3afef 2ybbs sf7i7 n477r 97z34 3ty7a 2ya73 htikz 5652d 2a7y8 it68h yz4ds 55a63 4bfbr 56hyt khtf5 stkir z7ana te6y9 tib3k stf3d could anyone please help me to find what music or song is this? |

could anyone please help me to find what music or song is this?

2021.12.09 10:18 Numerous_Party_5459 could anyone please help me to find what music or song is this?

please check 1:13 to 1:18 of this video-
i really want to know what song it is thx
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2021.12.09 10:18 Vandetta90 Neden ateistsiniz

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2021.12.09 10:18 Ok_Interview_1080 What are you REALLY doing here?

I mean why?
I'm here because I'm in love with you
I'm here because I want to be FRIENDS
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2021.12.09 10:18 bored8999 How does a 12 month rolling period work?

In simple terms say for example, you get 15 sickness pay days on a 12 month rolling period.
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2021.12.09 10:18 hongaar26 Saw this comment and taught it belonged here

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2021.12.09 10:18 Oettinger_Stuerzen What's the purpose of my Under 23 Team?

Im playing Freiburg in Germany, my second team won the 3rd league Two times in a row before being relegated. Now they don't play any games during the season and the players are just sitting there?! Wouldn't it make sense to sell them all so I free up the Budget?
I'm currently trying to loan my somewhat decent players out. But most of them wouldn't really have a future in my first team at all other than being substitutes. But with the ridiculous loan offers I'm getting from even lower league teams with 0% paid wages it doesn't make much sense for me.
My PC is too much of a crap machine (and I wouldn't know how anyways) to add the Regionalliga in Germany.
How do you guys handle this kinda thing?
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2021.12.09 10:18 AlzirrBlack "We're all mad here."

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2021.12.09 10:18 Additional_Ad_2257 Is Liminal Archives levels are good writed?

(can write with some mistakes, english not my main language. Also i do not think that Liminal Archives is worse than Wiki. I think Wiki has its advantages and disadvantages, same as Archives)
So i read first 6 levels of "new levels" (i will call Liminal Archives levels like that) and have got some critique for them. So i am interested in discussion - am my position have some point or not.

Level 1:
New level 1 feels like that unnessesery overcomplicated latest-created "Yu-Go-Oh" cards.
First of all (subjective) - Backrooms have so much space to create interesting, complicated levels and conceptions, so i dont see any need in making first levels more and more fullfilled with stuff, but instead having less and less atmosphere. Because this new stuffs work on amount of content, but, at least, the ventilation breakes feeling of lack of control and helplessness. The one of the main feelings of backrooms.
Second (i guess objective) - Whole point of level 1 was adaptation to backrooms and following ascent/travel into deeps of backrooms. Also this level could have usage as travel-zone into some other levels (sub-levels and stuff like that). But new version aims to becaming independent zone, in which you can live as long as you need (there is even appeared communities). So now this level hasnt got any point - you have no need to escape from this place (if there is was hoplessness and necessity - this would reflect the atmosphere of backroom and oblige to move forvard every person, falled into backrooms. But new version allows to sit in stagnation and seeming security. Considering human nature - this is what a lot of trapped in strangers would do. Feels like swamp and stagnancy). So basically level 1 feels not like part of backrooms that have their own complex meaning and place in this universe, but like one of the levels in video game that you should go over and forget about.

Level 2:
Old version had own importance - feeding and supplying strangers, having safe-point for subsequent backrooms research. New version is just nothing at all. Nothing speciall. Dangerous entities, many small groups of people and some dangerous dust/radiation? Soo, basically thats looks like more dangerous version of floor 1. Without any interesting complex/global conception or goal behind this level. This is another "level of video game that you should go over and forget about".
Also "unfound infinity amount of supplies" sounds like bat writing. Nobody knows, what in the center - why this is should be supplies? "Unknow space with unknow things in the center of the level" sound a lot more logical and interesting. Also "infinity supplies" just sounds as Mary Sue of the levels. Yes, in old version of the level also was "infinite amount of supplies", but they were random (so you easily could get not what you needed) and they had their own spawn time and limit per spawn. So there could be interesting situations, when not enough food was spawned and communities at level couldnt supply their research camps and branches. And that a lot more interesting concept, than just "almost same level as previous, but there may be infinite amount of supplies".

Level 3:
So this is analog of "Pipe dreams", but wihout entities and communities. So, as old version - this is not so special and various level, but even with less amount of content. And most difficulties at this level - not paranormal or creative phenomenons, not dangerous creatures, but some troubles that you can avoid not by giant luck and experience, but by following the list of rules "dont do that and do this". Only interesting concept is lack of supplies.
Well, thats not bad level, but, at my opinion, is average. No better that last version. But i think if peoples creating new canon, they should try to excel old canon.

Level 4:
Well, conception of this level is interesting. But i think worth to mention that in old backrooms levels usually was no connection with each other (sometimes except near lying levels and rare exclusions), which lead to global theories about backrooms nature and their origin (for example - theory that backrooms was alternative universe, that crossed with our universe. Thats why in backrooms so strange rules and fragments of our reality). But what backrooms origin and nature theories can be, if levels are connected and have logical bonds? Thats a question.
So also backrooms was about how unconnected realities was connected by humans. How communities was creating connections between levels (food supply, items supply, exploration and other). That was interesting conception, that could lead to whole games and books about unique social structures (similar to, for example, how book "Metro" described social interactoins and structures in unique situation (peoples living only in metro and stuff like that)). But in new backrooms i see how already first 4 levels do not create need for big comminities and researchers to make logistic between levels, to use different levels for different reasons, to hold domination in any level (because level gives any benefits or he is essential for existence of any group).
Also okay, if this level so important for backrooms, why there is cant be interesting entities, that should defend level from foreigners and maintain level mechanisms? I think "entities defend this level because he is essential for backrooms, and entities live in backrooms, so this is their home" a lot more interesting concept, than just "level defends himself because he is essential for backrooms".
Also "small generators that work by big generators" is really strange conception, because its interesting, but have no potential for development, as i think. There is no connection to other levels, no connection to entities, just thing that exists and have no even scientifically describe of how it works or maybe has been created (just words "this is works as fractal" doesnt make from this conception good science-fiction concept).
And last thing to mention - new backrooms feels like humans fight with some natural phenomena. Dust, acid, radiation and similar stuff. That makes feel like if you will have anought knowledge, you will go through any level (like Bear Grillz can survive in any forest and desert). But in old backrooms you was fighting with random, with special phenomens, that you couldnt escape from. That was unexistant and creative for our world. Not just with "radiation, dust, acid, tornados, rocks and temperature" or "level that disturb you with electricity".

Level 5:
Well, this is good level. Cant say any bad about it. Only one thing that i not used to - how easily this level space changes. In old backrooms first 10 levels space was more stable. That was helping with creating big groups in levels.
(Also average feelings was different than from that new one. Cant explain this)

Level 6:
Well, i didnt understand why there was need to change this level. Dont get me wrong, idea with strange objects behaviour is good.
But why though was taken away reports about seeing squid monster near (not only at paintings)?
Why in new level you cant use elevators (when in old level that was leading to your death)? This is takes away some depth of interactions with level.
Why was taken away table with Mahjong? That also was adding some depth and atmosphere into level. If creators doesnt wanted to make such easy teleport to other level, why they couldnt add other effects, when you try to finish Mahjong game?
Why elevators in boilers room was taken away? This is possibility to make in future more sublevels/stories or other interactions with level.
Why "beast of level 5" was removed (even as just gossips)?
And why there was no any groups? Even if there is couldnt be two people in this level, there is could be "mysterious group of peoples, that couldnt talk or react on you. They was similar for any traveler entered at this level. And maybe this is even not humans, maybe this is living manekens? After all at this level can be only one human..." <- something like this.
So yeah, i dont why, why there is was need to make same level, but without big part of old content and with small part of new content that doesnt conflict with deleted content.

Level 7:
THIS level is definetly better, than old version. More details, more sense, more stories can be made about this level, perfect science-fiction explanation of this level.

Level 10:
And this is first level, that objectively allows to create big communities, that could pursue biggest goals, than just survival.
So probably in new backrooms its going like "oh you fell there, so go and speedrun levels until 10 and then there is appears possibilities for bigger interactions between backrooms and humans".
When old was "oh you fell there, there is level for you to adapt and check your ability to survive places like this. Then "camp-level" for you to rest, gain strength and deside what you want to do next. Also at this level peoples already trying to research whole backrooms, gain knowledge about it, communicate with each other, and after hard work maybe find exit from backrooms, thanks to big teamwork between giant amount of peoples. Then you go at level 10, that exists as second "camp-level" and another point before latest backrooms research. There is could be interesting political and other situations in relationships between this "camp-level" and first "camp-level" (maybe even something like military actions)". Yeah, this version is a lot harder to write, but it has got A LOT bigger potential.

So, in conclusion (after this big as my mom text), first 10 levels of new backrooms seems to me as less complicated and bonded together. They are exists as self-sufficient levels, what makes them similair to each other. There are too little amount of levels, that have their own sense destination for humans. This is creates less amount of possible develop of humanity in backrooms and less amount of possible interactions and other things.

What do you guys think about this (if somebody even readed this whole text. Im not even sure if this is good text or interesting discussion for other peoples)?
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2021.12.09 10:18 LowinGear Metaverse

I recently just started a new game called Sandbox. It’s a world in the metaverse and as I was playing, I had fun toying with the idea of cyberpunk being a part of this world. Basically roblox, but in cyberpunk 2077. Buy and sell goods with other players. Able to buy and sell land. Create digital art. We already have the eddys. Just a fun thought.
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2021.12.09 10:18 FarEasternMyth And he thinks we're his fans.

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2021.12.09 10:18 ctatham Any way to address an entire room of devices with sunrise / sunset actions?

I have 4 plug units controlling my xmas lights and had to deal with each one separately. Could I have done them all as a group? Could not find it anywhere.
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2021.12.09 10:18 R-S-S NZ are literally lucky af..amazing government and they get everything early lmao

I'm openly saying I am extremely jealous, so tempted to use a vpn but I'll just wait it out 😓
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2021.12.09 10:18 dbg619923 Can anyone explain why his price is plummeting so much I bought for 890k 😂🤡

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2021.12.09 10:18 IAmTheLetterF Like Skyrim with _____________

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2021.12.09 10:18 Yeezy61001 At the airport ready for LA tonight

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2021.12.09 10:18 bedido Supplier Wholesale Sea-shell Jewelry

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2021.12.09 10:18 TheAce5 I’ve (28m) have been talking to a (28f)

She and I met on a dating app about 2-3 months ago. She told me she wasn’t really ready to date and was just looking to boost her ig followers (lame I think) since she just got out of a long term relationship and moved to our city just the month before. She’s in school for psychology and is working hard to finish. I had some things going on my end as well.
We’ve been texting/chatting this entire time. Last week, we finally met up at a brewery and feel like we had a good time for a Tuesday night. Wasn’t fireworks or anything but enough that I wanted to keep exploring. So I asked her out again several days after our date and told her I had some ideas for places. I firmed up the day and time with her (tomorrow, Friday night). She did tell me she was nervous since she thinks she’s in trouble at work. So I tried to comfort her with that.
I hadn’t heard from her in a few days so I decided to text her this morning saying how do you feel about x place? Let’s go there. She replies “Honestly I totally forgot because my work situation has been really crazy. Today I’m having my remediation plan meeting and I have just been going really hon self-care. Its today so I will know more about how fucked I am. I think I probably would like to stay away from alcohol during this time though because I might fall apart.”
I replied, “I understand. Just hang in there. Regardless of what happens you’ll eventually be ok. I think that’s a mature decision. Just let me know if you wanna do something else but I also understand if you just wanna do your thing for a bit. We don’t have to drink to have fun!”
She replied essentially saying thank you for understanding I promise I’m not a flake or anything at all. She gets more into what’s going on at work. I decided to just try to show support. Then I left it at just reach out if you wanna talk or hangout again.
Basically I feel that she needs to be the one to reach out. I believe that she’s legitimately having issues at work because it’s been going on the entire time we’ve chatted. It does suck that she admitted that she straight up forgot our date.... is she blowing me off? Not sure what y’all would do but I’m thinking I need to start walking away unless she reaches out. If she was really interested then she wouldn’t have forgotten the date or at least offer to reschedule.
What do y’all think?
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2021.12.09 10:18 Livid_Program_379 Getting shot through doors.

Why is the sub reddit against matchmaking reducing the average ping of players in a match and increasing the server to client tickrate leading to better all around performance for most people?
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2021.12.09 10:18 Fit-Key-9987 Mapping Retro Bit Legacy 16 USB to retron Sq

Hay there I have a hard time getting my retro bit legacy 16 controller to work with the retro and Sq. Is there a way to do it? It seems like it won't detect input from the controller even when I try to input new controls?
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2021.12.09 10:18 blue_eyed_sunrise Week 47: Tunisian - Tunisian Couscous

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2021.12.09 10:18 UpstairsMath7048 Ist es normal/ in Ordnung bei Selbstbefriedigung nicht an den Partner zu denken?

Hallo, die Frage mag komisch klingen aber ich (w) bin noch nicht lange mit meinem Freund (m) zusammen… letztens meinte er zu mir, dass er natürlich schon an andere Frauen denkt, wenn er sich selbstbefriedigt. Seitdem fühle ich mich irgendwie schlecht bzw ungenügend für ihn.
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2021.12.09 10:18 FishmanTari After it going missing on the app soon after it was added on Disney Plus Day, the ‘Coming Soon’ section has finally returned

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2021.12.09 10:18 FeetyIdiot90 Survival Island render distance

The render distance on prefabs or anything on the survival island is bad and even when you open the map it won't show the prefabs that you placed until you get closer
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2021.12.09 10:18 rocknspock Beginning

Hello, I have felt a strong attachment to paganism for as long as I can recall. I’ve decided to dedicate my time to learning more and beginning my journey into paganism. Would anyone be able to provide me some suggested readings and resources to learn from? Thank you so much!
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2021.12.09 10:18 Flof0w0 Tell me your pronounce without telling me

It can also be Adam and Steve 😘
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