Local good guy getting national recognition

2021.11.27 18:19 CalmerThanYouAre_716 Local good guy getting national recognition

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2021.11.27 18:19 ServingwithTG Throwback Meme: Courage Wolf

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2021.11.27 18:19 thedesertlynx Digital Cash Rundown 49 with Spencer Kuzara: Bitcoin Black Friday, CBDC Mania & More!

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2021.11.27 18:19 AntifaisforINCELS Tarkov lied.

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2021.11.27 18:19 PinkieSwearsAlot ­čžŐ Let's hear it ­čöą

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2021.11.27 18:19 Knightmare25 Can't use AR option on my Fold 3 when trying to find a Smart Tag +

When I'm in Smart Things it says "find using camera". It's grayed out. When I press it it says "when you're close enough, you can use the camera to find it more accurately". Well no shit. It's what I want to do lol. It has camera permissions so I don't know what's going on.
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2021.11.27 18:19 gtpin Selling 1 ticket to tonightÔÇÖs game.

Section 203, $40 obo
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2021.11.27 18:19 AstronautAmazing7046 Who wins? peak Sakura vs peak Hinata

Some people believe that HinataÔÇÖs Byakugon and ability to stop chakra can beat SakuraÔÇÖs Seal which controls a supply of Chakra. My question is, who do you think will win, Sakura at her peak where she completed training, or Hinata at her peak where she completed training. I personally think Sakura would win as her abilities are superior, what do you guys think?
View Poll
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2021.11.27 18:19 chazney129 LF-(foreign)Ditto-Ditto(uk)

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2021.11.27 18:19 bourbanandbeer Staking crypto!

Does anyone have suggestions on where to stake crypto? IÔÇÖve heard good things about staking on Celsius but I wasnÔÇÖt sure if there were better places or what. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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2021.11.27 18:19 goldendragon4539 Mikage clearing MD2 for title

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2021.11.27 18:19 crepesblinis Wig Underwear

Wig cap
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2021.11.27 18:19 sc_surveyor Crispy Wings

I prefer smoked but the boss-lady wants crispy skin. I was thinking about smoking part way then frying but wonder if you a good way to get wings as crispy as fried.
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2021.11.27 18:19 enlaseven Ultimate Edition Questions

Hello, I have a quick question about the ultimate edition. If I were to buy the standard edition, could I still get the missions from the ultimate edition by purchasing them in a menu or something?
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2021.11.27 18:19 ILIKETHETRUCK Lordstown a blue collar work truck, made to work!

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2021.11.27 18:19 notacockgobbler Finally finished a row

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2021.11.27 18:19 RomaineNeville We are a NFTs collection on Solana blockchain. Every holder of our NFT will earn passive income. We will redistribute the royalties to every holders

3 gold NFT minted will see their holders win 60 SOL
We will do soon a pre sale of 333 NFTs for 0.33 sol each
My website : www.solplaces.world
Please read our website to know our story. You will find on it our Discord server. Please create your own link so we can track the results. And donÔÇÖt forget to generate an invite link that never end, not the 7 days one.
We are doing a giveaway on our twitter if this can help : https://twitter.com/solplaces/status/1463452336983060481?s=21
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2021.11.27 18:19 Perfect_Ability_1190 Operation phoenix

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2021.11.27 18:19 Divorcefrenchodad Why did congress cap the House at 435 seats in 1929?

Congress has been gaining more seats with the rising population for like a century and a half. What motivated this decision?
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2021.11.27 18:19 breeziestblocks how has moral orel impacted your life? what would you like to see if it ever gets rebooted? (god willing)

just finished watching today. would love to see older orel dealing with the trauma of his upbringing while being the head of a family!
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2021.11.27 18:19 enchanted_kitten why is my chats not working???

im using an iphone 12, reddit is fully updated. a few days ago, my chats fully stopped working for NO reason! can someone tell me why??? i canÔÇÖt even load the chats at all! itÔÇÖs just blank! i can only view them on the website!
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2021.11.27 18:19 Namib_Artist [HIRING] Designer who can create 3 high-quality product cover templates in Photoshop - $30

I need 3 product cover templates that I can use to showcase my icon packs, digital planners and product bundles.
The templates must be in PSD format, with 3 artboards in each PSD template (9 artboards in total - 3 per template). The template must be easy to use (eg. when I want to create a new product cover for my icon pack, I must be able to place them into the template without any difficulty) and all the assets in template must be editable (colours, gradients, shapes, orientation, etc.) I'll also need the templates made in a 2000x2000 resolution.
I've created a Google drive folder with clear examples you can use to base the tempates off of, some hex codes I'd like to be used are also included and there's 1 set of each product file type (.ai & .svg files) you can use when creating the templates.
The deadline is within 24 hours from now, and I'll pay $30 through Paypal payments.
Please attach portfolio showcasing your past work.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Thank you!
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2021.11.27 18:19 Juturna90 Hey everyone, parting with a few records and selling this blue copy of Elephantitis. Just looking for $40 and ships free in the US. DM if interested!

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2021.11.27 18:19 emrehzretleri Belki de

─░stenmiyosun belki de herkes taraf─▒ndan ihtiyac─▒ yok hi├ž kimsenin sana kabul etmesi zor biliyorum ama seni g├╝├žlendiricek olan bir fark─▒ndal─▒k bu ne ailen ne sevgilin ne de dostlar─▒n ├Âlsen kim tutar yas─▒n─▒ kim a─člar arkandan biliyo musun belki de biliyosun ama ben bilmiyorum her g├╝n biraz daha vazge├žiyorum kendimden son kozlar─▒m─▒ oynuyorum belki de hayata kim bilir ben bilmiyorum asl─▒nda biliyorum da konduram─▒yorum kendime her defas─▒nda sen herkesin yan─▒nda oldun noldu kim var ┼ču anda i├žini d├Âkebildi─čin kim var seni yarg─▒lamadan dinleyip destek olan kimse yok dimi kendimden biliyorum nerdeler peki sen kendinden ge├žerken sonuna do─čru ad─▒m ad─▒m y├╝r├╝rken nerdeler biliyo musun? ben s├Âyliyim senin yanlar─▒nda oldu─čun kadar uzaktalar sana sana ay─▒rabilicek birka├ž dakikalar─▒ bile yok ay─▒rsalarda umurlar─▒nda de─čil unuturlar birka├ž saate belki de benim i├žin b├Âyledir bunlar sen vazge├žme hi├žbir ┼čeyden ├Âzellikle kendinden neyse yaln─▒z kalmam laz─▒m ba┼čka bir se├žene─čim de yok zaten
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2021.11.27 18:19 Kordyceps055 SCP CB glitching, what can I do ?

So I began playing containment breach recently, and I love it. But. SCP-173 and SCP-1499 don't work. If I save, Peanut will be stuck in one room and will just turn around to look at me without ever moving. When I put the mask on, I cannot leave the dimension and the monsters inside won't appear. I don't know if the mask is linked to my save. Have anybody experienced that before and/or can help me ?
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