll bars (ARBs)
ARBs link both suspensions from the same axle together. They control body roll in a corner once the weight of the car has settled. A softer ARB will increase traction on that axle, and vice versa. It's the most effective at managing oveundersteer mid corner, but also affect corner entry balance.
Spring rates
How stiff or soft are the springs holding the car. Just like ARBs, softer springs on an axle will improve grip there, and vice versa. They also help control the balance between oveundersteer, but have more effect on corner entry. They still do have an effect mid corner tho. Since springs also hold the car above the ground, you need springs soft enough to have good grip, but stiff enough to no bottom out the suspensions on every bump.
The idea why softer springs and ARBs offer more traction, is that if everything is stiff, the energy not absorbed by the springs and ARBs flexing is going into the tire, generating more heat in it. At some point the tire can't handle it and it slips. It's also why race cars have higher side walls. Look at the tires on a F1. They don't use low profile tires. The tire need to flex and deform to maximize it's contact patch. It's also why slow and progressive inputs are important when racing. It gives time for the weight transfer to happen, time for the tire to squish down under weight and increase its contact patch.
Ride height
The car needs to be as low as possible, without bottoming out. Lower car means lower center of gravity. Lower center of gravity means less body roll in corner. Less body roll means you can get away with softer ARBs. Softer ARBs means more traction.
Shocks and damping is pretty misunderstood by the sim racing community. Because of that most people either don't tune the damping or don't do it properly. Damping doesn’t make your suspension stiffer or softer. That’s the springs job. It only controls suspension movement. I linked just lower an incredible video explaining what damping and spring stiffness does to a motorcycle. Most of it also applies to a car, it's just way more important on a bike because the rider weight affect the handling much more than a car. He mentions the bike suspensions should be tuned for the rider weight, in our case in Forza, the suspensions must be tuned for the car weight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo0kv\_6hG-0
For people who can't be bothered to watch a 25 minutes video. Imagine your shocks/dampers as a syringe for syrup you give to your kids. If you fill it with air, you can move the piston freely without restriction. That's a car without dampers, or defective dampers that leaked oil. What does it do to the spring? Well, nothing. The spring will bounce all over the place with no control, and the car wont settle on its suspensions before you hit the next bump. Video of a car with no dampers so you understand my point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jeR20sGsdw
Now lets put water in our syringe. It doesn't take more force to push the piston, but the speed at which you can push it is limited. So if you it a bump, the spring will try to compress, but the shock wont allow it to compress as fast as it can like with air. It doesn't make the suspensions stiffer, just slower.
Now do it again with thick oil. You can push it as hard as you can, and the oil won't be pushed out faster than the hole at the tip allows.
What are adjustable dampers? It's our syringe, with oil, and if we stiffen damping we push a needle in the tip hole, restricting the oil flow. We have one hole and needle for then the suspensions compress (bump damping), and another hole and needle for when the suspensions decompress (rebound damping). We can tune them independently. Some really high end cars and bikes will have separate settings for slow and fast damping (for both compression and rebound). This allow to tune the suspension differently for when you accelerate and brake (slow bump and rebound) vs when you hit a bump (fast bump and rebound). So you can control the vehicle pitch under hard braking and acceleration. Forza doesn't allow to tune that settings. Our compression and rebound settings affect both type of suspensions movement, fast or slow.
Because those settings are misunderstood, most people aren't able to tune out power oversteer from a powerful RWD car. Why does a car oversteer that much on corner exit? It's because it's bouncing and the weight isn't stable on the rear axle. So if the weight isn't stable, it means traction will vary too. That's my secret sauce and why most of my cars have very little oversteer on corner exit (see my McLaren 650S tune, share code: 479 213 024). If you had more rear damping, it means the spring isn't stiffer, but can't move as freely. So on corner exit, when you put power down and the weight of the car shifts backward, the rear will be more stable, and the grip available to the rear tires will be more constant. It will fluctuate less.
But seriously, take the 25 minutes and watch the video. It does a great job at explaining damping.
To come:
-Aero tuning
-Brake tuning
-Differential tuning
The process
If you’re totally new to tuning your own car, you should start with low power car (say, B class). High power car will hide some suspension issues and if you don't have some experience with tuning already you likely wont detect them. For example, you won’t be able to determine that the car suspensions make it understeer because the power delivery forces it to oversteer.
**Here’s a quick way to make your own base tunes. **
First you need to open telemetry. On PC press T or on Xbox and PC you can switch Anna to telemetry in the control settings.
Drive on a track with telemetry open, you can just go around Mexico Circuit in free roam since it's easy to memorize the layout and it got a good turn variety to test the tune.
Look at suspension travel. Suspension travel should always be around 20 to 80%. If it gets above 80 it means you’re about to bottom out your suspensions, which also means loss of traction. If it’s below 20% it means the wheel is about to lift, which is obviously bad.
If it gets to those values in a straight line: increase spring rates and damping settings. Bump damping should be between 50 to 75% of rebound damping.
If it gets to those values in a corner: increase anti toll bars values.
Once that’s done, move to the telemetry tab with the live camber value. Do a few laps again observing the value go up and down. During normal driving it should never become positive. If it does, increase camber values and caster.
Then move to the tire temperatures tab. Again drive around. The inside of the tire should be hotter than the outside, but no more than 30°F above the outside. Tires should be translucent yellow to solid yellow.
If the tires are too hot: increase tire pressures
If the tires are too cold: reduce tire pressures
If the inside of the tires has more than 30°F difference with the outside reduce camber and go back check camber telemetry to be sure it’s still always negative when driving.
Then drive around a bit to diagnose issues and use the two charts bellow to fix them.
I don’t know who created the first one originally so I can’t really credit anyone. I’ve been using that for about 10 years now.
Chart 1: https://imgur.com/byemI
Chart 2: https://i.imgur.com/Rkij0Ep.jpg by Chrishaye
The second chart is a bit more complete, and even includes settings not available in Forza such as bump stops, slow and fast damping settings. I’ve been using it in more realistic sim racing games like Assetto Corsa and iRacing.
Doing these steps take about 15 minutes and should give you a not perfect but very drivable tune to refine later.
Common beginner mistakes:
I touched a few.

  1. Not knowing how damping work. Learn it, and transform your tunes.
  2. Don't use too much camber.
  3. Toe is a tool, but is often a band aid to fix suspensions issues elsewhere in the car, especially damping issues since it's misunderstood.
  4. Be afraid of extreme values between front and rear. Having ARBs set to 10 in the front and 45 in the rear isn't normal. It's not supposed to happen. If you are down to that fixing issues with your car, you likely missed something elsewhere. Again, possibly the damping settings.
  5. Brake balance is backward. Moving the slider towards the front actually moves the brake balance towards the rear. You can verify this by moving all the way to one end, open the telemetry and check which end locks first under hard braking.
  6. I understand not everyone is a pro racer, and feel free to play however you want, I'm not your dad. But, driving assists will mask issues with your car while tuning. Traction control will cut power because your rear damping isn't set properly and you wont notice it. If your damping was set correctly your traction control wouldn't cut power as quick and you'd have a faster corner exit. ABS will mask weight transfer and brake balance issues.
One last thing not relevant to tuning, here’s a color chart to replicate real life factory colors that are unavailable in Forza. You want Porsche’s Voodoo Blue? Nissan Midnight Purple 2? You got it there instead of loading someone else livery just to use a color. So it’s not related to tuning but kinda in line with the idea of this sub to create “open” stuff users can tweak.
The chart got around 10k different color codes, so it might struggle to load on your phone. Works great on a PC tho.

So thanks a lot to everyone for their patience. This is a first draft and will be edited over and over. You noticed some sections that are kind of a place holder for future content. The "process" will get more detailed too.
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2021.12.01 18:47 Nicatim13 You know what could be fun Long Ammo derringer

So like what if we had a SINGLE shot long ammo derringer, that had about 4 total rounds. It would still be in the tool slot. Range would would obviously be bad, But that's not the point.
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