[Sports] - Daniel Jones injury puts status in question for next Giants game | NY Post

2021.11.30 20:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Daniel Jones injury puts status in question for next Giants game | NY Post

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2021.11.30 20:53 Secret_Ad_2846 Cursed_racism

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2021.11.30 20:53 Basilikon Of the twenty-five Einsatzgruppe commanders, a shocking fifteen of them had Ph.Ds. Why did the SS insist on having their Death Squads run by credentialed academics?

From Chapter 4 of Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands

Einsatzgruppen had been deployed in Austria and Czechoslovakia, but met little resistance in these countries and had no special mission to kill selected groups. It was in Poland that the Einsatzgruppen were to fulfill their mission as “ideological soldiers” by eliminating the educated classes of a defeated enemy. (They were in some sense killing their peers: fifteen of the twenty-five Einsatzgruppe and Einsatzkommando commanders had doctorates.)
Snyder is citing Browning's Origins of the Final Solution, which says:
As in Poland, Heydrich did not hesitate to draw from his stable of highly educated Nazis. Of the four Einsatzgruppen commanders, three held a total of four doctorates: Dr. Dr. Otto Rasch of EG C, Dr. Franz Walter Stahlecker of EG A, and Dr. Otto Ohlendorf of EG D.
Of the seventeen sk, ek, and Vorkommando chiefs, a further seven held the doctorate: Dr. Martin Sandberger (sk 1a), Dr. Erich Ehrlinger (sk 1b), Dr. Walter Blume (sk 7a), Dr. Erhard Kroeger (ek 6), Dr. Otto Bradfisch (ek 8), Dr. Alfred Filbert (ek 9), and Prof. Dr. Franz Six (Vorkommando Moscow). Some were taken from the upper ranks of the rsha in Berlin: Nebe, Ohlendorf, Six, Sandberger, Filbert, Blume, and Erwin Schulz (ek 5). Rasch and Stahlecker commanded the Security Police headquarters in Königsberg and Prague. Many others were branch Office Security Police and Gestapo chiefs: Rudolf Batz (ek 2) from Hanover, Günther Hermann (sk 4b) from Brünn, Heinz Seetzen (sk 10a) from Hamburg, and Gustav Nosske (ek 12) from Aachen.
Whatever their immediate previous postings, most of these officers had risen through Heydrich’s SD. They virtually all shared the same ideological outlook concerning Jews, Bolsheviks, and Slavs and Germany’s imperial future in the east as well as attitudes and dispositions of ‘‘energetic ruthlessness,’’ initiative, and activism that were the common characteristics of the SS intellectual elite. If the top officers were handpicked, there is no indication that ideological reliability was ever seen as a necessary distinguishing criterion among the candidates under consideration
Browning is citing here:
Krausnick and Wilhelm, Die Truppe des Weltanschauungskrieges, p. 148; Ogorreck, ‘‘Die Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei,’’ p. 152.
Which, well, I can't read.
I'm not sure if I'm misreading this, but Browning seems to state, contra Snyder, that it was actually 11/21 commanders/subcommanders that had doctorates (one had two!)
In any case, what on earth is going on here? Is this maybe some quirk of the German academic system, and these people actually had the equivalent of Juris Doctors, with lawyers overrepresented in the elite police circles Himmler was pulling from? How common was a doctorate among Nazi officers? What did these people tend to have their doctorates in? Were they "STEM", like how contemporary terrorists commonly have graduate education in engineering? Or humanities scholars radicalized in the academy? Why were they chosen for these jobs over mere ideological fanatics with a taste for blood, like you'd usually envision running a death squad?
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2021.11.30 20:53 AtlasOfTheVoid Golden, CO

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2021.11.30 20:53 dude_9317 Celsius Referral Code - December 2021 [EASY $190 with $1,450 DEPOSIT] 🚀

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2021.11.30 20:53 OkOutlandishness6813 Third Reiwa Rider trio henshin (but everyone uses thier base form)

Yua: Let's go!
Sakura & Kento: Right!

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2021.11.30 20:53 Mastercal40 That one time you don't play in Europe...

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2021.11.30 20:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - GOP Reps. Greene, Mace battle on Twitter over fellow lawmaker’s Omar jab | NY Post

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2021.11.30 20:53 nazaretedesco21 How to start a diet?

I never had a phase in my life when i wasn't fat. I was fat and got fatter, that's why i have so many stretch marks. My awakening was when i tried to do a stretching exercise for my back and couldn't breath while doing it, because of my belly.
At age 25, i finally started my fat loss journey in july/2021 and i'm happy to say that i did lose fat since then, my clothes are more comfortable and i even could buy a smaller size for shirts and pants, people would ask why i didn't like to shop, you know the stereotypes they put on women, and i always said that i just didn't like it, but the truth was, i was ashamed, because the clothes wouldn't fit me.
I feel that i'm stronger, i can see some muscles even if they're still covered by fat, even my butt got a little curve, it used to be totally flat.
The thing is, i did all this with exercises only, so my body finally hit the plateau stage. I tried to change my workout routine, but it didn't went well and almost made me give up thinking that i was too weak to try. Now i know that i need to do a diet too, to lose all this fat covering my muscles and organs and making me feel like i'm not progressing anymore.
I never did any diet in my life and i know that i have a serious problem with sweets. So, what are some tips that helped you all to start a diet for real and succeed?
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2021.11.30 20:53 IonSciFi Netlix Gets Geeked In 2022

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2021.11.30 20:53 SomeRandom350 Teacher says I should be getting 3 amps as the answer to a problem which makes sense but I keep getting 24 amps and can't figure out how to get 3.

_________|-|- ______________________________
| | | |
4 4 2 3
| | | |
Two batteries in a circuit, battery A = 60V Internal Resistance 3 Ohms - Battery B = 12 Volts Internal Resistance 1 Ohm. 3 Resistors connected in parallel on the left side of the circuit [4 |4 2] connected to a resistor on the right side of the circuit 3|. I have to calculate the current in the 2 ohm resistor.
So far I found the total voltage in the system by doing 60 - 12 as the batteries are against each other [negative ends facing each other] charge flowing toward the left |-|- >> -|. I got total V = 48 which I used to calculate the total current by doing 48 = 8I; 8 being the value of the total resistance which gives 6 amps of current. My teacher said I did it right so I figured that since the voltage in a parallel circuit stays the same I would use that to find the current in the 2 ohm resistor. I did 48 = 2I and got 24 but this is obviously wrong and I don't know how to get the right answer.
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2021.11.30 20:53 Curtiss12 What’s the best car to buy and use your skill points to get super wheel spins? (FH5)

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2021.11.30 20:53 criptolivros Receita Federal irá apreender bilhões em criptomoedas em 2022 - Tecmundo

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2021.11.30 20:53 coolfir3pwnz Hi r/WATMM, trying to get set with/improve a vocals recording setup and need some advice.

Hey Makers,
I have:
- SM7B Microphone
- Cloudlifter CL-1
- Yamaha MG06X Mixer
- Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface
- Reaper DAW
- 2x XLR-XLR Cables
- 1x [VIOY 1/8 to 1/4 Stereo Cable 15FT, 3.5mm 1/8'' TRS to Dual 6.35mm 1/4" TS Mono Audio Breakout Cable]
I've successfully recorded raw vocal tracks using SM7B>Scarlett Solo>USB PC Input on ASIO Drivers, though I'd like to add some more to the sound. Currently stuck in that the DAW isn't recording any signal. SC is probably visible in my Post History, trying to step my game up some, any help is most appreciated.
Ask: With this equipment, how do I connect and configure this equipment on my Windows PC and in Reaper, recording vocal tracks with added effects?
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2021.11.30 20:53 Nervous-Seaweed Tutorial swap - 33130 Summer

Is anyone in one of the 3.30pm tutorials for 33130 and would like to swap to a 1.30pm tutorial? I won't be able to attend 1.30pm. Thanks
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2021.11.30 20:53 Sapphire_Bombay Thinking of quitting my job to go back to bartending.

As the title says, I'm thinking of quitting my 9-5 job to go back to bartending. For background, I have about 3 years of experience, but it's been 6 years since I've been behind a bar so I'll need a bit of a refresher. I was good at it, so I don't doubt that I'd do well once I got a job.
I'm scared to make this jump though because I've set myself up with a good quality of life, which is important to me, but I hate my job and dread going to work every day. This is nothing against my company - it's a good company - I just don't like what I do. And over the past 5 years working in this industry, I've learned it's a pretty niche skill set and I don't know how to get out. Beyond that, I hate the routine of a 9-5: I like a schedule that changes daily, I like later working hours, and I like being around people. I'm just not made for a full-time desk job sitting at a computer and I can't do it for the rest of my life.
I loved bartending when I was in my early-mid 20s and would love to get back to it, but I'm worried that I'm setting myself up to go back to an early-mid 20s lifestyle: roommates, crappy apartment, no health insurance, no retirement savings. That's a non-starter for me - for my mental health and personal self-satisfaction, I can't do that again.
I'm 32 years old, single and live in NYC. Currently, I make $115,000/year plus benefits and 401k. I have a studio apartment for which I pay $2000/month, and no major recurring expenses. I'm considering also looking to get my real estate license on the side, and long term would love to get involved in the business side of the industry, or work for a major restaurant or hospitality group.
Has anyone in this sub done this - quit a stable, decent-paying 9-5 to go back to bartending? Can I expect to get even close to what I'm currently making, or am I looking at a significant pay cut? What can I do about health insurance and retirement savings? What was easier than you expected, and what were the biggest challenges? Do you have any suggestions for how to make the transition? Am I making a terrible mistake?
Not sure if this is the right place to even go for this, but would appreciate any and all advice if you guys have it. Thanks in advance :)
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2021.11.30 20:53 anitatinkle Vent

I'm so pissed right now because I'm supposed to take my lunch break at 5pm every day but my husband makes me take it at 6 so we can eat together AND TODAY THERE WONT EVEN BE FOOD AT 6 BECAUSE HES RUNNING LATE AND IM STARVING. I feel like he's being very inconsiderate, especially considering I break the rules daily to eat with him. And I'm 7 weeks so nausea is kicking my ass and I need to effing eat. And he's getting takeout so... very low effort.
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2021.11.30 20:53 Blacksabfan Today in Black Sabbath history (But 51 years ago) on Dec 1 1970, War pigs (And Iron Man) were in not recorded on that day, but were popular live on TV that day (Video recorded live In Germany)

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2021.11.30 20:53 YungKira47 The state of keyboard and mouse gaming

I think crossplay has to go. It was fun in concept but pc should never go against console. Pretty much every cross play game has ultra strong aim assist. I was really hoping halo would be different but they just followed the same trend. Mouse and keyboard is getting kicked to the curb. Everyone that has been training for years are getting out aimed by Timmy from Across the street with his thumb. I think the debate is finally coming to an end because the proof is out there. Aim assist not only makes unplayable for kbam players but it makes it boring for controller players. There’s no skill gap in aiming anymore. First person shooters now have to focus on everything else besides shooting the gun. Honestly gaming is dead.
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2021.11.30 20:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - TikTok video shows Oxford High School students fleeing shooter | NY Post

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2021.11.30 20:53 Mpickle132 favorite quote from BLS choomer island 2

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2021.11.30 20:53 jcc33 It’s an early X’mas miracle!!! My first $TH. Ecstatic 😭

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2021.11.30 20:53 ionex123 I'll announce it so i feel more responsible

It used to be a way to help me sleep when stressed. Turned into a routine. Now it doesn't even help me fall asleep. Well can't argue with myself now. From now on and hopefully for many more days(weeks or years even) to come a proud fapstronaut! (salute emoji would fit here(well it's reddit, maybe not) but I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist)
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2021.11.30 20:53 juggalomemes Get out my car if you ain't down with the clown

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2021.11.30 20:53 bevmoon Walmart turned an empty lot into a pop-up container yard as retailers scramble to combat the supply-chain crisis

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