Where to actually find guys my age?

2021.12.07 03:29 OhmMeGag Where to actually find guys my age?

I (M18) discovered at the beginning of certain pandemic that I'm gay. Now I would like to experiment with people around my age, and then I'm realising I'm not sure where to start. After looking it up, I found out we definetly have some gay bars in town, however, I mostly viewed them as somewhat for people of age 30 and up (at least that's the stereotype I'm confronted with, change my mind). So, Im basically just asking people of my age for their hangout points, because online is either needed to be paid, crappy as f*ck, and I'm living in the (seemingly) zone of most people not knowing how to use internet. As somewhat introvert, I also realized we have an gay disco, which well, I don't feel suited for, but I take what I can ig. Or where should I start?
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2021.12.07 03:29 Carrchrist Ye free Larry Hoover!

Who’s all going??? Might be raining in LA. Imax showing of concert.
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2021.12.07 03:29 TGDNK D98/F56 Blue Java (inhousegenetics) so much frost!

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2021.12.07 03:29 Angela5546 Lady deflating beachballs at a children’s concert 😂

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2021.12.07 03:29 Different_Mistake_69 Well we have a summon maintenance scheduled. Probably a bait banner incoming.

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2021.12.07 03:29 akillisebekeler Loss and Leakage Targets!

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2021.12.07 03:29 Puzzleheaded_Arm8725 Cat

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2021.12.07 03:29 lamapeloeza Need advice on finding participants in thesis research

I am a student at the University of Amsterdam and for my bachelor's thesis I am researching the English learning habits of native Korean speakers. I've made a questionnaire and everything, but I'm having trouble finding actual participants to fill it out.
I've spent quite a bit of time spreading my questionnaire through Facebook, but with minimal success. Someone suggested I try Reddit, though I'm not super familiar with it, so I was hoping there may be some people here who could send me in the right direction or who may even be able to help me spread it.
Basically anyone who is 16 or older and whose first language is Korean can participate, and the questionnaire takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is located on a secure server hosted by my university, all in Korean, and, of course, completely anonymous.
I'll add the link in a comment, since I get the sense that this'll look like spam otherwise.
Thank you very much in advance if you're able to help me!
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2021.12.07 03:29 GetDownAndBoogieNow What's your best memory from your childhood?

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2021.12.07 03:29 harshvpandey101x Can someone just tell me what it means?

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2021.12.07 03:29 LDW10 What do people think of mgk?

Every time he passes by in the sub there is a lot of discussion about him why is this?
View Poll
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2021.12.07 03:29 khalidjamonday1814 As if we can't see bruh

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2021.12.07 03:29 Suyeonghae About excessive wealth

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2021.12.07 03:29 Commandmanda Urgent Care Report: 12/4 -12/5/2021

The weekend before last was gruelling, and this one was no better.
There are strange signs in the diagnoses: patients with negative results for COVID, and yet suffering from "Community-Acquired Pneumonia".
It was eerily reminiscent of the December before SARS-CoV-2 was discovered. Do you remember the first press coverage of an unexplained pneumonia in China? That's what seemed to be happening at the clinic.
One by one, the elderly, children, and teens were ushered in by their parents, husbands and wives. A few shuffled in by themselves. Many were still in their pajamas. All were fatigued, sniffling, some coughing convulsively. Children seemed dazed, with fever rashes on their cheeks.
At discharge there were a very few that offered respite from this, bearing positive results for influenza, but as I said - they were just one or two.
We sent a very large number of the sorely ill patients to the hospital. A patient's car sat silently in the parking lot, abandoned when they had to be transported. I fielded some severe cases before they could arrive - when they called I directed them to the ER or to call 911.
After that, we had the repeat testers: patients who have previously tested positive, and were still sick. Whole families who have been suffering for weeks sick at home, came seeking some relief from their symptoms. Some were hoping beyond hope that to their COVID might be gone; morphed into anything else but what they had.
Time after time our parking lot filled with patients. Sick people showed up without masks, and walked past the signs telling them to call from their cars. Over and over I looked illness right in the face as some poor elderly woman sat in front of me and complained of not being able to breathe properly.
Not that the doctors batted an eye, nor the nurses. They seemed to keep pace, working thru families of five, and occasionally quietly telling us that so-and-so would be discharged by the doctor due to a diagnosis of COVID.
Quite honestly, I know we are on the uptick. It's plain as day. I don't know how to feel about this. It's confusing when we don't know where we stand...All those patients with unexplained pneumonia, testing negative on a Rapid - and none of them opted for a PCR test. Perhaps they will, when their symptoms don't go away.
Hopefully some of those PCR tests will make it to a genomic lab, where they can be more fully examined. It's rough when so few people want to wait just a few days for results. Everyone wants to know right now if they have COVID. The public just don't understand that it can take up to two weeks before it can be detected. They will come back next week, increasing the number of patients as they mix with the newly sick. This makes our jobs that much harder.
We need to be extremely vigilant now. Be very careful with your masking. If you haven't completed your vaccine series, do it. Keep in mind that it is still possible to catch COVID even if you are vaccinated, and that others around you may not have that advantage. If Omicron is in our midst, be aware that it is highly transmissible. Masking protects you, and masking protects others.
Be safe.
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2021.12.07 03:29 quellodiFirenze Da me sembra già il 24

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2021.12.07 03:29 AUMOM108 Some NGO's are trying to ban same sex marraiges, Sign this petition.

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2021.12.07 03:28 shpdg48 Rasmussen Poll: Majority of Voters ‘Concerned’ About ‘Potential of Harmful Side Effects’ of Vaccines


Notably 64 percent of Republicans, specifically, say they are concerned about the potential of harmful side effects, and 52 percent of independents and 45 percent of Democrats share that concern.
The survey also asked respondents if they believe the federal government should have the power to mandate vaccines. Most, 57 percent, said no. That sentiment is shared by 81 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of independents.
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2021.12.07 03:28 Dr_Downey Is there anything I can do to upgrade my laptop?

I feel like I've exhausted every option. I've upgraded the ram from 16gb to 32gb but I get bottle necked by my gpu . I looked for an egpu but my laptop didn't support thunder bolt 3. Is there anything I can do to upgrade my gpu's performance?
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2021.12.07 03:28 clint_east_wool Spook has a mental breakdown the sequel

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2021.12.07 03:28 Calm-Caterpillar-860 Anti baby trapping contract?

Girlfriend 19f wants me 19m to not use condoms and have her use birth control. I love her but I don’t want to be baby trapped where she doesnt take it and I was wondering , does know if me writing a contract will prevent that ? And if so does anyone know where I can find a contract template or something ?
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2021.12.07 03:28 Sammiche Shout out to the guy who tipped $20 tonight after asking me what flavor the brownies were.

After staring at him blankly for a second as my brain rebooted, I finally answered ".........chocolate?"
Thank dog he had a sense of humor, because that interaction could've gone sideways VERY quickly. (I did quickly figure out he was probably asking if there were nuts or something in them, at least!)
When I called his name for the brownies, I did also add a loud warning that he'd better collect his food quickly or I was going to eat them myself.
So thank you, kind person with a sense of humor, who still left a tip of that magnitude after having to listen to my attempts at comedy. Stay gold, ponyboy.
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2021.12.07 03:28 CritFin Elgar Parishad-Maoist links case: SC rejects NIA's plea against Bombay HC order granting bail to Sudha Bharadwaj

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2021.12.07 03:28 Key_Seaworthiness900 What are your top graphic mods?

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2021.12.07 03:28 AD_17 Damn.

I had been talking with a girl for 8 months This Sunday I got my ankle twisted so I couldn't walk without the support of my friend . She saw me walking on one leg but neither asked me what happed or how am I nor texted me. I was there for her when she needed .Getting to know people...
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2021.12.07 03:28 Remote-Ad-8437 gay 15yro looking for a hard pervy/p3d0 dom (18+) wickr: youngcurious i wanna be edged or have a ruined orgasm

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