Congratulations, Exudexx

2021.12.01 13:26 exudexx888 Congratulations, Exudexx

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2021.12.01 13:26 HawkCoil Technophobia/Upgrade advice

This is my dramatic confession. I hide behind ignorance and I don't know why. One answer may be that I fear change, I fear spending money on the wrong things and I wish to know what I don't before I begin..which is insane. I kind of gridlocked myself and caused my current word by never updating my pc or any of it's parts for 8 yrs now. I mean ..I recently learned what a GPU was 😑. I need some rather unique advice.
My daily use is me trying write my first album and edit an online show. I use Cakewalk and Blender pretty often. My biggest issue rn is hooking my midi up/guitar (beringer usb 2 guitar) and playing/rec with both in cakewalk. Issues with blender are simply rendering and slow speeds. I've kinda given up on using reaper at this point, my PC is really hard to use with such a program. I also just personally dont find it intuitive rn.
Anyways! The advice I seek is some humble pie truth regarding how I could perhaps do some minor hardware upgrades to my current PC until I can go full out on a PC build. 2nd part is when I do go for a new PC build - just what build is best for someone who is interested In animation, music production and possibly live streaming? If there are any stock PC suggestions or if you know what I'd definitely need in the vein of hardware, please let me know.
Im using:
110 124 HP
Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU G1610T @ 2.30GHz 2.30
RAM 4.00 GB (3.87 GB usable)
Device. A24182CD-6E37-45A3-83B6-732AA40C6D5
64 Bit x64 based processors
Pen touch support
Tl;dr? I'm slowly changing as a person and as I do I realize a lot of my favorite things to do have damning limitations. It's hard because even rn I'm trying to get all three things to work together, between progrm crashing, sound card woes and just not having something it needs is putting me on an lonely uphill climb to just write my music. 👋 Thanks!
PS. I have an equally old laptop that I recently put linux mint on, cant change the password since it didnt save as I created it (possibly a typo in the passwrd). So I installed ubuntu on top of it and stupidly uninstalled mint and now I cannot get out of GRUB or assign where this thing should go. 🤧🥵
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2021.12.01 13:26 EveryXtakeYouCanMake I just paid $12 for the Double Whopper meal from Burger King in the US. This is the menu from a BK in the Philippines. Around 50 pesos is $1. That means the same meal is $3.50...

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2021.12.01 13:26 bubbo123 Alt-J x Future - "Mask Off, Breezeblocks" Mashup

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2021.12.01 13:26 yossymen Watch: A Short Film Shot on the iPhone 13 Pro’s Cinematic Mode

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2021.12.01 13:26 CycloneWarning0228 Best music service for high quality?

I recently purchased a pair of the Sony XM4’s for Black Friday, and it promotes the reality 360 audio on the box. I am wondering what the best service for this would be. I’m a longtime Spotify user, but obviously they don’t have this feature, and if I’m not mistaken their quality isn’t the best.
The headphones came with a free trial for Tidal HiFi Plus, which I am currently using. It sounds excellent but the problem for me would be the price. I am a student so I get a 50% discount on pretty much every service. I’d be paying $10 a month for Tidal compared to $5 on Spotify.
So my question is are there any other music services that would be good to pair with my headphones?
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2021.12.01 13:26 lIlIIlIIIlIII Turkish lira hits 14 to USD in face of Erdogan's 'dangerous experiment'

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2021.12.01 13:26 yetorious Nice Little Andres Munoz Ascension Auto

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2021.12.01 13:26 youssef-afifi If you can go back in time and advise your high-school self, what would you say?

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2021.12.01 13:26 Beginning-Snow247 This is Persephone and she is 2 months old today :)

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2021.12.01 13:26 Saiac_main Reading sus

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2021.12.01 13:26 fergunia Своеобразие се облику придает прежде всего широкая величавая река Волга, разделившая город на две, теперь почти равные части, а ее берега, всхолмленные чуть поодаль от воды, веками предоставляли целым поколениям градостроителей отличную возможность обогатить архитектурный силуэт Костромы ...

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2021.12.01 13:26 3_ddy1987 Zekrom adding 10 6623 8933 3068

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2021.12.01 13:26 msixelaa_ Add snap rudegurls 💋‼️ and my back up Snapchat (amborosae)❤️

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2021.12.01 13:26 Skyzblu44 Paver stops working after a certain depth

The paver will not work after reaching a certain depth on certain planets. At least when it's on the front of a rover. When I put it on the crane, it works fine. Pretty sure this is a bug. (yes, I had filled soil canisters on the rover). Tried looking it up, but there doesn't seem to be any fixes or anyone encountering this issue.
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2021.12.01 13:26 raghavsaini02 Beautiful Innsbruck. Shot with D810 and Nikkor 16-35mm @ 35mm f/7.1

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2021.12.01 13:26 philo_fellow What’s your theory about life after death?

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2021.12.01 13:26 Gammamales Nooooo😭😭

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2021.12.01 13:26 NoFreeW1LL Misclassificatie als freelancer/opdrachtnemer (schijnzelfstandigheid)

Achteraf blijkt dat een werkgever, waar ik één maand werkte in de veronderstelling dat er sprake was van een mondelinge nuluren arbeidsovereenkomst, mij beschouwde als freelanceopdrachtnemer. Ik ben geen ondernemer en heb geen personeel, ik heb hier dan ook geen enkele ervaring mee. In MijnUWV kan ik zien dat er geen WW is opgebouwd over de gewerkte maand (40-43 uur per week). De werkgever heeft ook geen minimumloon en vakantietoeslag betaald, hierdoor ontving ik rond de 1300 euro maar ik had toch wel rond de 1800-2000 moeten ontvangen. Wat kan ik verwachten bij de belastingdienst als het een eenmalig bedrag is?
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2021.12.01 13:26 girlabouttownlp 3 Tips To Improve Your Bachata Basic Step On The Spot - Dance With Rasa

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2021.12.01 13:26 mr-Fahrenheit07 Stairway to Heaven

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2021.12.01 13:26 OO55MM PUBG NEW STATE.EXE

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2021.12.01 13:26 OCDSquirrel Advanced transpose of a large table - what to use?

Hi, sorry for a longer post, but I have an issue that my VBA knowledge (that being copy pasting bits of code and hammering it until it somewhat works) will not solve...
I have a large (31 columns, 10 000+ rows) table to fill out data. This data then needs to be fed into an actual ERP.
The input table is:

ID Parameter1 Parameter2 ... ParameterN
A ValueA.1 ValuaA.2 ValueA.N
B ValueB.1 ValueB.2 ValueB.N
C ValueC.1 ValueC.2 ValueC.N
The output (currently)
ID Parameter Value
A Parameter1 ValueA.1
A Parameter2 ValueA.2
A ParameterN ValueA.N
B Parameter1 ValueB.1
B Parameter2 ValueB.2
B ParameterN ValueB.N
C Parameter1 ValueC.1
C Parameter2 ValueC.2
C ParameterN ValueC.N
My issues:
  1. My current VBA code is ugly and slow - it needs to transpose 5-10 000+ times
  2. I am not even sure if I should be using VBA for this, maybe export this into .csv and use something text-based?

Sub Parameters() Dim wsData As Worksheet Dim wsNew As Worksheet Dim rngSrc As Range Dim rngDst As Range Dim LastCol As Long Dim LastRow As Long Dim LastRowDst As Long Dim I As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set wsData = Worksheets("Data") Set wsNew = Worksheets.Add wsNew.Name = "ParametersOut" LastRow = wsData.Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row LastRowDst = 2 LastCol = wsData.Range("XFD1").End(xlToLeft).Column wsNew.Range("A1:C1") = Array("ID", "Parameter", "Value") For I = 2 To LastRow Set rngSrc = wsData.Range("C" & I) Set rngDst = wsNew.Range("A" & LastRowDst) rngSrc.Copy rngDst.Resize(31) 'should really be using LastCol here but currently testing 'paste transosed column 1 rngSrc.Offset(-(I - 1), 1).Resize(, 31).Copy rngDst.Offset(0, 1).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _ :=False, Transpose:=True 'paste transosed column 2 rngSrc.Offset(, 1).Resize(, 31).Copy rngDst.Offset(0, 2).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _ :=False, Transpose:=True LastRowDst = LastRowDst + (31) Next I Call SizeColumns Application.ScreenUpdating = True Call ExportSheet End Sub 
Any help would be appreciated...
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2021.12.01 13:26 JohnnySlim Did another 12 mile bike ride

After cycling for 12 miles on Monday, I went on another 12 mile ride and was able to cut down 5 whole minutes on my time from the other day. (54 1/2 minutes to 46 1/2 minutes) I was pleasantly surprised because it was leg day for me Monday night and thought I was going to be sore for today’s ride but I somehow did it lol. I also think I’m getting more comfortable with switching gears on uphills and keeping a proper cadence.
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2021.12.01 13:26 TYTAN0612 Degenerate

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