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Would you guys support stand your ground laws for private businesses?

2021.12.05 08:36 real_life_groot Would you guys support stand your ground laws for private businesses?

I’ve been thinking about this recently and I’ve thought that if I was a store owner and looters tried breaching my store, I would want to be armed and I think it’s justified to shoot people who don’t leave the property and pose a danger to you. Would you guys support legislation protecting these stand your ground situations?
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2021.12.05 08:36 Pavel-Romanov New York City boys, 1949.

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2021.12.05 08:36 tHlQhb Would getting an account like this even be 1% possible on a f2p account t? Lol

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2021.12.05 08:36 HLMenckenFan I said it and meant it

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2021.12.05 08:36 rikoen [WTB] Ribcracker eth / eth+zod / non eth

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2021.12.05 08:36 Voipray Questions about Culinary

A family member of mine who's currently working for Epic has recently suggested I apply to work there, I thought he was pulling my leg at first since he knows I only have experience in food (I make pizzas for a living, yeah haha I'll just work medical software company with you~) but was shocked when he told me about the culinary staff, even more shocked when I got to try their food at a company picnic (pre covid obviously, i forget what year). However I haven't seen much on here in regards to the specifics of the hiring process or work environment of the food related positions, so I would really appreciate some answers to my questions from anyone with enough insight!

  1. Do the culinary staff qualify for the same benefits as people working software? Namely the sabbaticals. I see that mentioned everyone as one of the big perks of working at epic, but does that apply to someone like a dishwasher or a prep cook aswell?
  2. How often does epic hire culinary staff? Is it particularly hard to find a spot on the team even with good work experience or do allow is it fairly common for new blood to enter in? And for that matter how big is the culinary staff? Big enough that they can be picky about who they hire? or are there times where they're desperate for applications.
  3. How busy are the lunch/dinner rushes on campus? Similar to what one might expect at a typical restuarant in a commercial area, or slower? (Or worse somehow...?)
  4. To anyone specifically involved with the bakery, do you ever have to come to work extremely early to have things made fresh by the time non-culinary employees arrive?
  5. How much room is there for upward mobility? If I applied for any entry level position like Bakery steward or prep cook could i eventually use that experience to get a promotion to a higher position?
  6. As I personally intend to apply as a Bakery Steward, what are the specific duties of that position? I can see it's some manner of an assistant role but so far the only thing I know I'd be doing for sure is scooping cookie dough and serving ice cream. Any specifics beyond that would be great to know.
  7. Kind of a minor one but what are uniforms like?
  8. What's the interviewing process like? Is there anything I would be well served knowing before any phone calls? Does it take awhile to hear back from the company or do they keep things fairly quick.
    And this is odd but i saw a post from like three years ago on here that mentioned something about some sort of coding test being involved with the interview process of ALL positions, including culinary. Is that still a thing? And if so whaaaaat am I expected to do during it? Should i be worried about it?
  9. This last question more comes from a lack of experience with companies this large but, how is management like? Particularly whats the managerial structure like, who would an average linecook or steward take orders from? Is taking time off as simple as tapping your supervisors shoulder and letting them know or do you have to take that up with a department in the company? I've only worked in restaurants and fast food, I'm used to seeing the person who writes my paycheck everyday as I walk through the door so a place as big as epic seems daunting for a noobie.
Again, any insight or answers would be incredibly appreciated! I'm really excited by what I've seen and learned so far, and I'd like to be as prepared as I can be.
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2021.12.05 08:36 YetiGoated Madden 22 Fantasy Draft 😈 reg Xbox 1 (6/32) join up no rush we’ll draft when we’re full .

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2021.12.05 08:36 JuicyJudgment This is hour I start every single build, art or not. How do you build?

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2021.12.05 08:36 cmnnewsofficial Cardano (ADA) Hits 1 Million Wallet Staking

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2021.12.05 08:36 Splash-Lotus8 [My art] Basil in the sun with a cat

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2021.12.05 08:36 lifeforms_91 (Over18) Wishing you all a nice Sunday ! xx

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2021.12.05 08:36 posadainkbsf21 Respeto

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2021.12.05 08:36 Techlogic_Techniques 'We have plenty of food': Pantries coping with demand amid inflation, supply-chain issues

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2021.12.05 08:36 Silver-Clock510 Evil laughing, footsteps on roof, unexplained shit

Literally as I'm writing this I'm hearing footsteps on my front porch. It's 4AM and no one should be out there but u got me bent if u think I'm going to check to see who/what it is. They're just pacing back and forth from where the steps to get on the porch are to right outside my window and even banging on the wall right beside my bed. My family and I have been experiencing paranormal things heavily for I think 4 days now, and we did before but they stopped for around 3 months and have just started up again. There's alot to it but I'm gonna do my best to copy & paste it all together from a previous post I tried to make but it got removed.
So for the past few months my bf and I have started living alone together in a house we previously lived in, but with his grandmother. She moved out when we had our son, so now just us and our 3 month old. It started before she left tho.
We are surrounded by woods on every side, the back side being the thickest and the 2 on either side of the houses being thin and you can actually see through them in the fall/winter. Neighbors on all sides, most being family, but to the back it's a long gravel driveway that leads to I think 3 different houses so still probably a half a mile/mile of woods in that direction.
Anyway, we heard a whistling sound in the woods. Not like what you're thinking, but an actual human whistle, and it didn't really seem too scary at first, we assumed it was some crackhead or someone walking or something, but then it started bouncing from being heard on the left side of the house in the woods to directly in front of the houses in that patch of woods. Then back and forth and occasionally to the right of the houses. Moving in-humanly fast never stopping. We heard that only at night and every night for at least 2 wks, then on random nights scattered here and there.
Bf was actually convinced that it was someone messing around on our property so one night when the whistle was closer to the house than normal he loaded a gun, got a flashlight, and went to investigate while I stayed on the porch of the bigger of the 2 houses on the land, closer to where the whistle was at that moment. He walked to the tree line and said something to the effect of "whoevers out here needs to leave or I'll shoot" just in case it was some of his family that lives around us messing around in the woods. He said he heard something rustle the leaves on the ground too close for his comfort so he shot at the ground in front of him to try and scare it/them off, and immediately after that the whistle stopped. We heard it on different nights down the line but never that close after that, and started to notice that if it was silent outside and we talked about the whistle it would appear. I started joking that it was a skinwalker trying to scare him. No clue what it actually was.
Not sure how long after, bf and I were in the bigger house on the land in the kitchen about to walk to the front door and leave to come back to our house. There's a hallway connected to the kitchen as ur walking out to the right and straight ahead is the living room and front door. Im walking behind him and as we're walking out I pass that hallway to the right and am facing the door my back to the kitchen now. My face/right eye was sorta covered by hair so my view was obstructed but I saw someone beside me in the hallway and it was normal for bfs mom, who lives in that house, to wake up randomly and take her dogs out during the night especially when we were over there making noise so I figured it was his mom although all I saw out of the corner of my eye was a dark figure about my height.. It was too late for me to move out of the way since I was already halfway past the hallway mid step, so I didn't have time to avoid bumping into her. I felt myself bump into her and brush against her shirt. After I passed I turned to Apologize to her but when I turned around there was no one there. The house was mostly dark and everyone was asleep. So naturally I grabbed the back of my bfs shirt and pushed him and said "GO! NOW!" And we ran back to our house. When I told him he said he didn't see anything there when he passed that spot.
Then I had our son and his grandmother moved out. Maybe the 2nd or 3rd morning being alone in the house we wake up and he tells me how he woke up in the middle of the night to some almost dramatic laughing. He didn't say where the sound was coming from, but he said it was a man's voice.(I can ask more about what he heard if needed.) I didn't really believe him out of my own fear but I tell him it must've been scary and try to comfort him.
2 nights later, he was off work and was going to get up with the baby that night so we had switched spots in bed so I could sleep on the side I like thats up against a wall. I don't know what time it was, but I woke up in the middle of the night that night to the sound of a man laughing hysterically. Sounded EXACTLY like at the end of the Thriller music video when Vincent Price laughs creepily, but in a different voice and went on for much longer. So being ahlf asleep, I turn over to tell my bf to be quiet or he'll wake the baby, but bf is dead asleep. Baby is dead asleep. I can still hear the laughing, so this jarrs me almost fully awake and I sit up and now realize the laughing sounds like it's coming from right outside the wall beside our bed which means whatever it was had to be outside, either right at the wall or at the window above our bed but you got me bent if you think I'm checking to see who's laughing at probably 3 or 4AM so I just went back to sleep.
Whistling and laughing have stopped since winter came but have been replaced by creaking in the loft in our house that we stayed in while his gma still lived here, as if someone is moving around up there. I can see into the loft from the bed and couch (it's a tiny house) and I've never seen anything up there. But 3 days ago I heard the creaking again and looked up there from the couch but ofc found nothing. Looked around the house bc I was alone and freaked out, still nothing. Go to the door and flip on the porch light and look out the curtain, again nothing. But just as I am about to turn around to sit back down on the couch something touches my arm so I spin around scared out of my mind as to what/who I'll see when I do and... nothing.
Later that night I have to pick up bf from work so I'm driving along on this bumpy backroad at 9pm bc I refuse to take the interstate, and I come up on this sharp curve in the road. The road is fairly new to me so it surprises me and I hit my brakes and look in my rear view to see if there's any cars behind me about to rear end me for just randomly slamming on my brakes and I SEE A WHOLE FIGURE OF A MAN IN MY BACKSEAT AGAINST THE GLOW OF MY TAIL LIGHTS. I look at the road bc I need to turn or I'm gonna wreck and when I look back he's gone. I rushed to bfs job got & out of the car and waited for him bc fuck that.
Next night I'm home alone again while bf is at work and start to hear creaking in the loft. I'm scared so I start recording to see if there's anything and hopefully show myself there's nothing to be afraid of. I record the whole house back and forth a few times and in the video there's nothing in the loft the first time but when I come back there's what I see to be a face, a white aura looking thing at least. I start praying and getting my things together to go to the other house to wait for bf but my robe is in the bathroom which is under the loft, but I rush to get it anyways. As I'm walking out I'm looking up there and hear someone step on to one of the steps but see nothing. These steps make a very distinct noise when stepped on bc they're 2×4s. I just ran.
I tell bf what happened, we go back home, and we're sitting in our living room talking about it all when I hear something upstairs, then our front door slowly creaks open on its own. We went and talked to his parents and they said to ignore it, give it no power etc but his dad was a priest so he goes over and blesses the house and says everything is okay now and that we can go back or sleep over there at their house if we are scared.
We end up sleeping in our house and the only weird thing I can remember from that night is that I was awake late (which is a normal thing bc I have insomnia) like maybe around 2 or 3am while everyone else was asleep, and I heard a tapping on the wall right next to me on my left. My son sleeps in a thing that swings and it does make a rhythmic clicking but this was much different and much louder, but very much in sync with the swing and directly by my head outside the wall. Swing would click, then a loud tap. Back and forth for around 3 mins then stopped.
This would've been last night I believe, but I was up again alone while everyone else was sleeping. I was in bed next to my bf and our son was in his swing by the stairs. All of a sudden I hear what sounds like a broom falling onto another broom (like 2 pieces of thin hollow metal clinking together) towards the kitchen area so loud that I jump and get scared and wake my bf up to investigate but there was nothing that had fallen at all.
This morning the door opened on its own again and we heard a few creaks upstairs but nothing major. Now tonight, bf was walking from his mom's to our house and swears he heard the breathing of someone running behind him very close. No footsteps or leaves or anything just the breathing. I heard him scream when it happened, and a second later he rushed in, locked the door and told me what happened. We stayed inside most of the night.
Now I'm rewriting all this because when I started writing it I was hearing footsteps on my porch pacing back and forth then a loud bang on the same wall right beside me. At one point it sounded like it was on the roof above me. Then I heard someone take a few deep breaths right beside me as if they're inside the wall or sitting right beside me on the bed. I tried to wake my bf up but he's exhausted today so he doesn't want to wake up and I'm terrified. I don't know what's fucking with us but I want it to stop. Sorry for the long post. If anyone has any ideas about what's going on with us I'd love to hear it! Any ideas on how to get this shit to go away??
Also I have the video of the face or whatever but I didn't want to post it bc the house is still being worked on and the walls are still just sheetrock with plaster all over them lmao but I guess I can post it if I need to. And BTW, it's 5:30am as I'm finishing writing this and the footsteps have stopped for now.
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2021.12.05 08:36 PsychedelicMention "psychedelic research" in /r/UFOs: A bit off topic, but the more I follow UFO/UAP news and.. -- "IE: military and government psychedelic research, psychic.."

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2021.12.05 08:36 Nazamroth Saw an old favourite of mine on sale the other day, decided to have some fun again. Glad it starts without any bugs at all. /s

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2021.12.05 08:36 FIFAProfessional Finally sorted my defence, got rid of Le Normand

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