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Is my synology NAS too weak to run HA in a VM instead of Docker?

1. A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiaris syn. Canis lupus subsp. familiaris) occurring as a wide variety of breeds, many of which are traditionally used for hunting, herding, drawing sleds, and other tasks, and are kept as pets. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) New Movie Releases This Weekend: November 26-28; New Movies to Watch with Your Family this Thanksgiving!

2021.12.01 21:26 denkyuu Is my synology NAS too weak to run HA in a VM instead of Docker?

I'm trying to run a zigbee network with a GoConnect dongle on my DS220+ (2GB). I've been running HA just fine in a docker container. But this nas shipped running DSM 7, which for some reason made passing USB devices to docker containers a royal pain. I tried this fix, but it didn't work for this dongle.
So I followed this tutorial to try switching to using VMM. I got all the way through creating the VM, but it won't start the VM. It complains that there are no hosts with sufficient RAM!
Question 1: Is the 2GB model to wimpy to run a vm? It's only asking for a little over a GB, and the rest of the system RAM usage is less than 0.5GB.
Question 2: Has anyone gotten the Nortek GoControl running with docker? Or do I need to swerve and just switch to a raspberry pi?
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2021.12.01 21:26 zerodarkpizza Happy Holidays from Midnight

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2021.12.01 21:26 HildaMarin Ballad Health suspends employee COVID-19 vaccine requirement

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2021.12.01 21:26 HHPhotographyWI Payne School in Wisconsin

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2021.12.01 21:26 xxMurphysLawxx Note to self

After almost a year of no contact I reached out. Of course, he handled it beautifully. He wants the best for me, he is a genuinely selfless person. I love him and it's so painful knowing he doesn't want me on the same level I want him. It's painful and some days I feel like I'll never let the feelings I have for him go. I keep reminding myself that he has every opportunity to change things, but he doesn't. Not that the things I said or my post breakup behavior warrant a second chance. I'm only grateful that he gave me the chance to apologize. I had been holding the regrets of my behavior since he went no contact. For the first time in years I felt like I was able to breath without all the weight of my mistakes trying to smother me. I may never have him in my life again, a truth that rips through me around every turn, but I'm genuinely grateful for the time I had and the lessons I learned. I love you, I miss you, thank you.
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2021.12.01 21:26 jonathansymes Is anyone else on console getting this issue?

Whenever I’m reloading white lotus I’m not getting any controller vibration
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2021.12.01 21:26 hearty_technology This is Angola (?)

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2021.12.01 21:26 Nickels_Ale YMH Live 4 was the best!! Here are ideas for YMH live 8.

Request #1: Obviously this needs to be done in the new Austin studio.
Request #2: make this a best of recap. Let's highlight the world of jeans since the beginning.
Request #3: Have a live panel with Rob Iler, Johnny Pemberton, and Chase O'Donnell. Remote in Burnt, Josh, and Ryan for some clips.
Request #4: Produce an IN MEMORIAM for Fedsmoker. Let's acknowledge his death and reincarnation into Covid.
Request #5: NO HEAVY SEGMENT!...BUT, just pepper the most awful clips randomly. Get 'em the the gotcha when they least expect it!
Love you Mommies. Keep it high and tight.
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2021.12.01 21:26 Giveupdooterinos r/PantySellers

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2021.12.01 21:26 Said_it_Re-Edit GTA V but with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Monologue

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2021.12.01 21:26 TheGreatHurlyBurly Thargoids can pull you out of warp?!

I was warping out of evangelis back to Sol and got interdicted warping between systems... I know we have FSD Interdiction for pulling people out of super cruise, but I've never been pulled out of warp between systems?! Anyone else seen this?
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2021.12.01 21:26 Cool_Kid95 Food Coma — Penny’s Pursuit (Parsnip) — Plants vs Zombies 2

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2021.12.01 21:26 lexieovo Tips for a new cat owner

I adopted a 7 month kitten and I need some advice on how to take care of her. I’ve never had a pet besides a fish. She’s pretty well mannered and uses the litter box I got her and eats the food I give her. I’m a college student and have a job that doesn’t give me a regular hours. Plus, next semester I’m going to try to get a new job and maybe an internship in the summer. She sleeps separately from me because she stays up pretty late and wake up early. I think I’m going to get her an automatic feeder because I’m not always home at the time to feed her. I have a wand toy, ball track, a ball with a bell in it, and a soft ball toy for her but she really only plays with the wand toy because I’m playing with her. She doesn’t sleep a lot which doesn’t help when I’m home and trying to do work. I’ve had her for two weeks and have been trying to get her to go outside my room willingly but have had no luck.
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2021.12.01 21:26 megabaka24 Okay for Samsung accommodation

I think this is the best way to word it without saying any actual prices...
When we trade in a phone, does it bring it down to a set certain price?
does it only take off a set certain amount?
Wont say for what's being traded in or traded to but I think you guys will understand...
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2021.12.01 21:26 StormShadow009 Windows can't access file/permissions

Idk if it's been one year or two, Valorant just stopped working one day, riot tech support all of the internet - nothing works.
I've seen a few people with the same problem; launch valorant seems like nothing happens, unless you use the riot client. The just disappears after a few seconds and a few later comes back.
What does happen is process pops up in task manager: BootstrapPackagedProcess comes up, uses 1.5mb memory and vanishes. That's the description on valorant.exe so I assume it's that.
After trying everything on the internet, I figured why not launch from the actual valorant.exe. A warning comes up that says windows can't access the specified ... file. You may not have the permissions.
I've given every entity every permission I can, even gone in an added the user as a new object with all permissions (no one gets special permissions it seems) and it doesn't make a difference..
I've installed the game on clean builds and it still doesn't work. That doesn't make sense.
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2021.12.01 21:26 nobodyhere Space Force General Details Daily Attacks By China, Russia On US Satellites

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2021.12.01 21:26 Extrevious I know cats are lactose intolerant but this is ridiculous

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2021.12.01 21:26 Embarrassed-Amount10 Fie

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2021.12.01 21:26 ChedesterVanNoy Taysom hill or wentz?

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2021.12.01 21:26 ICERTW0 How can I explain to a significant other that i don't necessarily want to hang out with them because of a drained social battery?

I am a severely introverted person who struggles in social situations. My girlfriend of nearly two years is an introverted extrovert who works to understand the concept of a social battery.
Tonight she called me while I was napping because I didn't reply to a message from her, and she asked if she could come over; I said I was a bit tired and would want to continue to nap a bit, but she seemed upset by that and kept saying I "wanted to choose sleep, over hanging out with her," At one point saying "why? You're not sleep-deprived" and at one point asked me how I can do nothing all day and end up tired, despite me having had college classes all week and work over the weekend. I had to hang up because my dad was calling, but then I called her back a bit later to try and explain that I've been really tired out from the fact that over the past three days, my brother had a bunch of friends over. She'd been over yesterday, and that I had just finished a unit in my college math course yesterday, so I was pretty tired physically and mentally. However, she still seemed unable to accept that what I was saying was valid for why I wouldn't want to see her, at one point repeatedly saying, pushing the question, "how is this going to work when we live together!?!" That being said, I definitely put it all into words better here than I did over the phone. I just feel so emotionally drained, and she seems to be unable to understand why.
So how can I explain to her how it feels to be so exhausted that I feel unable to be around anyone?
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2021.12.01 21:26 ViralTrendsToday FYI, Apollo devices such as the Twin X's output do not work on Monterey 12.1

Monterey 12.1 has terrible bugs, the most any Mac OS has every had, for instance the built in MacBook screens become useless, there are memory leaks, touchpad issues, and no output control issues using third party hardware. I used the Apollo the other day prior to update and know it works, but it just doesn't now. Input still works however monitors and headphone adjustment are neither controllable or mutable.
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2021.12.01 21:26 Equipment_Key My top songs 2021 Apple Music what y’all think 🤔

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2021.12.01 21:26 SurroundFree2355 🚀Goat Protocol🐐 A brand new BSC Token with rewards in $DOGE and $SHIB with 100x+ potential 🔥 With free Airdrop in Telegram Chat 🆓

Welcome to Goat Protocol. Goat Protocol is the newest reward token to reward holders in both $DOGE & $SHIB. Simply hold $GOAT tokens and you will automatically receive a percentage of all buys and sell transactions. We all love $DOGE & $SHIB, now with $GOAT tokens you will be able to passively earn $DOGE & $SHIB. Stake your claim in the crypto world with Goat Protocol.


Earn $SHIB & $DOGE by simply holding $GOAT Tokens

🐐 Total supply: 100,000,000,000 (100 BILLION)
🚀 Contract: 0xd4ce59992ad94e88ecba9cadc2e2b23c10ec2c58
Symbol: $GOAT
Decimal: 18

Tax system:

Buy tax
♻️3% Redistribution to all holders in $DOGE
♻️3% Redistribution to all holders in $SHIB
📈 2% Automatic liquidity add
🚀 1% Marketing/Project development

Sell Tax
♻️3% Redistribution to all holders in $DOGE
♻️3% Redistribution to all holders in $SHIB
📈 2% Automatic liquidity add
🚀 1% Marketing/Project development

Important Links 💻

Telegram: https://t.me/GoatProtocolFinance
Website: https://www.goatprotocol.finance
BSC Link: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd4ce59992ad94e88ecba9cadc2e2b23c10ec2c58
Token Contract Address : 0xd4ce59992ad94e88ecba9cadc2e2b23c10ec2c58
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheGoatProtocol

Sale is currently set for the beginning to the middle or December. Please stay updated with the chat and website for more info.
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2021.12.01 21:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Misdialed number leads to 20-year friendship between Rhode Island man and Florida woman | Globe

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2021.12.01 21:26 timeisliketheocean Berkeley & NYU

Am I crazy to stay in the Berkeley ED pool ($75k scholarship guaranteed) when I have an A from NYU? Goals are NY big law (though I'm not entirely opposed to starting off in the Bay Area). Having as little debt as possible is very important to me. And I don't expect much from NYU given my numbers. Berkeley releases decisions next Monday so please let me know if you think I'm making the right choice here!
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