Would having a universal branch of government be a good idea?

2021.12.08 00:52 Megasquash Would having a universal branch of government be a good idea?

The government branch would control the entire world and would be made of 10,000 people of varying social/ethnic backgrounds.
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2021.12.08 00:52 minimalista KSTXI #Dataplex – #00AG9603 – #TheGame23 mod 42.5 – #OpPSION :::Photo

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2021.12.08 00:52 returnofthemash Get the fuck outta my way and STAY OUTTA MY WAY!!!!

Yes I know you can always say excuse me but I shouldn't always have to say that and if you get outta my way and leave then fine but if you immediately come back and get in my way again the second I go to where I wanna go prepare to face my gun!
For example:
Your in the dairy asile looking for egg nog and someone is there at the exact place where you wanna get egg nog but the problem is that someone is there in the way and you wait for them to move instead of saying excuse me because your too pissed and irritated to say excuse me so you wait and then a few moments later they leave but then the second you go over there they come back there because they forgot something or something like that and it sends you into a pit of fucking rage!

Another example:
Your in line to pay for your shit and then the person in front of you is done in line so the very second your next they either don't leave or they do but then come back the second your next because they needed to ask the cashier something or something like that!
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2021.12.08 00:52 PikaGirl41114 26nb [friends] non-binary looking for friends

Just found out I was pansexual non-binary. I go by she they them. I'm Chrissie. Or Chrys. I'm 26. Married.
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2021.12.08 00:52 inkisious Untrustworthy Wife.

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2021.12.08 00:52 JakeWesterhof Question

I feel really ignorant, so I am seeking help. Can someone tell me the story of the creation of the first Boognish image?
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2021.12.08 00:52 JrMemeSpike The dedication though…

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2021.12.08 00:52 JackLOrtega (WTS) B&T TP9 telescopic brace/stock (CT)

Up for sale is a brand new TP9 telescopic brace/stock mount. These are brand new with the brace only mounted. Selling as a unit for those with a TP9 who want to SBR it later on. Package includes
B&T telescopic “brace” with tailhook
B&T stock (already mounted)
And all screws needed to mount/swap tailhook with stock.
Asking $650 shipped PP/FF (no notes) and if enough flair, GS (no notes) on your dime.
Dibs rules apply. PM me prior to calling dibs. Thanks.
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2021.12.08 00:52 ComingInHot707 r/gaysfordillon: the pig made his decision along time ago… He’s a great husband and father to his wife…

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2021.12.08 00:52 onionbby Possible Boost Leak

Hey all, sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question but I've noticed that when I'm doing spirited driving I can hear a pretty loud, somewhat high pitched noise from the front of the car. I've driven turbo cars before but never really noticed this sound. My boost reads normal, about 15 pounds at wide open throttle. I'm completely stock as well.
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2021.12.08 00:52 Sir_Minhoca New hostile mob: Chaser

Minecraft Feedback post: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/4415918332429-New-hostile-mob-Chaser
The Chaser (or HunteSeekePursueStalker, whichever you think suits best) is an uncommon hostile Overworld arthropod that can track the Player better than other mobs. They are somewhat inspired by the Combine Hunter from Half-Life 2.
Chasers have 4 long skinny legs and a small rectangular body, standing at about 2.5 blocks tall. They have a stinger between their legs that is used to stab enemies, though it does not do any poison damage. They have 4 big bright yellow eyes attached directly to their main torso that can be seen at night.
Chasers have 20 HP and do 5 ATK points at Normal difficulty. They are very fast, being just slightly slower than a sprinting player. They spawn in packs of no less than 3 and a maximum of 6 randomly in open areas, and have a huge line of sight of 64 blocks. They have a distinct howl that can be heard from very far away, so their arrival is usually expected.
Chasers use coordinated group tactics to take down the Player. When one chaser sees the Player, all nearby chasers are also notified of their presence. While one chaser pursues the Player in a straight line, the others try to flank them. Chasers have a pack mentality, once hit by another mob all nearby chasers become hostile towards that mob. On death, chasers make a loud screech, and drop only XP.
Chasers make the game more challenging, thus the game's difficulty can affect their spawn rates. They are meant to keep the Player at their toes and give the game a more unnerving atmosphere, as well as make use of the Bane of Arthropods enchantment.
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2021.12.08 00:52 Loose-Possible466 Purple and purplish blue outfit as requested. Snug and cute for the winter weather ✌🏾

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2021.12.08 00:52 No1PDPStanAccount Feel old yet?

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2021.12.08 00:52 David_Zemon Easy track for noobs (guests on my rig)

For the guy/gal who only drives 20 minutes a month or once in their entire life, what tracks would you recommend? I never thought this was too much of an issue until my dad was over and told me that Laguna Seca was just too hard and he could never remember where the turns were. It never occurred to me that Laguna Seca was a very hard track (and I still don't think it is, relative to some), but I do see his point. There are lot of blind corners on that track, and many many others.

So, I went to RaceDepartment and I found a remake of Gran Turismo 5's "High Speed Ring." I'll get him to drive that next time he's over.
But I'm looking for other suggestions similar to that. Really easy to drive tracks for a noob.
(This applies to others too, like neighbors, random friends, or even my wife.)
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2021.12.08 00:52 OperationBrokenLife If you had the resources to do so, what business would you start right now?

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2021.12.08 00:52 CK_Watt_ 'Failed to log in: The authentication servers are currently not reachable. Please try again.' (Mac version)

I have seen another thread about this, but the solution was given for Windows users. Anyone have a solution for Mac users? Thanks.
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2021.12.08 00:52 Alexray1 Issac Newton , a man who proved the truth prevails over corruption

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2021.12.08 00:52 poshfiend My cat is sick

I posted my cat Crowley in here recently and these past day he has been extremely sick. He has been vomiting and his voice is strained. He feels warm and gags anytime he tries eating.
He won't allow us to hold him/pick him up because he is traumatized from when we rescued him. The lady who we got him from had him in a colony outside with his brothers and sisters until he was 8 or 9 months old. She was taking very good care of all of them and you can tell she really loved them but couldn't keep up financially with the 10 or 12 she had in her backyard. He was feral and only allowed her to touch him. Well she couldn't afford to keep them and was rehoming them. To get him in our carrier she fed him ham and grabbed him from the nape of the neck and put him in our carrier. He freaked out and when we brought him home it took months for him to relax to the point of being really comfortable with us now. Unfortunately I think that whole experience traumatized him and now he will freak out around new people/being approached or petted with two hands or being held. He won't allow any of it. I can't coax him into any carrier as he won't get near them. Taking him to the vet is not an option unfortunately...
In a previous post I mentioned how we rescued our new kitten Charlie from a house where we think he was being neglected. He had a horrible eye infection (that we are still treating) and was so malnourished. He is so much better now. Very energetic, eats good, uses the litter no problem. But when we initially got him he would try eating the litter. We would always stop him and now just a week or two after getting him he has stopped doing that completely.
I am unsure if the kitten potentially passed something onto my older cat Crowley as he grooms my kitten occasionally. I am unsure of what to do.
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2021.12.08 00:52 1OfThoseCats Flag of the long lost Nordic Country where all video game legends come from.

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2021.12.08 00:52 Hi_Im_Stoned Stay stoned people

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2021.12.08 00:52 Academic_Contact_245 Can an Aquarius moon ever understand a Scorpio moon?

I've been talking to this guy and I understand the rest of our charts very well but I'm tripped up by our moon signs. He's an Aquarius moon and I'm a Scorpio moon. I feel like the rest of our charts are so compatible and we get along so well but I'm afraid to open up because I'm worried I'm too generally intense and I'll scare him off.
Anyway, I was wondering if there's any chance a Scorpio moon and Aquarius moon could ever really understand each other and be compatible if you ignore the rest of the chart.
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2021.12.08 00:52 51stsung Multiplayer in Halo:MCC

I recently bought the MCC and have started playing CE, but only the campaign. I'd like to experience the multiplayer too, so I have a couple of questions
Where do I start? I'd imagine that CE, being an old game, isn't as good as the other multiplayer portions
Do all the games still have an active playerbase or am I going to sit through 20 minutes of matchmaking?
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2021.12.08 00:52 Helmec Late-Triassic phytosaur Redondasaurus at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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2021.12.08 00:52 ezranilla whoever didn't break their boxes down, your mom's a hoe

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2021.12.08 00:52 Agreeable_Alps7256 H: A bundle of weapons w:ffr or explosive railway rifle offers

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