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Clicking wallet connect and then nothing pops up and reads error.??

2021.11.27 17:55 Zealousideal-Leg8560 Clicking wallet connect and then nothing pops up and reads error.??

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2021.11.27 17:55 ViezeFreddyyyy 2 day test for <2 day stay

Hi all,
I have seen some posts that covered a similar but not exact same question:
I will be flying to the UK on Dec 2nd (arriving 10am) and leaving on Dec 3rd (14:00). Do I still need to take the 2 day test? Are there any official sources that could confirm this?
Note I am fully vaccinated and will do a PCR test 1 day before departure in my home country (which I need to re-enter the Netherlands).
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2021.11.27 17:55 Opandemonium Piggy likes houseplants too.

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2021.11.27 17:55 Alyx_Keyzak Precios de Preventa en Cinemark-Hoyts

El titulo lo dice, pero bueno, alguien sabe los precios de preventa en los cinemark hoyts, para mas o menos tener un precio ya marcado, por que ni idea si suben los precios (?
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2021.11.27 17:55 Active4kmusic Mick iredale Busking in Leeds City Centre, 14 Nov, 2021[4K] #MickIreda...

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2021.11.27 17:55 dwightsmallwood ⚠️💵 EASY $20 ~ Ando, SoFi, Step

Sign up for each of these and earn up to $20 in cash bonuses. These offers are available in the US only

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2021.11.27 17:55 emrelds_ forest update part 7, a load of stuff that is just jammed in together

forest update part 7, a load of stuff that is just jammed in together ok so its Saturday, so i get to do an update post so lets get into it
wild boar, a shovel with legs
wild boar are neutral mobs that root up the ground, turning grass into dirt, that does not seem big, but, anything from bracken to flowers to trees to grass can grow on that, here's how it works, the game looks at the forest biome, and, if possible forest biomes it borders ( all forest biomes except jungles and flower forests are included here ), then sees what % of blocks exist in that forest (or forests ) and the higher % of a block is nearby that block, the higher chance that block has of growing there, so, 50% of a forest is flowers lets say, so there is roughly a 50% chance that a flower will grow there, but if there is no lets say bracken in the forest, there is roughly a 1% chance bracken will grow there, player based blocks count here,
occasionally a tree sapling will be planted and if you think this will turn forests into blocks of wood, then dont worry, deer may eat the saplings, wild boar may destroy them, and bison may chop them down, fire may burn them, and if there are to many trees in the forest, no sapling will ever grow or be planted by the boar, until the trees are controlled. wild boar can root up bracken, tree saplings, flowers, as well as grass, and lets say you have a flower forest next door, then on the border, there is a high chance flowers will be scattered, allowing for the biomes to integrate. wild boar can be tamed with carrots, they will then turn into pigs, they can be bread with potato's, and spawn in all forest biomes except jungle , plus plains. they spawn in groups of 4 - 10 boar and are preyed apron by, lynx, wolves and hawks will kill baby boar. they wallow in dirt at river sides, cleaning them selves.
wild boar also drop porkchops on death, but they only drop 0 - 1 so better tame them for better results.
bison, stomachs on legs ( no not literally )
bison as you can guess by there nickname they are very hungry and they are huge, 3 blocks tall, 2.9 blocks long, and 1.3 blocks wide. they are neutral mobs that prefer plains and open forests ( forests with a lot of space between trees so not dark oak ( although they may live on the outskirts of dark oak forests.)) they are also found in snowy biomes, and in extreme hills and all similar variants, flower forests and mountain meadows and flat areas of groves. they eat grass and bracken and flowers. they are preyed apron by wolves. wolves may attack calves, or adults if the pack is large enough. they spawn in herds of between 5 - 25. and the bigger the herd, the rarer it is. bison are neutral mobs that will attack if you get to near to a calf or attack them, they may also attack if you get within 50 blocks of them. even tho they are neutral, they like to have some space, just in case you might be a funny looking wolf.
bison have a dramatic affect on forests, they clear out bracken, and flowers, kill birch trees and giant flower trees when they rub there massive bodies on them. and they kill oak, and spruce when they rub there bodies on the tree, it just takes 15 - 20 minutes for the tree to die. when a tree is killed by a bison, all the leaves and wood drops. being so big, bison can often clear out whole forests of saplings, bracken, and flowers, in meadows and flower forests only flowers trees that have been killed will grow back, same mostly with birch, with little patches of bracken, but in all other forests, bison are like a reset button, these allow for new life to thrive, and overly dense forests to be cleared. this contributes to a ever changing forest landscape, bison only rarely clear out whole forests, often only clearing out sections, there ferrite food is grass, but they also thrive in bracken and fern dense landscapes, ironically, since they kill the whole plant, they may be killing there food source, fortunally wild boar can replant, allowing lynxes to keep there habitat. there are 2 skins of the bison, they act the same way the artic fox and red fox do, different skin, same mob. 1 looks like the American bison and the other is the European bison, they act the same, and there is a 50 50 chance of a bison becoming on of these when it grows up, or spawning as one of the two.
bison will attack by charging and ramming there huge horns against you. they are breedable with grass, and are not tameable, and will drop buffalo on death, it is a bit better then steak, the down side is that 1 bison can break fences and iron bars if they are trapped, and its 1 of the most dangerous meats to get, and bison have the same hp as a iron golem, and do the same damage. so id just stick to steak. when something as huge as a bison dies, it collapses to the ground, producing a BANG. dust flies up, over the next few days, this bison will be nibbled on by mobs, the model doesn't change, but it is still there, and after 4 Minecraft days, it despawns. the meat is dropped next to the bison when it dies. bison also roll in dust, flying dust everywhere ( dust is just a practical btw ). they dont do this often, but it is a show.

imagine this but collared like a bison, ( model for American bison, could not find suitable one for European bison, also ignore the um never mind )
badgers, boar stalkers
badgers love wild boar, once the boar are finished rooting, they eat all the insects they can find ( no insects are added, its just an animation ) they also eat rabbits, nibble at fallen bison, they eat acorns, they climb low trees to nibble at there acorns, they may eat a squirrel if they can get there jaws on 1. they attack foxes and visa versa, they spawn in all temprate biomes, ( foxes now also spawn in all temprate biomes ) they also eat foxes, they dig little burrows, where groups of badgers live ( foxes do this to ). they are afraid of players, and avoid them at all costs, and they love chicken, they are preyed apron by lynxes, wolves, foxes, and hawks, but badgers can hold there own, and dont go down without a fight, the badger is more of an ambiance mob then anything else, and raps up this post
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2021.11.27 17:55 red91267 Suggestions for cheap 4g USB Dongle for ROS 6?

I would like to add cheap 4g mobile internet to my HAP AC2 running ROS6.
Does anyone know if the cheap unbranded unlocked LTE 4g USB dongles that appear when you search on eBay work on ROS6?
I have tried searching ebay for items on the Mikrotik list for something secondhand but pickings are low in the Europe region. Many of what I find seem to be older 3g rather than LTE/4g.
Any pointers would be great.
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2021.11.27 17:55 Cicabeot1 One of each from the big four this Black Friday weekend. Especially excited about Frequency as a Guitar Hero/Rock Band fan.

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2021.11.27 17:55 frevueltas El “charolazo” y la respuesta de Ebrard sobre un supuesto boicot a López Obrador en 2012 | @m_ebrard habla del “charolazo” en la campaña de AMLO y su supuesta participación en lo que el consultor Luis Costa calificó como un “boicot” que contribuyó a la derrota frente a EPN

El “charolazo” y la respuesta de Ebrard sobre un supuesto boicot a López Obrador en 2012 | @m_ebrard habla del “charolazo” en la campaña de AMLO y su supuesta participación en lo que el consultor Luis Costa calificó como un “boicot” que contribuyó a la derrota frente a EPN submitted by frevueltas to polexico [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 17:55 hotbitjustscamsyou Is this bad?


I don't even own any BONK, I just like meme'ing and the community. BONK.
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2021.11.27 17:55 somedirtbagfromtown Pre-order DLC for PlayStation 5 doesn't work

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2021.11.27 17:55 NoWarningShot18 Hello I’m Sofie, the vamp-kitty 🐱

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2021.11.27 17:55 spiritualien It’s a sad day for us 😭 I think an Aquarius wrote this 🤔

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2021.11.27 17:55 _TRIGGA183 Beats i made during chemotherapy

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2021.11.27 17:55 shaxx747 Just picked the game up on PC and got some colourful graphical artifacts when I turn on resolution scaling

Basically the title, playing with a mixture of low and medium settings on pc, when turning on resolution scaling to boost my frames to 60 I get some really bad graphical artifacts around water. Is that just the game? Only happens in this game and only with this setting turned on
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2021.11.27 17:55 hoyaman_99 DistrictMyco for the win

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2021.11.27 17:55 Loki-Bakugo Looking for 2-3 Aussie eggs!

I have a gold ladybug,reindeer,9 mythic eggs and 4 meirhorses!
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2021.11.27 17:55 goncalomoita17 Leviathan

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2021.11.27 17:55 Rhoran What is the most recent pop culture Matrix reference you know?

I was thinking of Lonely Island's "Great Day" but that is 8 years old at this point.
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2021.11.27 17:55 nekoprincesse Are These Real? Whose Signature is Whose?

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2021.11.27 17:55 supraquebec Asus Rx 580 8gb

Hello I need to change my bad Mosfet and contrôler but I don't find the real components name. Its writen 4C06B yehf1h on Mosfet and 4C09B RGW2H can you help me please
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2021.11.27 17:55 skiptotheendplease how to prevent plaque buildup on tongue web piercing?

desperate to get tongue web but a friend of mine had to take hers out because the bar went white with plaque and it got infected! how can i prevent this?
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2021.11.27 17:55 NaBUru38 Women's World Floorball Championships | United States vs Denmark

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2021.11.27 17:55 Sammybeaver88 What past team that used to be in the NHL was your favourite?

I've seen a couple people mention some old teams recently so I just wanted to ask, what team that was removed from the NHL was your favourite? And, what teams would you like to return?
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