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Holly's favorite place-in my lap, under a blanket

2021.12.04 13:08 evadantic Holly's favorite place-in my lap, under a blanket

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2021.12.04 13:08 well-offheath Deso airdrop $25 for trying out their new app (kyc)

Deso is giving out $25 worth of deso for anyone who registers and tries out their new diamondapp.
invite only here is the invite link for anyone who is interested

you have to do KYC .
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2021.12.04 13:08 Spazzila Daisy soaking up the sun

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2021.12.04 13:08 mendolla [FREE] Tyga x Offset Type Beat - ''Drive'' | Club Banger Instrumental 2021 | Trap Rap Beat 2021

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2021.12.04 13:08 Financial_Role7945 Adam Thielen price check

I got the quote request Thielen
The initial offer is...
Send) Thielen + 3R Receive) Mike Williams + 2R
Thelen is 31 yrs old but since he is not based on speed, i think his performance would stay next year (and his contract is until 2025)
What do you think?
Additional question But i am also interested in Mac Jones from his squad
Which round pick do i have to give him with Thielen
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2021.12.04 13:08 Marcwasheretoo EA DICE devs be like...

EA DICE devs be like...
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2021.12.04 13:08 EssEmmEffEss I got no response the 1st time so I'm gonna try again. Where is the best place in town to buy CBD marijuana flower?

I'm looking for potent, high quality, and decent price would be a plus. I'm down to drive to cape or some town nearby too if they have better options. Thanks!
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2021.12.04 13:08 Noradriewsi How long have you been crushing on them?

For me it feels like eons, I met her in 2017 at a party where she and another friend ruined my moment with the boy I liked, but I wasn't mad at them cause when I saw her that night she stunned me. Idk I think it was like a zing... I immediately fell hard for her but my friend told me she had just closed a toxic relationship with her ex gf and I didn't have any chances in that moment, so we just became friends... After a year she left the country to work abroad and we didn't talk for a long time, I cursed myself everyday cause I felt like I had waited too long, so I promised myself next time I see her I'd confess my feelings. She came back for Christmas 2019 and we finally got to meet each other on new year's eve... We partied all night, shortly before midnight we found each other on the balcony and started joking about kissing when the clock hit midnight, I was too much of a coward and didn't confess, but to my surprise, right when the fireworks went off and the new year started, she kissed me. It was so damn magic, I felt like I was flying, the best kiss I've ever had! We spent the rest of the night close to each other, flirting and having a great time until she had to suddenly leave... I texted her the next day but she didn't answer, I waited 2 more days before calling her cause I didn't want to put pressure on her, but she still didn't answer. I asked a friend and they told me she was going back abroad cause she missed her boyfriend... I was devastated, she never told me she had a bf and now she was ghosting me??! I didn't wanna see her again, but of course me being a clown, I still liked her so much... Months pass, covid and all, I manage not to think about her too much, I even got a crush on another boy. That's until this summer (2021) she contacted me and asked to meet her for drinks the next night, me being dumb dumb, accepted without esitation. In my head I was already imagining the perfect ending, she apologized and I finally asked her to be my gf and we would have left the next day for a beautiful foreign country and traveld together until we decided to settle down and live our cottagecore dream. Well no, it didn't go that way obviously🤡 When I got to the bar I saw her, she hugged me tight and then she introduced her bf to me... I WAS BAMBOOZLED. Luckily her bf didn't understand the language so we could talk freely, I asked her why she made me come meet him?? And she said that I was a good friend and she just wanted me to meet him! I was pissed but didn't say anything, I stayed like an hour, talked a bit with him and left at the first occasion, I wanted to delete her from my life, I told myself this is the right time to stop hoping for something with her, I was just hurting myself... We didn't talk anymore, they left the country again and I thought that was it. Of course not, remember that I am a clown. A week ago she came back and thinking I didn't have feelings for her anymore, I accepted hanging out with her and other friends. They came by my house, we got high and the other friends passed out on the couch, we were the only ones still ok, so we decided to make a cake, we talked all night making this thing and playing, she told me she came back this time cause she is in pause whit her bf, he needed space from her since thy maybe started living together too early... You know we had a deep conversation, she even told me he cheated on her, idk in that moment I felt like she wanted me to make a move, but I didn't want to, she's still in a relationship and last time we kissed she disappeared for a year... So we just hugged and went to sleep. Last night we went out together and had a great time, but still I refused to do anything even if the moment would have been good, I'm really scared that she just wants to be with me to test if she would miss him... What if after we get together and she realizes she prefers him? I would be crushed for real. Now she has to come to my place in some days and I don't know what to do!!! How can a crush last so long? I just wish I didn't like her anymore.
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2021.12.04 13:08 12577437984446 Hvor lenge kan Norge sende stygge juletrær til britene?

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2021.12.04 13:08 itoslajna Logo for a Private Clinic

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2021.12.04 13:08 imzgamer4117 bruh anakin

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2021.12.04 13:08 hundley10 New to Lutron, looking to replace recessed lights/switches with something better. Can anybody recommend products?

I need to replace a few 6” cans with LED downlights. Here’s the specs I’m hoping to achieve:

Anything is on the table: new hardware, new cables, etc. Budget is $150/fixture max.
I’m mostly hoping someone can clear up Lutron’s product lines for me, and recommend the right dimmer system for this application. If anyone can suggest fixtures that would be great as well.
Most lighting in my house is Waveform/SORAA, so I’m hoping to achieve similar quality in these recessed lights - but preferably with black body dimming. Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.04 13:08 BriefEmbarrassed779 Does anyone know what the punishment was in the Red Army for deserting?

I was watching a WW2 movie called "On The Road To Berlin" and the movie seemed to suggest the punishment for deserting was death by firing squad. Any truth to this?
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2021.12.04 13:08 work_123 w1866917

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2021.12.04 13:08 TranscendTime7 How to deal with capitalism burnout?

I made $350k from $20k investment in 2018 from crypto - but failed to sell and it went back to $20k.
My exit plan was to moved into stocks that I had selected. And those stocks have gone 5x since then.
So I'd be sitting at about $1.75m today at 26 not including compounding so probably more like 2m+
Then I was planning to diversify into real estate, other stocks, trade crypto for a quick gain, etc.. many different investments + have a career in software if I felt like working.
I have been deeply depressed ever since failing to sell because I had this whole massive plan for the rest of my life including real estate, traveling, etc.. I had it all planned out.
But it never happened. Because I didn't sell the $350k. I was waiting for it to get to $1m because at the time that was my target sell and I liked $1m because a conservative dividend of 5% would give $50k a year and I liked the way that it compounded and $50k sounded like a decent passive income to live on.
It started to drop from $350k and I started panicking and waiting for it to go up. And then just kind of froze and went emotionally numb as I watched it drop back down to my initial $20k over about a month.
I left with nothing more than the $20k which I then spent due to emotional instability.
If I had kept that crypto and not sold ever. It would be worth $80k day so not the millions but would have at least been better than selling.
Needless to say I royally fucked up.
I feel like that was my one shot.
$2m at 26 + exponentially compounding and intelligent investing works out to a lot of money by 40 or 50, especially 60.
Anyway I know this is a long post.
Currently I'm $40k in debt, have a shit car, shit apartment, rent is past due, can't hold down a job due to depression, partners leave me because I'm depressed, have $0 in my bank account, can't afford food or gas.
I think of all the time that's gone by and everyday it feels like I'm living in a nightmare as a shell of myself.
I honestly don't know what to do.
I'm totally and completely burnt out.
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2021.12.04 13:08 Adub3787 I finally finished!

Just finished the audio books after listening all year. Such an amazing series. But what do I start now? Does anyone have any suggestions on similar series?
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2021.12.04 13:08 scht3ct3rX0tic Even though I have a black belt, I suck at fighting (got punched in the face by a white belt ffs 🤦)

I started 7 years back when I was a fat insecure kid and lost around 9 kg within a few months and within a year I was able to do fancy stuff like clap push ups and my basics are still pretty good. However I was still insecure and was bad at kumite (despite having a brown belt at that time) for which I quit in 2016. I came back in October 2019 and got my black belt in March 2021 but one thing that didn't change was my god awful kumite skills. I need to learn footwork drills fr. I don't care if I lost weight and I'm strong enough to do fancy workouts bc those ain't worth it if I can't even defend myself
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2021.12.04 13:08 everythingicecold 26 [F4M] sleep call, G?

Msg me if you want to talk for a bit and fall asleep together. Maybe phone cuddle as well idk ???? HAHA🥺😩
I just want someone at the other end of the line tonight just because I’m all alone rn.
Keep me company please 🥺
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2021.12.04 13:08 Beltuna Carol of the Bells - David Foster | Easy Accordion Cover by Stefan Bauer

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2021.12.04 13:08 Alien_Boogaloo Beans, Screams and Mummy Lord Memes, aka, "Help! My party made a dungeon in my dungeon!"

tl;dr, My Eberron players used magical beans and accidentally summoned a 60x60 pyramid with a Mummy Lord inside a dungeon; right next to a room housing an anchoring ritual to bring one of the Dreaming Dark into the material plane. They also created 10 shriekers surrounding said pyramid and our sleeping beauty is now suitably pissed. What would he do? What do -I- do?
Longer version Hello dear Reddit! As we all know, PC's are terrifying critters with even more horrifying designs and visions on our lovingly crafted campaign. The setting is Eberron and the background for the current 'act' is the party following a lead concerning a "secret war" between hidden factions. One of these factions, the Dreaming Dark
As mentioned above, the PC's had a 'clever' plan which involved sneaking up behind a bunch of Dreaming Dark loving, peaceful cultists, planting magical beans and then unleashing absolute bedlam. First, ten screaming mushrooms popped up, followed by magical toads which turned into monsters on contact, which.. set off said mushrooms, and generated a menagerie of random monsters. Then, to finish it off, a pyramid was grown out of.. nowhere, bringing a very confused, very sleepy, and very crusty old Mummy with it.
The session ended with an absolute slaughter and the Mummy 'cleaned house' before whacking one of the PC's who tried to steal his relics.
Now, the question is; where do we go from here? I feel like it wouldn't make much sense for the Lord to merely accept this new reality, go back to sleep and snooze. Instead, I figured he'd raise the dead and begin to explore the dungeon himself, or send his minions out, secure the place and figure out..

  1. Where the -redacted- am I?
  2. Why am I here!? I was peacefully slumbering for centur-.. What is -that-?
  3. .. I guess this land is mine for the taking.
Hit me with everything and we'll see what sticks. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.04 13:08 Better-Ad-342 Anapec 2021

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2021.12.04 13:08 HoleyProfit BTC buy

Buy 48,100
Stop 41791.50
Target 54173.18

Bigger size now than the previous pending order. Seen a really big swing down and we have some people showing up to tease me about buying (You know the rules when it comes to these people, they show up at the end of the move).
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2021.12.04 13:08 Electronic_Song3645 How to make your life to be romcom?!

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