Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal - CA$233 (CA$221 + CA$12 S/H) 80%

2021.12.04 10:00 pedal_deals_bot Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal - CA$233 (CA$221 + CA$12 S/H) 80%

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2021.12.04 10:00 ClaireFarronLR Final Fantasy I - Menu Screen (Piano Cover) :D

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2021.12.04 10:00 MasterpieceOrganic28 My very first try at a finished hannya mask , I sketched this about 5 times before inking . I kind of like it but i kind of don’t . Don’t know how I feel about it .

My very first try at a finished hannya mask , I sketched this about 5 times before inking . I kind of like it but i kind of don’t . Don’t know how I feel about it . submitted by MasterpieceOrganic28 to TattooApprentice [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 10:00 Naive_Armadillo4233 discord join for free onlyfans
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2021.12.04 10:00 Kajtejeze Zekrom raid, be online

Have Zekrom raid for another 11 min, adding some people. Please be online

0133 0711 1070
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2021.12.04 10:00 zmanoman I rolled out my CSP's yesterday when the underlying stocks were down over 10%. They were below strike but don't expire till 12/17 and 1/21. Good idea?

My thinking is that on a volatile down day the premium is higher than normal going out another month with same strike but at the same time I understand it would cost more than normal to close the current as well. I just assumed the difference is worth the roll but don't have stats to back that up. Or is it the rule of thumb to always wait till the last week/day to roll.
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2021.12.04 10:00 MrGotdalocks Bama/GA under 24.5 at the half

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2021.12.04 10:00 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: West Ham 0-1 Chelsea - THIAGO SILVA Goal (Full Replay)

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2021.12.04 10:00 profixthai Cool Tools

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2021.12.04 10:00 ImBaDAtStep Projekt Red

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2021.12.04 10:00 SebastianMaxG Turtle emote, Me, Digital drawing, 2021

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2021.12.04 10:00 eirinnske_comics Take us to your leader [oc]

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2021.12.04 10:00 Axolotl_Slayer Wer bekommt bei der Sonos Werbung Mordgedanken?

View Poll
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2021.12.04 10:00 IUNOOH Best tool to explore and map JSON via script?

I have some huge sets of data that I convert into JSON format, with which I then do dome analysis by mapping and reducing etc the format to another format. To do so, I basically always write a new node or python script that takes my input json and produces an outout json, but honestly that feels like a pretty unproductive / boilerplate approach. Are there good tools for more advanced JSON browsing, allowing scripting / format mapping?
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2021.12.04 10:00 Deniel19 [M4A] "Celeb Family Secrets" Sister or Mother Taboo Roleplay

I am 18+ and every person and character involved with this rp must also be 18+
Hello there! I'm Danny :) Please read the post to the end! :) I Roleplay on KIK!
I looking for someone who play as my Celeb Sister or Mother.
Scenario1: You play as my older sister, you are a arrogant, bossy, teasing person. We quarrel a lot mostly in front of our parents and fighting with each other. But we slowly notice We love each other more than just siblings and We start fuck behind our parents back. We fuck everywhere we can. But we have to keep it in secret.
I have some setting ideas:

  1. Christmas holiday we have to sleep in the same room while kinfolks here...
  2. Cold winter movie night fighting for the TV remote...
  3. Our parents are go on holiday and the first night we start fighting with each other...
  4. You accidentally caught me jerking off in my room and blackmail me to do what you say...
  5. I blackmail you to suck my cock or you blackmail me to lick your pussy, and it turn hate fuck..
  6. We make a deal, I do your homework every time and you let me jerk off to your tits, ass lick your ass and go farther and farther...
  7. The all Family go on a holiday in winter and we have to share a same room in the hotel, and the unpacking turn into bed fight and more.....
I open for your suggestions to make the story better!
Scenario2: You play as My Celeb Mother:
  1. I accidentally open the bathroom door while you in and I see your hot naked body and you see my cock get hard under a second as I see your naked body...
  2. You come home earlier and caught me jerking off on the couch...
  3. Christmas holiday we have to sleep in the same room while kinfolks here...
  4. I'm in the bathroom having shower, and you go in my room searching dirty clothes and you find a condom in my pocket...
  5. Our Friday night filming is turn into passionate sex on the sofa...
  6. We go on holiday Dad can't come with us because his job so we have to sleep in the same hotel room in the same bed...
About me in the Roleplay: I'm Danny/Daniel 20yo, 1.78 tall short black hair, sexy unshaved face, brown eyes. My body is sporty and fibrous muscular because I do lot of sports. My cock is 6.5-7inch.
Celebs: Sabrina Carpenter, Daisy Ridley, Elizabeth Olsen, Lily Collins, Ana de Armas, Emilia Clarke, Chloe Grace Moretz, Daisy Keech, Margott Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Salma Hayek, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sofia Vegera, Felicity Jones, Karen Gillan, Julianna Guill, Madison Beer, Hailee Steinfeld
Message me only on KIK: Deniel914
I RP only on KIK!!
Choose a celeb from my post and a scenario!
I'm usually reply quick. (If don't I'm busy or sleep) [Central European Time Zone (CET)]
Have a nice day everyone!
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2021.12.04 10:00 gr8mj Hodder textbook for Spanish B SL

Does anyone have the second edition of Hodder textbook for Spanish B SL?
Please let me know!
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2021.12.04 10:00 Jo-enslaved The al Saud tyranny must end

The criminal al Saud family is a dictatorship that governs Saudi Arabia, and it must end.
The royal family's atrocities include but are not limited to:

The al Sauds must be stopped. Saudi Arabia should become a democracy in which all citizens are treated equally. Saudi Arabia must end.
The Saudi Tyranny
The Saudi royal family is a criminal dictatorship that governs Saudi Arabia and commits human rights abuses against its own citizens. Recently, Saudi Arabia has been criticized for its repeated beheadings of non-violent protestors such as Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, one of the most prominent Shi'
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2021.12.04 10:00 brokhong11 Anyone has a spare eevee?

Looking for an eevee to use before post game. Evs and ivs don’t really matter just wanna use one early game. If anyone has one for trade do let me know what you would like in return for it! I’m playing on shining Pearl btw.
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2021.12.04 10:00 Technical-One-4410 Jessica Nigri Boob Play Video

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2021.12.04 10:00 Ifrog_pogI fanta?

fanta? submitted by Ifrog_pogI to crappyoffbrands [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 10:00 chief_sandwich Wifi keeps turning off - Redmi Note 10 Pro

The WiFi on phone turns connects fine and is stable. But when I got outside the WiFi range, it turns the WiFi off and I have to manually reconnect it. Anyone know a fix for this?
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2021.12.04 10:00 MembershipSolid2909 YouTuber analysing Qullamaggie positions

So I found this channel which is quite interesting. Here is a YouTuber who is analysing Qullamaggie's recent trades. He is producing short videos on each trade.
analyzing alpha channel
It might be useful if you are in the livestreams and want more insight into the positions KK is taking.
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2021.12.04 10:00 Legal-Ad2751 1980 Renault 5 Turbo // A800// Dirt// Top 1% rivals

Hi guys. That's my first here, so let me send the love to you all for creating this community.
I actually fell in love and i'd like to share my loved one with You. Maybe there is someone who is looking for the same feelings that I do. I was just messing around with this 1980 Renault 5 Turbo when I realized that it may acctually be quite good. So I took it to some rivals laps and bang. Easy 1% on every dirt track I tried. As for right now, I posted 559th time on Horizon Baja Scramble (01:10:320). Please note that I did only few laps to try it, and i do believe that there is a lot of time to cut from that. I also posted 658th time on River Scramble (01:16:476) and 428th time on Mangrove Scramble (01:12:222). The car just seems to work really well. It may not be the smoothest drive, but it is fast. And I just love to turn with this car.
Share code: 991 283 640

Ofc I made this tune suited for myself, and I don't ever use handbrake while driving, so i reccomend just downshift and use normal breaking. I drive manual shifting with abs on, nomal driving and TCS and STM off. Im not saying this is a perfect setup, maybe someone can tweak it to be even better, thats why im posting it here. I feel like with enough knownledge it can be even better. I would love to get any feedback from You guys.

Lets get to the tune part of this waaay to long post.


Aero and appearance Tires and rims Drivetrain Platform and handling Engine There is when the tune part comes in.

Tires Gearing Alignment Front -1.5 / Rear -0.9
Front 0.1 / Rear -0.2
ARBs Springs Front 251.9 LB/IN / Rear 279.8 LB/IN (45.0 / 50.0 KGF/MM)
Front and rear highest possible.
Damping Front 7.6 / Rear 9.4
Front 2.0 / Rear 2.3
Aero Brake Locked
Differential acceleration 30% / deceleration 0%
Acceleration 70% / Deceleration 50%

Yeah. I tried to make it as clear as i can make it, so i made a loooong ass post. Hope someone will try it and give me some feedback, maybe some advices how to make it work better. Cheers!
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2021.12.04 10:00 UnitedStriker7 [XB1] [XBOX SERIES X/S] [PS4] [PS5]🥇Gold Seller🥇Buying/Selling MT (Details Inside Post)

Selling 2K22 Xbox/PlayStation MT:

Buying 2K22 Xbox/PlayStation MT: Payment Methods: My Rep Profiles: submitted by UnitedStriker7 to NBA2kMTselling [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 10:00 RedditReadsBot Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston [History](2017)

Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston [History](2017) submitted by RedditReadsBot to RedditReads [link] [comments]