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Eurodance songs I think Kpop Idols should make covers of

2021.12.03 16:58 Miserable-Elephant-3 Eurodance songs I think Kpop Idols should make covers of

As a certified eurodancer and kpopper I have a vested interest in kpop songs that sound like eurodance songs and not just the second generation songs when both genres merged the most. I also like covers, which eurodance has in spades and kpop doesn't.
This is a not extensive list of some of my favourite eurodance songs and the kpop idols who should be singing them. I don't know if they entirely fit but at least it would be better than the thousandth cover of the awful Kid Laroi/Justin Bieber collab Stay.

  1. L'Amour Toujours sung by Doyoung from NCT. Often known as the Fly with You song, it's oddly emotively lyrics and surprisingly sad way it's sung mixed with the very y2k dance beat makes it a good fit for Doyoung, the king of the sad divorce songs and singing his heart out in fundamentally stupid (affectionate) songs. Check out that video lol Gigi D'Agostino might make bangers but he looks utterly ridiculous.
  2. Heut' Ist Mein Tag as sung by Chuu from Loona. This 163bpm ripper who’s title roughly translates to Today is My Day would be a good fit for Chuuiah Carey and her effortless aegyo in my humble opinion. Blumchen is basically doing aegyo in the video and Loona should really go happy hardcore at some point anyway (unless Hi High counts). Plus both the song and Chuu make me want to grin from ear to ear when I encounter them.
  3. Roses are Red as sung by Rosè from Blackpink and Bobby from Ikon. You know Barbie Girl but do you know its better B-side? Actually all of Aqua’s debut are 10/10 bangers but I picked Roses are Red cause of the pun on Rosè’s name. The contrast between Rosè and Bobby’s voices would also be cool too.
  4. Holy Virgin as sung by Taemin. Taemin has often flirted with Christian iconography and if he isn't going to make a Like a Prayer cover he could do a whole lot worse than its club-ready counterpart especially when it comes to the godly last minute of the song. He could totally make it better with his presence tho.
  5. The Riddle as sung by Billlie with three ls. I fell in love with this song the same time I fell in love with Billlie’s debut Ring x Ring and I think if Billlie could make that song explode they could do wonders with this deliberately gibberish song with the sticker tier flute and enough instrumental bits for Tsuki to cartwheel over.
  6. We Like to Party (Vengabus) as sung by MCND. I don't know, MCND have a total Saturday morning kids show band (in a good way) and if any song has that energy more than Vengabus and is not an actual Saturday morning kids show theme tunes I can't find it.
  7. Ooh Ah Just a Little Bit as sung by Twice’s 3mix line. I don't know I feel like reminding people of Like Ooh Ahh is a duty and I feel like the harmonization would be killer.
  8. Poison as sung by Siyeon and JiU from Dreamcatcher. Did you know this banger was originally a late period Alice Copper song? I feel like injecting that rock energy into this song would put it over the top and who better to do that than the leader of kpop resident satan girls and her Warlock stanning golden voiced wife?
  9. Drunken as sung by Enhypen. Well they got drunk dazed so what about a borderline drinking song for when you want to get on the dance floors boys (well 4/7 boys).
  10. Ready or Not as sung by Everglow. My Spotify Unwrapped where Ready or Not topped my most played list and Everglow’s Pirate dropping on the same day is the reason for this post to exist and I do believe my Everglow girls would do this song so much justice. I love Ready or Not with all my heart. BABY WHATCHA DO WHATCHA DO WHATCHA YOU DO TO ME, MAKES ME WANT TO BE SOMEBODY I'M NOT!
Do you think these choices are correct? What eurodance song do you like and wish a kpop idol would cover? Are you a kpop/euro dancestan too?
Comment below!
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2021.12.03 16:58 RefrigeratorNo9871 Are there any Race Win 1:64 that I’m missing from this list (2007-Present)?

2007 Jimmie Johnson Las Vegas 2007 Jimmie Johnson Atlanta 1 2007 Jimmie Johnson Martinsville 1 2007 Jimmie Johnson Richmond 1 2007 Jimmie Johnson Auto Club 2007 Jimmie Johnson Richmond 2 2007 Jimmie Johnson Martinsville 2 2007 Jimmie Johnson Atlanta 2 2007 Jimmie Johnson Texas 2007 Jimmie Johnson Phoenix 2013 Jimmie Johnson Daytona 2014 Jimmie Johnson Charlotte 2014 Jimmie Johnson Dover 2014 Jimmie Johnson Texas 2016 Jimmie Johnson Auto Club 2016 Jimmie Johnson Homestead 2017 Jimmie Johnson Bristol
2007 Kyle Busch Bristol 2008 Kyle Busch Atlanta 2015 Kyle Busch Homestead 2016 Kyle Busch Kansas 2017 Kyle Busch Pocono 2018 Kyle Busch Chicagoland 2019 Kyle Busch Auto Club 2019 Kyle Busch Homestead
2007 Kevin Harvick Daytona 2015 Kevin Harvick Las Vegas 2017 Kevin Harvick Sonoma 2019 Kevin Harvick Michigan
2007 Denny Hamlin Loudon 2014 Denny Hamlin Talladega 2016 Denny Hamlin Daytona 2019 Denny Hamlin Daytona 2020 Denny Hamlin Daytona
2014 Brad Keselowski Loudon 2019 Brad Keselowski Kansas 2020 Brad Keselowski Bristol
2007 Martin Truex Jr Dover 2015 Martin Truex Jr Pocono 2016 Martin Truex Jr Charlotte 2017 Martin Truex Jr Las Vegas 2017 Martin Truex Jr Homestead 2018 Martin Truex Jr Auto Club 2019 Martin Truex Jr Sonoma 2020 Martin Truex Jr Martinsville
2015 Joey Logano Daytona 2018 Joey Logano Talladega 2018 Joey Logano Homestead 2019 Joey Logano Las Vegas 2020 Joey Logano Las Vegas
2007 Matt Kenseth Auto Club 2007 Matt Kenseth Homestead 2013 Matt Kenseth Bristol
2007 Carl Edwards Michigan 2007 Carl Edwards Bristol 2007 Carl Edwards Dover
2007 Tony Stewart Chicagoland 2007 Tony Stewart Indianapolis 2007 Tony Stewart Watkins Glen 2013 Tony Stewart Dover 2016 Tony Stewart Sonoma
2007 Jeff Gordon Phoenix 2007 Jeff Gordon Talladega 1 2007 Jeff Gordon Darlington 2007 Jeff Gordon Pocono 2007 Jeff Gordon Talladega 2 2007 Jeff Gordon Charlotte 2015 Jeff Gordon Martinsville
2016 Kyle Larson Michigan 2017 Kyle Larson Michigan 2021 Kyle Larson Las Vegas 2021 Kyle Larson Charlotte 2021 Kyle Larson Nashville 2021 Kyle Larson Bristol 2021 Kyle Larson Charlotte Roval 2021 Kyle Larson Texas 2021 Kyle Larson Phoenix
2018 Chase Elliott Watkins Glen 2018 Chase Elliott Dover 2018 Chase Elliott Kansas 2019 Chase Elliott Talladega 2019 Chase Elliott Watkins Glen 2019 Chase Elliott Charlotte Roval 2020 Chase Elliott Charlotte 2020 Chase Elliott Daytona RC 2020 Chase Elliott Charlotte Roval 2020 Chase Elliott Martinsville 2020 Chase Elliott Phoenix 2021 Chase Elliott COTA 2021 Chase Elliott Road America
2013 Kasey Kahne Bristol
2014 Dale Earnhardt Jr Daytona 2014 Dale Earnhardt Jr Pocono 2015 Dale Earnhardt Jr Talladega 2015 Dale Earnhardt Jr Daytona 2015 Dale Earnhardt Jr Phoenix
2007 Greg Biffle Kansas
2017 Ryan Blaney Pocono 2018 Ryan Blaney Charlotte Roval 2020 Ryan Blaney Talladega
2007 Jamie McMurray Daytona
2019 Alex Bowman Chicagoland
2007 Jeff Burton Texas
2017 Austin Dillon Charlotte 2018 Austin Dillon Daytona
2018 Erik Jones Daytona
2007 Juan Pablo Montoya Sonoma
2020 William Byron Daytona
2017 Ricky Stenhouse Jr Talladega
2014 A.J. Allmendinger Watkins Glen 2021 A.J. Allmendinger Indianapolis RC
2021 Christopher Bell Daytona RC
2007 Casey Mears Charlotte
2021 Michael McDowell Daytona
2021 Bubba Wallace Talladega
2020 Cole Custer Kentucky
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2021.12.03 16:58 theoneyoulaywith Love Has Won cult leader’s cause of death released: “alcohol abuse, anorexia, and chronic colloidal silver ingestion”

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2021.12.03 16:58 Syava305 Turns out Tim Henson's archetype is nice for midwest too

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2021.12.03 16:58 UnknownFigures_ UnknownFigures: Low Gas Fees + Utility NFT : Pre Mint Is Here

UnknownFigures: Low Gas Fees + Utility NFT : Pre Mint Is Here
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2021.12.03 16:58 Clean-Gold-1944 What's your experience with Acronis Cloud?

Longtime Datto user here, while I like the appliance, not to happy with their cloud. Performance of their VMs in DR is not very good, specifically storage throughput. Maybe could be a file server, but can't use a remote desktop server with more than a couple people logging in. Was wondering if anyone had experience with Acronis Cloud recovery. What's the performance of the VMs like? Can they support a remote desktop server in DR with 10, 20, 50 users logging in?
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2021.12.03 16:58 adhdandchill21 This made me sick to my stomach. I think we can all agree on this. Right?

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2021.12.03 16:58 vdyagms Cube World Alpha! Ep. 48 - What It’s Like To Be Level 100!

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2021.12.03 16:58 mewithoutjew I work in mail and two of my customers got different versions of the same magazine.

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2021.12.03 16:58 elia_sunny17 Color-blinds, does it happen to you that you can't choose outfit?

Maybe it's a weird question but I really wanna know what do you think. My father is color-blind and he always asks if he had chosed the right colors to wear. I'm wondering: is it a real problem for you or just a small inconvenient?
If there was a chance to create a gadget or an app to choose clothes based in colors, would you use it? Or would you prefer to stay the same?

Thanks for the aswers btw
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2021.12.03 16:58 Dense-Crew-992 Reshiram raid 53394

9580 9265 9569
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2021.12.03 16:58 Rammernaut A decent webcam at a low price?

I've been looking for a webcam for my laptop, and had an eye on the c270. But after reading reviews and such it seems pretty outdated.
After looking around a bit more, the c505 caught my eye, so I'd like to ask everyone here how it is in terms of quality. My main qualm with the c270 was that it zoomed in a lot, does this issue still exist in the c505 model?
Some people say I'm better off getting a no-name webcam for the same price and it'll be better quality, any thoughts on this?
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2021.12.03 16:58 yorp23 This saw is awesome

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Cry about it😎😎🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇲🇳🇲🇳🇫🇮💪💪💪💪 submitted by ICryInShower to 2EasternEuropean4you [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 16:58 Far_Sprinkles2620 My first set of decor and I have 60 decor pikmin 😊

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2021.12.03 16:58 mmjconnoisseur RSO syringe in a vape?

Im using an RSO syringe to dab and eat but dont see rso sold in a vape cart form. Has anyone filled a cart with these syringes? I know its not ideal to smoke rso it’s better to eat it but curious…
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2021.12.03 16:58 Real_Bus6859 Institutional Owners

Did we jump from 12 to 46 in one day ?
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2021.12.03 16:58 Orefeus Returning player looking to come back, are legendaries still really expensive?

I only played a little at the start of the expansion but I'm looking to come back and level a different character but before I do I just want to know if the legendaries are still really expensive
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2021.12.03 16:58 -Geistzeit New Public Domain Review piece on depictions of Yggdrasil in the modern era (2021, "Collections/Images: Yggdrasil: The Sacred Ash Tree of Norse Mythology)

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2021.12.03 16:58 rbyrnes15 Razed Black Shark V2 Pro worth upgrading too?

I currently have the wired Hyper X Cloud Gaming II and was thinking of picking up a wireless headset. How is the Black Shark II and are they worth upgrading too?
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2021.12.03 16:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - Debenhams returns to high street with Manchester beauty store | Guardian

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2021.12.03 16:58 Youd-hate-me-irl Reshiram Raid 5874 5966 0947

Ends in twenty minutes from the time this is posted
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