What would it mean for Puerto rico during and following Tropical Storms: Olga, Erika, Emily, Gordon & Bonnie and Hurricanes: Otto, Kyle, Earl, & Bertha if it became a state in 2002 or 2003?

2021.12.08 20:03 Justini4n What would it mean for Puerto rico during and following Tropical Storms: Olga, Erika, Emily, Gordon & Bonnie and Hurricanes: Otto, Kyle, Earl, & Bertha if it became a state in 2002 or 2003?

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2021.12.08 20:03 WamBamBigelow My battery bricked today. I use original charging block that has never changed. Need some help!

So I searched for some solutions. One said to try pressing the button for 20,40,60 seconds and that did nothing. I tried a new cord, nothing. I tried to put it on a wireless charger. The charger works for my phone but does nothing to my peak pro.
Now, one of the posts I read said it could be a firmware issue and to remove my puffco app and browser, remove it from Bluetooth and start over. Well I did that but now the app can’t connect to my puffco or recognize it at all (obv because there is no battery).
I decided it’s time to file for a warranty claim. On the site it says to go to the app to do it but I can’t get anywhere with app now due to removing and installing it again.
H-E-L-P!!!! S.O.S
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2021.12.08 20:03 Yooo_its_joe Zekrom and reshiram raid adding 5 to each 3447 7017 6639 back to back raids

3447 7017 6639
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2021.12.08 20:03 Wyvern_68 40th Ms PacMan and QVC 5-1 Ms PacMan side by side

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2021.12.08 20:03 Good_Pangolin_7281 New ride for next season

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2021.12.08 20:03 Cubegod69er I just purchased this, I have never used cbd.oil before. I'm a big lightweight when it comes to pot. How long do you guys recommend I hold this under the tongue?

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2021.12.08 20:03 shitforluck973 Silicone and I’m almost….out

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2021.12.08 20:03 swannyexe Gaming PC Recommendations

Hey peeps, I was wondering if you guys could help me out picking a Gaming PC around the 2k-4k range? Maybe cheaper if that's possible for a good gaming PC. Last custom PC had issues and the GPU finally gave out. Currently using a shitty Desktop and I am unable to play games that I love.
For more information I generally played- -League of Legends -Maplestory -FF14 -Apex Legends -Minecraft -Valorant
Most of these games would run about 80-90 FPS which I was okay with, Apex being probably the worst out of the bunch because it would drop frames, lag, so on and so fourth. It was a pretty old build, around 2018-2019 I believe. Only had about 250 GB's of Storage and 16 RAM. Had a shitty 7900 AMD Sapphire I believe which eventually burned out (Had lots of problems through-out the years). I'm willing to shill out around 2k-4k like I previously stated, but if I could get a good PC that runs most things well at a cheaper price that would more the merrier.
List of games I would like to play (without lagging)- -Escape from Tarkov -Risk of Rain -Heavily Modded Minecraft -Guilty Gear -Strive-
I appreciate it and Merry Christmas!
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2021.12.08 20:03 UDPGuy Verizon gaming AMA with special guest Aerial Powers

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2021.12.08 20:03 synyps 3RL webby heart

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2021.12.08 20:03 Femaleproblems1 Body odour?

Ok so i am in a relationship for 4 years now and i have noticed my boyfriend inherits some body odor from his mom as she has a terrible smell too. So does his sister and i said i ll be okay with it as long a s good hygiene is in place. Problem is that now i get the same odor as him and his whole family. I ve never had body odour until i ve done the deed with him and now my sweat smells bad too and when i go for nr 1 my urine smells fishy and foul just like his mom s which drives me insane! I am raised in a family with no body odour and i have always had good hygiene so this developed since i met him. I love him so much but i cannot let this affect my life i am crazy about smells. I ve tested negative for bv as well. Could this be something untreatable? I cry about it so often and i cant deal with it anymore anybody that has had a similar experience please tell me what you did or if anybody has advice feel free to help!
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2021.12.08 20:03 CerealTendencies Any Sudanese LGBT+ members?

I know this is a shot in the dark but I’m just curious and would like to meet some of you guys. Personally I am on the ace spectrum, highly doubt there would be more but you never know
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2021.12.08 20:03 Old_Hippo_6835 شماره خاله ارومیه

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2021.12.08 20:03 Quadsam 750mg DXM + 375mg DPH + 10mg Adderall Trip Report

Before I start the report I want to say that using Adderall with dxm and/or dph can be extremely dangerous and even fatal if you don't know what your doing. Make sure yo at least let someone know your tripping and what you took and even better get a trip sitter who knows what they are doing.
On to the trip!
Alright so this is a report of the trip I had last night it was very intense and I'm not 100% sure the order of some of the events but I will try to keep it as chronological as I can.
8pm T+0:00 Dosed 750mg of DXM + 100mg DPH and started watching some YouTube.
T+ 0:15 Decided to dose another 275mg DPH to enhance the trip and get a bit more out of it.
T+0:45 Minor effects begin to kick in: eye dilation, loss of motor functions.
T+1:00 Decide to crush up 1/4th of a 10mg Adderall I've been taking lately for my ADHD to snort it. Tested it out by snorting a little bit of it to make sure it didn't burn to bad or anything and when it didn't I finished the line. My nose immediately started bleeding and figured I was already too fucked up to go to the bathroom and get it to stop so I held my hand under it and kept as much blood in my nose as I could.
T+1:15 By this time I was having an amazing time the Adderall brought so much to the trip and I was definitely fucked up. But my nose was still bleeding so I found some cotton swabs and pulled the cotton off of them. Shoved the cotton up my nose and used some tape to keep it from falling out.
T:1:45 Got bored of watching youtube so I went over to my bed to go to bed thinking I would fall asleep really quickly because of how tired I felt.
T+2:30 I was still laying in my bed and I feel like I'm starting to float away. I open my eyes and I see myself floating out of my body. I freak out thinking I'm dying and move my arm and get pulled back into my body. Now I'm sitting there thinking am I dying or am I overthinking this.
T+3:00 My mind begins to wander again and I start seeing some crazy geometric visuals and things floating around my room. I can't remember exactly what I saw but it looked very real to me in the moment.
T+3:15 I start to thing about glass for some reason and think I see a shadow person slowly rotating a pice of glass about 6 feet in the air to the right of my bed. I start getting worried about the shadow person dropping it but I don't do anything about it and just watch mesurised.
T+4:30 I ended up closing my eyes at some point again and am seeing crazy CEV's as I begin to fall asleap.
T+10:00 I wake up and realize I'm late for work notice a ringing in my ears.
This was one of the best trips I've had and the visuals where amazung. I'm still hearing a ringing in my ears but I think it will go away soon.
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2021.12.08 20:03 Alternative_Try5844 Multiple zekrom and Reshiram back to back first 5 4690 1906 1478

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2021.12.08 20:03 uncle_diaper_1478 91078500GI if you light my torches, specifically the torches on Air Island and Light Island, ill return the favor NOTE: I won’t light your torches if you light the wrong islands(s).

Display Name: WubWub (Cold)
Island preferences: Cold
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2021.12.08 20:03 Halfgnomen The Dirt-Liath 35.9 miles of mostly dirt that circles map.

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2021.12.08 20:03 JTh3God Add both user below up to 10 invites! ZEKROM RAID

0449 9289 0335
7400 8929 6314
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2021.12.08 20:03 Rude-Mathematician61 If I add and verify my phone number in my Instagram account there is a possibility that people who have my number will find my page?

Yeah that is the question . Could I appear in their suggestion? Thanks
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2021.12.08 20:03 LongCat97 The Truth about Altaic

The linguist has many tricks up his sleeve. He will lie and deceive in order to divide your people whilst at the same time labeling you a Turkish nationalist or a Altaic fanatic if you dare question him. He will claim that brothers are not brothers, cousins are not cousins, but that they are in fact (((isolates))). Yet he does not want to admit to the fact that if his beloved (((Indo-European))) were to be held to the same level of scrutiny to which he holds Altaic, it too could equally be considered "unproven". However, the linguist does not actually seek to prove anything at all but to divide and tear ancient families apart and to rob you of your heritage.
Be aware my fellow Turanian brothers, for the eternal linguist will strike again soon.
Its only a matter of time before the Turkic language family itself gets divided into more (((isolates))).
Ne mutlu TÜRKÜM diyene!!!
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2021.12.08 20:03 Jolson714 Price check/taking offers. Special Edition evolution Vapor Method. Got this beauty in my mystery box but don’t need it in my bag, the plastic is absolutely beautiful. I’m curious what these are going for? Thanks!

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2021.12.08 20:03 Drexlore Minnesota adds Akron to 2026 football schedule

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2021.12.08 20:03 richie92_ 🚨 NEW UPLOAD 🚨 Asking Strangers For Their Pronouns In Public #2

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2021.12.08 20:03 OrmItANT West Ham all United Legends

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2021.12.08 20:03 superfranco2020 Is This Enough for You?

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