Good wholesale stores in Thessaloniki

2021.12.06 08:25 Affectionate_Tell_34 Good wholesale stores in Thessaloniki

I run an online shop and I buy from wholesale stores, I found some good ones in Thessaloniki, so I thought maybe you guys could help me find some better ones.
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2021.12.06 08:25 crytoloover Pulse Swap Yield Farming Will Makes Us Millions! Heres why!

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2021.12.06 08:25 Razzler1973 Any recommendations for e-Scooters? Everyone is riding them but very little info about them

Any experiences, particularly at the lower end?
I really wanted one of the cheaper ones, I got one from Dragon Mart and had all sorts of issues, mostly the battery
The range was about 10km-11km, at best. Going at the 'top speed' led to the battery draining quicker than I thought it should, turning it off overnight, didn't feel like it really 'held' it's charge - just all sorts of things that were disappointing.
I see people using these cheaper ones all the time, yet my deteriorated within a month.
They gave me a new one but even after charging it wouldn't display as fully changed (only 4 bars and not 5) (returned it for refund)
What's the feeling on the air tyres vs hard (pnumatic) tyres?
Anyone have similar battery issues?
I have been trying to ascertain if they're all coming from the same place or there's tons of different suppliers and I should try a similar price range from a different place
It's really only for a few kms 'there and back' and not hard riding all over the place
Interested in any experiences others may have
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2021.12.06 08:25 crytoloover VeVe NFTs or $OMI - which is better? Full breakdown! First NFT AIRDROP! DC artist alley FAs!

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2021.12.06 08:25 Zealousideal_Help135 Lf beldum

Could trade for a SPA ditto or any evo stones
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2021.12.06 08:25 crytoloover TLM PRICE PREDICTION TODAY [ now we have a different targets for TLM ]

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2021.12.06 08:25 rhynst [SSF] Optimising my general's cry shield crush variant to use this

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2021.12.06 08:24 nghiatrieu 2 angry men

FAZE 18 kills top 2 performance in game 2 today is the greatest top 2 performance I’ve ever seen across all regions since Pubg Esports started, can’t believe what i just witness man. They’re really hungry for this week Weekly Survival!
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2021.12.06 08:24 Narrow_Foundation_82 Casual/slightly romantic first date ideas?

Hola! Soy nuevo en la ciudad y quería preguntar si alguien me daría alguna recomendación para un lugar a dónde ir por una cita primera. Quiero que sea relajada pero a la vez interesante, sin demasiado gente.
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2021.12.06 08:24 SOnMycheSt3 How long after spaying do you notice a change in rabbits?

My biggest reason for spaying was better health in the long run and litter box training. I let her on my bed once before spaying and she peed, so I vowed until she's spayed she wasn't allowed on my bed. She's very consistent with using her littler box even before spaying but as soon as she was on my bed or my rug she would mark. So my question is how quick can I trust her to be on my rug or bed? I know it's not gonna be over night and she might have an accident here or there because she's young but as long as it's not a territorial thing. (It'll be a week tomorrow since her spay, she is still being kept in her cage until she's healed)
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2021.12.06 08:24 Majestic-Leech The Daily missions when they going to start in BF2042

I want to ask because theres no Daily missions schowcased on my screen and i got an Playstation 4 or is this a sort of bug or they removed it constently ?
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2021.12.06 08:24 IndependentNo3864 Mature age apprenticeship starting at $20 per hour for the first year or $36 per hour Steelfixing for a construction company?

I have an interview tomorrow for a Fitter and Turner apprenticeship, but it essentially means I’m giving up the Steelfixing gig. I feel like the apprenticeship will be worth it in the long run but would like any advice or tips from fellow redditors. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 08:24 fascistotter 16M - looking for friends, hurray!!!! :)

Hello!!!! I am 16, male and from the UK. I enjoy playing video games, collecting plush animals, sleeping, crying and watching cartoons.
if any of these interest you please send me a message :)
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2021.12.06 08:24 Big_Extreme4085 Lupin III Manga Part 2 Isekai Spinoff Gets Release Date! Plot & More

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2021.12.06 08:24 ImFknHuge How many calories do you think Wings consumes per day?

View Poll
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2021.12.06 08:24 MoreTee_Designs When you are modelling for your own garments 😄

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2021.12.06 08:24 mark0001234 Eight tips for new players

I am generally terrible at shooters, but am really enjoying Halo Infinite - I think it is very well set up for casual and new players. My tips for those just starting out in multiplayer:

  1. Stay with your team. Most important piece of advice. Stick to your team like glue. Halo has high time to kill, and thus team shooting is how you get most of your kills. On the flip side, wandering around on your own into a group of enemies is how you get most of your deaths!
  2. The starting load out is very powerful. All the maps have very interesting equipment and weapons scattered around. These are fun and powerful IF you know what you are doing. When you are starting out, ignore them - not much use carrying around a Cindershot if you don’t know how to use it. The Assault Rifle and grenades that you start with are excellent and will get you heaps of kills. Good players can dominate without picking up anything else.
  3. Use grenades and melee attacks. Halo is built around using all three of guns, grenades and melee - the classic pattern for a kill is that you throw a grenade to weaken an enemy, hit with the gun to take down the shields, and then kill with the melee. Note that there is no friendly fire, and thus your grenades don’t hurt your team - so throw them around liberally!
  4. Bot Bootcamp is your friend. It is an excellent mode to practice and learn the maps. However, be warned that real players are much better than the bots.
  5. Be an “assist monster”. Don’t worry about getting kills for a while - try to stick with your team, do some damage to the enemy, and duck behind cover when you get hit to recharge your shields. You will get lots of assists and will be greatly loved by your team!
  6. Halo is not Call of Duty. Some key differences: (a) time to kill is much higher, which means team shooting is critical and “lone wolfing” does not work; (b) for most weapons (particularly the assault rifle), you don’t need to aim down sights to do maximum damage; (c) camping does not work - you have to keep moving around quickly or you will be killed.
  7. Some maps have important items that you have to be aware of. In particular: (a) in Recharge, there is a Sword or Gravity Hammer that spawns periodically. These items can cause havoc in the hands of a good player (or in your hands if you learn them - try the training mode); (b) in Behemoth and Launch Pad, there are vehicles. Warthogs are incredibly powerful but they need two players - one driver and one gunner. In solo queue players usually aren’t quite that co-ordinated. The Ghost is another excellent vehicle and can be used solo. Well worth jumping into even if you are just starting out - players tend to come towards these vehicles like moths to the flame, and then get killed (the vehicles are really powerful).
  8. Objective based games, particularly Strongholds or Capture the Flag, often require you to split your team up in order to play optimally. However, when you are starting, I would still follow rule (1) above - if you split up from your team, you will probably just get killed quickly. Given this, you will probably lose a lot of objective games early! Don’t worry about it - focus on getting a decent KDA and you will improve quickly.
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2021.12.06 08:24 Mini_Tagus Can you give me some advice? (check description for info)

So, I'm doing a self- inforced rogue only playthrough and I have aerospaec armor and I use an enchanted axe. My accessories are Flurry Boots, Airline wings, the hive mind acessory: +10% damage and 10 armor penetration in stealth strikes, dog teeth acessory: +10% damage and armor break debuff on stealth strike and a Shark Tooth Necklace. I have defeated The Slime God. I have arleady defeated a goblin army, Eye of Cthulhu, The hive mind, eater of worlds, desert scourge mushroom biome boss and the slime God. What should I do next and what equipment should I get?
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2021.12.06 08:24 Opening-Principle521 DLSU Applicant: BS Human Biology (for SY 2022-2023)

I am a DLSU Applicant for the year 2022-2023, and I would like to ask the following:

  1. Will there be an exam for the BS Human Biology for the upcoming school year?
  2. If yes, which subjects will it tackle? What is the cut-off score?
  3. If not, will my grades be sufficient to enter the accelerated program? My GPA is 98 (I never get grades lower than 90, and my grades usually play between 98-100), and I am one of the Highest Honors in La Salle College Antipolo (a La Salle School in the Philippines). I also have records of outstanding leadership as I receive the "Tatak Lasalyano Award" yearly for my contribution to the Scouting Movement program of my school, currently an Eagle Scout. I also attended various courses in the World Health Organization. Do I have a great chance to pass BS Human Biology?
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2021.12.06 08:24 Throwawaytrashkan I (25f) think i need to break up with my bf (27m) of almost 8 years.

Our relationship has been very far from perfect. In fact it gets worse daily. He hates the way I talk to him, which is odd because I'm super sweet to him everyday, but then he always does something that upsets me, literally always. It doesn't matter how I feel about what he's doing, as long as he feels he's not wrong, then he's not doing anything in his eyes. He's recently been adding random girls that he claims he doesn't talk to from work, on his instagram. An Instagram that used to be both of ours until up about 2 years ago. I had to get my own and he made a huge deal about it. He refuses to add me, claiming that I interact with his content too much, and that I'm the "only one" so it's depressing for him. I took that as total bullshit, especially since I damn sure am not the only one. I just recently found out that he randomly added a girl and has been stalking her at work until he had a chance to talk to her. He claimed he never really got the chance to talk to her until yesterday, but then contradicted himself. I asked what they talked about and apparently it was me, but when I asked more about the conversation he let me know that those parts happened a few weeks back, but he was trying to make it seem like that conversation happened on the same day. Lead to a big argument because he didn't want to hear it, and was tired of hearing it. He wants me to let him talk to girls, but he's only trying to talk to girls that are specifically his type. He adds that he's going to flirt if he wants to as well, and that I " need to be okay with it, because it's not about me, it's about his happiness, and that me being upset with him is not normal. " He keeps flip flopping on just talking and flirting that at this point I feel like I'm crazy. I've never had an issue with him having female friends, in fact he has a bunch, they like me and I like them, but when it comes to the new girls, I don't ever find out about them until weeks after he's met and added them. It's even crazier because we all work together. I feel super drained every day. I'm not even a jealous person, I just can literally feel my relationship slipping through my fingers and it's so disheartening. I'm doing everything I can, and we only ever argue about the same thing, which has to do with him and flirting/ trying to hang out with the girls he's flirting with. We were at work one time, and I found out later that he tried to ditch work and hang out with a girl in her car. When he's mad it's just " I don't care" and " fuck you" he apologizes later but also says he's not going to stop. He feels like I'm trying to stop him from living his life. He literally told me earlier that he felt our relationship is so hard because I need attention, and that he feels forced to cherish me because I get upset when I don't get his attention, and it's like dude, you're giving a bunch of attention to girls who barely talk to you, but I'm crazy for wanting a piece of attention. He also hates when I get upset by him prioritizing his game over me. We haven't been on a date in years, I have to wait to make or get food until he's done playing, and we don't even eat together anymore because he's on the game. I'm a gamer too so I get it, but this has been going on everyday for the past 4 years. I set everything up for us to go on dates or just get out of the house but he would rather stay and play the game. If one of his female friends wanted to go and do everything I wanted to do, he would immediately be down for it. He invited two of the girls to the movies with us on a date that was supposed to be for my birthday. Saying he wanted to hang out with them so it should be okay. Guess he forgot the date we planned was for my birthday. When I worked two jobs I would get off early, or late sometimes, and I would end up having to walk 2 miles home, in the dark because he passed out after playing the game all day, or he's so busy with the game that he can't hear his phone ring. He understands his actions are terrible, but refuses to do anything about it, so I'm guessing this is the end. He still tells me he loves me and is all over me when he wants attention, but I'm not enough. He wants me and them. I was only trying to be with him. He thinks I cheated on him and thinks I'm currently talking to someone, and uses that as fuel to his fire. How do you break up with someone you live with when you have nowhere else to go, and no money because you just paid bills and are behind because of the person you're dating?
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2021.12.06 08:24 CrCL_WTB PF Chat: the other side of the world

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2021.12.06 08:24 ellie___batton Would you rather choked by foot or by ass

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2021.12.06 08:24 cntry82txn VIX 🆙

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2021.12.06 08:24 Mental_Can7325 Amazing eye opener Jai ho!!

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2021.12.06 08:24 Morty154545 Prologue and Four Chapters all together! Not yet finished with the book.

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