Fruit of the Loom boys Everyday Active Crew Socks - 4.49

2021.11.30 11:41 Jaidata Fruit of the Loom boys Everyday Active Crew Socks - 4.49

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2021.11.30 11:41 rolop195 QC LOW KARMA, ditemi che ne pensate

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2021.11.30 11:41 SticcDude Anyone remembers this roster?

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2021.11.30 11:41 qtqtc What's next? How to pronounce gif?

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2021.11.30 11:41 Cline_West Astrum Militia

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2021.11.30 11:41 WinterVersion9 Detail intro of teams in The Internet 1

Thanks to u/gk1713 's original post and add more details to help understand the meme.

Tencent - Team Little Penguin
Just as he says the team name is quite straightforward, since penguin is the trademark of Tencent's most product. So it seems have nothing to do with any memes, that's it.

Alibaba - Team Little Lucky Leopard
Unlike the previous one, this team name is very funny. Simply, Lucky Leopard in Chinese sounds the same as 'bliss' (check [1] if u want to know y). And as Jack Ma once said "Being able to work 996 is a bliss", Alibaba the company is now bound to 'bliss' the word in China.
\1]How "lucky leopard" sounds like "bliss"? It's about Chinese language.)
In Chinese, 'lucky'=福, 'leopard'=, but 'bliss' not associated with a single Chinese character, it equals to a phrase"福", the character"福" is totally as same as what u just saw(means "lucky", and ")" means "payoff", so a good payoff is like the bliss. and has the same pronunciation "bào".

ByteDance - Team Jiaxintang
This team name means the fans of [Jiaran], a Vtuber. But why this name? First, the Vtuber Jiaran along with her group is held by ByteDance. And, this Vtuber is EXTREMELY POPULAR(check this page in Chinese language if u want to know y) in China these days, to the extent that apart from Tiktok, the Vtuber Jiaran is definitely the most widely known stuff of the company.

Perfect World - Team DODO
Perfect World, who runs DOTA2 Chinese servers, gives this team name in the same way like the previous one: DODO is a Vtuber held by Perfect World, and it means a cute way of "刀刀" since DOTA in Chinese write as 刀(pronounce like DO)塔(TA). But, this vtuber is just come out and far behind Jiaran in fame. I mean basically, nobody knows DODO at all.

Kuaishou - Team Siiix
To introduce this team is complex. Let's start with the name "siiix". "siiix", with 3 'i' in the word, is a word created by themselves means "six six six", "666". Then, "666" is bound with Kuaishou the company(check [2] if u want to know y) so they make that team name. But it's not over. The team logo is the mascot of AcFun, which is a company acquired by Kuaishou. It's interesting that the logo and the team name belong to different branches of the Company, and u can check this page in Chinese Language if u want to know what's the funny point.
\2]What's "six six six" or "666"? Why it's bound to Kuaishou?)
About 666, I have read that it means devil or satan in some religion culture. And in popular culture like gopink hardbass or rap or sth, young people always make a six in their hands to show they r cool. But this "666" we are talking about is totally a different thing.
Begin with the number "6". "6" in Chinese character "六", pronounce the same as the character "溜" in "liù". And "溜" means "good/well". When someone impress u, u can say "u r so '溜' "/ "a '溜' job",or just a single word "溜". So when he impress u so much, you can continuously say a lot of "溜" to show your exciting feelings, like "溜溜溜溜溜溜溜溜...". But when surfing on the internet, u know, it's tiring to type too many words, so normally 3 of "溜" is enough. And, to type a "6" is obviously much easier than thayping a "溜", so "666" comes to a phrase, in short of a lot of "溜", means "very good/ very well".
And what's the bussiness of Kuaishou? Kuaishou is like another Tiktok in China, people share their life stuffs in the platform, but besides the dance shaking ur body, there are lots of videos in Kuaishou like "breaking a watermelon with my head", so that's really impressive, and it's quite the occasion to use "666". Indeed, using "666" in the internet origins from Kuaishou, and of course has become its identity.

miHoYo - Team Jiujiu
miHoYo‘s team name is from a meme pic(find in this page in Chinese Language if u want to know what the meme means) used as their logo. See the girl in logo, her pose is like the character "乆", which cannot be translated directly in English cuz its not an often-used word. Then, "Jiu" is its pronunciation in Chinese pinyin.

NetEase - Team Black Pig
NetEase is a big company in China, they have e-mail services, running a news website, made popular music apps, do well in PC games and are leading Chinese mobile games... and they also runs a pig farm, in which some of the pigs are black pigs that belong to a Chinese native variety that taste better. It's weird and funny a IT company runs a pig farm, so they got the nickname "pig company".
So they pick Black Pig as the team name.

Microsoft - Team Stiff
Microsoft company's Chinese name "微软", is a straight translation: "微" means "micro" and "软" means "soft". They have a widely known nickname "巨", means "huge and hard", and their team name is from this word. "巨" is like the word "姜", a word that means "stiff" but hybrid with a meme from Jiang "YYF" Cen(check the meme in [3]).
\3] What is "姜硬"?)
Jiang "YYF" Cen, champion of TI2, is now the most popular DOTA2 streamer in China. During streaming, when he or someone of his friends do dumb acts, they will joke the guy made mistakes that "seems like you are stiff"."Stiff" in Chinese is "硬", and "" pronounce "Jiang", which is Jiang "YYF" Cen's last name write as "". Then the phrase "姜硬" came out.
But, "姜硬" is not a Chinese phrase, so their English Team name translation just stays in "stiff".

Douyu - Team Shark DODO
Remember I have told you the origins of DODO of Perfect World the company? This DODO means the same as that do. Then, Douyu means fighting fish and they always use shark as their symbol, like penguins of Tencent. A flat team name.

Huawei - Team Men in Chrysanthemum
Huawei has a nickname of chrysanthemum company because its logo is a blooming chrysanthemum. So men in chrysanthemum means men in Huawei.
But that's not over. "菊内人(Ju Nei Ren)" is evolved from "局外人(Ju Wai Ren)", which originate from a long history Chinese wisdom(check the wisdom in [4]). "菊" and "局" has the same pronunciation "Ju"; "内" means "in" and "外" means "out" are antonymums.
\4]What is "局外人"?)
"局外人" means a man out of "局". But here, "局" is not some detail objects, but a range or an area. For example, u, me and a group of my friends go out together for fun, I and my friends talk a lot but u know nothing to say, on this circumstance, u are a man out of "局", out of the happy talkative atmosphere of me and my friends; In CN Dota2, when u pick heroes like Anti Mage or so, your teammates push lanes and destroy enemies' base in 15min when u are still farming for your battle fury, u are a man out of "局".
And if u really want to know what the "局" means, check this page in Chinese Language.

Baidu - Team aidu
"The leading Chinese IT industry was called BAT, for Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. But now people believe that ByteDance has taken the B from Baidu. So Team Baidu name themselves without B for meme but they also claimed that they wants to eliminate Team ByteDance to take B back. "
--from gk1713 good introduction.

Bilibili - Team LGB
LGD's Chinese character are "老干爹" and this team use "老干杯" and LGB in short. D stands for "爹(die)" and B stands for "杯(bei)". They come up with this because Bilibili the company's slogan is "Bilibili 干杯". The interesting thing is "干爹" is totally different from "干杯" in definitions(check [5] to see the difference).
\5]")爹" of LGD means "father without consanguinity", where "干" means "without consanguinity"; "杯" of LGB means "drink all wine in your cup", where "干" means "make sth empty".

Xiaomi - Team RUOK
RUOK is from their ceo's poor English in a release conference. After that conference many memes comes out, most famous one was a video titled as RUOK. (

JD - Team JD
"京东(Jing Dong)" and "基地(Ji Di)", their pinyin can all write as JD in short. And in CN Dota2, if you give up a game you can type "基地(Ji Di)" to all. "基地(Ji Di)" means base and in DOTA2 it's the ancient, typing that means just take our ancient and end the game, I will not resist.

Meituan - Team HOTLIQUID
It's memed on LIQUID of course. The most common seen hot liquid is hot water, there is a meme saying that in Meituan's office, the food cart only provide hot water.

Lilith - Team Super Mali
Lilith's team name combine Magnus and Lilith to Mario, really interesting right? Magnus is a mammoth, writes in Chinese "猛(Meng Ma)", Lilith in Chinese is "莉丝(Li Li Si)". Combine the bold word u will get "犸莉(Ma Li)". and Mario in Chinese is "玛丽(Ma Li)".

That's all. Hope I don't miss much it's my first English post.
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2021.11.30 11:41 badassito Increasing CPU Usage with low resolution videos

My 5800x is only about 50% utilized when encoding 480~720p videos. I think I can change the CTU from something like 64 to 32 and increase the number of threads used, at the cost of compression ratio. But I cant seem to find much information on it. How do you change the CTU in the GUI?
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2021.11.30 11:41 TheRealSchifty [WTS] Grips! Magpul, BCM, Ergo, and more! [IL]

Clearing out my furniture bin, here's a bunch of grips I don't need. All grips include screws, prices include shipping.

  1. Magpul MOE, FDE - brand new, no packaging - $15 (2 available)
  2. BCM Mod 1 (thinner style, no tab) - like new - $20
  3. BCM Mod 3 (thicker style, with tab) - lightly used - $15
  4. Ergo "Tactical Deluxe" Palm Swell Grip, OD Green - like new (Ergo does not include grip plugs with these) - $25
  5. Random 0° (?) benchrest style ergonomic grip - $10
Buy any two or more items and knock $5 off per item. PM me for any other offers.
Need a trigger guard? Have one for free:
I still have some mil-spec trigger guards and roll pins. Take one or take a few (just don't be greedy) all trigger guards will come with roll pins, or if you just need roll pins I can give you a few of those. These are free with anything else, or $4 for shipping by themselves (6 trigger guards, ∞ roll pins available.)
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2021.11.30 11:41 basicjorge do women actually like when they're approached by someone attracted to them?

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2021.11.30 11:41 OhioMMJReviews BR Grapefruit Sour Dream Trichome Picture

Saw people asking for some pics of trichomes, so I took some moderate quality ones.
This is from an ounce(28G) jar
Grapefruit Sour Dream Trichomes
Photo of the bud examined
Have a little BR jungle mac left I may post later if people are interested in seeing it
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2021.11.30 11:41 Hamsterpaladin Fellow Redditers,what is the biggest shame in your entire life?

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2021.11.30 11:41 httpsdyluhn for failed talking stages

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2021.11.30 11:41 WillowSmithsBFF Missing subtitles in MCC?

Is there a way to cut on in-mission subtitles for Reach in the MCC?
They’re there during cutscenes, but not in mission.
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2021.11.30 11:41 Wary_Height_ How To Cook JUICY Roasted Turkey Fillet || ROAST TURKEY BREAST In Oven. Recipe by Always Yummy!

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2021.11.30 11:41 Constant_Island_320 Please remember this.

I know everyone is a little let down at the moment.. but if we take a moment and take a deep breath all the major catalysts are ahead of us its not a matter of if its going to happen its when. I just pray that when all the things that are coming and are approved are stretch out a little not all dumped at once that way we build the momentum back up. Please take a moment and try to put yourself in Russ's shoes I personally can't imagine the weight he is carrying on his shoulders or the sacrifice he his team and his family are making to make sure this project is successful. If nothing else he is a fighter and wants to WIN going up against corporate America that has not yet fully accepted crypto. If Saitama does not make the correct steps lawsuits will follow everyone wants to place blame because he is bound by legal contracts. Every person heard it in his voice last night he so wanted to tell us so so bad but he couldn't....... just yet Saitama will bridge the gap between the corporate world and the decentralized movement we are all apart of try to grasp the full picture when he says we are in the big leagues thats no understatement the people that he is trying to do business with have an army of lawyers one mistake on the Saitama side could derail the whole project and me personally I want it done right... I know I know here comes the well he should not tell us something big is coming and then not deliver that is true definitely does not help the cause (in the short-term) but don't forget we all said we were in it for the long run.. let me share something with the Wolfpack my wife is trying to get her restate license and has taken her test a few times and failed a few times she has so much riding on her passing this lady that has been a mentor to her after she had failed the test a few times told her all you got to do is pass it once that when you pull up in your BMW no one is going to ask you how many times did it take you to pass same with Saitama when we reach our target goal no one is going to ask how long did it take holding through the dips all they are going to see is you pulling up in your lambo lol 😆 try to zoom out a little try to imagine what its going to be like when the Certik audit is complete and Saitamask is up and running and the big marketing deals are in full swing.. ITS GOING TO BE TRUELY AMAZING.
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2021.11.30 11:41 80Hijack08 What is the furthest meele range? I Wana see something dumb :D

I can't remember its name but something out there lets you become like a tree and get up to 40 feet of meele range or some bs,I forget how it worked and what to see if somone else remembers or knows
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2021.11.30 11:41 daneza1010 T99 TOKEN PRESALE LEFT ONLY 50 BNB

Don't miss is last chance ❗️
🪙 Tokenomic
▫️ Token Name : T99 Token
▫️ Token Symbol : TNN
▫️ Token Decimal : 17
▫️ Token Type : BEP-20 (Binance)
▫️ Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 TNN

🔆 Contact Address 🔆
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2021.11.30 11:41 al3xa_ Getting the EU Covid Pass

Hi! I’m an American flying into Copenhagen and traveling onto Sweden in a few weeks. I am planning to attend a few Swedish hockey games during my trip but the new vaccine pass system does now allow my American vaccine card. Is it possible to convert my card to the EU green pass in Denmark? I know it is in other countries in Europe, so I just wanted to know.
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2021.11.30 11:41 Affectionate-Row633 Earthbound Damage cart

Just looking for opinions. I have a authentic copy of Earthbound, but the cart has some damage on the front. Was thinking of getting a cheap repro and change the front portion.
Is there that big of difference?
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2021.11.30 11:41 Matchgirl42 Tip for those buying premiere club with bonds

I think there's a glitch, my premiere club this year - which I always buy at the beginning of the year with bonds, since it started - ended several months early. But support insists their records show I purchased it in November last year. And of course, there's no way for me to prove otherwise, because GE history doesn't go back that far (so I can't check when I purchased the bonds). I'm sure it's possible I did purchase in November and simply don't remember, but that doesn't match my pattern of always buying it at the beginning of each year.
HOWEVER. What I'm going to start doing from now on is screenshot my purchase of the bonds and then my use of those bonds to buy premiere club, with the date showing. (Easiest way to do this is on desktop with the tray clock.) And in case it is a glitch, I highly recommend anyone else buying premiere club with bonds do the same. That way we have our own records/proof in case it happens again/to you.
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2021.11.30 11:41 SenpaiMemeLord Vegan momento

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2021.11.30 11:41 Karuma_27 Why does this visual glitch happen? Its like a grid appears between the blocks. Can this be solved without OF?

Why does this visual glitch happen? Its like a grid appears between the blocks. Can this be solved without OF?
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2021.11.30 11:41 groovyihateit I think this would’ve hurt less if it had actually broken my ribs

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2021.11.30 11:41 JailbreakFan01 I think a hacker got into my account…while I was playing arsenal

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2021.11.30 11:41 sitonmyface16 dude anyone down for making a gold base

i wana get the dragon badge my id is 424504
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