2f74z 4t6be 2a46z 5s387 a4r9n iszn4 ya8r5 tfikh saih6 8akz9 fz3zz d8d3i 6ik43 ei7rz e8zre rnf59 e9y6z f9ti2 6d8f7 2key5 543rf parents who refuse to have their children vaxxed for covid should have them taken away and put into foster care. |

parents who refuse to have their children vaxxed for covid should have them taken away and put into foster care.

2021.12.07 20:39 Otter403 parents who refuse to have their children vaxxed for covid should have them taken away and put into foster care.

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2021.12.07 20:39 TwiggyFlea What Annoint For Redistributer

I’ve heard the best is Rad Redistributer with Cryo ASE but I’m curious why isn’t it Action Skill active 200% damage?
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2021.12.07 20:39 SheepShagger-69 Game feels boring

Ok so I’ve just started and ik im going to start rough and die alot and I don’t rlly want tips on how to get better but more on how to fully enjoy the game. I’ve been playing for hours and I barely run into players, servers seem to constantly restart, not found one base and the game feels dry in general. Ik it’s not because I’ve watched vids that didn’t show it to be anything like what I’m playing and Idk if this is because I’m choosing the wrong server, that it’s worse on Xbox or something else. If it’s just looting running and dying it feels pointless ngl
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2021.12.07 20:39 MisNika 9 months post op tomorrow!

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2021.12.07 20:39 KaviB_real Most intelligent servents

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2021.12.07 20:39 HunchoPeenSlap (For upper year students) Are finals generally easier than midterms. I know there's more content on finals but I mean for difficulty levels.

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2021.12.07 20:39 SanDiegoLibreBot At least five January 6th coup participants were in attendance at Pacific Beach Patriot Front March

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2021.12.07 20:39 WTK55 Can anybody help me find a fan comic?

So basically the comic was of Celestia, Luna and Cadance in the castle surround by Chrysalis and the changlings. Chrysalis demands the princess to surrender (Celestia) so Celestia throws Cadance down. Chrysalis goes like no the other one so Celestia throws Luna down. Displeased Chrysalis goes like "no the white one" so Celestia throws a toilet down with her crown.
I remember seeing it on deviantart but for the life of my I cant find it. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
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2021.12.07 20:39 Red__Delta more or less please

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2021.12.07 20:39 ProfessionalClown69 Use my Step referral code for $10 - JWIGL

Step is a debit card with instant transfers. You can use it anywhere Visa is accepted, both online or in-store. For ease of access, you can link your other debit card(s) or your bank account, and withdraw or deposit almost instantly, with no fees. Ever. Sign up today and recieve $10 free when you use my code. https://step.com/JWIGL
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2021.12.07 20:39 NoCareNoLife How does Aura of Life revival work?

Can like your allies get auto-resurrected until you concentration drops, what if you get fatally hit during your concentration maintenance of Aura of Life then does that mean you can just resurrect yourself?
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2021.12.07 20:39 Cdogmwj FM Mobile

I’ve wanted to get into FM for a while now and I don’t own a computer or laptop so I was wondering if FM Mobile is worth buying because i don’t know if it’s different or whether it’s not as good as the computer FM, please share your opinions
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2021.12.07 20:39 rsoandrew Ground wire attached to water pipe (unusual installation)

My main water pipe enters in the center of my 1950s house through the slab next to my furnace and goes up into the ceiling. There is a large (8 or 10 gauge) ground wire that is attached midway up the pipe between where the pipe enters the slab and the main shutoff valve. It goes into the roof and connects to the main panel 50 feet away on the outer wall of the house.
I have a new, larger furnace and to remove the service door, I have to loosen the clamp attached to the water pipe. I'd like to move the clamp closer to the floor but the ground wire is too short.
Is it within code to use a wire nut to lengthen the ground wire so I can move the clamp? I assume so but thought I should check. I'd rather do that than move the water pipe.
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2021.12.07 20:39 BeatRGBIsYes I Landed In the TRUCK! | BeamNG.Drive #shorts

My new BeamNG.Drive video! It would mean the world to me if you would, Subscribe and like!
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2021.12.07 20:39 ProfessionalJust1117 25 [M4M] for sissies

Lf kaparty sa umaga haha! Yung avail around gantong oras ngayong week lang until friday set up natin. About you - slim - long hair - crossdresser - can host
About me - 5'6 - slim dad bod type - chinito - open minded haha!
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2021.12.07 20:39 Battle_Axe_GG Livestreaming GTA SA Definitive Edition!

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2021.12.07 20:39 Captain_turd RIP THE DIRTY BAKERY.

Is it true that are offically closed?
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2021.12.07 20:39 WonderlandSis former friend lashed out at me out of jealousy - spread unnecessary gossip about me publicly

here's what happened: https://www.reddit.com/confessions/comments/r7fqnh/so_hurt_rn_former_friend_says_i_use_fiance_fo
you guys oh my god LOL up is i got legal advice and she's scared shitless... my lawyer sent her a very threatening letter and she's removed all posts about me on social media. yay. she won't be spreading misinformation about me any longer. she probably didn't think i took her trash talking seriously but it's impacted my reputation and mental health. :/ sooo i just had to do what i had to do.
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2021.12.07 20:39 Conscious_Drop4504 10/32 PS5 1 LEGEND CHOICE REGS DRAFT THURSDAY 9 ET LEGIT COMMISH..NO KIDS

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2021.12.07 20:39 zentim g29 one armshot is a kill

that cant be right or am i missing something?
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2021.12.07 20:39 Double-Salamander-98 WWE collection coming along nicely !!

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2021.12.07 20:39 Elsas-Queen "You don't pay more in taxes when you get a raise." So, why has the amount I pay in taxes gone up every time I've gotten a raise or work a few more hours?

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2021.12.07 20:39 OneHotKarl Pure bliss.

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2021.12.07 20:39 zslayer89 [BDSP] [Home] LF: Jolly Shiny totodile DD max atk/spd evs FT: Shinies from pogo

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