What kind of economy comes after a Socialist revolution?

2021.12.09 04:12 failed_evolution What kind of economy comes after a Socialist revolution?

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2021.12.09 04:12 coljavskiyi ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚡ Launching Now on BSC ❤ Low Marketcap!! ☀︎ Join our telegram!

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2021.12.09 04:12 thepigeonexpress Lego: Danish toy maker to build new $1 billion factory in Vietnam • The Pigeon Express

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2021.12.09 04:12 Helpful_Dragonfly_26 IoTeX - IOTX live

First time on Coinbase Earn for me. A project I have previously invested in as I think the Internet of Things is an interesting area for blockchain application.
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2021.12.09 04:12 newsfeedmedia1 Andy Cohen and Amy Sedaris sit with Sarah Jessica Parker at debut of And Just Like That

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2021.12.09 04:12 LondonRag01 Gift This Christmas The New Style Footwear Collection From the World Best Women Footwear Brand Rag&Co Also get 35% Off this Christmas Sale Hurry up Grab the Deal Know.

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2021.12.09 04:12 Conjureddd Yo how tf do I clean up these wings on the side of my head?

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2021.12.09 04:12 ParziBoi Travis Head makes another century

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2021.12.09 04:12 TheBrianJ Printer was getting jammed only above certain heights. Took it apart... I think I've found the culprit!

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2021.12.09 04:12 user13376942069 Accidentally lied on my CV while applying for a PhD

Hi everyone,
I just realised I wrote that I did my bachelor degree from 2015-2018 on my CV when in reality I graduated in 2019. In the online application form I had to fill in I wrote the date correctly, but it's wrong on the CV I attached into the form. I'm worried they might think I lied on purpose on my CV, since a 3 year bachelor "looks better". What should I do? 😭
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2021.12.09 04:12 averyscaryplace anyone working here wanna help?

i worked here seasonally a couple years ago, can’t find my employee id and wanted to get a discount on this gorgeous sweater i can’t afford. reach into your heart and provide me, a common peasant with your employee id to use just this once.
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2021.12.09 04:12 KnowsNoLimits It’s nice be able to use LR Broly, Cheelai and Lemo on a team. All missions done, no items used. IDBH Super Warrior Tag Teams

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2021.12.09 04:12 North-Ad-5058 Ad regulated poop removal

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2021.12.09 04:12 newsfeedmedia1 WWE legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan is ‘officially cancer-free’ … following prostate cancer battle

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2021.12.09 04:12 MrFoxy_ Thanks ghostface with lightborn

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2021.12.09 04:12 mischievous_kea A hug in a mug. Kape?

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2021.12.09 04:12 tysonedwards Paid survey opportunity from Google

Good morning everyone,
A member of Google’s Accessibility Team has reached out to our subreddit to ask for help to shape the future of Google’s products and ensure they meet the needs of people like us who rely on them.
Below is a copy of their message:
Google would like your help to shape the future of Google's products! Google is looking for people who have low vision to participate in a user study to learn more about how you use technology. This study will help the Google team better understand your needs in order to incorporate them into future product development and updates.”
Dates: Dec 8th - Dec 15th Time: 90 minutes Location: online, video call with a researcher
Thanks: $100 USD/$125 CAD gift code To qualify: You must live in the US or CAD and be over the age of 18 (this is due to legal approval for this particular study, I apologize to those who do not qualify, we still respect and value your opinion and will be reaching out in other instances)
If you’re interested in participating, please let us know by filling out this short form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdfCl0rzgIx_58JujGHOw1oBiOhsXYYXRE5zwL1ei2wYJu99g/viewform.
Note that completing this form is not the interview itself. Once we receive your form, we will reach out to you to schedule a session if you qualify.
Please feel free to pass this onto anyone you think might be interested. Thank you! Katie Wainwright, User Experience Researcher
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2021.12.09 04:12 TheGr8Canadian When should you tap strafe in fights?

Stupid and broad question I know, but I see a ton of clips of people tap strafing in fight and I can never seem to find an opportunity to even think about it. I tap strafe to get around corners and away from enemies, but never to confuse the enemy in a fight. Any help or advice would be great, thanks
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2021.12.09 04:12 swagnation99 ILP insurance

Death insured - RM 300k Medical Coverage - RM 1.32mil annually Hospital Room- RM 200 a day Critical Care - RM 300k
Premium paid every month is RM 300.
What do you guys think of this ilp plan?
All feedbacks are welcome.
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2021.12.09 04:12 A_Cuddly_Burrito One Difficult Situation

Alright preface;
Me - 22m Her - 20f Have been going out since March She was dating a friend of mine, they broke up, we got talking, are now together, mate of mine moved away and we don't talk to him anymore. We're gonna call him J She was also dating my other friends brother ages back, Gonna call him C
So as prefaced. We started dating in about March after knowing each other for quite a long time. At the start of this, she was still talking to her ex, J. He was very abusive and just not very nice, so I encouraged her not to speak to him anymore. I heard a lot about their life together, and what she had, and how much she missed him in the beginning, and I accepted that dating this early after all that, i would likely cop some of that. I knew it would blow over, it was just part of the grieving process of humans.
She stayed at my house every few nights, and I at hers. My family does not like her for more reasons I will state, but it started with the fact that I would leave for work, she would sleep in on her days off, say goodbye to my family, and leave without making my bed, the one she just slept in. My family also disliked that she never offered to help wash up after dinner, or never offered to help clean my room or anything after she had stayed.
Eventually, around June. It seemed like that was all over with and everything had settled down. J was out of the picture, my family had somewhat become accepting.
Then comes July. Where i awake at 3 in the morning, and I go to pick up my phone. I accidently picked up the wrong one, as we both put them on the window sill, and grabbed hers by accident. I was about to put it down when I saw a message from J, saying "Thanks for the birthday sex". It was her birthday only yesterday at this point.
I confronted her about this the next day, sought advice from friends and family, who both said I should break it off for cheating. However she insisted that nothing ever happened, and he's full of shit, and he's just trying to stir the pot. I thought this was all bullshit, but I said i'd trust her on it, as I had no proof at all.
The next few months were hard for me to regain that trust, but I got there eventually. My friends, and family at this point. Hate her with a seething passion. It is at the point where I cannot hang out with her, and my friends, in the same setting. Nor my family.
All was running smoothly until a few weeks ago, when a close friend comes to me and says that her other ex (C), told her and a bunch of his mates, that they have still been sleeping together since early this year, on and off. Once again I confronted her, and she said it's all bullshit. I once again, have no proof, and I can't in good faith convict her of something without any degree of proof but the words of one person who doesn't like her.
We thoroughly enjoy our time together, we have many similar interests, she likes to come out on my boat on occasion, we play video games together, we like the same foods, we like to watch movies together, we get along quite well as friends and partners. But I have this constant lingering pressure in my mind. The one that I have to make sure I don't double book social events with both her and friends. I have to deal with my family constantly telling me how bad she is, i have to deal with friends saying how bad she is.
I know when you see somebody through rose coloured glasses, all the red flags just look like flags, and I may be falling victim to that.
My issue is I do genuinely enjoy the time I spend with her, the things we do, and how we connect. I don't want to throw all that away based on the possible lies (or truths) of some certain people. Especially the words of her ex's who would love to see us fail and break up.
I really need a hand on this one.
Cheers guys.
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2021.12.09 04:12 Infinite-Lab-371 Surbhi Chandna

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2021.12.09 04:12 somecooldogs she's really excited about all the ferns on this tree

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2021.12.09 04:12 newsfeedmedia1 Charlotte McKinney is all legs in a black micro minidress at the LiveOne Breakout Awards in LA

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2021.12.09 04:12 Jedistro SEE Season 2 Episode 1 - Epic Intro

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2021.12.09 04:12 EntertainmentBoy West side story 1961 thoughts

This is my generous review of the 1961 film Westside story, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. Westside Story is an ok film, with great cinematography, the score is nice. I love the aspect of the story where it's like Romeo and Juliet with two street gangs who are rivals, also the romance in the film was cute. That is all I like about the film though, everything else isn't that good in my opinion. I like musicals! No there not my favorite type of movies, but I can tolerate them enough to sit down and watch them. One of my favorite musicals right now is In The Heights directed by Jon M. Chu. Every musical I have watched so far and I have seen at least ten of them. I can say I have liked all of them, some even love them. But Westside Story is probably the first musical I have watched that I don't like. I'm so excited about the new one that comes on December 10, but for some reason I just didn't care for a lot of what happens in this film, ok so let's talk! The story plotlines between the two gangs are good, but from the start of the film, I did not know what the hell was going on. First, the movie starts with this weird number, I don't know what it was, but the first 10-15 minutes of the film almost took me out of the film. But I stuck through it and I said I'm going to at least watch 30 minutes of this film and if it still hasn't intrigued me then I will turn it off and it did a little. Second I don't care for the songs at all, I don't even like them the score didn't fit with them and every time someone started to sing it started to annoy me halfway through the film, and there was not even any dance choreography and I like my musicals to have a little choreography in them, it honestly makes the numbers more entertaining and also the numbers that were in the film were boring and had no purpose I felt empty while watching them and they were way too long. Third, the film is too old, it's too old the film has an intermission which this is the first time I have ever seen that in a film. Fourth is the dance fighting, I'm sorry but every time somebody started to dance fight, it looked so ridiculous! And last, but not least I thought the gang rivalries even though it's based on Romeo and Juliet, I thought they were stupid, racists, and childish. The gangs had no reason to fight or to have so much of a disagreement so much that it lasted the whole film. Both gangs were too full of them selfs and were entitled and selfish and never cared about what the women wanted. Overall though the way the film was shot and directed is what I liked. I just hope that in the remake that comes out on the 10th which critics say is better than the original one, which I hope is true, I just hope it doesn't have some of the same problems that I thought this one had. It is still a good film though and I can see why people would think this is the best musical ever, but that wasn't me. And maybe I don't like musicals as much as I think I do. But this film just did not work for me. I'll give it a 6.5/10 for dense. I know people probably aren't going to like this review, I'm sorry, I'm entitled to my own opinion, I tried to make it generous.
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