My computer works fine until AFTER I log out of a game on my pc?

2021.11.27 03:10 calcifergolden My computer works fine until AFTER I log out of a game on my pc?

Let me preface this with this is my first ever pc build and I am very new to all this.
So I built my pc about 5 months ago and it seemed to work pretty well until about 2-3 months ago.
When playing any games (as small as Undertale or as large as Red Dead 2) the pc would run great while in game but after I would quit the game to desktop things would pretty much immediately stop working. If I had a webpage on it'd let me move the box around the screen but I couldn't imput anything in the box and spotify would start playing 1 second of whatever song I might be playing over and over on loop until I force the computer off. It won't even let me turn the computer off or restart it on the screen. It'll let me click restart or shut down but won't actually do it and I end up having to hold the button on the tower down until it turns off.
I assumed it was my RAM as I only had 32g but after upgrading to 64g it's still doing the same thing. Thought maybe it was my cpu but it's basically brand new and it only ever has issues when I get off games.
Any idea what this could be?
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2021.11.27 03:10 Piper6728 Prism Scale does not exist in BDSP; prove me wrong

It cant be traded since it doesnt exist in BDSP
Ill be happy to be wrong since I hate the poffin method.
People have been asking for scales, other people claim it exists BUT OFFER NO PROOF
Can we settle this once and for all and say its not in the game?
I trust Serebii, they have cataloged all the items in the underground and what looks like the game
Prism Scale isnt there
You look for videos, there are NO videos of anyone finding it in the Underground, or ANYWHERE in BDSP, nobody holding one or having it in an item list.
There is one video on youtube of a feebas evolving after a trade, you dont see it holding the prism scale, plus the video looks clipped as if someone took a video of a feebas evolving and put it there after the trade.
Nobody has even provided a screenshot of a prism scale in an item box or feebas holding one.
If THE ENTIRE WORLD OF BDSP PLAYERS haven't pulled one or provided any kind of proof it exists in the game, can we just call it already?
By sheer numbers of people playing and times played in underground per player there should be ONE documented case where we see it excavated in the underground.
I will be happy to be wrong WITH PROOF
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2021.11.27 03:10 roarlion23throwaway What do people mean by "T5"?

Like top 5 ranked schools? So Harvard Yale Princeton MIT Columbia?
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2021.11.27 03:10 ShibaInu6996 How to get cosette?

New player here, is rolling on special summons the best way to get her? As I dont see her in the future banner list?
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2021.11.27 03:10 TotallyOriginalNut Where are all the aerial acrobatics in just cause 4?

And where's that one location next to caida del angel? Which I know for a fact is there north of it on the mountain.
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2021.11.27 03:10 you_is_a_towel this girl is perfect (iktr)

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2021.11.27 03:10 hardcocktales Aditi Pohankar

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2021.11.27 03:10 pinkmuji Hello, I would like to know if this is real tumbled amethyst. I got it for $11 at a local shop with nice reviews.

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2021.11.27 03:10 Arnadus [OKB] ⬇ OKB -1.56% in 5 minutes.-10.85% in 24 hours . Volume +0.59% in 5 minutes

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2021.11.27 03:09 ringed_seal 3000-year-old cedar in Yakushima, May 2019

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2021.11.27 03:09 JandMaria My Anxiety and what helps me to control it.

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2021.11.27 03:09 toooldforthisshit247 Test

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2021.11.27 03:09 SeizeTheArts FALGSC

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2021.11.27 03:09 sergeantsnoot Drew this for my cousin. Thoughts?

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2021.11.27 03:09 International-Bee909 Baby Caroline

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2021.11.27 03:09 thecluelesscreative Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt & Maison Margiela Sailing Day

I tried the Jo Malone cologne in store today and loved it so much! It's such an inoffensive fresh woody airy scent, but it faded so quickly :(. I never thought I'd enjoy an oceany scent, but now I'm intrigued. I didn't get to test out Sailing Day, but I'm curious about how it compares. Is it similar? Is the lasting power better?
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2021.11.27 03:09 heykarlll Gender is determined by biological parts and processes. I think there are trans people but rare and too many are being influenced by trans activists

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2021.11.27 03:09 solly863 Should 2021 NWSL Defender of the Year be getting looked at for a USWNT call up?

I see a lack of true fullbacks in the national team squad and the current NWSL defender of the year remains uncapped.
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2021.11.27 03:09 PinkBlackUnicorn I need help navigating hard situation.

I was laid of of work a month ago. My family is in difficult situation and I really need to talk to someone and get advice. Please, if someone can, and want to help me, DM me.
English is not my native language and it's hard writing it all at once.
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2021.11.27 03:09 TheStarBitches What do these hints mean?

Every year my dad gave me some hints on my Christmas present, but the catch is they are VERY strange (last year he said it had a ton of uses to it, and that you COULD throw it or you COULD put it in water, but you shouldn't do either. He got me a Nintendo switch lite) and I wanna know what the heck it means this year
The hints he said where:
• Is alive • Does eats • Does poops • Does breaths • Is electronic • Has two parts (we have one now but we are waiting for the next)
So by these hints it seems like a pet right? Something like a lizard with a heating lamp, or a ferret with an auto feeder, but I'm not so sure about that, for several reasons:

So honestly I'm not sure what it could be, please let me know what you think!
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2021.11.27 03:09 calisthenics-guy-96 Pyrilutamide/WAY/ARV group buy

Who's keen to do a group buy of Pyrilutamide?
Saw in this post recently that they did a group buy of Pyrilutamide, I am definitely keen to try it out as the treatment looks promising.
Could also be open to doing a group buy of WAY-200070 and ARV-110
Let's go!
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2021.11.27 03:09 kakawaka1 Can someone help me translate a letter to my grandma?

Recently I have purchased a house, with a small contribution from my sweet 90-something year old grandma. My Cantonese/Mandarin is absolutely terrible, so terrible that she usually gives up trying to converse with me after 3 sentences and asks me to speak with my aunt instead.
After she gave me the money gift however, I called her to thank her over the phone and she gave me a heartfelt speech about how she doesn't have much money but she's had this amount sitting around waiting for me to either get married or buy a house. She then expressed how extremely happy she was that she finally got to do this. Waterworks was well and truly on by then.
I've been thinking about how to thank her and I think i would just like to express myself, so I'm posting here to see if someone could translate the following for me so I could give it to my grandma in a letter.


The letter I'd like to send her is the following:

Dear Grandma,
I've always wanted to have a conversation with you, but my Chinese has been very poor and I've felt regret that I haven't been able to tell you how I really feel.
I had this letter translated just so I could thank you properly for your small contribution for helping me get this house, which I think is going to be a fantastic house to raise a family in and I am always going to remember how you helped me achieve my dream.
I have always admired the way you have kept the family going and helped us all grow, you helped so much in Aunt Sharon's house. You helped Richard and Meagan grow so much and now you have come and helped me make the next step in my life.
We have a very small family, but we are strong. We get this from both you and Grandpa, showing us the strength we have by your example. You came over from Vietnam after so many attempts, became successful from the factory and then learned to be strong again after having to start over from scratch. I hope I can be as strong as I go on and follow in your footsteps.
I would like to tell you that I am going to propose to my girlfriend within the next few months, so get ready for a wedding soon.
Thank you for everything that you've done and everything you will do.
I will always love you,
your grandson.
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2021.11.27 03:09 Not_A_Dr_Silver Gawr Gura Motorbike

Gawr Gura Motorbike
me and a buddy of mine decided to shoot his Gawr Gura Decal'd Motorbike! gonna have a video intro about it soon!
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2021.11.27 03:09 Plus_Importance5867 Mmm 🤔

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2021.11.27 03:09 JerryThePlatypus- Making the mother of all high scores here Jack, can't fret over every point!

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