Can Y’all Stop Placing the Food in FRONT of an OUTWARD Opening Screen Door?

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2021.12.08 01:18 usernameabc124 Can Y’all Stop Placing the Food in FRONT of an OUTWARD Opening Screen Door?

Some of y’all are great, someone put the food between my door and the screen door on a rainy day (small order). Other times I have people place it directly in front of an outward opening door. I stair in disbelief that I can’t open the door without knocking over my food.
I am assuming positive intent and that they are thinking “how convenient, right in front.” I am baffled and the critical thinking.... sigh...
No, this is not a “you rip poorly and this is petty revenge” because I am mindful of totals and distance traveled.... and I live in a set of townhouses so it easy to get to my door, I don’t order if it is snowing or raining hard, etc.
Some people just don’t think it through. If you happened to do it in the past, hopefully this helps it click. Maybe this will also help give some of you a petty revenge idea....
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2021.12.08 01:18 Dominosismycrack Como estan Las escuelas de publico?

Hi everyone! I want to move to Costa Rica with my family and we have a son who is not yet in school. We hear good things about the school system but other expats have brought up that the public schools may not be the best. How do you guys feel about your public schools? Especially in la fortuna?
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2021.12.08 01:18 NoMoreMiddleMan My wifes boyfriend sent me this photo. He told me."Your wifes tits are jacked for tomorrow". What a nice guy.

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2021.12.08 01:18 Count_Hoff She makes for a great wood truck

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2021.12.08 01:18 aaronmclaren66 22[M4F] Seattle/ Anywhere - Bored and looking to connect

Hello, I am Aaron and I currently live near Seattle. As far as looks go, I have dark, curlier hair, hazel eyes and am very pale.
Some of my interests / hobbies are playing games with my friends, listening to music, cooking, shopping and spending time outdoors in the wilderness.
I own two cats and two dogs as well. I don’t mind if you aren’t an animal person and I don’t really have a type of person I am attracted to either. Looks don’t matter that much to me and I prefer to find someone who understands me and is caring.
If you’d like to talk, feel free to message or start a chat with me. I look forward to hearing from you!
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2021.12.08 01:18 heyitsme098 Can you still recieve osap if you take out a loan

So I finally got my loan for the fall semester of osap today and I am planning to get one for the summer (just a regular grant not a loan) aswell. I was planning to submit an osap extension by the end of the winter in order to cover for the summer. So I was wondering if my current loan will affect ny chances of receiving. I haven’t paid my loan yet since I’m in the six month grave period.
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2021.12.08 01:18 OlToplyn [wanted] Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind

I want any version of this. Would love the 20th anniversary (2007) copy with the included 7” single. Bunch from Europe but I’m shooting for one without crazy shipping. Happy to pay $25 or discuss more.
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2021.12.08 01:18 coolms9 you’re listening to music alone at home, you ___?

View Poll
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2021.12.08 01:18 salad_jeff My laptop can't hear my headset mic

So i have 4 pin headset and 3 pin laptop, so I obviously buy the 4 pin to 3 pin cable and went I try on discord it can't detect my headset mic. But when I go and setup a mic in control panel, I can see the 'wave' which mean it can detect my voice. And I try again in discord and valorant it still didn't detect my voice. My headset didn't have a mute button and I already tried it on phone and the mic works fine. Help
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2021.12.08 01:18 ltsc1980 MOHW Taiwan’s Facebook page comments has already filled with comments urges nation lockdowns. And now anti vaxxers are taking over comments pages. Here is one of them.

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2021.12.08 01:18 Mr_OverTheTop [FS] [US-OK] Misc. end of year clean out | Intel & Samsung NVMe | AMD RX 580 | 10GBe NICs | Workstation

Desktop Workstation - $650.00, Local Pickup Only


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2021.12.08 01:18 dredardn Danny just exposed dumbhatkid HAHAHA

Aaron and the rest of his baby army needa stfu now , y’all are all sissies
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2021.12.08 01:18 BudgetBus886 Anyone else having this problem?

Ok so I bought the anniversary edition yesterday on ps4 and decided screw it I want to start over so I made a new character. As all of you know who have purchased the creation club content, you usually get the missions for them after exiting the cave by Helgen, only now none of the content are loading in game and it says in the creation club that everything is downloaded. Can anyone help me out here cuz I don't know what to do to resolve this issue.
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2021.12.08 01:18 Haiku-d-etat It was nice playing with y'all...

But I think I'm finally done. Haven't touched the game in several days now and don't miss it, not since the captain change.
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2021.12.08 01:18 STHorror is it normal to remember something u forget thats important and think of every possible thing that couldve happened if u didnt remember?

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2021.12.08 01:18 Lazy_Hound99 Game World Theme Idea

I have an idea of what type of game I would like to make. I want to make a hoverbike racing game but I don't if I should make it on a vaporwave theme or just a basic future world theme. I was hoping y'all might have some more cool ideas.
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2021.12.08 01:18 Kalkanis [USA-NY] [H] Mid-Tier gaming pc: 1070, I5 6600k, 16gbDDR4 [W] Local cash

Part Price
CPU Intel Core I5-6600k 3.5ghz ~$100
RAM G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Desktop Memory Model F4-2400C15Q-16GRR ~$50
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Figure these are roughly $350-$450
Motherboard ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ~$150-250????
HDD Seagate 2 TB Desktop HDD ~$50
PSU EVGA supernova nex750b ~$50
Fans Corsair Hydro Series™ H100i Extreme Performance CPU Cooler, + 2 Exhaust case fans, 2 Intake case fans ~$75
Total Local as a full build $700
Free MISC SATA cables, 2x Micro USB, maybe some other display cables $0
Free Panda 2.4ghz wifi adapter $0
Free Cheap external amazon speakers I have with random RGB $0
Free NZXT Hue+ (In the case not plugged in, I never put lights in it) $0
Extra VOID RGB ELITE Wireless Headset Slightly bent receiver still works great, $20
Everything has been kept at safe temperatures, maintained, undervolted never overclocked, and I am not a smoker.
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2021.12.08 01:18 TravisWWE12 Cora Jade

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2021.12.08 01:18 darthdooku2585 Is this correctly installed?
Our contractor installed two sinks for us, and now we are having clogging issues a few days in. Plumbers of Reddit - from these two pics, can you tell me if there’s any obvious, egregious installation errors?
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2021.12.08 01:18 ClaudioRundmann90 Carmen

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2021.12.08 01:18 DogPounder61902 Ayo???

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2021.12.08 01:18 Red-HandedBandit Smoking pork belly

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2021.12.08 01:18 Shervinator1979 Gold players from division 3 and 2

Why they are so in demand? Sold 70 rank players for 250000 each. Is it for SBC? Cheers
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2021.12.08 01:18 KuramaGacel Casas abandonadas en Montevideo.

Buenas, como andan? Tengo una pregunta. En su barrio hay alguna casa abandonada? De ser asi, En que barrio? Quiero consultar a la IM para ver si efectivamente lo esta, y ver si puedo habitar en ella pagando sus impuestos. Si alguien tiene info estare inifnitamente agradecida. Buenas noches.
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2021.12.08 01:18 OzBargainBot 25% off Gift Cards @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters

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