ke863 n7kyd 4dzzr 7i9t4 z87s6 yb96t kf3hb nz84f bsi3d 4yn4b dk9a5 6z75s nd3dk 4s93h f44tr 6h9h9 bkibn d7a92 sn5ft e89d2 hkn96 Sometimes you get a lucky draw with who falls into your Ultimate Cup pool. This is not one of those times. |

Sometimes you get a lucky draw with who falls into your Ultimate Cup pool. This is not one of those times.

2021.12.01 22:14 cbusdrew Sometimes you get a lucky draw with who falls into your Ultimate Cup pool. This is not one of those times.

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2021.12.01 22:14 weisheng98 Found some interesting UI while switching apps...

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2021.12.01 22:14 DeNNis_N2O A charcoal drawing I made of some traffic

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2021.12.01 22:14 wetheppl1776 [WTS] Sangin Instruments Dark Professional TAD edition.

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2021.12.01 22:14 Dalton-V Betty in tortie heaven 🥰

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2021.12.01 22:14 champagnemagnate ULPT: if you’re stuck on an annoying call, put your phone on airplane mode instead of just hanging up. The other person will see “call failed” instead of “call ended”

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2021.12.01 22:14 explode-Things what's a language you're learning or would like to learn and why. why

say it
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2021.12.01 22:14 Superdawg414 I think he likes the tree

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2021.12.01 22:14 MiataTwingo Anyone else wish going braless was normalized?

I hate it when I go braless and somebody says that they can see my nipples. Okay? Is it a secret I have nipples? It’s as if I should hide the fact that I have nipples. Why?
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2021.12.01 22:14 Relative-Theme-4894 Brake Inpections!

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2021.12.01 22:14 EnvironmentalFold458 Adding 10 reshiram raid

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2021.12.01 22:14 Filbo-Baggins I made these Time Keeper NFTs for the Wonderland community. All the minting revenue gets turned into TIME and distributed back to the minters. Link in comments if interested!

I made these Time Keeper NFTs for the Wonderland community. All the minting revenue gets turned into TIME and distributed back to the minters. Link in comments if interested! submitted by Filbo-Baggins to WonderlandTIME [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 22:14 OmnipotentSpaceBagel Planica Project Section Directory

The following is a complete directory of all current, canonical sections of the Planica Project, listed chronologically.
Intro: Welcome to Planica
The Planet, Planica
Oligozoic Supereon and First Planimal: -3.5byh to -225myh
Primacene: -225myh to -155myh
Odiocene: -155myh to -35myh
Hypocene: -35myh to 0myh
Upper Early Protocene: 10myh to 20myh
- Part 1: Intro and Archaeplanivermids
- Part 2: The Echinovermids
- Part 3: The Gastrospirians, Foraminiphorans, and Ctenozoans
- Part 4: The Sedepoculids
- Part 5: The Teuthitestans, Ambulopedes, and Pesodactyls
- Part 6: The Planicthyomorphs and Coronaphorans
- Part 7: The Sedepoculid Reef
- Part 8: The Open Ocean
- Part 9: The Benthic Plains
- Part 10: A Hydrothermal Vent
- Part 11: The Seamount Slope
- Part 12: Concluding the Early Protocene
Middle Protocene: 20myh to 40myh
- Part 1: Intro and Saprovermids
- Part 2: The Pangastrophorans
- Part 3: The Foliates
- Part 4: The Symphysians
- Part 5: The Archaediplotestans
- Part 6: The Archinauts
- Part 7: The Mesoesodactyls
- Part 8: The Neoambulopedes
- Part 9: The Heterozoans
- Part 10: The Monopsians
- Part 11: The Labidactyls
- Part 12: The Polyarthrans
- Part 13: The Ampullastomes
- Part 14: The Somamerosans
- Part 15: The Intertidal Zone
- Part 16: A Slight Altercation
- Part 17: The Emperor of Tethys
- Part 18: A Fallen Monarch
- Part 19: Concluding the Middle Protocene
Late Protocene: 40myh to 65myh
- Part 1: Intro and Spherafolians
- Part 2: The Diplogastrans
- Part 3: The Kelp Forests
- Part 4: The Neopesodactyls
- Part 5: The Kleptogrades
- Part 6: The Acronauts
- Part 7: The Cryptonauts
- Part 8: The Pelagonauts
- Part 9: The Icthyovalves
- Part 10: The Gnathovalves
- Part 11: The Neopsians
- Part 12: The Lithosarcs
- Part 13: The Archaehexapods
- Part 14: The Pseudocarids
- Part 15: The Carcinomorphs
- Part 16: The Amphichaetes and Arthrovermids
- Part 17: The Neoampullastomes
- Part 18: The Isochordates
- Part 19: The Asteromorphs
- Part 20: The Triplosarcs
- Part 20B: Triplosarc Somamers
- Part 20C: Triplosarc Nervous System and Neuro-Haemocoel
- Part 20D: Triplosarc Endoskeletal System
- Part 21: Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place
- Part 22: Archaeplanivermid Diversity
- Part 23: A Relic of the Past
- Part 24: How the Tables have Turned
- Part 25: An Unexpected Journey
(More coming soon!)
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2021.12.01 22:14 Dandantheplumberman What do you think of women who are pro-life?

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2021.12.01 22:14 YakAttack_64 Don’t take penalties if you can’t kill them off.

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2021.12.01 22:13 DinoEditz Hi guys, I am new to digital art and I wanted to know some ways so get better. Leave any tips you have in the comments. This is what mine look like right now:

Hi guys, I am new to digital art and I wanted to know some ways so get better. Leave any tips you have in the comments. This is what mine look like right now: submitted by DinoEditz to AnimeSketch [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 22:13 NewsElfForEnterprise Apple Apparently Wants to Replace iPhones with AR Glasses in 10 Years, but I'm Not Buying It

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2021.12.01 22:13 ACIM_FRP A woman channeling Jesus?

I just saw a post by someone, I don’t think I saw their name, but there was a link to a woman channeling Jesus. I don’t remember her name. I clicked the link & watched the video. VERY profound! Can someone please redirect me again?
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2021.12.01 22:13 jordynasloot U got Madison beer leaks

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2021.12.01 22:13 kodasai Does anyone know what sato (I’m assuming) says at the end of track three on 98.12.28? (Not in the Spotify version)

He has a 30s-1min speech at the end of the song and I can’t find any translation online, as I can only speak and understand minimal Japanese I amnt too sure about what he’s saying, aside from how there are a lot of people there haha.
I didn’t actually realise that there was a talking section until I listened to it on YouTube today as I usually listen on Spotify !
Anyways, any help would be appreciated as I am extremely curious :)
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2021.12.01 22:13 LordVendric A matter of mad master mages

Before we begin, there is a matter of acknowledgement to be made. Each of the different games has different mechanics, to the extent that even the basic categories are not always the same, let alone the stats that apply to them. The closest point of actual comparison is one wherein they all follow the same structure instead, followed loosely by ones with at least similar mechanics.

((There is a fairly good write-up on just how the games differ and how they are organized, by , if you are particularly interested.
To say this plays havoc with truly fair analysis across multiple games is... something of an understatement. In one game you might be dealing with letter rankings from E to S, in another SS, in another C-A with only special chosen ones surpassing it at the unique and unattainable by other mechanisms *, in still others entirely- just the base icon itself. In such cases, Y e s they can do magic, no there isn't a displayed extent to which their capabilities are measured other than the skills they have attained on leveling up.

With something like Awakening's DLC, where several of the series' villains are given stats in the same system (and with the same weapon, moreover), it's easier to draw a baseline... for those particular iterations. They lack their uniqueness and some of their qualifier abilities, but they do at least meet on relatively even ground. It's still not a perfect measurement stick, both because those factors are no longer present, and because not all of them are present; Jedah, for example, makes no appearances in the crossover.

Lest there be's a mass outrage or anything, I'm not even going to bother with trying to squeeze what their lump stats mean into the same box (some don't even have the same stats, like Con), nor particular spells, or any game shielding mechanics that they might have, as a result. This is, purely, just what the game grades their adeptness at a given craft. Even that, I readily admit, has had to have been doctored and may only be 'correct' through a certain leeway of viewing.

((This is not a "this wizard can kick that wizard's ass in two turns and here's why" post, I assure you. Please put down your weapons. Please also consider refraining from trying to make such assumptions or declarations in the comments, I do not welcome them.))

All this is to say that there are some caveats to be taken and some of the information has had to be simplified into commonalities in order to get any sort of working arrangement. I know this, you hopefully know this and find it reasonably fair enough (if not, that's where a ton of argument is likely to come from), and whoever eventually makes a worthwhile fighting simulator hopefully knows this too. (Not bashing on Heroes, it's a fun enough little system; also doesn't have all these fellas though. Nor bashing on Awakening; it tried.)

As such, these are the basics that have been changed to cross check where it's at all possible:
The complexities of the existing system, continued

You may have noticed a problem here already, however. The Awakening cast (and Gharnef) cannot natively raise above A rank. Because of this, in a different base-system, they might very well actually equal their S rank counterparts. Equally, Jedah has been estimated potentially at higher than his real worth because he has no letters to work with. And the Jugdral kids can't fall below a C if they do know something in the current.

Most of the lettered system applies up to S, and most of the unlettered system (not displayed on the above chart, but 1, 2 and 15, and 3) has been translated as best I can manage.

Entries previous and post to the GBA-and-Tellius system have been reorganized to fit within its solutions. In games like Three Houses, where White Magic fulfils both the role of Light Magic and Staves, equal credit has been given to both. In games like Genealogy of the Holy War, each camp of elemental energies has been gathered under Anima, and each "star" is an preference-weapon rank, translated as a S. Given that they begin two levels or more above some of their counterparts, it is felt that this is an entirely fair translation that more than benefits them anyway. In the case of the Shadow Dragon games, Tome is applicable to everything but staves, as staves is already its own category. In the case of Gaiden and Shadows of Valentia, both with many more actual spells than lettered-games allow with tomes/staves/weapons, I've simply elected to give them an S.

GBA has received no adjustments as it is the base formula. The characters therein are the directly reference ready control group whose lettering is completely canon for their particular work of fiction. In the case of characters with the goddamn check mark general ability to do things that are only later specified in Trial Maps, their Trial Maps data has been used instead. In the case of characters whose letters are never obtained, the lowest rank required for their given weapon has been given instead.

Additionally, everything is assumed to be on the most difficult mode available, with their highest canonical statistics.

Ready steady go:

Character Dark Magic Light Magic Anima Magic Staves Swords Axes Lances Bows
Gharnef A/S A/S A/S A/S
Jedah (Gaiden) S S
Jedah (SOV) S S S S
Arvis S(prf fire)/ A others A A A A A
Manfroy A A A
Julius S (prf) A
Veld A A A
Brunnya A A
Wagner D E
Nord C C
Ohtz A E
Pereth C E
Sonia A A
Limstella S S
Ursula S A
Nergal S S S S
Lyon S A
Excellus A A A A
Aversa A/S A/S A/S A/S
Validar A/S A/S A/S
Iago S S S B
Cornelia A A A A E E E E
Solon A E A E E E E E
Thales B E B E E E E E

So, with all those notes about exceptions, and interpretations, and how this could be wrong out of the way, then:
-Gharnef is possibly, but not necessarily, tied for the most educated mage magically. (If SOV Jedah had actual ranks to work with, and if Gharnef's A-locked ranks translate to S in an equal system.)
-If neither of the above is true, Nergal is the most educated mage magically. (S in every ability, though he only uses Dark in his boss fight, unfortunately.) If the above is true, he is still one of the most learned mages in the series, however, just not necessarily the most skilled.
-The Demon King has no actual magical prowess on its stat sheet, although his host Lyon, a successful necromancer, knows as much about Dark as Nergal and almost as much about Staves.
-Arvis is the best educated mage in general application, however, with an astonishingly well rounded brilliance when it comes to the use of weapons and fairly formidable magic, although he knows less about Light and Dark then Nergal.
-Iago gets a hell of a lot better the harder a route you take, unlike every single one of the previous four gentlemen, with stats inflating from a B Tomes to S and E Stave to B.
-The Awakening OCs, like Gharnef, might swell up depending on translation.
-The Three Houses Agarthans, however, never exceed A rank in a S rank game.
-I do not actually know any significant dark mages on the antagonistic side in the Radiance games to include on the list, and that is a personal failing I freely admit to. Mea culpa. I am very sorry.

As displayed in the chart above, Awakening caps out at A, so the following Einherjar are on occasion somewhat lower than their base incarnation:
Arvis forgot how to fight with weapon ranks, RIP
OCs are superpowered
Gharnaf gets an A again
Julius actually learned something new... that the others forgot...
The Demon King is a very unlucky man
Nergal lost his staves, I think Julius stole them, but he's the luckiest OG villain
Mr I couldn't be Grima myself for \"reasons\" just outpumps Einherjar

Surprises abound in Awakening terms. The frail Lyon is buffer than Arvis is. It takes legendary boosts to make Jugdal boys as good at magic as Nergal is. Arvis has the fastest fingers in the west outside Awakening's own OCs. And more!

And again, unfortunately, we can't actually do any comparisons through Heroes for several of these fellas, unfortunately. Not yet, anyway. =c Thank you for your time if you came along this far, and have a good day.
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2021.12.01 22:13 unclebrio Will a SHIB Metaverse Transform the Shiba Inu Crypto? Sure good to see positive content like this!

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2021.12.01 22:13 Temporary_Diet_1361 I might have broke physics

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2021.12.01 22:13 Dhondoe99 Railway Empire Complete Collection : $20 (-50%)

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2021.12.01 22:13 RestoreandRepair New evidence PROVES Joe Biden has Dementia

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