Communications Manager’s response to the Console FOV Slider!

2021.12.09 11:03 TheHappyItalianMan Communications Manager’s response to the Console FOV Slider!

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2021.12.09 11:03 Guilty-Choice-5271 [PA] Refusing Public Pick-Up

My STBXH is refusing to be reasonable about pick-ups.
First, I asked him to please stay at his vehicle when he picks the kids up at my house (which hardly happens anymore as they are usually picked up at school.) He ignored the request and continued marching right up to my door. Because I didn't want to make a scene infront of my kids, I got a porch camera with video and sound so I'd at least have some "back-up" if he continued trying to intimidate me.
The first time he picked the kids up in a public location (because I didn't give him the address of where I was, intentionally) he came and got our 7yo son from my vehicle while I was working on getting our younger child from her car seat and lingered there for far too long.
So, for pick-up after Thanksgiving I specifically asked him to stay him his vehicle and I would bring the kids out to him. I said if be couldn't manage that, I would meet him somewhere public (and more convenient) instead. He didn't respond so I hoped he would just do it. He, instead, marched right up to my family members front door and tried to walk right in, if I hadn't blocked him with my body, he would have. He stayed there, attempting to make small talk while my kids were almost all the way to his vehicle. My family member has dementia and was incredibly confused by the whole situation. I was completely rattled.
Now, for pick-up after a Christmas event at another family member's house this weekend, I did not give him an option for picking the kids from there, as I didn't want a repeat of Thanksgiving. I told him I would meet him at a public place nearby. He explicitly told me he would not pick them up anywhere BUT right from the door of my Family's house.
I have a message in to my lawyer but she already told me I can't file a PFA unless he physically hurts me, even though the panic his presence and intimidating tone and posture makes me feel like I am having a heart attack.
He claims I am truing to "manipulate him" by not allowing him to pick the kids up wherever he wants, including the homes of my family. He has already been proven to be stalking me, he actually bragged about it and tried to throw my own location in my face as a threat -I don't want him anywhere I am at any point I can avoid it - mostly because I don't want my kids seeing him treating me like that.
LSS: can someone refuse a pickup location if it is public and not further than their "preferred" location? Is there any way to keep my ex away from me?
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2021.12.09 11:03 Bencuri0n The other side is screwed whatever weapon is used...

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2021.12.09 11:03 hopelesssloth1 Legal age for getting a tattoo

Hello. I am turning 16 next month and want to get a small tattoo on my chest, but before all that I want to make sure if 16 is the legal age for getting tattoo.
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2021.12.09 11:03 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar OneLedger (OLT) event: Telegram AMA - December 14, 2021

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2021.12.09 11:03 EvenEvie Nice, cold morning with ROTK extended version

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2021.12.09 11:03 GameOnBrother Terminator: Resistance Annihilation Line DLC Review

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2021.12.09 11:03 patoambitna At least they're becoming self-aware

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2021.12.09 11:03 Jabberjunky Congress likes web3? They know now they need it!

If the Government thinks taxes will pay for new spending they need crypto to be profitable for Americans. Crypto could be the new export to replace oil because it is a gateway to US DOLLARS. MOST crypto is traded in stable coins backed by usd. This will expand the money supply and add value to the dollar. They are finally acknowledging this Fact. btfd
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2021.12.09 11:03 funkynotorious Let's destroy the education system to hide the problem.

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2021.12.09 11:03 himejeremiah roast me part 1

i have a fat nose i guess
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2021.12.09 11:03 SupperTime Question about Shionne (Arise Spoilers)

Why was Shionne captured and placed on the train? I don’t think this was ever answered.
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2021.12.09 11:03 tuna_in_a_can Another take on Ayato based on leaks

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2021.12.09 11:03 astromuc I hate my Capricorn 10th House.

I have a 10th capricorn with Saturn (afflicted) in my 7H conjunct Pluto. Career has been a huge part of my life. I have been extremely ambitious and been going through a lot to achieve success, fame, and money (Capricorn traits) in my business (7H house theme). I am sensitive and generous to loved ones and friends. But in my career, I am rather calculated and level-headed (still very generous with partners and people who work for me, though) I want power and want to be recognised more than pure money ( I got some decent sum after much struggles). The problem is my life should look pretty solid careerwise now. I dont need to for money anymore. I should focus on my hobbies, family and taking care of myself. However, I feel that I cannot really do that yet. I feel something is missing and part of my wants to move my career to the next level where I will achieve bigger recognition, power and fame that I know I deserve. Is that crazy? I know Saturn is forcing me here and I hate it (me) at the same time.
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2021.12.09 11:03 Myzizimyz mina_irl

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2021.12.09 11:03 ghoof The biggest crypto lending company is a massive ponzi scheme

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2021.12.09 11:03 minersuccessful Shame

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2021.12.09 11:03 RustinJustin Just a reminder that these people won't just come for normal guns. but also your kid's toy guns.

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2021.12.09 11:03 Livid-External-4489 Yo Adrianne... Trent Reznor be talkin bout you

i bet you think this song is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you...
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2021.12.09 11:03 Lfvbf New ability for Magcargo (and Typhlosion).

Magma Core: User is treated as if it were in Sunny Day (boosted Fire moves, Solar Beam and Morning Sin are boosted, reduced water damage); does not affect Allies; ​Does not stack with Sunny Day;
Note: Under Hail/Sandstorm ability does not protect against passive damage; Under Rain the ability and outside weather cancel itself out.
Idea of the ability is based on that infamous "as hot as the sun's surface" Dex entry as a way to buff a really subpar pokemon.
Magcargo is terrible, it has awful defensive typing, is slow and has mediocre offensive power, this ability is mainly a way to alleviate said issues.
Under Sun it's not 4× weak to water but rather 3.2×, which is still a lot mind you but on the weaker lower tiers it's actually really noticeable.
0 SpA Lumineon Scald vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Magcargo in Sun: 100-124 (30.9 - 38.3%) -- 93.5% chance to 3HKO
16 SpA Lanturn Scald vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Magcargo in Sun: 112-136 (34.6 - 42.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
0 SpA Jellicent Scald vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Magcargo in Sun: 124-148 (38.3 - 45.8%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
It also allows it to run Solar Beam, which while not impressive without STAB or investment it's still a 120 base power move that can heavily threaten Ground and Rock types with heavy damage on a switch.
0 SpA Magcargo Solar Beam vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Quagsire: 448-528 (113.7 - 134%) -- guaranteed OHKO
0 SpA Magcargo Solar Beam vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Sandaconda: 212-250 (60.9 - 71.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Does it help Magcargo in getting viability at all?
As an added thought experiment, I gave this ability to Typhlosion as well.
Typhlosion is much faster and is stronger than Magcargo normally but it has a shallow movepool, a better but still poor defensive type and ok but not amazing power.
With an access to perma sun powered Eruption complemented by Solar Beam and Focus Blast, how good is it actually?
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2021.12.09 11:03 WilsonTeresa223 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in TX Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Rayburn Dentistry Pedodontist Brookeland
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Alamo Heights
Cardinal Logistics CDL A Truck Driver Fair Oaks Ranch
Forever 21 Sales Associate Dallas
MTG Services Trainer - Mortgage Underwriting Dallas-Fort Worth
SunSmart Windows and Doors Entry Level Marketing Representative Dallas-Fort Worth
ADT Security Services Remote Call Center Agent Dallas-Fort Worth
EZ Scripts Pharmacy Outside Sales Representative - Pharmacy Dallas-Fort Worth
Reconstruct Roofing And Contracting Commercial and Residential Roofing Outside Sales Position Dallas-Fort Worth
Horn Solutions, Inc. Accounting ManageController East Houston
Target Team Leader Houston
2nd To Last Resale Part time 1 Floor superviser& 2 sales & customer service Houston Heights
Nelson Staffing Residential Sales Representative Jbsa Ft Sam Houston
AcceptanceNOW Customer Services Representative (Bilingual Preferred) North Houston
Staff Solve Lead Development Associate North Houston
Iora Health Field Sales Representative North Houston
Clayton Services Bilingual Payroll Specialist North Houston
American Clutch & Equip Company Inside Sales/Service Rep North Houston
H&R Block Experienced Tax Professional - NW and NE Houston North Houston
MBKHire Medical Sales Representative North Houston
Insurance Claims Associates Field Auto Appraiser North Houston
Metro By T-Mobile Sales Representative South Houston
Fiesta Mart Fiesta Mart LLC Grocery Clerk - 17 South Houston
GW Communications, LLC Construction Supervisor South Houston
EZPAWN EZCORP Inc Shift Manager South Houston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in tx. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.12.09 11:03 Bonus1Fact Earthquake: 2021-12-09 21:53HKT M5.4 [5.8S,152.0E] in New Britain Region, Papua New Guinea

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2021.12.09 11:03 Oml1001 Florida Man

Type in “Florida Man” then your birthday into google and let me know what your birthday is and what comes up 😂
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2021.12.09 11:03 ordinalexca ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚡ Launching Now on BSC ❤ Low Marketcap!! ☀︎ Join our telegram!

Welcome To ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️
⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚔️
⚡️Explore the world of Zaidara through a thrilling campaign mode, or battle PVP and reap the rewards⚡️
Contract Address: 0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
‍♀️ Fully Doxxed Team
☄︎ Earn Rewards in BUSD
☘︎ 2 Full Audits Done (dessert finance & Techrate)
☝︎ 100% Transparency
☠︎ V2 contract LAUNCHED on PCS! ☠︎
➡️ NY billboards, celebrities and much more in the next few days.
⛩️ Tokenomics
✈️3% Marketing Fee
✈1% Charity Donation
✈️2% Buy Back Fee
✈️3% Liquidity Premium
✈️7% BUSD Reflections
❄️Liquidity Lock 1 year
♟️ Token Details ♟️
Contract Address: 0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
Name: AlienX
Symbol: ALX
Decimals: 9
☢️ Useful Links
↪️ Pancakeswap:
↪️ Website:
↪️ Telegram:
↪️ Twitter:
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2021.12.09 11:03 LanceCiepiela

In the face of overwhelming resistance, they continue to fight for the justice they deserve.
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