Is my Tight End Good?

2021.12.05 12:22 lleTwaSoehT Is my Tight End Good?

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2021.12.05 12:22 _life_goes_on_ Tivoli 2021

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2021.12.05 12:22 b1gb00tyjudie Winter in Amsterdam

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2021.12.05 12:22 BigCockChronican John Prescott seems to be doing well

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2021.12.05 12:22 ideknonon11 Iss 22 saal ki rand chud chud k gand aur chuchi milf jaisi bana kaise todoge rand ko?

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2021.12.05 12:22 dinosra Ξέρει κανείς το κανάλι "ένας αέρας"?

Σήμερα εκεί που έβλεπα Youtube βλέπω ένα κανάλι ονόματι "ένας αγερας" και το βίντεο είχε αρκετές προβολές και σχόλια σε διάφορες γλώσσες μεταξύ αυτών και ελληνικά. Και βλέπω ότι έχει 1 εκατομμύριο εγγραφές και το πιο δημοφιλές βίντεο του έχει 200 εκ. προβολές. Γενικά κάνει βίντεο με σειρές κλπ. αλλά δεν ήξερα ότι υπάρχει ελληνικό κανάλι με τέτοια απήχηση. Εσεις το ξέρετε?
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2021.12.05 12:22 Omi9878 Everyone who said Mosey wouldn’t drop on 10th feelin “🤡” rn

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2021.12.05 12:22 RelaxyCalm Just accidentally alched an impling and now I feel like a monster

What happened to the impling? Did it turn into gold? RIP in peace little imp
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2021.12.05 12:22 Environmental-Art792 The only multi-player remake that we need

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2021.12.05 12:22 Noodle_soup_eater Why is payback so hard

Why I just wanna cassualy play but my 300 prosche can't beat measly 170 cars
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2021.12.05 12:22 andreadd-it Criteo Resellers?

Hello, does anybody know an agency or a company who can resell Criteo? We would like to integrate it in our prebid client stack. We tried contacting them directly but no reply.
Thank you
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2021.12.05 12:22 dreamytunes What to do when someone dislikes you for no reason?

So here is the short story of what happened: I had a “social meetup” after an event yesterday and it was supposed to be kind of a networking thing. I don’t want to share too many details but basically it was after a creative event we all got to participate in. There were people of all ages mostly 20-40 I think I was the youngest there and only about 12 people were there. I really struggle with anxiety so when I showed up I was so nervous to go in and was waiting to see if I recognized any faces (we have never met before except for online for this event). I’m (20f) for context and the person I am describing was probably (28m) I assume he is gay which doesn’t matter but I wouldn’t of approached him probably if he wasn’t. Anyways I saw him walking in and parked my car and was really friendly and asked if i could walk in with him. He said yeah! and i was like thank you i didn’t see anyone at the front and didn’t want to go in alone. I didn’t think that what i did was rude but maybe he didn’t like that ? Fast forward everyone shows up and we are sitting at a table it’s a long table and I ended up next to him. I didn’t think anything of him not likening me until the next day but in hindsight i can see. He asked for the girl across from me for her instagram and later i was getting everyone’s and wasn’t going to not ask him so he followed me and i followed him then this morning he unfollowed me. I know this is so thought out and stupid but I struggle putting myself out there and now i wonder if I really am just annoying or weird. The other people i talked to were super cool and we got along. I just can’t shake the feeling of why he didn’t like me. Was it because I was overly friendly to him ?
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2021.12.05 12:22 npo6Jlema Sheesh

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2021.12.05 12:22 DiTheGrey Mining mode scan doesnt work

I have a prospector - went to aaron belt to mine after changed the laser to lancet
But when I try to scan asteroids that was marked with ping (TAB) - they dont light up and scan doesnt start for some reason. Tried re-entering pilot seat, turning systems off/on.
Anyone know how to fix this? :(
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2021.12.05 12:22 RepresentativeNo2871 Can we see this in game?

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2021.12.05 12:22 MightyCaseyStruckOut AFI - Sing the Sorrow (Lunchbox Records - Bootleg)
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2021.12.05 12:22 Egri_YT Where did the years go

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2021.12.05 12:22 Mr_Tominaga Me🎁irl

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2021.12.05 12:22 Hywaystar74 Watch: Priest Yells "POPE YOU ARE A HERETIC!" at Pope Francis

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2021.12.05 12:22 KloggKimball National Conservatism as Edward Śmigły-Rydz

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2021.12.05 12:22 _The_Mauve_Avenger_ Do you think we’ll be getting out of the hospital today dad?

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2021.12.05 12:22 Quiz0tix A decade long stunlock

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2021.12.05 12:22 metalconfection HH Holmes = Triple H??

ask questions
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2021.12.05 12:22 Acrobatic-Kangaroo46 Are there any Marina songs that you don't really enjoy except for one line/section?

For me, the lyrics of Purge the Poison are too overt and those themes could have been done in a much less 'in your face' type of way. I understand the motivation behind the song, but it just feels like a load of sociopolitical ideas crammed into a song with nothing else said about them beyond it. Choosing to focus on one specific issue, like she did in Man's World, would have made the focus much better than just casually mentioning lots of important problems and glossing over them in a line or two.
However, I think the small section below
"Earth is like a white rose Quiet cloud of petals fold A place so corrupt where Angel flesh and blood is sold The feminine is born as new Started with a diamond dew"
is so well written. A lot of thought went into those lines and the images are really interesting. It's strange to think that they appear in a song with the line "mystical bitches making our own sisterhood".
Are there any songs you can think of that you don't enjoy listening to except for one line or section that you find really well written? And what is the line or section you do like from the song?
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2021.12.05 12:22 Jazzlike-Ad2525 I wish I could wear a sign.

I wish I could just wear a big sign around my neck that says something like I'm very depressed bear with me while I work on it.
And then have people understand and work respect it.
I want to scream about it.
Because I'm tired of feeling like I can't let it show. Like I Have to be a big strong man.
The truth is I am figuring it out. I am getting better. But it's a struggle. It's hard and it has taken its toll on me physically and mentally over the past 25 years.
I'm done hiding my pain. I'm tired of feeling sad. I'm ready to be angry for not living my life for wasting my time on this self hatred self loathing.
I'm done being overweight because it hurts to move and because nobody feels pain while eating a fully loaded meatball sub.
I need the freedom to work on myself and let the world know if I'm not doing great today just give me time.
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