raknn zab6h 9hfra eeh23 y2nz4 k4n89 9kai3 n84s5 9rbf7 bkaka 482dy nsi4n i43kb r4aef 6e27k y93yk 3ihnr 547dt hrh94 knsky 3e4nb [PS4] Price Check: 1k bone (how many caps should I price per bone?) |

[PS4] Price Check: 1k bone (how many caps should I price per bone?)

2021.12.01 11:54 I_burn_kids [PS4] Price Check: 1k bone (how many caps should I price per bone?)

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2021.12.01 11:54 kucoin2341 metamask, ledger and metahero

so i made a post 2 days ago where i was a little shocked but the problem was solved very easily so we dont have to talk about this

but today its a different topic today is the day where meta mask updated its browser extension to version 10.6.4

and ledger brought a firmware update not for the ledger live app but for the ledger usb stick its the firmware version 2.1.0

and now metamask and ledger dont respond anymore
u have 3 new options to connect ur ledger in the metamask options
the first is with ledger live app where it always kicks me out of the manager and the ethereum app
the second is U2F its only buffering and buffering and then it says this : "error transaction found as approved during boot - possibly stuck during signing"
and the third option is with webHID and this is the same u first choose ur ledger it says connected
and the u make the transaction nothing happens its the same as with U2F it buffers and buffers and buffers and then it shows the same error "error transaction found as approved during boot - possibly stuck during signing"
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2021.12.01 11:54 kitsunefo DNF DUEL BREAKDOWN FOR THE INQUISITOR

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2021.12.01 11:54 TeacherDaesha Could I make $1000/month online in addition to a full-time job?

I would love it if I could only give it 10 hours/week. Is there anything like that available online?
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2021.12.01 11:54 totallynotkairan Still funny the second time.

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2021.12.01 11:54 BADMANvegeta_ Could I have undiagnosed dyslexia?

When I was a kidwas always bad at math for some reason. I could understand the concepts in school, but when I would do homework or take tests I just couldn’t apply them and I didn’t know why.
Now I am an adult and I notice I get a lot of numbers (especially 3 digit numbers) or words mixed up and don’t realize it. It’s hard to explain, my eyes clearly see what the number is but for some reason my brain reads it the wrong way and I don’t be notice unless I read the number a few times.
For example a number could be 395 and even though I clearly see the number is 395 my brain will tell me it says 359. There’s been so many times where I typed an address into my phone or something and it took me like 3 tries to realize I mixed the numbers up. With words I always get vowels mixed up, like if a word has “ai” in it I might read it as “ia” or if it has “ie” in it I’ll read it as “ei”. The best example I can think of is this word from the Zelda video games “Lanayru”. My entire life I have read this word as “Lanyaru” and I only realized like a year ago how it’s actually spelled.
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2021.12.01 11:54 bordoisse IoTeX embraces MachineFi, a combination of machine and DeFi that unlocks trillion-dollar opportunity

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2021.12.01 11:54 Kyliesfeettt Unpopular opinion: sprite tastes terrible ! (F21)

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2021.12.01 11:54 SoftSelection Please pray for me. I’m receiving some news about my health today.

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2021.12.01 11:54 lowkeysam11 Any 11/29 customers got an update yet?

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2021.12.01 11:54 echoch4mb3r Criminally underrated songs you might want to not miss on -D3

Welcome to the third iteration. Sub is quiet these days so here you go. Hope you enjoy these tracks.
Sleep Token - Missing Limbs* (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reXbQ0fVw5Q)
'Cause it still makes my blood run cold To remember what I did before The stories that you never told to me And it still makes my blood run thin To remember what you are to him And I'll live like I've got missing limbs For you
Dan Owen – Icarus [Piano Acoustic] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIt91_UN5pU)
I should've been more than this I was gonna be something big But I never did anything at all Coming down as the sun comes up A new day starts but I just can't stop Now I know I never really had control
The Devil Music Co. – Second Star to the Right (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbQAyHwosR4)
We built our castles in the clouds, and we're not coming down Sailing on airships in the wind, not thinking about when it will end Because we're gonna live forever, like peter pan Second star to the right, on to neverland We're gonna live forever, while we can Second star to the right, trust me, take my hand
*I think most of you will definitely love the first track.
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2021.12.01 11:54 heavenisaplaceonyurt [LF] Mush Lamp DIY [FT] Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, items from your wish list, you name it!

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2021.12.01 11:54 crytoloover Hướng dẫn Swap

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2021.12.01 11:54 Known-Space996 Did I hurt her?

I need to understand if what I did was irredeemable because it's eating me up inside and everyone around me, men and women alike, are telling me to stop overthinking. I don't know if she was gaslighting me, or if she was very genuine with how she feels and I just am an idiot.
I'll try to keep it short and to the point. I knew this girl from when I went to high-school with her. She was really cute and she found me very attractive as well. We never did anything until years after HS. I was about 21 and she was 20 when we first started texting and rekindling. Thing's progressed pretty quickly since we told each other we were attracted to each other. She would text me out of the blue telling me she wishes she could grind on me all night, and she would tell me that she craves me and wants to see me so badly. She sent me a lot of nudes that I didn't explicitly ask for, but they were welcome as I found her so attractive, I never sent any nudes back(I am NOT for slutshaming, im just saying this for context sake). We didn't hang out for at least 1 year because life was really busy for me. A year later we finally got time to hang out but it was very rushed. We hung out, and maybe 10 minutes in we started kissing. Then, maybe 30 minutes later we were touching each other's privates and getting really hot and steamy. I thought she was super into it because she was smiling and locking eyes with me, so I was fingering her and she was jacking me off. We didn't finish, we paused. The sky was beautiful outside and so we went outside and she jacked me off until I came on the floor outside at a beach we were next to at night time looking at the stars. We did NOT have sex, nor did I even attempt. I did not have a condom and it wasn't the mood since we were short on time (I had to be somewhere and so did she).
The next week she basically sends me a paragraph saying she liked hanging out with me, but that "It was so scary how fast everything was happening and she felt like she didn't have control over her body" and she said "She is tired of people using her for her body and she will never put up with that ever again". I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED. I genuinely would never intentionally hurt a girl and if she ever even look like she wanted to stop, let alone verbally say it, I would've backed off instantly. I then immediately apologized because I felt so bad thats how she felt and I was really worried, I didn't even argue. We didn't have sex, I didn't pressure her to have sex, I didn't even force touching or anything we were gravitating towards each other after texting all horny for a year with pent up tension. I think what happened is she wanted something more from me? By that, I mean she wanted me to want her in a relationship sense, when I just wanted to satisfy my sexual urges and thats what she wanted too. I guess in the back of her mind she thought if she played it cool, I would approach her in a relationship sense. Either way, I was shocked. I felt so dirty. I felt so scared and confused. I was hurt before, did I really just hurt someone and not even know? I've hooked up with at least 30/40 girls in my life never having an issue, I know boundaries and respect, but this girl caught me completely off guard. Am I in the wrong somewhere?
PS. I KNOW that her sending me nudes and thirsty text messages is NOT consent, I just listed it for context that we were both clearly into each other as far as I knew. It was mutual. I am so confused. This happened almost 2 years ago and I can't sleep till this day. I feel like for some reason one day I will be "discovered" as some disgusting asshole that hurts women. It's the complete opposite of who I want to be. I respect and value women's sexuality and right to boundaries and respect. I feel broken inside. Maybe I'm anxious because the pandemic came, and I stopped seeing people as much and cancel culture is a big thing these days and I'm scared I can't shine or do what I want in life because I am dirty.
For context: I'm a male in my 20's. I was molested multiple times when I was a child by Women. It might be why I'm so sensitive to this because I know how it feels to be hurt and abused.
tldr; I hung out with a girl I was sexting with for a year. After we hooked up, she said it was scary how fast things moved and that she felt used. It made me feel terrible and I'm still confused and hurt years later.
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2021.12.01 11:54 Andirianbobh Presidents and Taoiseachs of the Celtic Union and Ireland

  1. Celtic and Irish Presidents: Eamon De Valera (Sinn Féin): 1921 - 1928 (Irish) Arthur Griffith (Sinn Féin): 1928 - 1935 (Irish) Douglas Hyde (Sinn Féin): 1935 -1945 (Irish) Sean T. O'Kelly (Fianna Fáil): 1945 - 1959 (Celtic) Michael Collins (Sinn Féin): 1959 - 1973 (Celtic) Erskine Hamilton Childers (Fianna Fáil): 1973 - 1974 (Celtic) Jim Sillars (Lucht Oibre): 1974 - 1981 (Celtic) Sean Connery (Fianna Cheilteach) 1981 - 1991 (Celtic) Mary Robinson (Lucht Oibre): 1991 - 1997 (Irish) Mary McAleese (An Páirtí Daonlathach): 1997 - 2011 (Irish) Michael D. Higgins (Lucht Oibre): 2011 - Present (Irish)
  2. Celtic and Irish Taoiseachs: Michael Collins (Sinn Féin): 1921 - 1945 (Irish) 1946 - 1951 (Celtic) Eamon De Valera (Fianna Fáil) 1951 - 1957 (Celtic) William Norton (Lucht Oibre): 1957 - 1961(Celtic) Brendan Corish (Lucht Oibre): 1961 - 1969 (Celtic) Jack Lynch (Fianna Fáil): 1969 - 1973 (Celtic) Liam Cosgrave (Fianna Cheilteach): 1973 - 1981 (Celtic) Fred McDermid (Fianna Cheilteach): 1981 - 1982 (Celtic) Dick Spring (Lucht Oibre): 1982 - 1987 (Celtic) Charles Haughey (Fianna Fáil): 1987 - 1991 (Celtic) Dick Spring (Lucht Oibre): 1991 - 2002 (Irish) Bertie Ahern (Fianna Fáil): 2002 - 2011 (Irish) Edna Kenny (Fianna Gael): 2011 - 2020 (Irish) Catherine Martin (Comhaontas Glas) 2020 - 2021 (Irish) Alan Kelly (Lucht Oibre) 2021 - Present (Irish)
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2021.12.01 11:54 barqers Moveing Invoices to Sales Orders

Is there a way to move an invoice that was created manually to a sales order?
E.g. If we had a contract for selling 5 widgets at $100 for $500, and we manually created an invoice 001 for 1 widget at $100, then our process changed so we create a sales order for 5 widgets at $100, can we go back and move invoice 001 against the new sales order?
Thank you
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2021.12.01 11:54 crytoloover All Crypto Market Prediction |Doge Coin|Dot Coin|Ada coin|Solana| XRP COIN|Mana Coin|Avax | TRX COIN

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2021.12.01 11:54 wigehal323 Yanet garcia onlyfans video 17

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2021.12.01 11:54 CraniumCracker1 How do I politely refuse a gift and apologize?

In short, my parents wanted to give me a really expensive present for Christmas. I knew about it, so I asked them not to buy it, as they’re working hard all the time and I want them to spend this money on themselves. After I understood that they won’t give up the idea, I decided to go with a more aggressive strategy, and when my mother called me, I explained (a bit aggressively) that I don’t really want/need this gift. They haven’t called me in days now, as they are a little disappointed. How do I apologize and explain my point of view? Thank you.
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2021.12.01 11:54 Noel-Brownn [H] watch series online free |www.dotstreams.com

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2021.12.01 11:54 crytoloover Cardano Time To Moon - ADA Is Fueled!

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2021.12.01 11:54 TrueInnerTurmoil I'm upset with my best friend for not introducing me to her new friends, even though she knows I am struggling in the friend department, and I don't know how to deal with it.

Obligatory on mobile. I don't know if I'm here for advice, or just to get this off my chest to some internet strangers, but I do know that the way I'm feeling is starting to eat me up inside. I tried to trim this down the best I could but it's still quite long so sorry in advance.
I'm gonna start with some context: Me (21f) and my housemate/best friend (23f) moved to a new city together in May 2021. We moved from my hometown/her uni city to a much bigger city 2 hours away. Originally, she was just moving on her own but due a multitude of reason like; -my mum moving away a few months prior to be closer to her extended family. -me no longer getting on well with my friendship group from school - my best friend needing a housemate in this new city
I decided 'fuck it, I'm young and there isn't much keeping me here now' and I said I would move with her. Additionally, my brother and father both lived in the same area as this new city and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get closer to them (divorced parents).
Now to the story: So we moved. Everything was awesome for the first 2 months while we settled in to our home and jobs, and generally explored the city a bit. (She started a new job, I continued working from home with the same company as before moving)
My housemate has her close friends from uni living here, and we would go out together occasionally but differing work schedules makes it hard to see eachother. And then, she also had her new friendships being formed with people from her new job. She started going on outings with these people, and I was glad to see she had found people to connect with outside of work hours, but it made me realize that I hadn't been able to make any new connections in the city myself. Soon enough it became apparent that, other than my housemate, I didn't have any friends up here to 'hang' with. The same way she does with her new friends now, and the way I did in my hometown with my school friends. I guess I had secretly hoped that, after a few weeks of getting comfortable with her new friends, she would start to invite me out with them sometimes. (This is something I have always done growing up, socialising the different important people in my life so they can all get to know eachother.)
But as it stands so far this hasn't happened. And because I am in the house pretty much 24/7, I'm really starting to feel so starved of social interaction that it's almost all I can think about when I'm alone. Let me preface that, I have put some efforts into making my own friends by going into my work office one day a week, downloading tindehinge, even going on the Subreddit to the city I live in to try and find some social events to attend. But so far these avenues haven't been successful, and now I'm at a place where I'm starting to get really upset whenever my friend leaves to go be with her work friends. Literally the second she leaves the house to see them, or messages that she won't be coming back home from work that night - it's like a punch to the throat and I start to cry because I know that I'm just gonna be sat home alone all night with no one to talk to, and no where else to go either. All I can do is try to distract myself but when you do the same things over and over, the distraction becomes less effective.
I don't blame her entirely for this, I know this is a me problem and not a her problem. But I can't deny that I'm not slightly pissed at her anyway. This is because I have mentioned a few times in the last few months that I'm feeling isolated and missing being around people and 'hanging out'. She was understanding to this and made suggestions on stuff we could do together or ways I could make some friends (the unsuccessful ways I previously mentioned). But the situation of me potentially going out with her and her work friends was never raised from her. This has lead me to think that she doesn't want to mix me with her work friends, and she wants to keep it separate. I can appreciate this sentiment, when you live with someone and see them everyday - you are going to want some time away from them, even if you love them.
However, If the situation was reversed, and my best friend had mentioned to me that they were feeling isolated and wished they had some friends, and was struggling to make any - I would want to help by introducing them to the new friends I had made, and inviting them out with us. In my head, that seems like the most obvious option right?
This past week has been the worst for intrusive thoughts regarding this. I know in my heart my best friend likes me and isn't doing this with malicious intent, but this situation is sabotaging my thoughts and making me believe there's some specific reason she hasn't introduced me to them. This is really taking a toll on me mentally, so twice this week I've told myself 'when she gets back from work, you are going to tell her how you feel and sort this out'. But then she gets back, and my fear of the outcome makes me decide it's not the right time, don't ruin the mood- and I act like nothing is wrong.
Ultimately, I know I should just sit her down and tell her how I'm feeling honestly. But i don't want to make her feel guilty for not acting and thinking in exactly the same way I would, or feel guilt tripped/forced into inviting me out with her new friends. Cause then, who is even having fun? It's going round and round in my mind constantly about whether the way I'm feeling is justified or if I'm being childish expecting my housemate to help me make more friends in this big new city.
If you have made it this far into my emotional rambling, then I truly commend you and I thank you greatly. Any useful advice is muchly appreciated.
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2021.12.01 11:54 Efficient_Lynx1036 Ruined relationship and made things pretty complicated by being deeply depressed and suicidal

I would like to start this off by saying I am doing better these days, but basically I'd spent around 6 years (ages 12-18) of my life in a deep depression. Around the end of this bout with depression I began seeing this girl. This girl also happened to be a family friend which is where this gets complicated. Basically, once I'd finally decided I was probably not going to live past that year (or that week even) I broke things off with her over text because in my depressed, confused mind I felt that would make my suicide hurt her that much less. After I failed to kill myself, I did try to explain to her why I broke up with her via text but I haven't heard anything for the last 3 years. Now, a few years later, she ask the family if she can come over for thanksgiving until she learns that I'm there. Keep in mind nobody but her and myself really knew why we stopped talking. Now I'm afraid she will reveal to my family that not too long ago, I was a suicidal mess. The entire situation is very saddening and I feel terrible about it. Not really sure what to do.
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2021.12.01 11:54 ZoobBot 189538

This is the 189538th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.01 11:54 Bonus1Fact Meadows Says Trump Lied About COVID Test Before Debate With Biden ¦ Newsy Rumble

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