Bacon Mac and Cheese

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2021.11.30 21:21 Crafty_Dragon_roll Bacon Mac and Cheese

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2021.11.30 21:21 Narwhals64 Possible ways of implementing systemic design in erotic/r18 games

Before reading the stuff below, please keep in mind that I'm posting this as a semi-academic discussion. Please be rational.
I am a university senior learning game design. During the four years of collaborating with my fellow teammates I think I'm getting a better sense of what game development really is, and most importantly - what game design really is.
Because of some personal issues, I prefer not to talk about where I'm studying because this topic is sensitive, and probably inappropriate to some people, but as a student who simply wants to learn more, I do want to share this question of mine that's been haunting me for years, which is: How can we implement systemic design into erotic/r18 games?
During some conversations with friends, I have brought up this topic many times. Besides some laughing and joking around it always leads to, the most common answer I get is: Why bother?
Why bother? That's true. As a young, single dude myself, I am no stranger to pornographies, and I definitely understand that the whole point of pornography for most of its audience is, basically, to nut the hell out. From a consumer point of view, this question does seem ridiculously unneccessary.
But the other part of me, the game designer "me", is not okay with that simple answer. As a game design student, I'm constantly being preached about how good systemic design is. We look into games that achieved financial success and the people who made them. Systemic design is everywhere, and most of the time you as a consumer are not aware of it. Granted it may not be the most efficient model to practice and there sure are better schools of thought, I do believe in this idea that "systemic design" can be applied to every genre of game to make it more fun and more enjoyable.
Apart from this personal reason, I do think this question can help the r18 game developers practically. It's a common problem that instead of paying a whole lot of money, people choose to go to some porno websites and enjoy the videos of gameplay instead. To put it simply, this problem I think is due to the lack of interactivity. I believe systemic design can solve this, because with systemic design, the experience of watching people playing the game is much less erotic (or whatever sensation you want to deliver) than playing the game yourself. With systemic design, each time you play the game is potentially a new experience. In other words, it ensures replayability.
Let's take a game that does have some interactivities - Honeyselect 2: Libido, as an example. The moment-to-moment gameplay is clicking around basically: selecting dialogues, choosing positions, and controlling the speed with your mouse wheel. There are multiple possible short term goals: making your girl cum during sex by scrolling your mousewheel (at times, a random speed is required to hypothetically reach the girl's G spot, increasing the girl's sensation bar), make them happy by choosing the right dialogues. The short term goals are for this one long term purpose: unlocking new positions, new places, and new dialogues, giving you the reason ever so slightly to come back again. Of course, these goals and interactivities are there to serve one ultimate goal: to have a good time nutting as a player by watching a real-time pornography you directed.
There's something interesting, though. Most of the erotic games choose to set their interactivity outside the juicy part of the game - the sex. In other words, most games do it the conventional way, which is by rewarding the player AFTER each sex. Having the player to decide what position and speed to use does introduce some bits of interactivities, but... they don't really have an impact ON THE SPOT. Eventually, you choose something, you wait, and your characters cum. Then you repeat this process, but with some minor adjustments during the process. THIS is more than something but it's also less than good design. You may argue that you can make your girls unhappy and eventually depressed by choosing the positions they dislike or by forcing them into having sex. Yes, there are definitely people who enjoy the process of "building" your dream lovers, but note this: we are here to enjoy the sex ON THE SPOT, not the aftermaths of it. I mean we can but we are surely here to enjoy the sex itself, not its aftermath, just like some people are fond of a kinky pregancy-play but are not so much fond of the horrible aftermath of pregnancy-play. If the juicy interactivity are only there to encourage you to open it next time, when there's pretty much nothing THIS time (not to mention how poorly, say, Illusion does about incentivization), how on earth can this be really engaging? Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not saying that we should abandon those "Princess Maker" moments where you can cherry pick the personalities and the body you like for your characters - it's good in terms of long term goals, but we can surely do something far more interesting about the game's action/feedback and short-term cognition to make it more engaging and more realistic, specifically about sex, can't we?
Lastly, there's something to keep in mind: readibility of control. To me, erotic/r18 games are more like "nutting assistants" in comparison to the mainstream games. They need to be less "busy" in terms of UI/UX design and control mapping (one-hand-control is a must, not optional).
With all the reasonings above combined, here is my hypothetical prototype:
I wanted to solve the question of "can sex ITSELF be fun and replayable". Let's set it in a rigid condition with some rules:

  1. There is only one room. Two characters (you and your partner).
  2. You can only interact with your partner, due to the incapability of our programmers.
  3. So far, the game is only about having sex. It's not a dating sim so there aren't many dialogues.
  4. You can have as many goals as you want. It might be making your partner cum, but as to by what and in what way, it's up to you to decide.
  5. The characters can respond to inputs in real-time according to their attributes.
So far so good, nothing interesting. Here are my additions:
  1. Having some hidden states. Or more aggresively, having only hidden states. In Monster Hunter: World, the dragons have a whole list of attributes that doesn't show up explicitly. For example, tiredness, anger, hunger, next moves - hell, even the HP is hidden from the players. They are not demonstrated explicitly. And the only way to know it is by keep fighting it. And through your fighting experiences you'll gradually realize when the dragon's eyes turn to red, they are angry; when they start to cripple, their health is low; and when saliva starts to come out of the dragon's mouth, they are tired... Once you successfully associate a certain behavior and a possible attribute, you feel slightly more accomplished. And the process of getting familiar with monsters' behaviors is exactly the point of being a "monster hunter". The same can be applied to your partner. What's important about this is you are not "unlocking" anything the NEXT time you play it but are discovering a bunch of existing traits ON THE SPOT. Although it's possible that you'll never associate the relation between your partner's behaviors and their personalities & traits, aren't some of us the same? Isn't the exploration of kinks one of the reasons that make it fun? This is not adding content, but taking it away then giving it back to you gradually.
  2. Usually you don't have an "opponent" traditionally speaking. If you will you are trying not to cum in real world, so you are your biggest enemy. I say we can take a step forward, making the objective of the game clear - "to make your partner cum before you do". You can say this is a losing condition but there's really no penalties for that. After all, the male protagonist doesn't get "depressed" after cumming like we normally do in real life. A potential risk of this is it could interupt the player's process of nutting. The protagonist might cum way before or after the player cums in real life. I know some people do like that synchronized cumming moment.
  3. I'm not sure if this would work but I'll put it here anyways. Having just a little bit more realism in characters' physicality. Some Illusion games have done it, but only superficially. For example, there a metric called "fatigue" that indicates how tired your girl is. This is a fixed metric across all characters (a big thumb down to those lazy developers who just wanna sit there and earn the easy money from those who eagerly want to nut). When you have 3 times of sex with the girl, she is exhausted. This state changes the character's animation, voice lines (those are eerily hot), and possibly your relationship (if you keep banging her endlessly). Also, the height and fitness - they don't play any meaningful role in sex. These are some generic metrics. Can't say it's fun or not fun. I think we can take a step forward and make connections between a character's metrics and their readiness of cumming. See the following 2 items:
    1. So positions wear off the characters mechanically. And the more tired the characters are, the easier and faster they cum (this might not be 100% true in real life but whatever, we are the designers). In real life, there are positions that are female friendly or male friendly. Sometimes the male can just sit and enjoy whereas the female has to do the heavylifting, and vice versa. With this, the player will actually choose between positions based on the current situation.
    2. Fatigue is expressed more specifically, instead of being expressed abstractly and vaguely. In combination with the previous item, you might choose another position because your back hurts or your left leg hurts so that it's less tiring and you will cum later. But the position you compromisely choose might not to your partner's liking (whomp whomp), so there are tradeoffs, but minimumly.
  4. Lastly, make transition animation between every possible position. A common problem that could disturb our flow is this abrupt cut when we click on a new position. All of a sudden, the characters teleport to another place. If we can have transition animation that smoothly bridge the 2 positions, that will make the game more emmersive. I understand that this will double the workload. If we have 4 positions and 1 location to have sex, we probably need at least 5 new animations, because we can't just rewind the transition animation from pos A to B. But think about it this way, in most porno games positions don't have a huge amount of meaning. In other words, they have quantity, not quality. Maybe it's a fair trade to have less positions, but more refined animation.
Any ideas?
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2021.11.30 21:21 Utilaboy2425 Brand new at this, girlfriend and I gathered the driftwood and rocks. Any suggestions for greenery?

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2021.11.30 21:21 Burritoman_209 Which budget toilet to buy?

Need to replace a basement toilet and have narrowed it down to the following five options. Any real difference between them? For reference, it's a small bathroom, can't fit an elongated bowl, and is barely used (maybe 3-4 times per week). So, if the <$200 option si same as the nearly $300 option, I'd rather save the $100.

  1. [American Standard Cadet C$188](
  2. [American Standard Sonoma C$189](
  3. [American Standard Champion 4 C$259](
  4. [Toto Entrada C$279](
  5. [Kohler Cimmaron C$279](
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2021.11.30 21:21 persephonesblood Do you think a guy would find it off putting if I told him I liked him?

I was always taught not to show interest first but I don't think I have choice in this case. I have feelings for a man who is my former boss and I have his contact info but I know for a fact he will not reach out to me. I think he did like me (although I dont know how much). He is also older than me. I'm 24 and he's 48. Do you think if admitted to liking him he might be grossed out? I really don't understand how men think...
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2021.11.30 21:21 JustTheRealNews H.R.550 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021

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2021.11.30 21:21 francisco_ribss_ Daily Song Discussion #15: Around the Fur

Around the Fur is the fourth track from their second studio album Around The Fur. How do you feel about this song? What are some of your favorite lyrics? How would you rank it among the rest of the band’s discography? How would you rate it out of 10 (decimals allowed)?
At the end of this discussion series, I will be aggregating the rating results from each discussion and compiling a full discography ranking.
Upvotes are not counted, only comments.
SUGGESTED SCALE: 1-4: Not good. Regularly skip; 5: It’s okay, but I might have to be in the right mood to listen to it. 6: Slightly better than average. I won’t skip it, but I wouldn’t choose to put it on. 7: This is a good song. I enjoy it quite a bit. 8-9: Really enjoyable songs. I rank them pretty high overall. 10: Masterpiece, magnum opus, or similar terminology.
Rating Results:

  1. My Own Summer (Shove It): 9.5/10
    1. Lhabia: 8.61/10
    2. Mascara: 8.52/10
    3. Around the Fur:
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2021.11.30 21:21 swagNextTuber 'Sex and the City' spin-off releases full trailer for 'And Just Like That...'

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2021.11.30 21:21 Mission-Landscape-17 States running Australia’s renewables race alone, say reports, as feds put up hurdles

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2021.11.30 21:21 phatnutzzz Total fattys

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2021.11.30 21:21 m0ro_ [USA-NY][H] Unpatched V1 Switch - V2 Switch - Sennheiser HD 58X - Schiit Magni 3 - Oculus Rift + Extra Controllers - Blue Yeti - Bumblebee USB Mic - Massdrop Chukka & Wingtip - Overwatch Collectors - Thule Bag [W] Local

Selling local in 10029
Smoke free household and not looking for trades right now.
Chats will be ignored as I despise the feature. PM Only.
** UNPATCHED V1 NINTENDO SWITCH - $300 ** Timestamp/Images
Minimal use and great condition with minimal use time. Has had a grass creen protector from day one. Bought it and played a bunch of Moonlighter but then kinda just stopped using it. Not sure about how many hours of total use time but it can't possibly be much so the battery is probably in great health - I also never overcharge my devices. Has some scuffs on the back that I couldn't find a way to take a picture of but no scratches or anything like that. I never hacked/modded the switch so it can't be banned either. Comes with all original accessories, box, screen protector, and a case. I've got two cases and whoever buys first gets their choice - they are both nice but just different.
I realized when posting this that I had the boxes backwards - the switch is the current one, as is the image of the accessories.
** V2 NINTENDO SWITCH - $240 ** Timestamp/Images
Great condition, has had a glass screen protector from day one. Bought it when it came out and played it on and off until the Animal Crossing Special Edition came out and haven't used it since. No drift, no scratches, no issues that I could think of. The battery should still be in very good condition as I played it somewhat sporadically. Comes with all original accessories, box, screen protector, and a case. I've got two cases and whoever buys first gets their choice - they are both nice but just different.
I realized when posting this that I had the boxes backwards - the switch is the current one, as is the image of the accessories.
** SCHIIT MAGNI 3 Headphone Amp - $80 ** Timestamp/Images
Bought it to see if it would be an improvement over my Scarlett 2i2 and didn't notice enough of a difference to lose the convenience of the 2i2. My ears aren't great to begin with so please don't attack me for not being audiophile enough.
** MassDrop Sennheiser HD 58x - $150 ** Timestamp/Images
Basically brand new - I wore them for maybe a couple of hours at most while trying them out. I have a rather large/round head so I prefer round cups over oval ones - they sounded great though.
** Oculus Rift + 3 Sensors + VRCover Faceplate + Extras - $300 ** Timestamp/Images
This is full room scale setup for the rift. Comes with 3 sensors, plus a replacement faceplate from VRCover (huge upgrade), three Active Extention cables for the sensors to actually work, plus 3 wall mounts to hang the sensors. This is a full set up and go package without anything extra necessary.
** Oculus Rift L + R Controllers - $50 ** Timestamp/Images
Not sure what to say, they work and are good?
** Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Daypack - $100 ** Timestamp/Images
Was a very expensive way to realize I don't like backpacks. It's very very nice but I prefer sling/messenger. Only used a couple of times.
That's the Amazon listing so you can see all the images and features of the bag.
** USB BLUE YETI - $50 ** Timestamp/Images
Great mic, built like a tank, was used for a year or so probably.
** NEAT BUMBLEBEE USB MIC - $70 ** Timestamp/Images
UNOPENED! Brand new in box - had some issue with the mic and company sent me a new one but it took so long to arrive that I bought an XLR AT2020 instead on an arm. I loved the mic when I had it though - Made by one of the original founders of BLUE microphones or something. The base is quite large and heavy duty so be aware - it's both awesome and annoying if you have a small desk.
** MASSDROP ALLEN EDMONDS CHUKKAS SIZE 11.5 - $80 ** Timestamp/Images
Got these from massdrop mystery box. Never worn and brand new in box. Not the right place to sell maybe not who knows?
** MASSDROP NICO NERINI WINGTIP SHOES SIZE 8.5 - $50 ** Timestamp/Images
Same deal as the chukkas, got them from mystery box, never worn.
Unopened and comes with a bunch of stuff - the statue alone is worth it.
Got 2 of them as part of a sale ages ago so I could have a soldier 76 statue for myself.
Have a second one with no statue if that interests anyone.
** VIVO Under Desk PC Mount - $20 ** Timestamp/Images
Added it to a wishlist for xmas without properly measuring and realized it wouldn't work with my desk.
Amazon link for measurements and stuff.
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2021.11.30 21:21 goldenofdeath1 What vehicle is fun to run over someone with?

To me its ghosts hands down as i had many fun times running people over with it but what your fav vehicle to run someone over
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2021.11.30 21:21 Royal_Side_4726 Hua in a white coat.

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2021.11.30 21:21 dr_wonder Why do I need to use distilled water for buffer solution? Shouldn't buffer be roboust against impurities?

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2021.11.30 21:21 Prestigious_bigmac1 After my son got diagnosed with ADHD Ive still treated him the same

Just now I have more product to sell and more shit I can call him when He's being a fucking moron
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2021.11.30 21:21 swagNextTuber 'Rust' shooting: Police release fourth search warrant in ongoing investigation

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2021.11.30 21:21 3rdWorldBorn Bryce "Thug Nasty" Mitchell drops the first single from his upcoming mixtape 🔥🔥

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2021.11.30 21:21 Titratius Structural Engineering opportunities for those with only an undergraduate degree?

I was curious if any of you know what opportunities are available in the field of Structural Engineering for those with only an undergraduate degree.
I realize getting a Masters and passing the PE and SE exams are the ideal steps to take after an undergraduate degree for this field.
Im in undergraduate school with a history in the workforce as an Ironworker. I graduate in a year and a half and plan to get my Masters, only, I will work while studying for the Masters which may prolong graduating as soon as it would be possible.
With that being said, I dont want to have earned this undergraduate degree and make less than what an entry level Civil Engineer would make fresh off the lot while trying to get this Masters degree. Im working part time now for a Structural Engineering firm as an intern. It is a small firm (10 people) and all engineers have their Masters, and no SE license. To my understanding that is the least they expect for their Structural Engineers (BTW I am in the South where seismic activity is few and far between). I was wondering if I should expect them to pay an entry level salary for a Civil Engineer upon graduation. Would it be fair to them to pay a freshly graduated person that kind of pay? What would I be able to do to help them knowing only the handful of basic courses taught in an undergraduate degree? Would that be enough to still get paid entry level pay? I just dont want to be pigeon holed into only making draftsman pay (which is what I am helping them out with the most right now). Shouldnt I step up after graduation? and actually get my hands dirty with actual engineering?
Long story short, I dont want to make less than entry level pay while I work on my Masters.
Any thoughts?

Thank you
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2021.11.30 21:20 Manada_2 Já se discute há alguns anos no Brasil a possibilidade de aumentar o Imposto ITCMD, que incide sobre os bens doados ou herdados, com a justificativa que esse tributo é mais baixo no Brasil no que em outros países. O que você opina sobre isso?

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2021.11.30 21:20 swagNextTuber Waukesha parade suspect faces multiple life sentences regardless of motive if convicted

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2021.11.30 21:20 456northside This is how I know there is a higher power.. amazing

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2021.11.30 21:20 stacys____mom How can you tell if someone is probably just shy versus not that interested?

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2021.11.30 21:20 khya216 Gynecologist experience ?

Is it scary ? My periods are really heavy and painful and I faint from them ? Should I see one ? Or no ? What do I even tell them ? And what will they do for my painful periods ?
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2021.11.30 21:20 CouchPotato50 What if hair grew in like teeth and you had strands of "adult hair" under your skin in a pouch or something?

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2021.11.30 21:20 HugorHill05 Thinking about the hardcore characters when Blizz suddenly shuts down servers

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