dr3r7 yyrkt shad8 thh67 4z8d6 fyeff fkz75 ssn85 7na8s 9r4hi 2a7yd 34379 7bks9 d8rt6 frfhk 3h5ss bds83 z2sit rez5z y8y9r re62r There is a 99.95% chance of survival for people below the age of 50 and a 99.998% chance of survival for people below the age of 18 according to the CDC.. | Joe Oltmann – Telegram

There is a 99.95% chance of survival for people below the age of 50 and a 99.998% chance of survival for people below the age of 18 according to the CDC..

There is no need for this vaccine, and there’s actually no need for anyone, and I’ll say, “Children.. I have already told you that they have a 99.998% chance of getting better. Young adults from 18 to 45 have a 99.95% chance of getting better.This is according to the CDC. Same concept. There is a 99.95% chance of survival for people below the age of 50 and a 99.998% chance of survival for people below the age of 18 according to the CDC. The vaccine does not provide immunity and therefore there is no chance of herd immunity through vaccination.

2021.12.02 04:51 Competitive-Cycle-38 There is a 99.95% chance of survival for people below the age of 50 and a 99.998% chance of survival for people below the age of 18 according to the CDC..

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2021.12.02 04:51 Hristence Кое от двете?

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2021.12.02 04:51 Key-Neighborhood6973 Should we get universal xp?

In btdb universal xp was good but not op. I'm trying to get a sub because of people selling all their defense and all outting with camo purples and I'm also trying to grind for a camo village but I can't and it takes too long. I've already mastered how to get 1k eco on round 8 and sometimes 9 but the sad thing is it doesn't matter who is better just who boosts purples first. Idk why they made it like btdb1 where it doesn't take much to all out
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2021.12.02 04:51 ale6o Am I the only one who hates the new UI?

I get on the game after a few months, maybe two and a half, and now it looks super mobile game-y. All blocky and big, can I get the old UI back?
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2021.12.02 04:51 RichterRicochet I Hate Dubstep - Somebody In The End (Gotye/Linkin Park)

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2021.12.02 04:51 yuhef2bmed Do EVs cap at 252 or 255 in BDSP?

Title. I've always thought EVs capped at 255, but the 3 additional EVs do nothing so it's better to cap at 252. But doing a bit of research online it seems that they changed it such that an individual stat is now maxed out at 252, is this true? Does this mean I don't have to worry about going over the cap?
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2021.12.02 04:51 raaner12 15 crypto leaders make the cut for Forbes 30 Under 30

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2021.12.02 04:51 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See TradeLevels9's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/oIY71lN4Xn

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2021.12.02 04:51 userc444 daily occurrence

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2021.12.02 04:51 ponymanride 30M Be honest

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2021.12.02 04:51 Letitgo23607 Mha chapter 336 spoilers out

Link https://youtu.be/TvkC4YLt89M
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2021.12.02 04:51 Gautamelon For my fellow hopeless romantics

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2021.12.02 04:51 Insane_viperr8786 How many of you are gonna watch inside edge 3? Isn't it the one of the most underrated shows?

This epic show needs some more popularity....
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2021.12.02 04:51 Internal-Service5618 Embargo

Anyone know when Halo Infinite reviews go live? and what are your expectations from what you’ve heard about the story.
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2021.12.02 04:51 Old_Lack8404 alodia gosiengfiao??

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2021.12.02 04:51 justingreg More bans for team maps are needed

I prefer open maps and I hate closed map such as arena, Black Forest and Amazon tunnel. I hope the developers allow patrons to ban 3 maps in team games. We just don’t have a whole 2 hours for one Black Forest game that we don’t like at all. it’s wasting everyone’s time and the BF or Amazon tunnel is just boring as hell to me.
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2021.12.02 04:51 No-Cupcake4316 Too much xanax, forgot who my friend was, other friend almost dies, mad parents, bartarded shit..

So this story took place 6 months ago, I was 18 and I was ordering xans from the darknet, always access to bars :S. I just finished school and spend a lot of my freetime with my friend, lets call him, Jimmy. Jimmy is a little fucking maniac, hes the guy who behaves sober but drank 6 beers and popped 5 xans before. He never gives fucks and is down for stupid shit. I still live with my parents so I cant order xans to my home cause they know im a sus guy, they know what the deepweb is so I ordered to my other friend, lets call him, Bob. Bob is the very big, tall, shy guy who is crazy with drugs at that time.
The story beginns. I was sad and pissed off due to my psycho ex, so I met up with Jimmy, we started eating bars cause Jimmy still had some and we had nothing else to do, we were kinda xan addicted.
Next thing I remember is us, riding with our bikecycles to another district (25 minutes away) because we wanted to meat a dealer, who got some opioids (tramadol), the dealer is one of the nice ones, who u have a conversation with, but hes also a beast on steroids, probably 20 years in drug business, body full with tats, also head tats, hes a guy u dont wanna have beef with, so you dont wanna come late :D he also told us that we must be on time cause he is in a hurry or something. The next time I met him, he told me he was pissed cause we were 2 hours late, no fucking idea why it took so long, maybe not finding the way or something, fuck it. We still got the tramadol tho.
Next thing I know is I am on like 5 bars and 400mg, very fucked up, Bob invited us to his home because I ordered 100 xans to him that arrived, so we wanted to chill a bit and get the bars. He wanted to have some bars for letting me order to him so I gave him some, he took like 6, 7 or 8 in like half an hour and got knocked, we thought he were just sleeping cause he said before hes tired (???), but he was knocked as fuck, what I found out the next day, I laughed so bad thinking hes just asleep with mouth open on this little couch, head hanging in the air cause the couch too short. Suddenly its midnight, all supermarkets are closed and you werent allowed in germany at that time to go out after 10 pm due to covid19, but we gave no fucks and wanted to walk to the patrol station to get sum alcohol. We took our friend Bob in his bed and left (still no idea how we managed this, 2 skinny retards carrying a 120kg being ko (we still laughing, thinking hes just sleeping)).
So I am on like 7 bars now and 500mg of tramadol, jimmy had about the same amount. We were walking on the main street from my district, not minding that cops are driving all the time around to check no one is outside due to lockdown. Pretty stupid with like 80 pressies and brass knuckles, if the Police would have seen us, we would have been so fucked, but that didnt happen luckily. I came to the idea that we could steal the alcohol, so we were like okay it's funny lets steal. We arrived and noticed that u couldnt walk in the store, you had to order what you want from outside, there was a window were you had to talk to the employee. But what dies last? The hope. We discussed with the employee if we could come in but he wouldnt let us, but atleast, we tried. I said, I dont see well, I need glasses, can we come in? He said no, I said I cant see what theres to buy can we come in? he said no, my friend said that it's easier to decide what to buy can we come in? he said no. So we obv didnt get in, we bought smirnoff and left. I sent my dad voice messages at like 3 am, he clearly heared im fucked up as fuck, not good. I offered jimmy to sleep at my place, we went to my house, we counted the xans like 10 times cause we always immediately forgot the amount, cause yk xanbrain=goldfishbrain we passed out.
I wake up and look to my friend jimmy. I didnt know who he was, I kept telling him other names, everytime I spoke to him I said another name and he was like "bro, im not "...", I am jimmy". I always thought im chilling with another person except jimmy, it was weird. He had to leave cause he had tennis lesson or something.
I bring him to the door and my dad walks to me, asks me if we took something. I said "no, every name but not jimmys name just slept here he, has tennis lesson, we are sober". Jimmy leaves and my dad says to me that I am so fucked up I dont even know who slept here. I was like "I am sober, look I can walk a straight line" (not a good idea) I found out I couldnt walk a straight line and so did my dad, he said I should go sleep and he was very angry Later that day my dad wakes me, says that Bobs dad (idk how he had the number) called, he wants to know what Bob took for drugs, Bob is not waking up, hes ko. Bob was knocked out like 15 hours or something, very dangerous and I was lsughing at him cause he slept so funny, I felt bad.
Yeah fuck that shit man. I didnt go to Bob for a long time, his mom even found a lil bag of xans from me on the stairs.
Dont do drugs.
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2021.12.02 04:51 waiwainoodles Thoughts on this Diamond for $1877 USD?

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2021.12.02 04:50 KodyGames Have you ever intentionally watched scary things on mushrooms, if so what was it like?

I’m watching a creepier DashieGames video right now, and i’m just wondering how I would feel watching this on mushrooms.
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2021.12.02 04:50 doingyourmum69 Preworkout recommendation in place of gorilla mode?

So I live in Australia, which has like the highest number of restricted products on the entire gorilla mind status page (https://gorillamind.com/pages/status). I was gonna buy some a while ago, but postponed it, then went to buy some recently and bam! It's not banned. So does anyone have any recommendations of loaded preworkouts to get instead? I have seen some good ones but I manly don't want beta alanine in it at all, cause imo it isn't worth it.
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2021.12.02 04:50 netreth96 An-124 Condor landing [4801 × 2418]

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2021.12.02 04:50 areyouboredyet97 Share music/chat

anyone want to chat or share music, 20+
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2021.12.02 04:50 master_at_winning Western Australia, a state almost no one can visit, to pitch itself to tourists as ‘safest place in the world’

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2021.12.02 04:50 spiritedaway17 Should I Quit?

I’ve been working as an uncertified MA at a primary care clinic for 5 months. I work with a certified full-time MA, who has been working here for 15+ years and is the backbone of the office. Recently, she has decided to quit and go back to school to be a nurse. They’ve hired a new person with 10+ years of MA experience in OBGYN to start this Saturday. The new MA will only have 2 weeks of training with the current lead MA before she leaves. When she leaves, I know the office will go into chaos. We’re already short-staff as it is, but the doctors want to see as many patients as the schedule can squeeze in. Recently, my workload has increased and I’m expected to do things outside of my job description. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by it, and I know it’ll just get worst once the lead MA leaves.
I’m thinking of putting in my 2 weeks notice this Saturday - the same day the new MA will start working. I realized it’s awful timing, but I’m just done with these doctors. I really wanted to hold out on quitting so soon because I didn’t want the new MA and my replacement to feel overwhelmed by the workload. I also feel bad for making my coworkers deal with the mess I’d be leaving them with. However, I just can’t tolerate the BS of the doctors anymore.
There’s ZERO communication between the doctors and MAs and a lack of management, which negatively affects the patients. The staff will complain to the doctors and a manger, but they do nothing to address it. The manager is pretty much unhelpful since she’ll just say “I don’t know” whenever I asked her something. She recently got mad that I was going to the assistant manager for questions and concerns instead of her, telling me to go to her first from now on. But how can I when she’s never around the office for me to talk to her. She’ll come to work late and leave early. The time in between is when I’m too busy with patients to even go talk to her. I’ve had coworkers yelled and lectured at by one of the doctors over simple issues and while they were in the middle of working.
The doctors are greedy and shady people, who try to milk as much money from their patients as they can. I feel disgusted and frequently question the ethics of the doctors, as well as consider if I could report them. (I even question my own ethics because I’m still working here.)They’re infamous in the area I live in, but I didn’t know that until later. My grandmother used to be a patient of theirs decades ago and had an issue with how they billed her. My grandmother’s home health aide has a couple of her patients visit these doctors and has advised me to quit. My best friend’s father had a terrible experience with the doctor too. Heck, even my dentist and pharmacist heard of them and hates them. It was said that the doctors were associated with a pharmacy owned by the doctor’s sister that was shut down due to insurance fraud. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dabbled in it to, considering what I’ve heard at this office.
As someone who wants to work in healthcare as a PA in the future, I’ve become pessimistic that everywhere and every doctor is like this and really reconsidered if I want to continue working in healthcare. Before working here, I was so bright-eyed and motivated to become a PA, but now… I don’t even want to apply for another healthcare job to get my PCE. I don’t want to have this mindset. I really enjoy interacting and taking care of the patients at this clinic, but the doctors really make me doubt everything.
So, my question is… should I quit? Will it be an asshole move to quit now rather than later?
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