Iran says 9 soldiers killed in clashes with US Navy in Persian Gulf

Eleven Americans were killed in two separate friendly fire incidents, an additional 14 US airmen were killed when their AC-130 gunship was shot down by an Iraqi surface-to-air missile, and two US soldiers were captured during the battle. Saudi and Qatari forces had a total of 18 dead. Iran says 9 soldiers killed in clashes with US Navy in Persian Gulf. Professor Tiger Blood (OP). User ID: 79688307 United States 11/22/2021 02:16 PM IRGC Navy commander says there have been many direct clashes with US forces . The Mehr news agency quoted Navy commander Alireza Tangsiri as saying that the clashes took place in the Persian Gulf ... Daily U.S. military news updates including military gear and equipment, breaking news, international news and more. Iran says 9 soldiers killed in clashes with US Navy in Persian Gulf. Professor Tiger Blood Offer Upgrade. User ID: 79688307 United States 11/22/2021 11:50 AM 2 soldiers killed 3 civilian contractors killed 1 sailor dead ... The 2019–2021 Persian Gulf crisis is the ongoing state of heightened military tensions between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America, ... during U.S. Army AH-64E Apache deck landing qualifications with the Navy in the northern Persian Gulf, ... The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said Monday that nine soldiers were killed in direct clashes with the US Navy in the Persian Gulf waters, local media reported. The Mehr news agency quoted Navy commander Alireza Tangsiri as saying that the clashes took place in the Persian Gulf, without specifying the time. TEHRAN, Iran . The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said Monday that nine soldiers were killed in direct clashes with the US Navy in the Persian Gulf waters, local media reported. TEHERAN: The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), known as Iran’s elite force, says nine Iranian soldiers were killed in clashes with the US naval forces in the Persian Gulf. Discussion about Iran says 9 soldiers killed in clashes with US Navy in Persian Gulf (over the years): trotting out the martyrs. [Page 2] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!

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2021.11.28 17:04 Lorenzo_Scipioni [FOR HIRE]Hello I'm Lorenzo and I'm a professional comic artist and illustrator OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS. If you want to see some of my stuffs, here's the link below ^^

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2021.11.28 17:04 illuminatiCat Is there a Battlesnake Server to run locally?

I'm looking a Battlesnake server for local development
So far I found:

Thing is but none fulfils the API of
Is there a Battlesnake Server?
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Does anyone know of a resource outside of the Department 56 website to buy replacement adapters? I'm looking for a very specific one for Scrooge's house. (
Thank you in advance.
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Beardie has been laying here, seemingly exhausted but if I bring out a super worm he goes crazy for it, and I’m feeding him as many crickets as he will eat. He’s not eating his veggies either, with normal poop and shedding his tail, abnormal? Just worried about him submitted by writinginspace to BeardedDragons [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 17:04 keeploving2323 Those 10 questions that sba sends you guys, plus the 3 way call. Is that only for the loan? Or does everyone have to go through that process for updated bank account and re-disbursement? Do to being in error.

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Hi all! Just curious if anyone has experience with using Curology to manage acne… interested to hear before I invest (I’d certainly do a trial first!!)
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2021.11.28 17:04 Solfaroiy Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

CENTAURIFY in a nutshell:
Imagine if TicketMaster was built on a blockchain, with NFTs representing tickets. 100% traceable, impossible to counterfeit, and programmable re-sale conditions that protect both the consumers and the event host.

Centaurify - Tokenizing tickets with NFT & smart contract technology. Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe. With fiat on ramps as well as a music NFT marketplace!

We allow organizers to mint their own NFT-tickets, setting their rules of the smart-contract tokenomics to reward themselves, their artists & their audience on every transaction on the secondary market.

- We allow organizers to set maximum re-sale price to prevent scalping.
- Organizers will secure their audience by using Centurify. NFT-tickets are 100% traceable and are impossible to counterfeit.
- Artists gets fixed 2% automated reflection on every NFT-Ticket transaction from Centaurify.

✅Liquidity lock:

Link Buy
✅Contract Address: 0xE2B10d9EAbaBAD2E44e77ea8E64B840BCC80656E

☘️ CLMD (14 platinum awarded DJ) a part of the core team
☘️ Team based in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia
☘️ Listed at MEXC and CMC today

✨ Website:
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✨ Twitter:
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Working on my 2022 budget, and knowing future take-home pay would be really helpful.
With the upcoming increases in CPP and EI contributions soon, can anyone recommend an updated online calculator to help us see what our projected take home pay will be next year?
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2021.11.28 17:04 Yuri_Yslin (NGB) "Master Ninja" completed, incl. all challenges. Review, Boss/challenge tierlist inside :) Come and discuss :)

(NGB) Woah, so many "I beat NGB Master Ninja" threads in last few days... calling u/UndeadStruggler , u/StaceTucker47 and u/Djerno_Set_Radio to comment on my tierlists, wonder if you guys shared similiar experiences haha. Also calling u/Royta15 , he was very helpful to me along the ride, so I'd like him to read this long post ;)
Ok, validation first. Beat the game "as intended" on a real Xbox classic, on a CRT TV:
Final score (first time I broke 1 mil too):
Final challenge completion proof:
Which does not include the time I reset the game and restarted without saving so it's most likely 120-140 hours. I played this game without watching any videos or "how to plays" beforehand. I never watch OTHER people play - what's the point if I can't figure it out myself?. I sometimes read their ideas and opinions, though. That's how I kinda spoiled myself a few strategies, heh.
Where do I begin... This is a great game. I would not have put 100+ hours into garbage. The combat system may be the best combat system ever made for a TPP Slasher genre at least. The controls are excellent, and there is certain depth to the gameplay, although it is overrated, I believe. That's because only a selected few moves (of selected few weapons) are really worth using. There is a large, beautifully animated combo list that is basically unusable on higher difficulties. Pity.
My only complaint regarding the mechanics is the camera. It's pretty bad. I wish there was a "lock camera" button. Truly.
The game has sort of a cult following regarding its difficulty. This will likely be controversial but I do not think this was a very hard game. Not a single segment, not even on master ninja, required me to repeat it more than a few times. Some bosses I just did in a single attempt, and even the challenges (the notorious library challenge and the great bridge challenge in particular) I actually did at 1st and 4th attempts, respectively. I could easily name at least a dozen games that are pretty objectively harder than Master Ninja of Ninja Gaiden Black, even among XBOX exclusives. I think Breakdown on Expert difficulty is harder than Master Ninja NGB. The final "arena" fight in Breakdown took me 6-8 hours of repeating until I found a way to beat it. Breakdown does not allow you to carry items, or to cheese stuff with Ninpo. You just have to do it. No hand holding.
That being said, NGB isn't an easy game as well. I'd rate it "just right". It's challenging enough to keep you entertained, but not hard enough to make you frustrated. This is because the majority of the game's difficulty comes from the "know how". Once you know how to fight specific enemies and what moves to use (and when), you'll notice that the game is very generous with the reaction times and generally gives you a lot of time to react and punish your opponents' unsafe moves. It's really all about knowledge. It's not a strict reaction time/positioning challenge like Breakdown is. Here, you just have to know your basics, and know your cheese... there is a lot.
Now, I'm not gonna lie. I did cheese through a LOT of this game by using overpowered mechanics. However, in my defense, I feel this is what a Ninja would do anyway. The effect is what matters, style is irrelevant. ;) You'll see the extent of my cheesy ways soon enough, in the boss summary.
It is also incredible how much effort and love has been put into this game by devs. They calculated each encounter's times (so it's fairly challenging to get the full time score) for every difficulty. That's insane. Modern devs would never do so much work, no way in hell.
To not bore you with a wall of text any further, let me sum it up quickly: while I loved the mechanics, there are certain parts of the game that could've been done better. The plot is very average, the atmosphere is uneven, it's hard to get captivated. "Breakdown" had a plot that kept me wondering what's gonna happen, and characters I actually cared about at the end of the game. "Ninja Gaiden Black" felt more like a arcade game: you play to beat it, you DGAF about the protagonist or the plot. There's not much voiced lines, only a bit of ingame lore "in books" for the player to read, and little reason to care for Ryu at all since his struggles are very generic and completely devoid of emotion. This is why I think this is a 8/10 game. Wonderful mechanically, but lacking in story heavily. Also, whomever created Rachel's body and outfit should be really ashamed of this asinine nonsense. Looks like a porn model from deep throat movies or something. Hard to take things seriously with her around.
I am also NOT taking things further. I am not going to play missions, nor attempt a "Master Ninja" score at every level. Here's why:
a) the former is just a repeat of many "storyline" segments with added gimmicks. I believe it is harder than MN storyline due to those gimmicks and limited inventory, but what really turns me off is the need to beat every mission FOUR TIMES (Normal->Hard->VH->MN). Why? I just beat the game four times, FFS. I don't want to beat, say, Doku eight times in total, it's a bit boring, even with a Berserker added behind him.
b) the latter is too focused on spamming UT to get points and make it in time. I like using UTs situationally. Being pressured to use UTs every time I can (for teh pointz) feels rather not fun to me at all.

Now, here is my take on bosses, rated from easiest to hardest (on Master Ninja only), using the typical D-S scale.

D Tier - Completely effortless

22. Electric Worm
Seriously, if you can't "nodamage" this dude, something is wrong with you. Ninpo to scare him away, get in the corner, charge Dabi ET/UT. Whenever the worm pops up, you either release ET/UT right away (if he's spitting orbs) or release it when he's doing the swing (also invulnerability frames from ET/UT will keep you from taking damage during the swing). Several hits and he's done.
21. Fire Worm
Much like the worm above, but his projectile cannot be rolled around so easily since it has a wider hitbox. Rolldodge past it, ninpo through or just take damage and heal, the rest is exactly the same - dies to a few Dabi ET/UTs.
20. Ryu Clones (all of them)
Ok, those bosses are such a fail because they are designed in such a fun way, with complex combos, many guard breaking attacks... and yet they are absolutely hopless against either Guillotine Throw, or a repeated XY from Dabi. My tactics - get close with Windjump/roll, throw them, and start attacking with XY quickly once you're near the clone when it is down. It takes zero effort, if you do XY into XY into XY the clone will just be hit every time you do it and eventually die. Such a waste.

C Tier - Simple bosses, very little effort needed

19. Smaugan
I really, really don't understand why people keep rating Smaugan high, or even bother with killing him with 5%UF. It's totally not worth it, since it's one of the easiest bosses in the game.
All you have to do is dispose of the Zombie Archers on upper platform (->YYY with Flail /w Armlet of Potency works great) and then just do the corner trick. However, do NOT use UF or whatever people are using, use DABI ffs. Dabi's ET/UT both have big enough range to hit Smaugan regardless where he is and what he is doing. That's right. You charge, he starts doing anything, you release it. Invul frames save you from firewave/fireball/breath, and he gets hit. You repeat till he drops. Sometimes you have to dodge the second fireball/wave before going back to charging ET/UT, but that's it. Pretty free if you ask me.
18. Double Worms
Since there are two, your best best is to Ninpo every time they are using stuff that is hard to dodge simultaneously (since it scares them away). Other than that, you charge Dabi ET/UT in the corner and release it every time you're about to get hit by anything, which keeps you save and stripes their HP away quickly. May take some healing items but it's still very easy.
17. Yotunfrau
Even without Inazuma trick (getting Art of Inazuma before you're actually intended to using a wallrun trick), this fight feels so easy. It's harder on lower difficulties when you're swarmed with Basts that throw flying swallows around, lol. Either way, kill the imp, ET/UT the boss. You can kill imps with Izuna or Inferno, whichever you prefer. Once imps are dead, just charge ETs and damage the boss, he'll be dead in no time. This is one of the few bosses that is slow enough to let you charge an ET in front of his face.
16. Emperor 1 + Emperor 2 + Fiend Murai
What a disappointment. The final trio of bosses is so easy... and if you're fully stacked (no reason not to be), there's nothing after beating them so there's no reason to hold back either.
I killed this Alma-esque giant thing by spamming XXYYY with TDS against the arms, and using Inferno to ignore those stupid lasers and do major damage, as she seems particularly vulnerable to it. Takes maybe 5 ninpos and some slashes.
Then you fight this mass of skulls that you can heavily damage with just explosive arrows and incendiary shurikes. Just remember to use Ninpo when you see the skull on the move. Once this thing hops on solid land, you XXYYY it for some major damage standing underneath.
You're left with Fiend Murai and you probably have all your Talismans and a lot of G. Devil Elixirs remaining. He's not even challenging. Gets hit by anything. It's one of the few fights in the game where you can actually win by mashing buttons, because Fiend Murai is pretty terrible at blocking, lol. Quite unlike his CH1 form. Or you can jump before him and spam Inferno or Frost ninpos (infernos do more damage but he blocks sometimes, Ice does less but is unblockable) with all your remaining firepower which should bring him down to like 50% HP effortlessly. Either way, you can't lose this. Trivial.

B Tier- Not overly difficult bosses, but some effort is required

15. Awakened Alma
This may be a bit controversial, but this boss is a pushover when you're not afraid to stack some devil elixirs before the fight and use them in the fight itself.
All you have to do is to flying swallow her at start, then roll away and use Inazuma immediately. The idea is to not be in "bad breath range" because she will get hit by the spell's small area of effect on cast and get up before you reach her. When done properly, she'll be hit by the blast, land on her butt and you'll be able to rolldodge to her and smack her with a flying swallow. If you're fast enough, you may land some basic attacks as well (I used XXX, didn't bother to find the optimal weapon/combo). From there, you just roll away and Inazuma again. Don't wait for minions. Just spam inazuma every time she gets up and she'll die quickly - what's best is that you literally don't have to dodge any of her attacks, she never gets to using them. My best attempt was kill her with 3 small devil elixirs and 1 big devil elixir used. You should be able to kill her every time with 3 small/2 big, maybe 3 small/3 big if you get sloppy or unlucky (sometimes she moves too far away when you're using Ninpo to damage properly).
Oh yeah, and don't level up Inazuma to Lvl3. Level 2 works best. Lvl3 takes forever to cast thus makes her move around too far, you'll miss a lot more with it.
14. Horse Archers
Not sure if this should be considered a boss, but oh well, it is a unique fight. Doing this "as intended" is way too hard and frustrating. Instead, you may want to use this dirty trick: hide near the rubble, in the corner, and charge Lunar UT. Arrows can NOT hit you there. You'll be warned by the camera suddenly shifting that there's a rider approaching, so just release the UT. You'll do massive damage and avoid the grab. You need two to knock the guy off the saddle, you get a free essense from the horse so you may ET/UT the samurai right away to get rid of him. Some horsemen may refuse to charge up to you and instead will ride in a circle shooting arrows. That's okay. Charge UT where you were and just time it to hit them on their route. Repeat until all are dead. You should not need HP items for this at all.
13. Spirit Doku
If this guy gives you trouble, just spam Ninpo. Really, there's not much else to do. Use inferno, if it hits jump forward and use on-landing lunar Y attack to hit him. If there is essence around from the fish, you'll do ET or UT, if not, regular Y is also fine to do some damage. Repeat immediately. Takes around 15-20 Ninpo uses IIRC and is pretty damn braindead.
12. Masakado
This boss is notorious for breaking newbs' backs, but is really very easy if done properly, even on MN. What I like to do is to wind-roll up to the very wall and use smoke bombs (you get 15 from a chest at the start of the chapter) against sorcerers there. In smoke, the sorcerers can't cast or teleport, they are dead meat. A single XYXY with the DS is enough to kill them even on Master Ninja, and they often drop blue or red orbs so... all you have to do is not move your camera (lol) and use the blue/red orb to UT Masakado once he comes near. You don't want to move the camera because sorcerers are gentlemen, they will not use their orbspam if they are off-camera.
If you knock Masakado off the horse early (I did it when he was at 50% HP), he's dead meat, completely helpless vs. Lunar wall attack.
11. Alma
Controversy incoming, haha.
No, really. This boss IS easy.
Hear me out:
Just Ninpo.
Make sure you have 3 small and 3 big devil elixirs. Flying swallow her as the fight starts. If you landed a hit, great! Do it again! If not, roll away and use inferno. Use the analog stick to aim while casting the spell, you want to target Alma, not those stupid fiends. Once she drops on her butt, you just rolldodge towards her and flying swallow her on the ground, followed by some sword slashes (I just use XXX) for some potential damage. Then you just use ninpo again, it works best if you allow her to start an animation (like orbs/pillars) because it has a higher hit chance if you Ninpo her during her animation. If you're lucky, you'll either kill the imps by the AOE of the cast animation, or off splash damage to Alma, and of course Ninpo will save you from taking any damage. Repeat until she dies. Takes about 10-15 Ninpo casts, depending on your luck (she sometimes dodges them, and you sometimes hit imps instead of Alma) but works every. Damn. Time. Really, not much effort is required, you may need some HP items though because those damn imps love to slide off-camera to take some HP off you.
10. Bone Dragon
A very easy boss if you use the flails. It's particularly weak to flails' XYY attack with Armlet of Potency equipped. Those wasps are irritating though, they are hardly visible and when the bone dragon starts moving around it's pretty easy to get hit by off-camera attacks. I usually end up using all my small HP potions and maybe 1 big too in this fight because I particularly suck against dodging the double tail swing. So I usually do what Rocky Balboa does best, tank them with my face. Ugh.
9. Hydracubus (1st fight)
Yes, I just rated Hydracubus harder than Alma. Oh, the incoming outrage to the community ;)
It's not that Hydracubus is hard (he isn't, at least not the 1st time), it's the fact you need to kill some Red Ninjas AND three Gallas before fighting it. At that stage, you only have lvl 2 DS/Lunar and neither of those is particularly effective against Gallas. I usually jump around and use on-land "Y" of Lunar, because it has a huge reach while being relatively safe, but I usually do get hit by some stupid off-screen roll attacks and those things hurt. This is why I didn't have much healing items remaining vs. the 'Cubus.
The fight with Hydracubus is pretty easy, but it's easy to get hit by the arm swing/imp attacks, and you may not have much HP potions remaining, that's the only source of frustration here. Other than that, Flying swallow to Shurikens (animation cancel) to "Y" (Helmet splitter? Can't recall the name) with DS and FS spam against the 'Cubus himself.
8. Doku
Most people think Doku is easy. I agree. He is. He is actually helpless vs. Flails and XYY. You avoid whatever attack he used, hit the "XY" part on his recovery frames, he tries to countegrab but can't reach you since you're in the air, you slam "Y", come down, hit him and dodgeroll away. And repeat.
However, there are Red Ninjas involved. So expect off-camera shurikens and air slashes. Absolutely irritating, to a point where I just Ninpo them whenever I can, or even run away from Doku and Izuma drop them to the floor to get rid of them. Hence he gets this high (though I really don't think this is hard by any means).
7. Dynamo
I don't think this guy is overly hard, but farming early in the game takes a lot, so you may not want to use the most effortless method (which is using some devil elixirs and Inferno'ing him in the face followed up by XYY with the DS - rinse repeat). The timings on this fight are pretty tight and even with Smoke Bombs, it's easy to eat a laser to the face. Fortunately, when you're near Dynamo, he's easy to play around, after XY he tries to counter but misses (like Doku) and eats the Y on your way back to ground. You just have to roll away from the grab then repeat.

A Tier - can get frustrating at times

6. Tanks
While tanks themselves are pretty trivial enemies, the problem lies in the fact that you really need those recovery items against that damn copter. So you want to destroy them while taking as little damage as possible, and that can get a lil' bit frustrating. I usually just use explosive arrow to get rid of the soldier manning the machine gun, do a few APSFWSGHDSHJDAHQWERTY arrow attacks, hop away to avoid the cannon and switch back to explosives. Rinse repeat. This however gets me often damaged by the gunman while I'm ie. dodging the cannon (those guys pop up back quickly and start shooting right away - and there's an infinite amount of them in that tank. Lol.) There's also the immensely frustrating part where you have to restock the ammo. I never remember where's that damn crate, the and I get hit stupidly trying to reach it. Or, worst of all, the camera decides it's a good moment to just move away from the tank, so I get blasted by off-screen cannon shot. YAY.
5. Paz Zuu
Some people like to cheese this dude with 5%UF, so I heard, but I think it's actually not worth the fuss. You need to get him to lower his head while having 5% HP - it's quite a task, IMO not worth the reward of taking like 75% of his HP away with XYXXX to OL 360Y with UF.
Here's what I prefer to do instead:
Lunar Storm (->YYY wih Lunar).
Such a fun, underrated attack. It kicks you high in the air, so high that you can actually reach Paz Zuu's head and deal some good damage to it before it lowers its head. IDK if the "lowering the head" event is triggered by damage, number of hits or RNG, but Lunar Storm seems pretty speedy in triggering it. Once it lowers its head, you can do the XYXXX to OL 360Y with UF if you wish, or just XYXXXX with UF if you're failing to input the former combo (I usually do). Use ninpo to get rid of those m-fing imps if necessary, ninpo won't do you any good against Paz Zuu anyway.
Not an overly hard fight, but the imps attacking off-screen make it frustrating to me. That and the random nature of Paz Zuu's grab, if I dodge it, it's usually by sheer luck.
4. Helicopter
Because of that annoying tank fight, you're likely not having full stock of HP items (at least I never managed that haha), and this thing on MN actually requires manual aiming, otherwise the APSDNJGSNJSDVMNXCNUIOP arrows fail to do damage! And this boss also switches his missile patterns during the fight, something which IIRC no other boss in this game does. The missiles themselves are fairly easy to dodge but because there's not many opportunites to safely shoot at the copter, you're have to dodge them many, many times... and due to a shifting pattern, you're likely to screw up eventually, get blasted for a huge amount of HP and get frustrated. I usually can clear this guy without resorting to burning Tallismans, but I always use all my remaining HP Potions. Sigh.
3. Hydracubus (2nd fight)
Hydracubus again? That high on the list? Does Yuri_Yslin just suck against Hydracubus?
Well, to me, the major problem in this fight is that you have to clear Zombies/Imps in a big room twice and do those damned platforming segments in red/blue rooms before you can attempt this fight. No save point inbetween. So if I screw up, I have to redo the entire thing! Ehh! That makes me nervous and it doesn't help that the god-damn camera makes it pretty much impossible to see those blasted imps incoming from the sides/rear. Hydra himself is as weak as always, but the factors above is what makes it one of the most frustrating fights for me. I usually use pretty much all my items here, yeah even the tallismans. Sigh. Maybe I do suck against this guy.

S Tier - require quite a bit of effort, pretty frustrating
2. Murai
It's not Murai himself, he's a pushover, I killed him without taking damage at VH. It's those blasted Red Ninjas WITH an awful camera that moves in a God-knows-what pattern, I often can't really tell where am I in this fight. This is where I get hit by off-screen air slashes and grabs, lose HP, get frustrated. Murai can't do diddly **** against Lunar wall attacks, but those ninja dudes just keep respawning and when he's low on HP, I think they either never stop coming (there's always 2 on the screen) or there's like 8 of them you have to kill to stop them entirely. I think it took me like 8 attempts, and it quite got on my nerves. Annoying.
1. Nicchae + Ishtaros + Marbus
Finally it's this fight. On their own, those bosses aren't so bad, Nicchae and Marbus are pretty free and Ishtaros can be "looped". But the fact that you have to fight them one after another, no shops, no savepoints + some stupid imp fights in between is what makes this annoying.
Nicchae is a pushover. I just did exactly the same thing I did with Awakened Alma. Inazuma, flying swallow, XXX, dodgeroll, Inazuma, flying swallow, XXX, dodgeroll... no HP lost.
Ishtaros, well, pretty annoying. I've read about a loop, I asked around, I've been told you have to block the first hit and roll under her "boot stomp" then counter. She's supposed to keep repeating this little sequence. I managed to pull it off perfectly in VH, but in my MN playthrough, I just couldn't. I would roll the wrong way (backwards) and if you fail to hit her just ONCE after her boot stomp, she's not going to repeat it. So I kinda had to beat her without any AI exploits, sigh. It can get pretty easy if she decides to swing around a lot (UF's UT punishes that well while keeping you safe), and Fire Wheels Ninpo is a pretty good way to do some chip damage, but I really don't know how to beat this boss with just muh skill. I ended up wasting most of my healing items on her and killing her by (mostly) wheel+UF UT damage with some stupid mashing in between. Lame as hell.
Marbus, he's pretty easy (but he still killed me on my 1st attempt, lol). Lunar storm actually hits him when he's mid air! That makes it possible to just methodically strip his HP away without any risk. Just get directly beneath him and do Lunar storm. If you're in the middle of Lunar Storm, he'll also miss his dive attacks against you. It's good that I kept Ayane's Ninpo recovery items for this fight since I ran out of Ninpo entirely at the end, and without Inazuma, those damned imps would probably be the death of me.

Okay, that was a long list... now, how about we rate enemies the same way?

D Tier (food) :

  1. Bats - just shuriken.
  2. Sharks/Armored Shark - approach from an angle or from the side, Y with DS to quickly kill without any real risk.
  3. Zombies - too slow to do anything. Flails' UT are super effective against them.
  4. Cyclop Wasps -> Just spam wall attack, Lunar works fine due to hitbox on its wall attack (it even extends behind Ryu).
  5. Laser Copters -> you can actually hide in the back of the warehouse and shoot them all without them ever being able to fire, haha. They don't drop any resource, sadly.
  6. Ghost Fish (I use A -> X loop with DS, flails failed me way too many times, I know people usually prefer flails but A->X loop with DS is actually "gapless" and there is a small frame gap after XXXX->A->X with flails and the fish can go through!). I never understood what was the point of this enemy, but oh well, it's here. I can kill an infinite amount of those without getting hit, if I get going. But sometimes, it's hard to get going, esp. when they come from a chest. The frame opening for a jump is really damn tiny and then you get grabbed immediately. I have like 30% success rate vs. chests, lol.

C Tier (wimpy):

  1. Pillbugs - sometimes they jump at you off screen, which can be frustrating. Lunar on-landing Y deals with then in a great way.
  2. Purple Zombies - I think there are only two in MN ? They are surrounded by pillbugs, which makes them harder. Pretty easy in general. They have a wide-swing combo and a ton of HP, but they are too slow to really matter.
  3. Samurai - eh, these guys can't do much. Weak to wall attacks, they don't jump, they don't spam projectiles, they have lengthy recovery after attacking. You just kill them in any way you want, no problem.
  4. Zombie Archers - They are super weak to Flail's ->YYY, but due to being ranged, they are obviously a tad harder to deal with than their melee cousins.
  5. White commandos - you can intercept them as they run towards you by XY with DS and from there you just kill them. Izuna drop isn't necessary, they die to XYXY.
  6. Mechanized white commandos - same as above. They do gain a powerful sommersault attack, but they still die like flies and get hit when running towards you by XY.
  7. Mechanized soldiers - eh, they are wimps. Their machine guns do little damage. Just approach them with Wind jump to roll, then guillotine throw them. They can't do anything about it. Guillotine throw counters them HARD.
  8. Black commandos - they block a lot, but they succumb to wall attacks with Lunar, and are really easy to roll-cancel away from (and then they are open to Izuna Drop which instakills them).
  9. Mechanized black commandos - pretty much same as above, watch for the sommersault.
  10. Shadow fiends (those with a purple flame) - pretty damn weak, their attacks are fairly reactable too. Anything can kill them when you pay a bit of attention.

B Tier (average)

  1. Grenade launcher commandos - What I like to do is to wind-dodge towards them (wind jump to roll to wind jump to roll and so on) and guillotine throw them. Then I do a flying swallow on them while they are still on the floor, it usually kills them right away. Can be annoying if the game decides it knows better than you where to move with wind jump and which enemy to grab - happens if they are other enemies near them.
  2. RPG mechanized soldiers - they sometimes hit you even if you're doing the wind run to roll movement (if they fire while you're in the middle of a roll), and can get annoying when one gets mixed up with other soldiers and you can't easily get rid of them with guillotine throw, but not so bad in general. Weak to GT.
  3. Ogres - I find Ogres very easy to kill (trivial, even) by rollcanceling to ->Y with Dabi/DDB, but they are rarely alone, their size and reach means that while fighting an ogre, you can get bopped off-screen by another ogre. And devs love to put them in cramped spaces so you can get frustrated by camera some more.
  4. Purple Ninjas - a rare enemy (iirc met in CH1 only?), less HP than Black Ninja (dies to two Lunar walljumps), not as spammy with projectiles, not so bad overall.
  5. Slider Imps - these guys really suck against Lunar and it's On-landing Y. It has great range and will hit them more often than not. But, they can get quite annoying with the slides if you give them some room.
  6. Fiend commandos - very spammy with their grab, can easily get on your nerves AND they can shoot. I usually Izuna them, gleaming blade works fine too.

A Tier (slightly annoying)

  1. Black Ninjas - they are the weaker cousins of Red Ninjas. Basically same enemy, but with much less damage potential, their air slash is like more than twice weaker than Red Ninjas' air slash. Still pretty spammy and pretty annoying, they are this high mostly because you fight them mostly when you're having little HP and unupgraded weapons.
  2. Gallas - while they are very weak to XYY with flails and armlet of potency (stunlocks them), you fight them before you get that weapon. And they are quite a problem at that part. They also "assist" the zombies in CH6, which can get a lil bit frustrating, but you have the flails so it's way easier than the fight with Gallas pre Hydracubus.
  3. Greater Bast Fiends - those things love to punish jumps by a flying swallow, and that goes HARD against your instinct to jump around. On the ground - not so scary. Izuna drop is my favorite way of dealing with them, there are two pretty safe moments to attack: after their swipe, and before the pounce. Not so hard, but it's easy to screw up.

S Tier (quite frustrating)

  1. Lazor Crabs (True Imps) - I really don't know how to fight against these dudes, so I just Inferno'd EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Literally. Not a single Laser Imp died to my weapons - all died to fire. Including every and each of those from the great bridge challenge (40 in total). So in a way they were effortless, but at the same time, they are frustating enough to warrant ninpospam, which makes them S tier...
  2. Red Ninjas - ehh, while it took me only 10 mins to reach the first save (the difficulty of CH1 on MN is overrated I'd say), these guys are surely annoying. Mostly because they are probably the only enemies that are dangerous mid-range due to their non-telegraphed air slash. Early on it can take the majority of your lifebar away and they do it off-screen frequently. Sigh. If only you could, you know, lock the camera... They also spam the grab, even from the front, and throw shurikens at you, so they are literally annoying at every possible distance and VERY spammy, their AI goes apesh*t so often. Gets way easier when you get Izuna drop, since it insta kills them, and many of their attacks have long recovery periods.
  3. Vigoorian Berserkers - okay, I know how to fight those guys, after all - I did the Great Bridge challenge, which means I killed 40 in a row. But still, those are the most frustrating enemies in the game, because you REALLY need to play a "camera control game" to ensure there's only ONE on the screen... or you get bopped by massive homing fireballs taking like 30-40% of your healthbar. The sequence is: block the first hit, roll dodge away, immediately wind jump to stomp to ->Y (preferably with DDB), they always miss their "counter swing" after you stomp on their heads but you almost always land ->Y on them. From there you just repeat until they all die, which takes a while. I like rolling thunder (->YYY) with flails, since it takes less precise timing (you have to ->Y immediately with Dabi/DDB to hit them but you can ->YYY with flails after a slight pause and you still manage to hit them most of the time) but Dark Dragon Blade's->Y is the king of dealing with them IMHO.

As for the challenges themselves:
Library - ez. Here's why: I guess people didn't like it, downvoted to oblivion. Oh well :)
Zombie challenge - kill archers with flails' ->YYY avoiding the zombies, then kill zombies with UT. Easy.
Pillbug challenge, both of Imp challenges - I just spam on-landing Y with Lunar. If those get upgraded to ET or UT with essence, it gets even better. Jump away from the imps/bugs, OLY, repeat until all are dead.
Stadium challenge - spammed Dabi UT from a platform. Takes half an hour, but is completely braindead.
Great Bridge challenge - Ninpo'd the crabs (the armlet of fortune made me kill them all with some lucky red essence drops, used all devil elixirs ofc), then ->Y the ogres with DDB. Then I used the wind jump to stomp technique against Berserkers. I had nowhere to hide with this one, had to just git gut. I think I did it at 4th attempt tho. I ofc trained a bit before that against Berserkers (kept a savegame before the Stadium challenge just for that) so it took a lil bit more effort. Hardest challenge, but not so bad if you know how to fight Berserkers.

And that's all, please let me know what you think :)
Oh, and besides the awkward downvoting, i really liked this community. Friendly people, willing to help and discuss things. Cheers, guys. You rock.
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