2021.12.03 15:39 AffectionateBid4627 THE BIG GAME

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2021.12.03 15:39 ISanityxd So my pc exploded.. help

So I bought a Dell Optiplex 790 i7 16GB Ram, added a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1030 low profile 2G to increase the performance. All was working well and I was tweaking a bit with the settings for performance.
Then I went to overclock it and I did the Clock speed to 240Mg/s and the Monitor clock to 700m/s. It was working fine so I thought nothing of it. I was running a game and half an hour later, I heard a loud pop and everything completely shut down including the PC and the GPU.
I don't know if it's either the PC or the GPU's fault but once I removed the case of PC, another bang occurred right underneath the PSI area (at this point, I removed the graphics card because I was checking what happened). Is the GPU alright, or do I have to get it repaired? Is it the motherboard's fault? If I do get a return, should I add the graphics card to that same spec CPU again or no? Please help me. I can't exactly provide pics as there is nothing explanatory there and I've packed the things already.
Thanks for reading.
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2021.12.03 15:39 ariabird I used to be a park ranger and there are some things people need to know about what's in the forests (Part 2)

(Posting both parts at once because these two parts are really meant to be read all in one go. But alas Reddit posting limits and I had written this story before I actually knew what the post limits were. If I need to wait 48 hours to post this part though just let me know and I'll delete and repost it after 48 hours. :) )
When I woke up everything was still dark. I wondered if I was even still alive. All I knew was that it was dark and I couldn't move. Then I heard a groan from nearby. "Ah shit." I heard Lida's voice say softly before I heard a slight rustling like someone was struggling. "Lida?" I croaked out in question and I heard a gasp from nearby. "Thank fucking goodness, you're still alive." she breathed. Then she let out a more frustrated sound. "But- that means they caught you. Look. I have a plan to get us out of here, but you need to do exactly what I say if you want to survive this." she said in a hushed tone.
"What about Hank?" I whispered back and Lida was quiet for a long moment before she spoke up again. "Hank's beyond saving now. don't want to know. Trust me." she said with a pained whisper. "Now stop talking. You don't want them knowing you're awake. And whatever you do. Don't let them feed you anything." she said with a renewly steeled tone. I did as I was told and shut up after that. I don't know how long we stayed in that darkness. I could feel myself suspended in the air and completely unable to move. It felt like I was wrapped up in some kind of cocoon made of a sticky substance similar to that of a spider's web. It was exactly the same conditions that Abigail had described in her story. The only sounds I heard all that time were an occasional shuffling, which I assumed to be Lida, and the distant sound of footsteps and soft growls.
After what could have been hours or even days of just staying silent in that oppressive darkness I heard a ripping noise, and then a loud thunk and a grunt. I wanted to speak, but remembered Lida's words and forced myself to remain quiet. I just waited and hoped that that was the sound of Lida escaping. I heard footsteps approaching me and held my breath while attempting to press myself back against the stone wall behind me on a deep-rooted instinct to cringe away from the unknown thing that approached. Then I heard a ripping noise shortly before my bindings gave way and I went crashing unceremoniously to the rock floor below. While I lay there with the wind knocked out of me Lida ripped the sticky bindings away from me and I quickly scrambled to my feet.
"You're going to have to trust me. Stay close to me and I'll get you out of here." Lida whispered in my ear. I nodded before realizing she couldn't see me in the pitch darkness and instead whispered back. "Okay." It was all I could think to say at that moment. I heard a strange crunching noise and then Lida grabbed my hand and started to swiftly lead me along as if she was able to see where she was going. I noticed that her nails felt sharper than before as she held tight to my hand. I felt fear bubble up as I wondered if she was becoming something like what Abigail had turned into. But I forced myself to bury that fear. Right then, Lida was my only chance of making it out of that place. I had to trust her. I didn't have any other option.
We moved through the darkness for what seemed like forever. We seemed to be moving through some sort of massive tunnel or cave network like the one from Abigail's story. We would mostly move with hurried steps, but on various occasions Lida would stop me and pull me into little crevices or side tunnels when the sounds of footsteps neared us. Then after the footsteps faded we would continue on our way again. I began to wonder if we would just be wondering this cave network until we finally just collapsed. I could already feel the hunger, dehydration, and exhaustion gnawing at me. But I kept pace with Lida, forcing myself to keep walking even when it felt like my legs were turning to stone.
Then I finally saw a beautiful sight. There was light streaming into the stony area about fifteen feet ahead of us after we'd turned a corner. As we drew closer to the light I could see that it was moonlight streaming into a large hole of some sort that looked to have been dug by massive claws. The hole was roughly five feet above us and led into some kind of tunnel to the surface. I felt my heart sink as I realized there was no way we could reach the hole to escape through it. We would have to continue on back into the darkness. "I'll boost you up to the edge of the hole. Do you think you can pull yourself out?" Lida spoke up as I let myself fall into a crestfallen state.
I looked at Lida's petite five-foot form in bewilderment. I felt my eyes widen as I was finally able to take in her appearance. Lida's form had changed. She had grown more muscled and she looked practically feral. Her short black hair was wild and she was covered in dirt, but she looked uninjured despite her dirty appearance and very torn blood-stained clothing. Her nails had turned to claws and when she spoke I could see her teeth had changed to sharpened points. When I finally met her eyes they were no longer that piercing hazel green they had been. Now her pupils had changed to slits and her eyes were a glowing gold shade. I instinctively took a few steps back from her as I took in her inhuman features and she firmly grabbed my wrist. "Now isn't the time. I told you. If you want to make it out of this you're going to have to trust me." she said firmly.
I slowly nodded and she released me in return. Then she laced her fingers together and placed her palms upward to allow me to step on them so she could lift me to the hole. I complied and she lifted me with surprising ease. I dug my fingers into the dirt and scrabbled my way up through the hole and out into the forest above. I collapsed onto the ground on my back, taking in deep lungfuls of air for a moment and let out a short laugh of relief to be away from that horrid darkness. Then I remembered Lida. I looked down through the hole that appeared to be an animal burrow hidden beneath a large thick bush from the outside. Lida looked up at me with glowing golden orbs before she jumped upwards and dug her clawed hands into the dirt. I grabbed her hands and helped pull her out of the hole. Though I'm not entirely sure she needed my help at all.
Once we were both out in the forest Lida held a hand up when she saw me about to speak. "No questions. Not until we're out of here. Don't talk. Just follow and do what I say. That's how you're going to make it to see the sunrise." she said in a voice that left no room for argument. I just nodded in response to show her I understood. She nodded back and then we were off. The forest was still as strangely quiet as it was when we were captured and I wondered if it was even the same night anymore. I had no idea how many days had passed since we had taken down into the cave network. We could have been down in that cave system for days for all I knew.
We just walked in silence as the moon moved across the sky. I didn't ask where we were going. All I knew to do at that point was follow Lida and hope that she had a plan. Lida seemed to tense some as we walked, but she said nothing beyond making a circular upward motion with her hand that I took to mean as 'be on your guard'. "You're quite the clever little girl. Such a shame that you chose the wrong side of this war." a deep rumbling voice spoke that seemed to echo around us. Lida let out a soft growl in response. "Yeah? If you're so upset about it then why not come and handle me yourself? Unless you're too scared to face me directly. You seem chicken shit with the way you're having all your lackeys do the fighting for you." she barked back which earned cold laughter from the voice which I assumed to belong to the coyote since it was the only one of the creatures I had heard actually speak up to that point.
Then a dark shape seemed to emerge from a nearby oak tree that quickly shifted and took the form of that coyote I was beginning to grow familiar with seeing. It was grinning at us with its head cocked to the side ever so slightly as if it were amused. "As you wish." he said before he rushed at us with alarming speed. Lida was backhanded hard enough that she went flying through a number of trees which crashed to the ground as Lida skidded to a stop on all fours roughly thirty feet away. The deep gouges in her forearms she'd gotten from the coyote's claws were already healing as she charged at the coyote. The coyote let out a roar that was mixed with laughter as Lida charged at it as if it were relishing the challenge that had been presented to it.
The ensuing fight was one I only caught glimpses of as I attempted to distance myself from the two. I saw glimpses of Lida savagely tearing into the coyote and drawing inky black blood from the thing with each hit. She was superhumanly strong with the way she was able to send the coyote flying. It had grown to be at least twice her size by that point with a far more muscled figure than its previously gaunt form. The fight between the two seemed as if it would never end as they destroyed the forest around them. Every time the two dealt injuries to the other they would heal almost as fast as they were given. Trees felled around the two and slowly their battlezone was changed more into a clearing filled with jagged stumps and fallen trees.
Despite Lida's strength she still seemed out of her league against the coyote. As fast as she was able to heal the coyote still dealt more damage than Lida and seemed to land attacks on her far more often than she did to it. And yet she never seemed to tire or give up. She just looked at the coyote with this deep-seated rage as she stubbornly continued to battle it. I stayed hidden behind a large rock on a small cliif near their battlefield. I should have run, but I just couldn’t as I watched in horror, and yet almost wonder, as the two superhuman entities clashed. I just silently hoped their fight would not come near to me as I knew I would only get in the way or get hurt in this battle between two things who were far beyond the strength of a normal person like me.
I could already see Lida was facing a challenge against the coyote with it only having one arm and I wondered just how dangerous would this thing be without that handicap. Then I quickly pushed that thought away as I felt panic overtaking me at that idea. Whatever the hell this thing was. It was a monster of overwhelming strength that I could still barely fathom the existence of.
Finally the coyote got the upper hand, if you could even really call the hulking patchy furred thing a coyote anymore. It managed to pin Lida to the ground with its massive clawed hand holding her down by her throat and upper chest. Lida choked and gagged as she clawed and kicked at the coyote's arm, and it just laughed at her struggling even with her claws tearing chunks from its arm. I felt panic build up in my chest at the sight. I felt as if I had to do something to help Lida, but I had no idea what I could do. If Lida wasn't able to stop that thing there was no way I stood a chance. But I decided that I couldn't leave Lida to just perish at the hands of this thing. I’d already lost Hank. I couldn’t just stand by and lose her too.
I picked up a heavy rock from the ground nearby and attempted to stealthily approach the coyote while its attention was focused on Lida. "You make such delicious prey little girl. Such a shame that you didn't last longer. It has been so long since I've been provided such a challenge. My compliments. Even your mother wasn't quite so strong as you. But alas, you'll suffer the same fate as she did." the coyote hummed with glee while Lida glared up at it with seething hatred in her expression. "I'll kill you!" she snarled back in a choked gasping voice as she more viciously attempted to struggle loose from the grip of the thing. "Ah, still so spirited. I'm sure that fire in you will only make you an even more delectable morsel." the coyote chuckled, simply seeming amused by Lida's fury.
The coyote opened its jaws wide as its face split into four even pieces and opened like horrific flower petals to reveal a large black maw lined with white needle-sharp teeth and out from its throat flickered a deep red tongue reminiscent of a massive octopus tentacle lined with suckers that had silver spikes at the centers. I rushed forwards to hurl the rock right at the head of the creature and hopefully distract it long enough to let Lida get loose. The thing closed in as if aiming to bite into Lida with its monstrous mouth. I felt a sinking in my chest. I was too late. Even with Lida's astounding healing abilities, there was no way she could survive her head being bitten off.
But then the thing's chest exploded in black gore as a loud bang sounded throughout the forest. Its body was soon torn apart by more explosions as more loud bangs filled the forest. Lida bolted to her feet as the creature's body started to dissolve into that black liquid I had seen the other things dissolve into. Its head flopped to the ground and changed back to the more coyote-like shape. Somehow it spoke even with its head now being the only solid piece of it left. "This....isn't.....over." it hissed out. "You haven't seen the last We will have.....our victory...." it gasped. Then its head exploded in another burst of gore and all that was left of the beast was puddles of black goo that quickly dried and floated up into the air in little black flecks as the sky started to change with the first shades of dawn.
I felt the rock drop from my hands as a familiar voice spoke from the edge of the treeline. "You sure made quite a mess here huh?" I turned and couldn't believe my eyes. There Briggs stood with a shotgun in hand and a proud grin present on his face. Lida gave Briggs a withering look in response. "Took you long enough grandpa. Those damn reinforcements you promised were almost too late. We lost some good people while you jackasses sat around with your thumbs up your asses." she scolded the older man.
I felt my mind begin to swim as I tried to process all the events that had transpired over the course of the terrifying affair. As I tried to take in the scene in front of me of the heated back and forth between Lida and Briggs all their voices sounded like to me were faraway echoes. Blackness started to form at the edges of my vision. And then I fell unconscious.
When I woke up I was in a hospital in the nearest city to the state park. I was told I'd been transported to the hospital from a clinic in the nearby town to the state park. According to the hospital staff I had been brought in with deep gashes, dehydrated, and emaciated. I'd apparently woken up and spoken deliriously of monstrous animals attacking. So it was assumed I'd been attacked by either a bear or wildcat, based on my injuries, and had become lost in the forest for days before eventually being discovered by two hikers. At first, I attempted to argue and recount what really happened, but I quickly figured out that the hospital staff just assumed I was still delirious. They weren't going to believe me. I did discover that it had been a week and a half since the night that those things first attacked.
After I was discharged from the hospital I immediately quit my job at the state park. My supervisors didn't ask any questions. I saw that a missing persons report had been filed for Hank, but no law enforcement ever questioned me about what happened at the state park. In fact, there was never any reports at all of what happened in the park that night. And after that night the strange animal sightings in the park just fizzled off soon after. I thought about going to the police and telling them my story about what happened, but I knew that they would just ignore what I said. After all, who would believe such a strange story? I hadn't believed Abigail at first. Surely no one would believe me either.
Since then I've moved across the country to a large city in an arid climate full of flatlands and desert. I want to be far away from any forest. I know that the media and law enforcement won't believe my story, but I recently heard about this subreddit from my girlfriend. She's the only one I've told this story to since then. She's the only one who believes me. She encouraged that I post this here. I think she hopes it will be therapeutic for me. But I decided to post this story because I want to warn anyone who will listen. Watch out for the forests. There are things out in those deep woods far beyond human comprehension. Whatever I saw in that forest, I have no doubt there's more out there. I remember what it said to Lida. It mentioned a war. It said it would come back. The people that go missing out in the forests, the strange things that happen, maybe there really isn't a logical explanation for all of it. So if you start to see animals that look wrong with those white eyes in a forest. Get out while you still have the chance, or they might just come for you next.
I hope that my tale will serve as a warning to all of you who choose to listen to it. I haven't seen Lida or Briggs since that night. And I can only hope they're doing well wherever they are. While I still wonder what those things are that attacked that night. I'm too scared to really go looking for the answers I want. As far as I'm concerned. I hope I never have to step into another forest again. But another part of me has started to become less scared over the years. I feel angry for all the horrors those things brought on. They killed innocent and good people like those college kids and Hank. I want to know what they are. And I want to stop them. There's a state park a few hundred miles from me and I've seen increasing reports of animal attacks and missing persons there lately. Maybe I should go there and warn them before things go too far.
I sat on the story I wrote for a week. I wasn't sure whether to post it or not after giving it more thought. Yesterday, I got a visit from someone I never thought I’d see again. I heard a knock on my apartment door and before me stood Lida. She didn't look like she'd aged a day since the last time I saw her. She looked like how she had when I first met her. Tanned caramel skin, piercing hazel green eyes, a petite figure, five foot nothing, and jet black hair. The only difference was that her hair had grown down to her waist and was tied back in a messy braid. She looked up at me with that intense expression of hers before offering me an amused smile. "We need to talk." she said simply.
Of course, I let her in. She just waltzed into my apartment like she owned the place and took a seat on my couch. "Nice place you've got. A little plain. But you were always kind of a basic guy huh?" she said casually as she surveyed my apartment while I stared at her in disbelief. Then she motioned for me to take a seat in the armchair across from her. In dumbfounded silence, I just did what she said. She's surprisingly good at getting others to follow her commands. That small figure just seems to exude authority when she wants it to.
"Well, I did promise you I'd explain everything. And, I'm finally here to uphold that promise. After I explain. I've got a favor to ask." she said. I just stared at her in response for a long moment before finally just sputtering a stuttered "Okay." Lida laughed. "Always so good with words huh Jack?" she teased. That's my name by the way.
Lida continued on to first tell me that her name isn't actually Lida. Navina is her name. So Lida, now Navina, continued on to explain just what happened in the forest that night. And just who she really is.
According to Navina, she comes from a long line of monster hunters. What we encountered in the forest five years ago was a parasitic species that can take over organic creatures that are controlled by one hive mind which, in this case, had taken the form of that coyote. They come from another world and showed up on Earth about two hundred years ago. They're a species that tries to colonize worlds and consume whatever they get in contact with. But, Navina's group has been able to keep them at bay. They've taken to calling the species Webbers since they trap their victims in that spider-web-like substance and the parasite looks somewhat like a spider when removed from the host. And yes, Navina and I agreed the name wasn't the best. But it's what stuck.
The Webber is a much larger creature that separates itself into smaller creatures which will then take over a host. They believe there are multiple Webbers from whatever world it is they come from, but they don't know how many. They also don’t actually know how the Webbers get here. Thus far there are five Webbers who have attempted to invade Earth and only one of them has made repeat attempts. There have been fifteen invasion attempts in the last two hundred years. Whether that means they killed the other Webbers when they stopped them, they don't know. They just know this one particular Webber they've taken to calling BAW, for big asshole Webber, is the one who keeps coming back. Navina says that her people need to start coming up with better names. The Webbers will take one primary host body on Earth and then extend their control outwards into other creatures by trapping them and feeding them its black blood so that the body becomes suitable for habitation. Then they will eventually turn into the warped creatures I saw five years ago.
I angrily asked Navina why she didn't warn Hank and me about Abigail then and she just sadly stated that she couldn't alert the Webber that she was onto its game. She thought maybe there was still time to save Abigail since there have been cases where people in the process of becoming hosts have been able to be saved. She regretted what happened to Hank and that she couldn't save him. She explained that night was a train wreck and that she was supposed to have reinforcements come much earlier, but due to extenuating circumstances they hadn't been able to arrive on time.
Navina explained that her mother had been killed by the same Webber she fought that night. Then she proceeded to nonchalantly drop that she was able to fight BAW so efficiently because she's not human. No, in fact she's a half-demon. She had to use a spell that suppressed her demonic abilities while she worked at the state park so BAW wouldn't detect her and the effects of the spell had finally worn off when we were trapped in the cave system. She only laughed at my dumbstruck expression, shrugged, and said that her mom had weird and kind of shitty taste since her dad had never really been around anyway. She'd been raised mostly by her grandpa, who was in fact Briggs. Surprise surpise, that’s not his real name either. So the man, who was really named Brisjan, left weeks earlier to get enough reinforcements to come back and deal with BAW when the signs had started showing up that another invasion was coming. But, as you all already know, he didn't get back until everything had already gone to shit. If I ever see him again he and I have some things to talk about.
Navina explained to me that not only are there Webbers, demons, and magic. Apparently, there's a good many things that are real; like vampires, werewolves, angels, fae, and dragons. Among many other things. I'll really need to ask her more about that later. She sped over that whole point as she explained that her organization were people who kept the peace and stopped the bad guys who threatened 'the balance' as she calls it. Can't say their name unfortunately. Top secret and all that. She tells me that her group in the organization is looking for new members. They need reinforcements since it’s looking like that state park I've noticed may be the sight of a new invasion.
Well, I'll cut to the chase. I said yes. I've got an opportunity to do something against those bastards and do some good. So, I'm going to take it. Navina's standing behind me now while I write this. She's very amused by how I describe her. She's also told me to stop treating her like a kid since she's over a hundred years old. That.....leaves me with a lot more questions I need to ask her later. But I've got a lot I'm still trying to process. So, one step at a time there. Agreeing to join this organization means that I'm leaving everything behind now. I don't like the idea of leaving my girlfriend behind, but I know she wouldn't understand all of this or why I feel I need to help Navina and her people. After I finish writing this I'll be packing my things and making what preparations I need before I set out with Navina.
My parting words to all of you are to be vigilant. There are many strange things in this world that we write off as nothing but fantasy. But what many of us forget is that there are many things we don't know about this world. Better to keep a watchful eye than be caught off guard if you do encounter something hidden from the majority of the world. With that, I thank you all for reading my story and I hope that you heed its warnings. What happened in that park to the people like Hank and Abigail was a tragedy. Hopefully I can do something to now save people like them.
Best regards and signing off, Jack. Perhaps I'll be making another report here one day to warn you all of more of those strange things that exist in this world so often unseen by the masses.
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2021.12.03 15:39 Darkslayerx123 Please help I am so lost (pallette)

Hi I am trying to buy a pallette for my friend I have absolutely no idea what to get . I have one piece of information to help in this quest she adores the James Charles x morphe pallette please help me on this quest
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2021.12.03 15:39 talbot2000 Calm water

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2021.12.03 15:39 AFCBlink Laughter isn't an evolutionary accident

Why do we laugh when something bad happens to someone else, even people we love? Why do we laugh at profanity, and socially awkward situations? It seems that laughter is always at someone's expense, even if it is someone abstract and imaginary, or even ourselves. And yet, laughter is pleasant, positive, the opposite of a negative reaction. We will drive across town and pay good money for the privilege of having someone make us laugh.
Laughter has a purpose. Laughter is a uniquely involuntary form of communication, a social signal that it's going to be okay. It says to one's self and to everyone around that the person laughing genuinely believes, on a subconscious and undistilled level, that whatever the situation is — whatever faux pas, injury, absurdity, confusion, humiliation, or difficult behavior one is facing at that moment — it's endurable. I can only laugh at it if I think I can get through it. That's why sometimes when the subject is truly too deadly, too sacred, too scary, then it's not funny. Laughter is one nearly undisguisable way we say, "Yeah, I can deal with this. It's not that bad."
That makes laughter very, very valuable, indeed.
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2021.12.03 15:39 Dancou-Maryuu This sign at the Gare du Nord in Paris, saying « entrée » ( entrance ) on one side and « sortie » ( exit ) on the other

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2021.12.03 15:39 gianco008 Looks like Jose Diaz is invisible again

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2021.12.03 15:39 Ok_Image6174 This GM comparing herself to the President of the US in the hierarchy at her job. What a joke.

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2021.12.03 15:39 geoffsanborn This Year
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2021.12.03 15:39 Umklopp What's so bad about holding a dog by its collar?

So to preface, when my puppy goes to the dog park, he likes to wrestle. He's actually really good at picking suitable partners, disengaging from the fight if his partner isn't having fun, and in general using an appropriate amount of enthusiasm/strength. At the same time, it is a gentle version of fighting, so unless he's playing with a dog that I know well, I monitor his activity in case the other dog's owner wants me to intervene or someone starts getting worked up. He's also not good at recognizing that if another dog joins and his play partner doesn't like that dog's style, my puppy should also back down and give everyone space.
So I watch a lot of play dog fighting and have gotten pretty good at judging when someone is about to get scared. And if I know that the dog who is being overbearing is safe, I sometimes dash in when that dog is still and hold their collar just to give the unhappy dog an extra bit of space. The vast majority of the time, the dog that I grabbed immediately backs off and chills out, so I just sit there and baby-talk/pet on them while they calm down a bit. If they decide to run off, I let them. (I recognize that no one can see my intentions, but I just want to check that I'm not unwittingly doing something outrageous.)
Today, my dog was rough-housing with a first time visitor when one of the regular dogs decided to join. I know that she's a really well-trained, sweet dog who wouldn't hurt anyone—but she thinks it's a fun game to lightly antagonize dogs who try to ignore her. Normally her owner is floating around somewhere, but I couldn't see her. So when the new dog was starting to panic and the other dogs in the park were starting to gravitate to the scrum, I just scooped up the first dog collar that I could safely grab—which wasn't my dog's collar. I immediately switched into "hey let's be chill until the excitement dies down or until your owner finally materializes."
Well, neither thing happened for several minutes & when the other dog's owner did notice, she was Not Pleased and wanted to know why I had her dog's collar.
"Well, that white dog over there was starting to get scared and she was starting to growl--"
" She wasn't going to hurt anyone."
"Oh, I know, but that other dog is new and was starting to get scared and she was growling—"
"She wouldn't growl."
"Ok, well, someone was and I didn't want that other dog to have a bad first visit so I intervened because I didn't see you anywhere."
"Well, whatever, just don't grab my dog's collar."
"Ok, sure thing. I just didn't know where you were, or I'd have gotten you."
Did I really make a mistake? I went for the other dog because I didn't want to reach over them to grab mine and there was a solid chance that he'd disengage once no one else was playing. (I was too late however and the new dog's elderly owner had my 60lbs puppy's collar pulled when I finally looked around. He clearly wasn't distressed, pulling, or otherwise trying to escape.)
And what should I have done instead? I didn't know that other dog and didn't want to either let it get traumatized or have it get provoked into seriously defending itself. I did look around for the third owner before things started to get really heated, but I didn't want to walk off when there wasn't going to be anyone else capable of diving in if necessary.
Tl;dr - If I'm not supposed to hold a dog by its collar, what am I supposed to do if it needs to be pulled off from playing too rough? And what should I do if that dog's owner is absolutely nowhere to be seen?
Thanks for the advice
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2021.12.03 15:39 marriedbean Easy on campus jobs

I'm looking for an on campus job where there's not much to do and you can just do homework. Was thinking of nickle gallery but they're more hiring. Any suggestions?
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2021.12.03 15:39 EBjoker06 Anybody havr

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2021.12.03 15:39 EnigmaticComposer La Música De Los Pétalos

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2021.12.03 15:39 TigerBarFly Reading Journal Logs with Notepad++

I'm building a user defined language to make reading a Journal File a bit easier on my (rapidly) aging eyes. Has anyone else done this before? I can share what I have built if anyone is interested.
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2021.12.03 15:39 hanzo69 How do you like your hot dogs cooked?

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2021.12.03 15:39 BoxyPlains92587 Blank map of the world, except the top comment get to add/change a country. Day 1

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2021.12.03 15:39 ssakurass WTF is this ability supposed to be? Seems like the most useless ability ever for a void champion...

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2021.12.03 15:39 cosmo_vegas Techniques for being mindful under pressure

Are there any techniques or practices to help one be more mindful when under pressure? Say, solving a problem during an interview or coming up with an answer off the top of your head.. I know that the concentration achieved while meditating on the cushion will eventually extend to general life, including times when you're under pressure, but I was wondering are there any specific practices you can do that train this skill faster?
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2021.12.03 15:39 JimboLodisC AIRSTEP Spk vs Spark Control: Feature Comparison

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2021.12.03 15:39 Zitroled [High School level] Probability

A need an answer to a problem which came up into my head while playing a board game and had plagued me since.
There is a board game consisting of 60 tiles. There are 4 players and a 6-sided die. The goal is to reach the last tile by throwing the die and moving the indicated number of tiles. What is the probability that every tile will be stepped on by at least one player and what is the average number of tiles covered by the time first player reaches the final tile? This is all assuming there are no additional rules and “special” tiles, like in Snakes&Ladders.
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2021.12.03 15:39 wagermant Home office cat

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2021.12.03 15:39 21stCenturyTech Do I have some remnants of old GPO policy from Windows 10 Education? I downgraded from Windows 10 Education by overriding the registry, forcing the media creation tool to do an in place upgrade back to Windows 10 Home. Everything works fine, except I have some difficulties with access work or school

Windows 10 Home - 21H2

Thanks again
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2021.12.03 15:39 dbdbdb1999 Enhanced turbo (multi core enhancement) missing from bios. Is this just not a feature on my MSI motherboard?

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2021.12.03 15:39 SuperHyperTails I think I won the annoying EXP amount posts

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