DFI to DUSD swap rates

2021.12.06 06:15 inevitablepc DFI to DUSD swap rates

Am I missing something? I just had this screenshot but isn't it 5 USD to 1 DFi now?
Processing img w4wo2may2w381...
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2021.12.06 06:15 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 26 votes

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2021.12.06 06:15 Ilja003 Sooo… we are not only going to see … again. Theres something else we gonna see in Season 7 again?

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2021.12.06 06:15 Agima [100% OFF] Anti-Money Laundering Concepts: AML, KYC and Compliance (4 days or 997 registrations left)

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2021.12.06 06:15 hinkhojdotcom Namaste English Make Sentence Challenge with word routine

New Sentence challenge: Make sentence using word: #routine as #Adjective and reply this tweet. Hint: Know more about routine at https://dict.hinkhoj.com/routine-meaning-in-hindi.words
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2021.12.06 06:15 SpadarHarlachvacki "Make interviews in Belarusian more often. It'll be visible that Belarusians are speaking" comment got deleted by FB for a relevant post.

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2021.12.06 06:15 ImportanceSilver3251 On the pitch camera | Hajduk's Livaja scores cheeky goal in a Croatian eternal derby

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2021.12.06 06:15 shreyanshmathur12 Need help with this project

Write the Python code to segregate the numbers less than 'n' in to odd and even numbers list. Check for boundary conditions and print 'Invalid input' if not satisfied.
Input format:
Read value of n
Output Format:
Print two separate list with even and odd numbers
Boundary conditions
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2021.12.06 06:15 trynnatakethebar Accommodations Schedule

Hi everyone! Has anyone on here received extra time due to a disability? Wondering what these schedules typically look like. I'm expecting to receive 50% extra time due to my disability and wondering whether my exam would likely still be over two days or would it be something like Monday-Thursday? Haven't heard back from the Bar yet. Many thanks.
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2021.12.06 06:15 TheShiftyNoodle28 Suggestion: Make a new XP arena (read desc)

Okay, so the main problems with the game right now are:

  1. Certain towers dominate the meta and it would be worse to use other things
  2. People stay in low rankings to farm trophies
My solution is this: Create a new “diversity” arena that is separate from everything else.
Both players would be able to get whatever hero they want. However, they would be unable to choose towers and will instead get three random towers (similar to random trio). Each tower would have upgrades unlocked to tier 3-3-3, however you can go higher if you have the 4th/5th tier unlocked
This stops repetition and keeps the game fresh. Match making could be based on how much tower XP you have/have spent. This way people will get upgrades on towers without having to take a 2-2-2 dart into a MOAB pit game. The mode could only unlock at 35+ trophies, since people would be encouraged to leave yellow. It would also stop people from getting tier 5s at 12 trophies.
Please give me feedback on the idea in the comments.
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2021.12.06 06:15 erer1243 Currently, it's December 6, 2021 at 04:15AM

Currently, it's December 6, 2021 at 04:15AM
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2021.12.06 06:15 out2lunch78 Looking for a way to cap my machine and hoses

Moving to somewhere where some nasty insects are more common and want to cap.my hose and hopefully my machine so that nothing can get in. Any ideas?
The insect is a scorpion for all that are interested
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2021.12.06 06:15 Low_Beginning_9301 This may be my new fav character ngl

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2021.12.06 06:15 surveycircle_bot Digitalisation et santé au travail

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2021.12.06 06:15 Profoundsoup me_irl

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2021.12.06 06:15 Brief-Reputation-923 Anyone interested in cum tributing my hot aunt?

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2021.12.06 06:15 HardTryernoobTryHard A note about griffins

You can’t use the change username ticket for taming griffins with a surname that contains ‘ (eg ‘i) because ‘ is part of their surname and it is an unallowed character in name changing
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2021.12.06 06:15 Mockaz Marbella beachfront walk - November 2021 - San Pedro de Alcántara immersive virtual walking tour

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2021.12.06 06:14 JesseAllen_097 Common Myth: Ayurveda & Non-Vegetarian Diet

It’s a myth that Ayurveda is a vegetarian system that doesn’t prescribe meat. Rather in many cases, meat & meat broth is advised as treatment for many illnesses.
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2021.12.06 06:14 rooster9987 The latest version becomes friendly by responding to music while on spies on you

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2021.12.06 06:14 United-Western4000 Asmr Yandere Collector ....F4A ....Controlling.....and Deranged

The Collector: Good Your Waking Up
(A smile appears on her face) Hi there yeah you took a nasty hit on the head didn't you?
"Victim can't speak due to Gag"
The Collector : ( Sounds Kinda Sympathetic) Sorry About That But You Did Break Into My House ...I imagine The Location was ideal for you. a big house all out in the middle of nowhere must be a good deal of money to be had here surely a easy job but now that has turned into your last job
Victim looks confused
The Collector: wondering when the police would show up I bet ...( Voice begins to sound excited) well I didn't call the police I bet you wonder why well ....do you believe in fate ?
Victim: (confused but shakes head yes)
The Collector: today was a sad day I lost one of my collectables .... priceless but after so much damage they lose their value ( eyes lock on to the victim) now we can get to business.....see I like to think of myself as a collector it a hobby of mine ...not stamps or coins or cars I prefer a rarer hunt I collect humans ( fear shows on the victims face ) why so frightened it not scary in fact if they are obedient they get rewarded I want my collection in mint condition but my newest one he ...well he believed he could fight back ( sounds deranged) he thought he could mess my set up ..I was very patient with him some take time adjusting to their new lives but he wouldn't give in so I had to take the bad apple out to save the bunch .... you understand right?
A few moments pass
The Collector: I knew you would.... out with the old and in with the new is one of my favorite mottos and then like a sign from the heavens I heard a window break and I knew my new toy had arrived....you know you might just be the best looking one I got ...so far .... I still got rooms to fill four is a nice number but now your hear five sounds great then six and finally seven my favorite number we now room 3 Girls and 2 men each in their own room so you stay in mint condition ( looks at her victim) you know there a comfort to being here you don't have to worry no more ..... No job at the gas station ( grins) I went though your phone ... your friends are kinda upset with your last post I don't think they will be missing you ...it is there loss ...cause i would miss you....I would search for you day and night that how precious you are to me ( speaks smoothly) it is such a mean world people don't believe in good values anymore but you are one of the lucky ones cause I have saved you from it instead of that cold lonely world out there you are in my collection where you will always be warm happy and healthy as long as you follow my rules ....I don't like to punish my toys it decrease their value and makes me feel like I should go find a new one ....I am sure you wouldn't dare do that ....I am going to get your room ready then you can get settled in your new home and live in peace and happiness in my collection .... sounds good doesn't hun.....I be right back
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2021.12.06 06:14 jpower3479 Medigen Vaccine Hsinchu?

Anybody know where to get Medigen vaccine in Hsinchu? I know they are available on the spot in certain places but I can’t find where.
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2021.12.06 06:14 SarasCaptions Power pose

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2021.12.06 06:14 gamer_69_pro So does anyone know confirmed details about crypto buff/rework

So I main crypto and love the legends. But when I heard he was getting an heirloom and a buff in pretty hyped for it. But what exactly are his changes going to be. Because most people have been saying and making rework concepts like how his drone can be sent a direction automatically. And how his emp is going to be a grenade. Can somebody verify this for me please. PS there was also leaked heirloom footage so it's definitely next season.
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2021.12.06 06:14 MerkyMouse I have well over 10k hours in the borderlands series yet I've never played Axton or Salvador. What am I missing out on?

I've owned every borderlands game available for ps3, ps4, switch, and pc. I usually main siren but I've done playthroughs with every character except the 2 mentioned in the title. Is there like an omg you don't know what you're missing moment with these or am I going to likely have the same or even less fun than before. I dont know why I've never played them. Neither seemed that appealing to me I guess. I'm more or less asking you guys to sell me on these 2 characters alone.
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