r/cardano - Cardano Rumor Rundown November 29, 2021

2021.11.29 05:12 svanapps r/cardano - Cardano Rumor Rundown November 29, 2021

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2021.11.29 05:12 a11yp No cards?

as i said in my last post i haven’t played in a while.. some matches i have no cards to use in some rounds? could someone tell me why that happens, it’s so annoying lmao
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2021.11.29 05:12 illogicallogical Farewell, partner.

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2021.11.29 05:12 Nameless_User07 Are this things normal in your country? I just found this on a map in a hospital in germany.

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2021.11.29 05:12 bah_a Daily Aran Ryan GIFs Because Why Not #3

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2021.11.29 05:12 wlai Which windows management App is this?

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2021.11.29 05:12 Killer-Sharpe H: 40k caps W: rare junk, springs, oil, fibre optics, and scrip

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2021.11.29 05:12 DanonMecha Anime Boobs Ruined My Life

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2021.11.29 05:12 juice-lover Pop fans drop by!

The coolest way of communicating just dropped: weirdspot.fyi!
Get your favourite pop stars queueing up to get your message across in a playlist.
Turn all of your one-liners to playlists in under a minute.
Check it out for yourself here, and tell me you’re not already obsessed with it.
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2021.11.29 05:12 Englishmuphin21 I was kidnapped by mad scientist who experimented on me, replacing my limbs with animal ones.

If I ever see him again I'll tear him apart with my bear hands.
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2021.11.29 05:12 ginpachisenseii [no spoilers] enjoying the show but what the hell is happening?

Never played lol in my life but decided to watch the show and 3 episodes in I’m really enjoying it. Is there some video I can watch that explains the world without spoiling anything?
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2021.11.29 05:12 Floor-Proof La Cina rallenta ancora: cres

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2021.11.29 05:12 imsentient Advice On Graduate school

I've done my undergrad in India with an Electrical & Electronics Engg major. I was not a great student in the first two years of my undergrad, so my GPA is not something I'm proud of. Moreover, the following semesters I had to play catch up, and so the scores ahead had a slight increase in each semester rather than a dramatic rise to high GPA. This rise is all because I discovered my passion for robotics/electrical systems later on. Yet, I couldn't bring up my CGPA to "ok" standards.
Now I've decided to pursue an MSc in the same domain. I've looked at faculty, labs, rankings & publications. After all that study, It's clear that all of these qualities are found in well-reputed universities e.g:- CMU, UCB, Upenn, UMich AnnArbor, UIUC, ETH Zurich, etc (any international well-reputed university). I've been reading very carefully, and some of these Unis mention they do not fully judge a student's profile just their GPA. But looking at their admitted students & hearing from people who've applied - I've heard that most of these colleges "filter by GPA" i.e they give very high weightage to the GPA of a candidate. Meaning all the hard effort I've put into my profile ( almost a year of work ex, a publication, 4 very relevant projects) will all go in vain because I was not well in the first few years of undergrad.
Can anyone else who has been in a similar scenario, tell me what they've done? Have you got into a good university? Do the colleges even bother to give a shot for the low CGPA applicants (ones even below average standards)? Are there other "humble" universities with decent & friendly faculty in the field of control & robotics, electrical systems, computer vision that would bother to see a low-score applicants profile? I'm feeling anxious about all this. I've finally found my passion after all these years of sulking and now I'll be stuck unable to grow myself in the field. The worst part is I do not think I'll be able to apply to many universities to just "try" as the issue is bothering my professors to keep writing so many LORs.
TLDR: Poor CGPA undergrad. Very passionate about pursuing a master's. OK-ish profile (except my CGPA). Need advice on what to do.
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2021.11.29 05:12 blamodan You’ll be safe there

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2021.11.29 05:12 BoxOChocos Another Render Test

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2021.11.29 05:12 GamingxZone Call of Duty Vanguard Misha Sacrifice I will slow them down

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2021.11.29 05:12 sirius_osiris LEGO City Main Square (60271) - 125.89/37%

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2021.11.29 05:12 Purpletomb Bought makeup for the first time today!

As a kid I was not shown how to use make up and what I did know I only used to hide parts of me I thought were ugly. This included covering up all my little freckles with nothing but a broken old tin of powder foundation because I hated them.
As I got into middle school, I realized that was one of those “girl things” I never got the chance to learn. I was bullied and teased for not knowing how to use it or wear it. So I stopped playing with it and would scream and cry whenever my mom tried to put it on me for school pictures. People, my family, my peers - all told me I was ugly as a girl so I felt like a pig in lipstick. Acting like a guy was a safety net so people would not judge my manners so much. Plus my dad hated women and made sure I knew it.
I have a lot of internalized misogyny around make up. Literally the only time I let my partner put it on me was for clown makeup. But I got the courage to ask for help and I had a friend pick out a couple things for me that they thought I would like. God, I could not even look at the displays without feeling just gross.
It took me a long time to understand that gross feeling was because of how inadequate I felt trying to compare myself to a woman. But I am and I’m beautiful.
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2021.11.29 05:12 xpattax Questions about server transfer from Noggenfogger EU


Noggenfogger - EU has really died down during the last weeks. Yesterday there was 7 people leveling in Hellfire peninsula and less than 50 people in Shattrath. It's impossible to find dungeon groups. Blizz seems to be doing free character transfers, but unfortunately Noggenfogger is not among them.
What server should I transfer to on EU? Firemaw and Gehennas seem to be the big ones. How is dungeon leveling on these servers? What is endgame like? Would like to hear some pros and cons with the alternatives. I play horde side.

Do you think blizz will release the character transfer bundle soon? It was announced back in October but i haven't heard anything since.
Any chance Noggenfogger gets free transfers soon? Will feel stupid paying for 4 transfers just to have Blizz announce free transfers a week later.

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2021.11.29 05:12 Az-21 Some of the best cars in Forza Horizon 5 (classified by class/activity)

There are the cars I've personally tried so far, and won consistently on Pro difficulty.
S2 Road

S2 Dirt
S1 Road
  • Ford GT 2005 (absolutely incredible, fun to drive; RIP NSX, nerfed in FH5)
  • Ford Supervan 3 (still great)
  • Nissan GTR LM (great handling, but Ford just dominates S1 road)
S1 Dirt
  • 6 Lola T70 (absolutely incredible)
  • Dodge Viper 2008/2016 (great on S1 road as well)
  • Jeep Trailcat (cross-country)
A Road
  • Nissan GTR 2012 - R34 (great handling)
  • Lotus Elise
  • BMW M3 GTR (finally viable in Forza, letsss goooo)
  • HW Bone Shaker (shouldn't be allowed in A class)
A Dirt
  • Exomotive Offroad (buggies were so bad in FH4, but now they are viable)
  • Sierra RX3 (better than Exo in a tight track)
  • Ford Bronco 2020
  • Any Subaru or Mitsubishi with a dirt tune
  • Jeep Trailcat (cross-country with lots of corners)
  • Benz X-Class (cross-country with lots of stretches)
B Road
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse
B Dirt
  • Any Subaru or Mitsubishi with a dirt tune
  • Ford Bronco 2020
Overall best PR stunts car
  • Lambo Ssesto Elemento FE (grips better than an F1 car)
  • Koenigsegg Jesko (thank god the fastest car no longer clips)
  • CCGT or Appolo Intensa
  • BMW X5 FE
  • Hoonigan RS200
It really comes down personal preference in drift, but here's some of my recommendations
  • Toyota Tureno - AE86 (smooth drift)
  • Toyota Supra RZ 1998 (smooth drift)
  • Subaru BRZ (smooth drift)
  • Formula Drift Viper (twitchy drift)
  • Lambo Diablo GTR (skill point unlock from Diablo SV)
Honorable mentions
  • Shelby Daytona Coupe (A and B Road)
  • 65 Porsche 911 Desert (A Dirt)
  • Mosler (RWD S1 and S2 Road)
  • Benz CLK GTR (S2 Road)
  • Hoonicorn Mustang 1965 (8x skill multiplier)
  • Audi Quattro (A Dirt)
  • All Hoonigan rally hatchbacks (B, A, S1, S2 dirt tacks with thight corners)
  • McLaren F1 (first love)
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2021.11.29 05:12 ladislavjanecek 🔥 40% discount on SWORDS of GARGANTUA! For Oculus Quest

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2021.11.29 05:12 PsychoQuote Y’all who’s that, the one who’s saved Sophia and katarina from falling off?

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2021.11.29 05:12 forbidden_nog I'm at my breaking point and I need advice

Not sure if this needs a CW but just in case: I mention eating disorders and body image issues
I (24 F) have been steadily gaining weight for a few years (from around 145lbs) and I'm now 200 lbs and 5'1" despite putting in effort to lead a healthy lifestyle. I go to the gym 3 times a week and do cardio+weight training and I drink a LOT of water. On days that I'm not at the gym, I go on 30-45 minute walks at a brisk pace. As far as diet, it's definitely not as good as it could be but it's not bad enough that I would think I'd be gaining this much weight. I don't drink soda and I'll have a fancy coffee like once a month, I eat out like once every two weeks and I try to cook at home + incorporate protein and veggies into my diet. I drink hot tea every morning, usually green tea. I've had this routine for probably a year. Some weeks I will have a bad week and eat less healthy but I usually hop right back on to eating pretty well.
I know it's calories in calories out, but according to my estimates I have an average calorie deficit of like 300-500 calories a day, yet all I see is my weight going up. I have some muscle, but I am very chubby and not happy with the way I look. I've been advised by my therapist not to strictly count calories as I have a history of BED when I was younger and it tends to trigger me. When I was like 18 or 19 I had a few months where I only ate like 400-500 calories a day because I was determined to lose weight (terrible idea). I lost some weight but quickly gained it back. I don't know much about metabolisms but I often wonder if that slowed mine permanently 🥲
I had my thyroid checked and my TSH and T3 are normal but my T4 is low, but my doctor said as long as the TSH is normal that I'm fine, though I've heard otherwise online. She set me up with a nutritionist but I have to wait for 2 months to get in, and at this rate, I'm scared to think of how much weight I will have potentially gained by then.
At this point I am so devastated with the way I look and feel, and it feels like nothing is working. I've tried weight watchers, fad diets, cleanses, keto, you name it. I've tried living a healthy lifestyle. I don't know what to do. Does anyone have advice or ideas on what could be causing my weight gain and how to lose weight in a healthy way? I've struggled with severe anxiety my whole life and I've heard excess cortisol can cause weight gain... I just have no idea at this point, and I feel like giving up.
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2021.11.29 05:12 Tylathenerd [USA-WA][H] PayPal [W] Cyberpower "Fang BattleBox" Portable Gaming PC

This is quite the long shot but seeing if anyone has a "Fang BattleBox" Suitcase-style PC they are willing to sell. Basically, this a fully fledged PC stuffed in a suitcase which I've always wanted to mess around with. Can't seem to find any on ebay. Here is a link for reference: Fang BattleBox PC
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2021.11.29 05:12 arachnesafsdfsd 🔥💎🔥 EverDOT 💎🔥 💎 | Yahoo Finance published | 125k DOT Rewards Paid in 14 Days | CMC $ CG listed | Staking Platform launch soon | Reward Ecosystem

🔥💎🔥 EverDOT 💎🔥 💎 | Yahoo Finance published | 125k DOT Rewards Paid in 14 Days | CMC $ CG listed | Staking Platform launch soon | Reward Ecosystem

EverDot’s primary goal is to make it simple enough for everyone to be able to start earning passive income without having to understand this complicated DeFi world.
We are in developement of a whole reward ecosystem that is clean, clear and simple to use.
It will revolutionize the DeFi space and foster adoption of crypto in a safe & secure rewarding way.

💥 EverDot Dashboard live
💥 EverDot Swap/Exchange Live
💥 10% DOT Rewards
💥 Staking in development
💥 Low MC Gem
💥Reward Ecosystem
💥Ownership renounced
💥CMC listed
💥CG listed
💥Yahoo Finance article published
💥24/7 support -Devs/Mods

💎 10% DOT Rewards
💎 3% AUTO LP !
💎 2% Marketing !
💎SAFE - 100% LP Tokens are locked for 24 months!


Q4 2021

• Launch Dashboard
• Listing CG & CMC
• Influencer Marketing
• Complete Audit
• Launch own Swap
• Launch second token for the reward ecosystem

Q1 2022
• Launch Dashboard update with staking platform
• Launch third token for the reward ecosystem
• Development of Metaverse starts
• Launch fourth token for the reward ecosystem

Q2 2022
• Launch fifth token for reward ecosystem
• Metaverse test phase starts
• …. More Updates coming soon.

Contract: 0x0b40bbf9265b7f93169b087b9749d9d059d82ffe


Website: https://everdot.net
Telegram: https://t.me/everdot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/everdotbsc
Instagram: https://instagram.com/everdotfinance
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