dby2b d73bd s8fz2 5tsfd 25nf4 3seza r4dan fei7f nkdy9 4nshz z7rad e3ykk z5b35 r7844 dddh3 dabzh 3fedf ii77z fsnif f4bds 6hy9s [100% OFF] AWS ANS-C00 Certified Advanced Networking Practice Exams (30 days or 61 registrations left) | SAA-C02 Practice Test Questions – AWS Certified Solutions ...

[100% OFF] AWS ANS-C00 Certified Advanced Networking Practice Exams (30 days or 61 registrations left)

PassQuestion SAA-C02 Practice Test Questions can not only let you pass the exam easily, also can help you learn more knowledge about AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. PassQuestion covers all aspects of skills in the exam, by it, you can apparently improve your abilities and use these skills better at work.

2021.12.08 14:58 Agima [100% OFF] AWS ANS-C00 Certified Advanced Networking Practice Exams (30 days or 61 registrations left)

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2021.12.08 14:58 slowerthanzero FT Shiny Legendaries and Non-Shiny Legendaries LF Other Shinies

I have two Shiny Rayquaza, a Shiny Moltres, and a Shiny Deoxys as well as a Shiny Roselia.
I am looking for these shinies in particular: Suicune, Cresselia (Non 6IV) I can also offer these non-shiny legends for shinies. Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Registeel, Regirock, Regice, Heatran, Regigigas, Palkia and Mew.
I of course do not mind if the offered shinies are cloned as well. Hacks are also okay though I'd prefer if they looked legit. (No Perfect 6IV legends)
I need them to be English and unnamed.
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2021.12.08 14:58 ncpoliticsgorl our squish family 😍

our squish family 😍 submitted by ncpoliticsgorl to squishmallow [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 14:58 niuz-bot Fermierii spun ca situatia zootehniei este catastrofala, iar piata a devenit dependenta de importuri: ”Guvernul Cîțu ne-a dat o palmă” - [Economie][Agricultura]

Membrii Asociatiei Crescatorilor si Exportatorilor de Bovine, Ovine si Porcine din Romania (ACEBOP) trag un semnal de alarma in legatura cu plata ajutorului COVID, care trebuia facuta de Guvernul Citu si care nici pana in prezent nu a fost realizata. Fermierii spun ca situatia zootehniei este catastrofala, iar piata a devenit dependenta de importuri.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-agricultura-25230887-fermierii-spun-situatia-zootehniei-este-catastrofala-iar-piata-devenit-dependenta-importuri-guvernul-citu-dat-palma.htm
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2021.12.08 14:58 1010011101010 Utricularia or a weed?

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2021.12.08 14:58 Jockerwolf My first template

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2021.12.08 14:58 CatLover123321917 blessed cat going to sleep

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2021.12.08 14:58 niuz-bot PSD va da prefectul Bucureștiului. Cum s-au împărțit posturile în Coaliție - [Actualitate][Politic]

PSD, PNL și UDMR și-au împărțit posturile de prefecți, cel de la București revenind social-democraților. „​Acolo unde este președinte de Consiliu Județean va fi si un prefect de la același partid. Pot să existe una sau două excepții. La București va fi prefect de la PSD”, a declarat la finalul ședinței Coaliției preșeintele PNL, Florin Cîțu.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-politic-25230890-psd-avea-prefectul-bucurestiului-cum-impartit-posturile-coalitie.htm
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2021.12.08 14:58 Ok_elias Hi dis is my setup :)

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2021.12.08 14:58 Ok-Can1934 [PC Server] UK Host Reasonable Fruit 8 Map PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T/x10B

[PC Server] UK Host Reasonable Fruit 8 Map PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T/x10B

We are a friendly discord community which play a variety of games such as Dota2, Rust, Valheim, New World and many more. Our goal is to find more people like us and grow the community into a place where everyone can
enjoy themselves and make new friends.


Crystal Isles
The Center
The Island

The current rates of the servers are :

Max Dino Level : 180
Harvest : x1.5
XP : x1.5
Taming : x10
Breeding : x10
Hatching : x10
Night speed : x2
Weight : +30 per level

The Mods

Structures + (S+)
Rebalanced Item Stacks
F1 Menu UI
Kavan's Shop and Missions
Eco's Garden Decor
Eco's Primordial Decor
Eco's Chibi Displays
Custom Gachas

We have added missions which players can gain in-game currency from and buy items from the shop. The missions consist of either taming or killing dino's and can be done once every 12 hours for example: Kill 3 Level 50 Raptors to gain 30 Gold. Once the 3
Raptors are dead, you will be awarded with your gold. You also gain gold from play time, for every 30 minutes you spend on the server you will gain 30 gold.
The shop also has lootcrates for people who are just starting out for example, a starter kit, a first tame kit which randomly gives you a Level 50 Raptor, Level 50 Moschops or Level 50 Trike.

The text chat of each server is also connected together so when you type a message on Ragnarok for example, the players on Abberation will also be able to see that message.
The plugin also has a discord implementation which allows you to communicate with the players on the server via a discord channel 💬cross-server-chat
Discord : https://discord.gg/BUR3tUJcsU

We have customised the Gachas because we thought that they were too op. Now Gachas only give you a random resource from their resource pool rather than you being able to choose a desired item. Gachas now also only drop resources from their crystals and no more items such as structures or armour for example. In order to prevent them being abused further in the future we have also set the maximum Gacha Gavager limit to 2 per tribe.

Connection Info :

You can connect either via the IP Address or by searching up the name of the server:

Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T - Ragnarok
IP: steam://connect/

Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T - Aberration
IP: steam://connect/

Crystal Isles:
Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T - Crystal Isles
IP: steam://connect/

Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T - Genesis
IP: steam://connect/

Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T - Gen2
IP: steam://connect/

Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/x10T - Extinction
IP: steam://connect/

The Center
Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/X10T - The Center
IP: steam://connect/

The Island
Name: [UK]Reasonable Fruits PvE Cluster x1.5XP/x1.5H/X10T - The Island
IP: steam://connect/
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2021.12.08 14:58 flowercity- Local home/kitchenware businesses?

Hello! I’m looking to purchase some home good and kitchenware as Christmas gifts and I’m hoping to do so locally from small businesses. Specifically I’m looking to get a cake stand and baking items, but I’ve had trouble thinking of somewhere so far that I may find things like that. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!
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2021.12.08 14:58 diaff006 Breaking Redemption 2

Breaking Redemption 2 submitted by diaff006 to RDR2 [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 14:58 LondonCZE Scoliosis caused by short leg

One of my legs is 2.5cm (1 inch) shorter than the other one). I have a 30 degree C curve. Will the curve correct itself if I get my leg lengthened? I'm 99% sure that the shorter leg is the only cause of the curve.
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2021.12.08 14:58 conorest i really like spamelle's design, so i made a few doodles

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2021.12.08 14:58 pregadorchuck Parsha Mikeitz, from Genesis 41. The story of Yosef, how it relates to 2021 during the tribulation.

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2021.12.08 14:58 Fuzzmaster98 Greggs Distributors the life you wont have

Man oh man, I've been saving this one for a while. I ended my employment at the main office a little while ago and have been bitter about it since, scared I'll get another job just like this. I'm hoping giving a little insight will clear my mind.
I was employed as an IT specialist for a short period of time before I chose to leave. I told them during multiple interviews that I have an injury sustained from the Canadian Armed Forces that disables me from being on my feet all day (leg busted and back misaligned). First day I get told I'm doing warehouse work. I was stubborn and looking forward to that IT position as the pay was great for just graduating.
After about two weeks in I finally get to start doing I.T. work, I thought it was great the people were nice and the training was pretty good. If I got lost in the massive warehouse I could just ask any employee. I started to learn some cool techy things but that's about where it would stop.
Day after day, I would be forced to come early or I'd be seen as high maintenance. Stay late by an hour or more. I can't tell you how many instances I'd be forced to pick a large volume of items 10 minutes before closing, which had me leaving over an hour past my shift times. The worst part,
Although you're forced to clock in early and clock out late, that's not even what made me leave. Every day I got into my office up on the top floorI'd sit down and if I had ANY eports to work on a computer that was more than "the cable is unplugged" we were forced to contact Amador. (The people at Amador are great and super helpful) but then why have an IT team and promise me so much growth and knowledge? Day in and day out I'd sit down and do excel sheet reports, but oh, if I finished those, I wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING, I was forced to sit and blankly stare at my screen so I'd seem busy. I'd be constantly asking my boss if there was anything I could work on and I'd be passed yet another excel sheet report.
These "reports" are used in a single meeting, take a little time to do and that's it, doesnt seem so bad except for the part where they're entirely useless and i was told on multiple occassions by my boss that these reports we printed out and stacks of information an arm height high were all thrown out without anyone looking at them.
But again, this isnt what made me leave.
The week vefore leaving the owners of Greggs "Gary Gregg's" son came to work sick, in the pandemic...coughing hacking and wheezing,I was almost out of the clear until Friday when I got sick the last half of the day. Now, I've only been here for about 2 months and had to use the one holiday I accrued for that month. So I had 1 left, which I used on Monday. I then found out that if I take a leave without lay that I forfeit my quarter bonus, scrap any investment oppourtunity I had for the rest of the year and will be considered "High Maintenance". I due to this I was scared to not come into work, I had no voice and due to my injury was quite a bit worse than a normal cold. (When my owy parts are aggrevated I'd randomly puke). So I was forced to come into work on Tuesday. In which, the regular things occured, nearing the end of rhe day about 3pm I was told to pick order on the warehouse floor. Here i am, coughing, no voice and barely making it. I ended up puking multiple times luckily making it to the bathroom each time.
I asked if I could go home early and was told i could take a holiday (which I didnt have one left)or I could ask for a leave without pay but since I'm at work it would be asking for the rest of the day off in advance. As I'm asking for a leave without pay day in advanced I'd be asked to resign from my position. I asked how that was fair and my boss just shook his head and shrugged.
There I sat, finishing the day with a face mask covered in puke on the inside. I got home and took the rest of the week off. Although I couldn't say I'll see you on Friday or Monday, no I had to phone the main office every day and ask to directly speak to Gary Gregg.
My final day at Greggs was just like any other, I got in, had a computer related issue to troubleshoot and was told to phone amador. Phoned them and it was a fix I could've done myself in 2 minutes. At this point I was frusterated enough to go talk to the HR manager, to at least calm down and see what direction I could go with my position. I walk into his office and say Hey, would we be able to talk? Quickly prompted he stated he takes more of an administration role than an HR role and that I'd have to talk to Gary Gregg. This irked me as I was hoping to avoid any awkward confrontation with my boss but everyone seemed nice so who could it hurt?
I went into my office and asked to speak to my boss which went great, until I asked if there was any way I'd be able to work on some networking or what possibilities I'd have in the future. Out of nowhere he got aggressive saying that I need to learn the stepping stones (which I understand but making me do business reports isnt I.T. as we had a department doing the exact reports I was doing right beside me.)
I asked why we phone Amador every time we have an issue in which he stated wasn't true and that we do everything ourselves. I then asked if I'd be able to work on the servers we were rebuilding as they were expanding the server room. He then told me "Well we can't do that because Amador is going to come in and build them". I instantly said "Well there you fucking go, there's the issue". The first time I've ever snapped at someone in the workplace. A co-worker I was beside did the same thing I did the entire time i was there. AND SHE WAS THERE FOR 3 YEARS.
Keep in mind, this entire time my boss is Gary Greggs stepson, I also work with his biological son which is the one who came into work sick.
I was then told to follow the stepson and resign my position.
Guess what? He wasn't allowed to fire me. He had to take me to Gary Gregg whom was in a meeting at the time and pull him out so he can say 4 words, "ok, you can go".
The amount of energy and time I put into that place was just not worth it, I'd get home at 7 so many days staying passed my 5pm off time and wouldn't see a dime more because i was on a Salary. They'd hold bonuses above your head but you'd be lucky to get then because if you take one leavewithout pay you forfeit anything for that 3 month span.
At the end of it all i was relieved but still had that frusterated feeling which I'm hoping a post will help. I dont even care if nobody reads this, it's just rk get it off my chest.
Things not in long rant:
1: forced to watch Gary Gregg personally embarrass co-workers for mispelling or not knowing what to do every week in a mandatory video. 2: Although I never had this, co-workers receive tickets much like a traffic ticket randomly instead of being told a mistake and attempting to fix it. 3:if you take too long in the bathroom YOU WILL BE REPRIMANDED, I dont mean you took half an hour, I mean 5 minutes pooping. 4: time to and from workstation is counted inti your lunch. 5: No phones or devices except in the cafeteria (which is upstairs and lockers are downstairs. This didnt bug me until I found out you will be fired on the spot for forgetting your phone is in your pocket. Happened to a kid I worked with. 6:This place has more forms to fill out for minute things than the Canadian Armed Forces did.) 7: along with 6 if someone came into your work and asked for you, fill out a form because that's company time as well the time it takes you to fill out that form will be docked from holiday time. (No I'm not kidding).
1: stay late show up early 2: micromanaged 3:If you're not in a warehouse position, you're still in a warehouse position. 4: not allowed to talk to anybody 5: not doing the job you were hired for 6: pay is good management isn't 7:the floor workers are great but be careful, they tattle on each other so they get bonuses. 8: mindless pointless work. The best part of this job is the warehouse, it's easy but you aren't allowed to talk to each other. Everyone is dead or angry.
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2021.12.08 14:58 AdditionWarm8110 I'm unsure of taking prozac

Over the last month I have realized a dramatic change in my mood. I have experienced a lot of stress in the last few years and a recent situation sent me into an emotional downward spiral. I'm irritable all the time, don't want anything to do with family and friends, I stopped focusing on passions, and I haven't been to work in a few weeks. I am normally level-headed and had controllable anxiety and rare moments of depression but nothing like this.
Because I requested LOA from my job, they required me to see a psychiatrist who prescribed me Prozac 20mg. I'm normally against medication and I'm nervous to experience side effects. I don't want to be on this long term. I never thought of myself as a depressed person- maybe a bit anxious.
I keep asking myself do I really need this? Will this fuck me up worse? It's making me anxious to even think I need medication.
Any helpful advice would be appreciated.
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2021.12.08 14:58 Usedfirehose An easy way the writers could have made Slyvannas “morally gray” and make the story way better

I really thought the writers were going to go this direction. I majored in finance, so creativity is not my strong suit. But personally it would have been way better than what they did.
Remember when she threw herself off ICC after Arthas died? She was sent to the Maw. They even stated that’s when she spoke to the jailer.
I thought the direction they should have gone is that she has only been protecting her people, whether that be high elves or the forsaken, her entire life. She should have gone to Bastion.
What happened in the mas should have been the jailer saying “the arbitor it flawed. Work with me and we can take down the arbitor to bring back free will. You know you don’t belong here”
Then they work together and once he gets all 4 sigils and says that he is using it to take control. It could be a simple “that’s not part of the plan”
It still isn’t perfect. The jailer is such a one dimensional character. But at least sylvannas’ actions has purpose. At least it’s something easier to relate to. She got screwed over after all she’s done for people, and wants to be tested fairly.
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2021.12.08 14:58 AdFew6458 Join the OF Discord Server!

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2021.12.08 14:58 columbuskevin Here are the Central Ohio projects seeking transformational mixed-use tax credits

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2021.12.08 14:58 BeMoConsulting BeMo was an amazing resource in my path…

BeMo was an amazing resource in my path… BeMo was an amazing resource in my path to medical school. Each consultant was competent and kind, and I am so thankful to each of them. I have been accepted into two Canadian medical schools (Toronto and Western) and will be starting in the Fall! I would recommend BeMo to anyone applying to medical school.
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2021.12.08 14:58 Acupresh 79.96 cad is apparently flyer worthy Walmart switch game ad price

I find that awfully expensive for a tiny cartridge for games released in 2019 like Luigi's mansion
Why are these older titles the same price as newer release like metroid or superstars?
Why are they 79+tx cad to begin with lol? Gonna send this console back at this rate
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2021.12.08 14:58 copperpumpkin Lowballing? I was selling a brand new champion hoodie for $50 including tracked ship… Ugh.

Lowballing? I was selling a brand new champion hoodie for $50 including tracked ship… Ugh. submitted by copperpumpkin to Depop [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 14:58 Rpnot I just got my first single speed, and I need help

to understand some things.
I know that single speed is not fixed gear but I believe that people here know stuff about both and can help me.
My singlespeed bike is the " Fixie Inc. Blackheath "
I'm kind of athletic, ok maybe not the legs but I can do some calisthenic tricks with ease, I sprint a lot, etc... I used to have some basic cheap mountain bikes, I understand how shifting works and how it's easier to ride uphill, still I had to push a little while standing on the bike with the steepest hills, but nothing crazy.
Now, with this singlespeed, I have an extreme difficulty to ride on hills that barely climb. It's ridiculous.
Did I do anything wrong when assembling the bike? Is something too tense somewhere? How do I change it? I've heard that there's a certain ratio to respect or something like that. I'm sorry I have literally no knowledge about this and I may seem really stupid. Thanks
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