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2021.12.02 00:53 Inevitable_Figure_85 Do I use MLCC capacitors where it doesn't say MLCC?

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2021.12.02 00:53 onborrowedtime9 H:Q 50VC 15VCF FIxer and HM,QE15VCF Fixer,QE25 Rail W:Legacy GP/Flamer

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2021.12.02 00:53 Big_Immediate Feel like I always look EXHAUSTED, help?

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2021.12.02 00:53 Street_Issue_6266 Help me I help you

All 4 boost still... boost me and I will boost back and update! Let's go!
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2021.12.02 00:53 Chart-trader Outlook

Yes panic set in and actually I am getting more confident that the more down we go the bigger the rally will be. The VIX finally behaving like I want it (making new highs). I will likely accumulate more leveraged ETFs on the Russell 2000 tomorrow.
The goal is to streamline the portofolios for 2022. So in 2022 I will likely switch back to the usual mainly ETF and leveraged ETF portfolio. Just 1-2 years after a recession usually individual stocks fare better at times after that ETFs.
Will update again tomorrow. 2150 area in the Russell was bought several times this year. Definitely worth it.
If XLF touches the 200 day average line I will buy more leveraged bank ETFs as well.
Like said this is in my opinion an opportunity to buy and I will leverage up significantly on the way down.
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2021.12.02 00:53 Blackraven2007 What a strange question.

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2021.12.02 00:53 Knucks_online Can my gf give me a hand-job?

I am 3 days strong and already feeling better . However would receiving a hand-job from my gf reset my progression ?
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2021.12.02 00:53 Low-Iife The “r/teenagers” starter pack

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2021.12.02 00:53 Medium-Pineapple-33 How do I put my elite gadgets back on I cannot see them in game

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2021.12.02 00:53 DannyTips Question about buying and storing XDC

I'm relatively new to crypto and learning as I go. I'm interested in buying some XDC but I'm having trouble. I've been using Binance and it's not available on there. I've also created a wallet through the xinfin network, and I log in with my seed phrase. Where can I find my private key linked to my wallet, and will I have to keep using the seed phrase to sign in? I apologise if the questions have already been answered.
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2021.12.02 00:53 -Omegamart- Woman dials wrong number for 20 years, builds friendship with stranger

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2021.12.02 00:53 henrycarlin Issue with tracks.

Hey everyone. I’ve been having this problem for the last few months when I import new tracks. Immediately after import sometimes later. Rekordbox somehow changes the file length and copies a few bars of the outro onto the end and in extreme cases several minutes of the track, this happens in roughly 1 in 50 tracks. I'm for the most part using MP3s and the occasional WAV /AIFF files. Has anyone else had a similar issue and found a fix?
Finally, I'm currently using Rekordbox 6.6.1 but I've been the problem since Rekordbox 5.
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2021.12.02 00:53 galaticpoetica How do I (F18) get this boy (M18) to agree to go out with me on a date?

I (F18) asked out this guy (M18) today over text to a basketball game in the area. I know we both like basketball and I said we should go cuz it’ll be fun. He asked me where it is and I replied with the address. All he did was like the comment and that’s it. Is he interested in going? Or is he just happy I told him the address? This was a few hours ago and he hasn’t said anything else. What should I do to get him to go out with me? Please note that we’re friendly with each other but that’s it.
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2021.12.02 00:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#9|+31227|2610] She needs to be heard again since months later the supreme court is turning up the heat with RvW... [r/PublicFreakout]

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2021.12.02 00:53 keyruhx Rant

I am feeling very worked up and I know people in this sub will understand my suffering so here’s my story :)
I (20f) have felt absolutely awful and sick everyday of my life for the past 7 years. It started out with waking up with a sore throat every morning. After hassling my doctors for a couple years I finally got my tonsils out when I was 16. Felt great for like a year. Then I get sick and had a terrible cold/sinus infection/ear infection. Since then I have not been able to breath out of my left nostril. I get terrible sinus headaches/pain on the left side of my face and everything always feels stuffy. I also can’t smell for some reason? It was really bad for the first year, but slowly my smelling is starting to come back.
With covid and going to college and whatever I wasn’t able to go back to the ENT until last July. I got scheduled to get allergy tested and for a CT. Allergy tests come back and there’s a pretty long list of what i’m allergic to and a few of them are very severe so I’ve been getting allergy shots the past couple months.
My ct scan was denied by my insurance because “they don’t have enough proof” that I need one even though I’ve been to urgent care a ridiculous amount of times the past 5 years and been struggling with my sinuses for years. I filed an appeal and sent in all my urgent care visits, all the antibiotics/steroids i’ve been on, doctors notes, my side of the story and all my symptoms, and they still declined it.
A month ago I got really sick and had the worst ear infection of my life. My left ear felt like it was going to explode and my hearing was echoed for like 2 days. I went into urgent care and got put on an antibiotic. A couple days after that I got tinnitus. My left ear has this awful high pitched screeching noise in it 24/7 and both of my ears have been stuffy since. Today I wanted to walk my dog at my local ski mountain and I cried on the way up because the elevation hurt my ears so bad.
I feel like I have tried every possible solution the past few years and nothing has helped. Neti pots, humidifiers, nasal sprays, allergy medicine, decongestants, antibiotics, steroids, massages, chiropractors and even acupuncture because i’m willing to try anything that will give me even temporary relief. I haven’t tried an air purifier because I am way to indecisive on which to get and I just need to get over it and buy one. I just feel completely defeated and drained from this whole situation and I am so tired of feeling sick all the dang time. The brain fog and fatigue are awful and make it so hard for me to get school work done.
I couldn’t get in to my ent until december 16th, but I leave to go back to school after christmas, so i’m not sure if anything will get done before I leave for school.
Anyway thank you if you read all that and sorry for complaining. I just needed to type all that out and whine.
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2021.12.02 00:53 HearTomorrow Quercetin regulates inflammation, oxidative stress, apoptosis, and mitochondrial structure and function in H9C2 cells by promoting PVT1 expression

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2021.12.02 00:53 steathymada Is it too late to convert my old ERC20 wax tokens?

I bought the a few years ago and missed the token swap event that took place back in 2019 as I was unaware. Is it too late for my coin? Or can they still be converted to the new coins?
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2021.12.02 00:53 Aggressive_Talk_3612 SOMBRA : THE FUTURE OF NFTS METAVERSE $SMBR TOKEN!

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2021.12.02 00:53 Billions_porg Yep you are a dumb dumb. By the way this swine doesn’t deserve any effort

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2021.12.02 00:53 J_is_for_jail Trial Day 2 summary. Re-posting to remove jury info. It was my understanding it was ok to share basic knowledge about jury. I'm removing it just in case.

Ok- sorry this is so late. I have a lot of info. And I'm only telling you a small part. I tried to include most important info.
warning- I use the term CSAM in this summary. I do not give any details. BUT, adult porn is also mentioned without details.. please read with discression.*
I woke up at 5:30 and was down at courthouse by 6:30am. Doors will open at 7:30 am. There was talk yesterday about the Duggar family/friends POSSIBLY trying to fill as many of the 38 seats to try to keep reporters out. So, I wanted to be early. Seating in the courtroom turned out to be a non-issue. The courtroom always had several open seats. (up to 15 at some points!)
We were allowed to go up to courtroom to wait in our seat at 7:30am. Anna and Josh walk in holding hands at 8:37am. Anna sits down, and Josh goes to defense table. There are 5 seats in front row reserved for the defendants friends and family. Anna sat alone until 8:43 when an older man with white hair and a Santa Claus beard came and got Anna. They left for a bit, but returned around 8:55. The man sat down next to Anna and appeared to be her only support system for the first part of court today (up until morning break). Anna was pretty quiet and stoic. But would turn around every once in awhile to glance around. (Who could this Santa man be? I do not recognize him at all!)
We look at the jury box and notice that we finally know the numbers for the selected jurors. There are 16 in total (12 and 4 alternates) and no one knows who will be an alternate or not..... not even the jury members themselves.
Unfortunately, the judge announced after morning break that juror 38 had a medical emergency, and was dismissed.
That left a jury of 15. Six females and 9 males. Remember, 12 will be deliberating, and 3 will be alternates. But they don't know who yet.
9:05 am- judge arrives and calls in the jury. He reads the charges (2 counts. We all know what they are). Judge talks about evidence to jury, testimony, note-taking, fairness, no media access, don't read newspapers, etc.
9:36am: Prosecution starts opening statement. Talks about what type of videos/images were found and give names of files and videos. Explained briefly how the files were on the radar of investigators (agent running program scanning dark web for peer-to-peer connections downloading CSAM), more details of abuse (I will not elaborate). How/when HSI agent Faulkner got involved. How the raid went down. What Josh's reaction was. Warrant issued and how search carried out.
TOR was downloaded on all 3 devices. I didn't quite catch/understand all of this. But it wasn't just on HP.
Then he listed ALL files downloaded to the HP, and messages from Josh's iPhone in chronological order for May 13-15. Explains josh has 3 devices. His iPhone, a MacBook laptop, and a HP desktop computer.
May 13, 2019: Linux partition was downloaded to HP in office for TOR browser (dark web). iPhone pic took photo of a car on lot. iPhone used for another car pic. iPhone took photos of car listing (?) on the HP monitor screen.
May 14, 2019: 5ish pm (didn't get time. Moving fast!) iPhone sent message saying "got stuck at work". 5:26- some (adult) porn downloaded (to HP?) 5:38: another adult porn video downloaded. 5:42: didn't get this info written down. Moved sooo fast! 5:xx (I didn't get times from here on out, but in chrinilogical order) -iPhone took pic of car -iPhone sent messae -CSAM downloaded to HP -adult porn downloaded HP -iPhone sent message stating still at car lot. -adult porn downloaded- HP -CSAM video (the bad one. DOWNLOADED TWICE!) HP -adult porn downloaded HP 5:58- iPhone texted "still have customers here". 5:58- (same time as text) HP downloaded zip file of CSAM pictures to HP. Time?- iPhone took pics of 2 post-it notes on desk.
May 15, 2019: Time?- adult porn downloaded. Time?- another photo on iPhone taken of a sticky note on the desk.
Prosecutor went on to briefly describe what some witnesses wil testify to (nothing bombshell. Mostly experts). Finished opening statement talking very briefly (no real details) about what Jim Holt will testify to. Jim Holt considered josh like son.
BTW- the Holts WILL be able to testify about prior abuse allegations/info of the 5 girls josh molested.
Prosecution ends opening statement.
Defense opening statement (Justin Gelfand) :
Started with the line, "if you like a good mystery, this is the trial for you." Continued on by claiming It's not a case about CSAM- it's a "classic who-done-it" case.
To sum up defense opening: defense is saying investigators dropped the ball, taking far too much time to investigate and act on case, that IP address can't be pinned down to address bc josh had a router that wasn't password protected and creepy guy was seen using wi-if in McDonalds, HSI went to wrong address to serve warrant, didn't ever serve warrant and investigate at first house (not a Duggar house. Random ppl. More on this later), agents seized 9 devices at car lot, but only retained Josh's devices for extensive computer forensics search. (Other devices were manually checked and cleared by one of the 4 computer experts from HSI that were at the warrant search abd seizure. This is info provided later by prosecution. But it's important to know now bc defense is claiming that all 9 devices should have had a "mirror copy" sent to Washington to be throughly investigated.) Basically, HSI narrowed in on josh too fast and ignored other possible evidence. Said investigators NEVER found CSAM images on Josh iPhone nor MacBook.
Said someone plugged thumb drive (usb drive, like a keychain size) into HP "F drive" during instillation of Linux Partition. Said viewed 3 files on it (2 Microsoft docs, one power point doc). That thumb drive was not one of the 5 thumb drives found in office. So, who did it then? Where is the thumb drive?
Gelfand says, something like this... "similar to a trail of blood from a murder scene, the investigators didn't follow the trail of blood. And it doesn't lead to josh Duggar." NOT EXACT QUOTE
Says josh is a great guy, BUT, was homeschooled and only had GED at age 16. BIT Torrent (peer-to-peer connection)and TOR (dark web) both required complex command codes to install. Says josh doesn't have education or knowledge to do this.
Says millions of users use Bit Torrent (peer-to-peer) and TOR (dark web)daily for non-illegal stuff. Prosecution is sensationalizing it by calling it the "dark web". It's just a browser with more privacy than, say, google or internet explorer. Says josh would use this because he has paparazzi chasing him, so wants to be more private.
Says josh has been using Bit Torrent since 2017 on all personal devices. Says history only shows downloading Chevy Chase video, and a kids video. Says kids even have passwords to phone and laptop to get movies. Says all enployees know password for office HP bc they have to use software on there to complete a car sale.
Says more crap about how josh routinely uses these things. Basically, nothing to see here attitude.
Says computer DNA trail doesn't lead To Josh.
Nov 8, 2019 detectives had Randall Barry's phone but never "mirrored" it to investigate in Washington, DC. (he was there with josh and a customer at car lot when HSI raided the lot).
Dec, 2019- agents has William Mize's phone, but chose not to mirror it. Mize is also the one that reported homeless-looking guy (actually William Barry) in McDonald's all the time using wi-fi. (He's trying to say that someone hihacked joshes open router and downloaded through that. That is why IP address said josh car lot. )
Says Randal Barry changes dates when he stated he worked at car lot (from early June to may 20). And there is a photo stamped pic of Barry on car lot on may 16, 2019.
Says Barry sent text to Josh on may 7, 2019 stating he can watch the lot for josh next week (didn't give exact date).
Gelfand closes by saying, "we are going to investigate this case together, because they didn't"....
Opening statements done. It's now 10:35am. Morning recess for 15 min.
I went to get a pop from vending machine. Austin Forsythe was in lobby outside courtroom doors. He did not go in for this next part, and I don't know where he went. Anna was NOT in courtroom for the start of prosecution evidence. Judge announced Juror 38 medical emergency situation.
11:00 am: back in session. Only Santa in in front row for defense. Prosecution calls detective Kalmer. She is the woman out of Little Rock who uses a program to look for CSAM images being transferred? Her program uses peer-to-peer program called "torrential downpour" (police-only program) to connect one-on-one to a computedevice to "share" CSAM images.
Exhibit 2:, shows logs stating her program first made connection and started downloading at 6pm on may 15, 2019. Log only able to show IP address of device, and version of Bit Torrent that device is using.
Basically, this is how it went down. Her program creeps for images. It runs most of the time. She checks for images every few days. Once downloads are discovered, she views them. Then, if CSAM is discovered, she contacts the internet providers that the IP address belongs to., she has to file legal paperwork to get physical address and name of who that internet service belongs to . This takes time. Once she knows the address, she contacts HSI agent Faulkner because the physical address is in HIS area of investigation for HSI.
11:20 am- Derek Dillard walked in and sat down next to Santa guy.
This is when the CSAM evidence was shown to jury. It was NOT posted for the gallery. Jurors had private screens and there was no sound. They viewed two small pieces of a CSAM video (each a few seconds long), and several images of CSAM. Most jurors did not react at all. Juror 27 puts his hand kinda on lower mouth and is visably upset for quite awhile. I was shocked that there weren't more visable reactions from jurors. Anna wasn't in there. A defense lawyer stood up and blocked josh so no one could see him. I do not believe josh had access to seeing any images/videos. Derek looked away, head down, even though he couldn't see or hear anything.
So, CSAM file downloaded on may 14 & 17, but Faulkner was not contacted until June 14 and files were transferred to him June 17.,
DEFENSE cross-exam: Basically tried to trip her up- she doesn't budge. Tried to question why it took so long to report to HSI. She calmly explained process. Basically boring technical questions. She did admit that the actual device could NOT be determined by her software logs. Also, couldn't determine if actual human was sitting at computers.
Prosecution re-direct.
Reinforces some technical stuff. Not much exciting.
12:05 pm: Judge calls for lunch recess until 1:20 pm.
1:25 pm: no jury in yet. Counsel and judge still hashing stuff out in chambers. Anna walks in holding Josh's hand. Josh goes to defense table. Turns, and walks over to Derek, shaking his hand and jokingly saying "hi, nice to meet you". (I'm in row behind them).
1:30 Anna and Derek chatting away next to Santa. Josh standing by himself, kinda pacing around near defense table.
1:50: court resumes. Prosecution calls agent Faulkner. He is a very credible witness. Very well spoken, speaks directly to jury. This isn't his first rodeo!
Basically, to sum it up: Kalmer program detected images may 14/17, Kalmer was aware of them a few days later. Kalmer had to take time to get physical address from internet provider (Ozark Go), then contact Faulkner on June 14 (I think) and transmitted the images to him on secure investigator network on June 17.
Early July, Faulkner accepted the case. He was working on a case with ongoing abuse so his priority was to save those kids first. He did not believe the images from Josh's computer were CURRENT abuse happening. So other case got priority.
July 31st- identified Ozark Go to get physical address of IP address from them. Had to go through same legal red tape. He reached back out to Ozark Go when he hadn't heard back. They discover they had an error in his email, so it never went through. But, they give him the info. IP address belonged to Josh Duggar at 14993 wildcat creek road.
August 3, they go to address with search warrant.. go to door. Residents say josh Duggar has never lived there, and they don't even have internet. But they say that the property was divided a while back, and a new business called Wholesale Motorcars opened on other half. They did not search property.
Faulkner was able to prove that address was really Josh's car lot through some kind of record with fire Marshall who met josh out there.
Faulkner realized Ozark Go had outdated mapping records, so that was the mix-up. It is now corrected in their system. So, Josh's car lot address was still listed as the neighbors address for his internet service because they were using an old map that did not show the land was divided.. I think I have this correct.
FaulkneHSI sent an undercover agent to scope out car lot disguised as customer. He was looking to see what devices were on the lot. Saw Josh's iPhone and MacBook. Didn't mention the HP (defense later jumps all over this- like, how can you miss a giant HP desktop computer in a small shack with hide windows?). Faulkner explained undercover agent was gathering info to get correct search warrant for car lot.
HSI got new search warrant signed Nov 14, 2019.
3:15 pm warrant served. Agent Faulkner and Aycock, with one other agent and 4 computer guys. Did surveillance from afar to make sure josh was there and safe situation. Josh pulls up to car lot in RV and gets out.
They then go in. Computer guys stay back until agents secure the area for safety. They are not armed.
Josh was with Barry and a customer talking 20 ft in front of shack/office. Faylkner calls the tiny metal office @toll booth sized". Faulkner and Aycock approach. They announced they were with HSI and had a warrant to search and seize based on "digital contraband" (no mention of CSAM. This could be illegal music/video downloads, drug transactions or gun sales on dark web.)
Josh took phone out of pocket. Faulkner takes phone. Duggar was reported to be calm.
Prosecutor intoduces tons of photos into evidence. All photos of car lot, outside and of shack office, outside of RV, inside rv, etc.
Josh has a security system running in office. Monitor shows quad divided screen with live feed. But tells HSI that no hard drive is hooked up so it's running, but not recording.
Duggar is told he's free to leave. Says he might because Anna is pregnant. Josh sticks around. Faulkner re-approaches Josh. Asks if he would be willing to talk. Josh said yes.
Josh, Faulkner and Aycock all get in cab of agent truck. Josh is read Miranda rights about not having to speak if he doesn't want to. Josh willingly signs this paperwork. Josh was concerned about part that said "I was taken into custody at ___ time" so agents CROSS THE LINE OUT to make him comfortable because he wasn't in custody. This form is shown as a piece of evidence.
As soon as form signed, but right before record button is hit, Josh asks if someone has been downloading CSAM. Faulkner asks him to not make any comments until recording starts. Recording starts.
We hear several sections of recordings. Main takeaway is that josh knew a lot about computers/TOPeer-to-peer networks. So much that Faulkner questions him to make sure josh actually knows what he is talking about because he is shocked. They talk a lot about compurer stuff. I'm too tired to type it out.
Josh does say that he won't say if he's guilty or innocent. Mentions he has had friends who gotten in trouble for saying the wrong thing (?)
Prosecution presents checks made out by josh to employees:
Matthew walller has several paychecks from 3/30-4/29, with last one saying "commissions-11 sales 3/30-4/29". This is the LAST check to him.
Zero employee checks issued from 5/1 through 5/31.
5/31- first employeee paycheck to Randal Barry.
3:30 pm: Prosecution rests. 15 min afternoon break.
3:45: Austin Forsyth is now sitting in back row. He is not sitting up with Derek/Anna/Santa. Interesting.
More legal jockeying.
4:10: jury back in session. Defense (Gelfand) cross-examines Faulkner.
To sum it up, he tried to question his credibility since the investigation took so long to actually serve warrant. This is where Faulkner describes the more important case I mentioned before about actual kiddos being saved from abuse.
Gelfand says Faulkner didn't do good investigation for not forensically searching all 9 devices that day. Faulkner calmly says the computer experts cleared them.
Gelfand says IP address isn't reliable, blah blah blah.
He questions the targeting of josh by undercover incmcestigator, and how he missed reporting huge HP computer. More looking at photos of car lot.
Asked why agent only briefly questioned customer at car lot, but never again. Faulkner shocks us by saying HSI has interviews customer several times, as recently as last month.
Judge says it's 4:45 pm, and Gelfand bend to wrap it up, or continue tomorrow am. He closes to continue tomorrow.
Judge releases jury.
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2021.12.02 00:53 FrontpageWatch2020 [#60|+8989|102] They asked him what gaming chair he was using [r/Unexpected]

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2021.12.02 00:53 THE_GOAT248 Le[Blank] Nicknames

What are some of the best Le[insert word here] and most funniest ones lol?
i.e: Lefraud, Lethanos, etc
Note: I'm a lakers fan lol just wanted a laugh to see what y'all come up with
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2021.12.02 00:53 PoliteUrchin 16F4A [Relationship] [Friendship]

Hi! I am finally 16 so I can look for a relationship on here, but friends are nice also. I'd like someone who has experience with adhd and anxiety. 15-17 for relationships, 17+ for friends. A little bit about me, I love human anatomy and plants. And I enjoy being around animals. Probably good to mention I am pan-romantic. I am going to bed after I post this also. Thank you for reading :)
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